Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Play of Realization

1. Quantum Isvara and Maya Stuff

Which came first? The waking dreamstate, the sleeping dreamstate, or the deep sleep state.

Consciousness is of course primary and is the only one of these three present in deep sleep.

The mind appears in consciousness as the sleeping dream, and the body appears in the mind as the waking dream.

In consciousness, does the dream mind appear and project a world body to act its dreams out? Like Isvara and Maya?

2. Vidyaranya Says

Furthermore, is avidya simply the feedback of forgetting the world is appearing in the mind and the mind is appearing in consciousness, believing instead that dreams are projections of the waking world and not vice versa?

Vidyaranya says, "The half manifestation of ego is the dream state. The full manifestation of ego is the waking state."

And "Thought modifications of the inner mind identifying with the reflection of consciousness projects various ideas in the dream state, and in the waking state imagines objects outside with the senses."

a. On Sun Mountain: Purple Mountain Majesty

Driving the highway to the summit of Pikes Peak, I see bighorn sheep, and stop the car.

They’re less than a football field away but I still want to take a closer look and get a better picture. Desire gets the best of me.

Hopping from rock to rock, avoiding the fragile surface vegetation, I find myself breathing heavy, and although it’s been but a few minutes, I have to stop and catch my breath.

It suddenly dawns on me we’re in the rarified air of 13,000 feet of altitude. This first encounter with bighorn sheep has literally taken my breath away.

For these Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep (ovis canadensis canadensis) are like angels. Their summer range lies above 10,000 ft. Like gods, they walk the heavens. Excuse me while I kiss the sky.

b. Isvara and Maya are Alright

There's this tendency to look at the surface suffering of the world and get all kinds of depressed knowing it will never change. I know it all too well.

Except within this movie, there's an unintended message, a deeper truth, a freudian slip if you will.

All shall be well, says Julian of Norwich. Isvara and Maya are alright tonight.

c. See Satcitananda

The material world cannot grow consciousness. Consciousness is the ground.

This subtle astral body is reflecting pure consciousness like a mirror reflects light. (Caution, the image in the mirror is just an illusion.) The reflection of consciousness is consciousness as the reflection of light is light.

Satcitananda is the source. Plug in, turn on, shine. See I am Satcitananda.

d. Mirror, mirror

The world is this false image of individual consciousness. As if universal consciousness can be divided.

Let this mirror be a subtle evolutionary astral body. Let this mirror be so subtle, it actually reflects pure consciousness.

Within the mirror there is a bizarro consciousness. Some call it samsara. Some know it as hell.

I am not in the mirror. I am the light reflecting off the mirror.

e. nondual haiku number nine

my trinity times

your trinity

equals nine.

existence is

electricity itself.

consciousness is the light.

ananda is that seeing

of the beauty

of the truth.

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