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Saturday, September 9, 2023

The Powers of Maya

The power, the sakti, of maya is binary. One power projects, creates. This is called viksepa sakti.

And the zero counterpart is veiling. This is called avarana sakti. Dayananda calls this duality the maya code.

But in maya, there's a third power: jnanam sakti. Jnanam is opposed to the veiling power of avarana.

Believing one is a person (I am a samsari) is the veiling of knowledge and projection of ignorance.

The ‘I am’ may be there, but ‘I am brahman’ is the mahavakya of jnanam, the true power of knowledge.

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Song of Mithya

Vivarta is apparent change, illusory change. Vivarta-vada is the theory of apparent change. See snake and rope. See desert mirage. See maya. See avidya. See seer. See seen. See Vidyaranya.

There are two orders of creation (srsti): parinama and vivarta. Parinama is modification, becoming. In vivarta, there is no becoming. Brahman is immutable, changeless. There may be a golden namarupa, but the gold remains gold.

Satyam is real. Mithya is neither real nor unreal, square circles being unreal. Mithya is satyam but satyam is not mithya. Wave is water but water is not wave. The causal power is maya. Its effect is srsti. Isvara is creator. All of this is mithya. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Ode to Satcitananda

I is another name for pure existence (sat). Revelation is another name for pure awareness (cit). Beyond is another name for holistic bliss infinity (ananda). Satcitananda is another name for brahman which is another name for the big beyond the bang.

Life is the manifestation of being. Evolution is the manifestation of intelligence. Self-awareness is the manifestation of holistic bliss infinity. With being and existence, presence is sat. With awareness and intelligence, consciousness is cit. With holistic bliss, infinity is ananda.

Satcitananda is brahman, nirguna brahman, the absolute. The manifestation of satcitananda is isvara, saguna brahman, universal consciousness. Isvara minus maya is brahman. Ego minus avidya is atman. Atman is brahman, the end.

Saturday, September 2, 2023

The Four Formulas

1. attention minus thought equals awareness.

2. awareness plus thought equals consciousness.

3. nirguna brahman plus maya equals saguna brahman.

4. the witness equals you, minus avidya.

Thursday, August 31, 2023

On Viveka and Nisarga Yoga

Ego (ahamkara) makes three identifications (tadatmyam): with the reflection of consciousness (cicchaya), with the body (deha), and with the witness (saksi). The first is natural, the second is karmic, and the third one is made out of ignorance.

1. Sahajam tadatmyam: the ciccaya (reflection of consciousness) in the suksma sarira (subtle body) gives rise to the ahamkara. It’s only natural this ego identifies with that consciousness and that consciousness identifies with ego. The resultant experience is “I know.”

2. Karmajam tadatmyam: identification with the body-mind is karmic. For countless reasons, there’s a reflection of consciousness in the subtle body contained within this body-mind. These first two identifications are the work of maya and maya is above our pay grade. In maya but not of maya.

3. Bhranti-janyam tadatmyam: ego is finite but the witness is infinite. The mutual superimposition of ego and witness is one of ignorance and the root of all samsaric suffering. The resultant experience of this misidentification is “I am.” Although avidya is beginningless, it’s not endless. That’s what viveka and nisarga yoga are for.

Saturday, August 26, 2023

That I Am

If one were an LED light bulb, the I Am would be the subtle filament of light-emitting diodes

Spreading the fire spirit of consciousness to the inner and outer bodies of the bulb.

Consequently one is not the bulb, but neither is one the filament—

One is the power of universal consciousness (saguna brahman)

Manifesting from the absolute source (nirguna brahman) That I Am.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

The Way of the Jivanmukta

Deliberately doing is rajas. Deliberately not doing is tamas. This is avidya.

Surrendering to nondoing is sattva. This is maya.

Saguna brahman is brahman with the qualities of sattva, rajas, and tamas.

Nirguna brahman is brahman without qualities.

Seeing through avidya is one thing. Living with maya is another.

This is the way of the jivanmukta. It's in the world but not of the world.

Saturday, August 19, 2023

From the Seventh Substage of the Seventh Stage


In the reflexive universe of Isvara, everything but realization is an illusion. 


Consciousness, like light, is completely free. The speed of light is beyond space and time.

In the nuclear world, there’s wave and particle, neither of which is completely free. Apres tao, la yin and le yang.

The atomic world is one of identity. There’s a periodic table of the elements arranged in rows and columns by a periodic law.


The molecular world has zero freedom. Not only does classical physics reside here, but dna makes its appearance in the seventh substage.

(Interestingly enough, dna requires cells that appear in the next stage of Young's universe. In other words, each stage is dependent on the next stage. Every stage has its satguru.)

Further, in the fourth substage of the fourth stage is the great turn of functional compounds, organic chemicals, and sex hormones.


In the vegetable world, there is growth, organization, reproduction, and flowers.

In the animal world, there is mobility, action, nervous systems, and animal souls. Like birds in flight and the great queen bee.

In the human world, there is the inner soul of atman, and the outer soul of brahman, and the mahavakya—ayam atma brahma. Self-realization!


In conclusion, light (nuclear, atomic, molecular, vegetable, animal, human) light.

Thursday, July 27, 2023

The Proof of Nonduality

Universal consciousness is the manifestation of pure consciousness. Individual consciousness is the shadow of universal consciousness.

Universal consciousness is where maya dwells conceiving self-awareness. Individual consciousness is the darkroom of avidya—self-realization is developed here.

Nonduality is like a thorn extracting the thorn of duality; it’s not to be believed but used thoroughly and thrown away. There may be nothing to do and no one to do it, but only nonduality can prove it.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Parabrahman, Sat, Cit, & Ananda

There’s nothing more important than knowing parabrahman. Self-awareness is the prophecy, apocalypse, and revelation. The essential nature of parabrahman is satcitananda. But understand that sat, cit, and ananda are not qualities of parabrahman. The absolute cannot be qualified.

Sat is the raw principle of existence itself, the pure consciousness behind reflected consciousness, the I beyond the I-am. Cit is the essence of intelligence and absolute awareness. Intellect and attention are mere echoes.

And understand ananda is the most misunderstood name of parabrahman. Whatever samsara isn’t, this principle is. And as bliss is, there is no equivalence in the world. Only holistic infinity does it justice.