Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Instant Atman

Consciousness does not begin with the big bang nor blossom with the human nervous system into a fountain of awareness. Consciousness is unborn.

Reflected consciousness is born with and dies with the subtle body of the mind reflecting consciousness. But consciousness is not conceptual.

Pure consciousness is like the ocean and the waves of the mind are appearing within pure consciousness like the reflexive universe is appearing in pure consciousness.

Attention minus thought is pure awareness as the big bang minus wave-particle duality is satcitananda. Time stops when thought stops and there am I. Timelessness.


Brahman is not conscious. Brahman is consciousness. Similarly, I am not conscious. The body-mind complex is conscious. I am consciousness.

The body-mind complex is conscious like a wildfire and I am fire.

Believing I am this and this is me, is like thinking that is this and this is the world. Such is the way a noumenal subject becomes lost in the phenomenal object. It's not just an imposition, it's a superimposition.


From Glacier Point, Half Dome looks like a luminous hooded shaman.

Entering Yosemite Valley is like the Wizard of Oz suddenly turning technicolor.

Leaving the valley by Tioga Road is like going from the ridiculous to the sublime, the highest highway in all the High Sierras, in all of California.


Saguna Brahman and Nirguna Brahman appear in Parabrahman. Remember, nonduality is a method. It's not the truth.

Is ananda of satcitananda some unworldly bliss or is it the real happiness of ordinary happiness?

Atman is not happy. Brahman is infinite holistic happiness. Atman is Brahman.


Between the satisfaction of an old desire consummated and the dissatisfaction of a new desire conceived is that gap where original happiness breaks through. That's the tantric heart.

Truth is not black and white. Here, Ansel Adams comes quite close. But colorization only improves Casablanca so much.

Ultimately people are people. And you aren't people—no matter how much you think you should try to be.


The cure for ignorance is knowledge.

The cure for nihilism is self-inquiry.

The cure for samsara is ananda, satcitananda

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