Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Our Tantric Meditation

Thoughts appear in being this is why no words can circumscribe this space of consciousness—in other words, as objects appear in consciousness, consciousness can’t be objectified.

One is nothing but being so to speak. Similarly, although being is experienced in this world as love, forgiveness, and compassion, being is beyond experience.

Being is. Being is what? That is unknown but being is that. Feeling it is healing it—can I get an amen for our tantric meditation!


pre-socratic philosophy is not philosophy. plato is the fall of wisdom. neo-platonism is actually old school pre-socratic wisdom. sounds real to me.

what's so wrong about love, forgiveness, or compassion, i forget them every day?

there's two ways out of duality, naturally. either think your way out of thought or feel your way to being.

and/or both and

but you can't think your way into being.

what a piece of work is wo/man! how difficult is it to deconstruct?

feeling your way into being is like unconditional love. bhakti is all about going all in.

thinking your way out while feeling your way in is paradoxical, illogical, and true too.

i'm a little bit Shiva, i'm a little bit Krishna, i'm a little bit Alexis the Great.

to la la la or not to la.

stream of consciousness as to consciousness dammed

for the time being, i shall refer to love, forgiveness, and compassion as agape, in the western style, meaning unless I don't

my catechism:

A. being is.

J. being is what?

A. that is unknown but being is that.

J. feeling it is healing it!

being, consciousness, and bliss in. self-awareness out.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Leaving a Note for Myself

Mind is just 10,000 ones and zeros processed at the speed of light. Call this thought. Thought is not knowledge. Only consciousness is knowledge.

The knowledge that consciousness knows is the knowledge of the absolute. In the world, this is the trinity known as love, compassion, and forgiveness as to all my deconstructions.

Consciousness knows the absolute via being the absolute. Again, this knowledge isn’t known by the mind. Remember, the mind doesn’t know anything. Only consciousness knows.

The personal is just a thought. I know I’m not a thought. This knowing is the negative capability of consciousness knowing what it’s not.

I am consciousness. Therefore I am the knowledge of the absolute, I am the absolute. This process is called self-awareness. Call it being. It only appears not to be.

the ten footnotes

Consciousness is talking to consciousness saying trust me.

Not the personal me but the royal me obviously.

Knowing someone in the biblical way is sex with love. Correction. Love with sex.

Excuse me while I kiss my whiskey.

5. The great unknown is only known by being.

6. So be the great unknown.

God is just projection. Projections never die. See through yourself.

Negative Capability, that is, when a man is capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason. ~John Keats.

I am the knowledge of the absolute, I am the absolute. In other words, this is the knowledge: I am the absolute.

So be that.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Suddenly Enlightening Intent

The seer doesn’t see but sees through all seeing. And the seer sees with love. They call this affectionate awareness.

For the seer is awareness reflected in consciousness. Without consciousness, there is no seer. Look, the mind is like the eye of self-awareness.

The eye of self-awareness is like the mirror of the mind. Consciousness identifying with the mind is like being temporarily blinded by the sight!

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Hey Myth

i. all you need is myth.

Everything is myth. Air is myth. Food is myth. Even sex is myth. Love is not myth.

Myth is not mythology. Mythology is the science of myth. And myth is not a science or any other brand of religion.

ii. let it be as it is.

Myth is the yoga of imagination. Myth turns nightmare into daydream.

By dreaming as it is, the world is as it appears to be because the world is as it is as well.

iii. lucid in the sky.

Myth is not mind dreaming. Myth is consciousness dreaming.

As the dream of mind is as dark as night, the dream of consciousness is lucid.

iv. nothing to get hung about.

Lucid dreaming is green dreaming. Nothing is renounced.

Relax, nothing is done unto others as all is done in oneself, my love. This is the heart of self-awareness.

This Play


The mind can’t help but judge for judgment is the mind. Awareness, on the other hand, is handless, but not loveless.

Awareness without consciousness is not beholding anything within this play. Only affectionate awareness is the witness of this mystery, this way.

Detachment isn’t like some void of separation but compassionate attention to unavoidable well-being The proof of truth is in the play.


Absolute awareness pulsing into being which collapses into the material, identifies with a particular body, suffers the absurdities of doing so, understands the falseness of such a situation, so expanding into self-awareness, appears to take infinite space-time but is spontaneous display.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Divining Mind

The mind is a phenomenal tool of consciousness, in consciousness, and by consciousness.

Its function is division. Its subject is absolute awareness. Its aftermath is self-awareness.

In this mystical process of self-awareness, the mind temporarily identifies with itself.

It’s world becomes a hell of division, violence, suffering, discomfort, disease, and disorder.

This is not wrong. This is not a great mistake. This is the necessary mess of cleaving, bottoming, turning.

Meanwhile, consciousness is always talking to consciousness, being being, unconditional love,

the Satguru telling itself to help the mind disidentify with mind, see through the world of mind,

rest in awareness, and knowingly participate in this divine imagination of self-awareness.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

At the Crossroads of Consciousness

The matrix of unidentified bliss identifies with a temporary node of this oscillating bliss and thus a space-time of the pleasure/pain cycle begins. Call this the Disneyfication of bliss.

The wind is like a freight train this morning blowing past the stations of the cross in oscillating gusts of power outages and pleasing undertones. Freight train, freight train, gone so fast.

Matrix identification with node precedes the growth of body-mind. Religions have been founded on this ephemeral cross road. The node becomes a knot. The wave becomes a snake.