Saturday, July 30, 2022

Aham Parabrahman

Prana consciousness to Prajna consciousness is the life cycle of an ouroboros.

One could say from kriya shakti to jnana shakti if you prefer. Or life force and awareness will do.

It's all maya and brahman in self-awareness. Here's a surprise for you—maya is the ouroboros.

Remember, it's Parabrahman, Jake. Call this mahavakya, Aham Parabrahman.


1. my current practice/play is ouroboric meditation.

2. ouroboric meditation is bhakta, tantra, and jnana wrapped up in one.

3. nirguna brahman swallows saguna brahman in ouroboric maya, but parabrahman is beyond the mind of the ouroboros.

4. tat tvam asi, aham tat. aham brahma asmi, aham parabrahman.

a. pour moi, a navnath is all about the tantric simplicity of prana-consciousness, or what N calls 'i am'. a mahavakyan is all about the jnanic simplicity of prajna-consciousness, or what advaita vedanta calls the mahavakya.

b. aham tat, aham parabrahman. i call myself a navnath mahavakyan as if a new religion, like shotgun, pope, or copyright.

c. if 'i am' is simple tantra, and 'i am parabrahman' is simple jnana, 'god the parabrahman and me, devotee, are one i' is simple bhakta.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Paradox 801

Just as a dream is activated by the sleeping mind but upon waking there is no dream, the anatma is enlivened in the presence of the atma, but in the paramatma there is no anatma.

As nihilism is a side-effect of deconstruction, belief is a side-effect of myth. On the other hand, if Maya was a myth, paradox would be its side-effect.

If universal consciousness is the doer, and individual consciousness is the deed, self-awareness is the motive. It was Isvara in samsara with the sharp edge of a mirror!

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Self-Awareness 801

Don’t mistake awareness for self-awareness;

everything is aware to some degree.

But when it comes to self-awareness,

human beings are the crown of creation.

Omnipotent awareness is naturally self-aware

and that’s a supernatural fact.

Self-awareness in and of itself may be a dream

but it’s an evolutionary one.

Apocalyptic self-awareness requires an evolved mind

both capable of seeing through the dream

in carefully measured deconstruction

and being quiet like a mirror.

1. Both babies and bees are aware but anthropomorphize neither. Let the reflexive universe of self-awareness take its course.

2. Yes, the world is the dark sheep night of the soul. Yay but in this dark bliss of rough tough love, please allow me, the witnessing light of deep consciousness, to be your shepherd and satguru.

3. If individual consciousness is subjective consciousness identifying with objective consciousness, universal consciousness is proof it never happened. Universal consciousness is another name for self-awareness.

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Consciousness 802

Consciousness is nameless; this is why it’s called consciousness. Consciousness is formless; this is why it looks like consciousness. Consciousness is sourceless. This is why prajnanam brahma.

Western science started deconstructing dogma but soon it hit the harder stuff of theory. And ouroboros is just shorthand for nameless, formless, and sourceless.

Science is a method as is meditation. Many fall in love with method and forsake the truth. That’s called dark method. Ignorance is dark bliss. Waves are figments in the moonlight of maya.

Everything appears in consciousness! This is your first fact and only capital. Don't forget it. Do not invest it unwisely. O John Keats, beauty is truth but truth is not beauty! Do not go misinformed into that good night.

Raw awareness is my innate intelligence. Natural consciousness is my being. And the whole of it is bliss. In true science, there is no materialism. In true science, consciousness is foundational.

In true science, there are three states of consciousness. The fourth state is the stateless state of consciousness. Dreaming is an altered state of consciousness, is it not?

There is awareness and self-awareness; between them maya flows. Return to consciousness. It’s easier done than said. That nondoing does it is the inside joke here.

Every wave happens in a sea. That the sea happens in every wave, thank you, maya. There are three states of consciousness: deep sleep, sleep dreams, and dreaming deeply.

Three states of consciousness appear in the stateless state, says our hero, Gaudapada, Mandukya like. DO YOU ACCEPT CONSCIOUSNESS AS YOUR SAVIOR?

Consciousness 801

Consciousness is nameless, formless, and sourceless.

So consciousness is not a product of the brain.

If anything, the brain is a product of the life force informed by consciousness.

Western electric called it a transistor. What is a body-mind?

Self-awareness is just refined consciousness; consciousness is raw awareness.

The mind dreams dreams but consciousness dreams the mind.

The dream is the absolute. But the absolute is not a dream.

This is why we say maya dreams consciousness.

It’s basic algebra. Or advanced paradox.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

A Nondual Ouroboros

In a nondual ouroboros, there’s the mouth of consciousness/awareness, the blissful body of the whole, and the life force of pure existence.

First, life begins at the tail. Like ignorance, materialism is bliss. Awareness is consciousness turned up to eleven kalas.

Self-awareness is as myth was. Every night I forget a dozen dreams for every one I wake into. There’s no argument when there’s no belief.

Note the ouroboros is maya's pet serpent. Note awareness is self-aware but self-awareness is maya.

Note electricity may power the light bulb but everything appears in the light of consciousness including the light bulb.

So the universe appears closer every day. And beyond this spacetime is consciousness—that's as close as the truth can get.

Prajnanam brahma. Tat tvam asi. Ayam atma brahma. Aham brahma asmi.

Consciousness is the noumenal. Tattvamasi. This node is the noumenon. I am Brahman as I am. 

Tell all the truth but tell it paradoxically. Leave something slant for your faithful mind to chew on in the corner.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Sat Eva Ekam Eva

That sees that, and in this self-awareness, infinite visions echo.

Yes I am.

The root of all belief is nonexistence.

Materialism is the ultimate concept.

Yes I am the absolute being.

Concepts can’t be.

Who am I?

Consciousness is Brahman.

No wave, no particle, no nothing.

Honestly, all I know is being. 

Death has to be a concept

I shall not believe.

Friday, July 8, 2022

Chandogya Creation Myth

being alone (sat eva)—

this before manifestation (idam agre asit)—

one only, without a second

(ekam eva advitiyam)

~Chandoga 6.2.1

that conceives (tat aikshata)—

becoming many (bahu syam)—

projecting thus (prajayeya iti)

~Chandogya 6.2.3

note: incorporated into this myth is a refutation of non-being as the one without a second. it's asked in 6.2.2, how could being arise from non-being? so it is affirmed that being, indeed, is the one without a second. (and as it will be later confirmed, tat tvam asi, this is not some hypothetical conception but completely experiential.)

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

In the Paraverse of Our Trimurti

Division begets division. It doesn’t matter what division. Division feeds the empire. Just take a side already.

Just being a person is a violent act. The war begins at one year old. War is the way of the world. Love is the way of the bird.

There are many names for love, including love, bodhicitta, and ananda. It’s just a quality of consciousness, like being or wisdom.

These qualities are best described as not divided, not nonexistent, and not unintelligent. Use positive words sparingly less you'll believe them.

Using such words in threes is not a bad idea either. That’s part of the power of three. Like the holy trinity, satcitananda, or the power of three.


1. it's the oldest trick in the book of conquistador. divide the one into two, and so on. the odds are so much better for the empire this way.

2a. conditioning is nothing but the art of division. 2b. true love is unconditional.

3. in my nonduality, compassion is like the via negativa of love. who are you?

4. if the first fall is conditioning, the second fall is believing in our deconditioning. say it, don't spray it.

5. if two is conditioning and one is belief, three is the sign of nonduality, is it not?

All Is Consciousness

All is consciousness. Many believe this to be true, but there’s only one that knows.

All is consciousness. Any change in consciousness is just a name.

All is consciousness. Prajnanam brahma.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Chinmayananda on the Vedic Path of Mahavakyas

The four great Mahāvākyas, found in each one of our Vedas, are as follows:

Lakṣaṇa Vākya - Prajñānam Brahma - Consciousness is Brahman. (Aitareya-upaniṣad. (3-1-3) – Ṛg-veda). 

Upadeśa Vākya - Tat Tvam Asi - That Thou Art. (Chāndogya-upaniṣad. (6.9.4 and 6.10.3) – Sāma-veda). 

Anubhava Vākya - Ayam Ᾱtmā Brahma - This Self is Brahman (Māṇḍūkya-upaniṣad. (Mantra-2) – Atharva-veda). 

Anusandhāna Vākya - Aham Brahma Asmi - I am Brahman (Bṛhadāraṇyaka-upaniṣad. (1-4-10) – Yajur-veda).

If one closely observes these four great formulae, we can see, in and through them, the entire system of the ‘Path of Meditation’ which Vedānta preaches. 

As soon as the student reaches the Master’s feet, he has to define what is Brahman, and this statement of definition of the Eternal Truth – Lakṣaṇa Vākya – is found in the Ṛg-veda where it says, ‘Consciousness is Brahman’. 

After this objective definition of Brahman, the Master turns to the disciples and directly points to their bosom and roars the truth, ‘That thou Art’, meaning that the Consciousness which is Brahman is not yonder there, somewhere behind the clouds, to be achieved at some time as a posthumous reward, but it is right here and now to be experienced as this Ᾱtman. This advice of the Master to the disciples – Upadeśa Vākya – is found in the Sāma-veda. 

Now, the student, having heard the definition of Brahman, having understood from the Master’s own tongue that the essence in him is nothing other than Brahman Itself, retires to the solitude to meditate upon this objective Truth constantly and single pointedly until he discovers for himself, ‘This Self is Brahman’. This Mahāvākya or major text, since it is the road to Realisation for the seeker, is called the Anubhava Vākya. This is found in Atharva-veda. 

Having decided for himself, from his own personal experience, gained during solitary and tranquil meditation, that this Ᾱtman is the Brahman, the student comes back to the Master. To the looks of enquiry of the Master, the boy answers with the cheer that beams out from his limpid eyes of peace and serenity that he had intimately experienced the Truth, and afterwards he is living constantly aware of the Truth that ‘Brahman Am I’. This major text, is, therefore, called Anusandhāna Vākya.


from Vakya Vritti

‘Consciousness is Brahman’ (Prajñānam Brahma) is the definition of the ultimate Reality behind the ever-changing phenomenal world of things and beings. ‘That Thou Art’ (Tat Tvam Asi) is the teacher’s advice. The student in his seat of meditation realises subjectively in himself that ‘This Self within is Brahman’ (Ayam Ᾱtmā Brahma). Last comes the hallelujah that sings in the bosom of the now Liberated sage in the student and he in his sense of fulfilment and bliss immeasurable, confirms in a mad roar of joy and wonder, ‘I am Brahman’ (Ahaṁ Brahmāsmi).


Saturday, July 2, 2022

Being a Quartet in B#

“Which by the eye is not seen but by which the seeing is seen.”

Which by the mind is not known but by which the thinking is witnessed.

The mind can only take you to the edge of the abyss

but only love can cross a paradox.

Not as much universal consciousness as omnipresent consciousness.

The universe doesn’t produce universal consciousness but the universe appears in all-seeing consciousness.

If the phenomenal body of the universe appears in the divisions of the mind, duality appears in omniscient nondual consciousness.

Wherever atman is brahman, but brahman isn’t atman, is maya.

Friday, July 1, 2022

transcreating the mahavakyas

all this has consciousness as the giver of its reality. all is impelled by consciousness. consciousness is the eye of the universe and consciousness is its end. consciousness is brahman.

that being which is the subtle essence upon which the world is superimposed, that is the truth, such is the self, that you are.

om the word is all this. all that is past, present, and future is om. that which is beyond the three periods of time is also om. all this is verily brahman. this atman is brahman.

this was brahman in the beginning. it knew itself only as “i am brahman.” therefore it became all. it is the same with seers and the same with all people. to this day, whoever knows the self as “i am brahman,” becomes all this.