Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Triangulating Brahman (the maker and the material)
On Mundaka 1.1.7

In Mundaka 1.1.7, three analogies are given as ways of seeing brahman as both the maker and the material of manifestaion.

First, the spider spins its web from material within itself.

But analogies are useful only to a point.

To subtract the possible interpretations that the spider is outside of the web or that the web is created for a personal purpose, another analogy is inroduced.

As herbs and grasses sprout from the earth, so is manifestation a divine emanation for no ulterior motive.

But this analogy may lead one to see brahman as inert like earth, so another analogy is introduced.

Like hair growing from one’s head.

"So from the Imperishable comes out the universe here."

Aham Brahma Asmi, after all.

~quote from Mundaka 1.1.7 (tr-Chinmayananda)

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