Thursday, August 31, 2023

On Viveka and Nisarga Yoga

Ego (ahamkara) makes three identifications (tadatmyam): with the reflection of consciousness (cicchaya), with the body (deha), and with the witness (saksi). The first is natural, the second is karmic, and the third one is made out of ignorance.

1. Sahajam tadatmyam: the ciccaya (reflection of consciousness) in the suksma sarira (subtle body) gives rise to the ahamkara. It’s only natural this ego identifies with that consciousness and that consciousness identifies with ego. The resultant experience is “I know.”

2. Karmajam tadatmyam: identification with the body-mind is karmic. For countless reasons, there’s a reflection of consciousness in the subtle body contained within this body-mind. These first two identifications are the work of maya and maya is above our pay grade. In maya but not of maya.

3. Bhranti-janyam tadatmyam: ego is finite but the witness is infinite. The mutual superimposition of ego and witness is one of ignorance and the root of all samsaric suffering. The resultant experience of this misidentification is “I am.” Although avidya is beginningless, it’s not endless. That’s what viveka and nisarga yoga are for.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

In the Valley of Nondoing

First there is a mountain, then I am the mountain, then the mountain is appearing in That I Am. Life is just an illusive interruption from awareness for the purposes of self-awareness.

It’s not that existence is nothing, my nihilistic friend, but that existence as a dream state is nothing when compared to the sat (being, existence, presence) of satcitananda, aka parabrahman.

So in the mountainous world of doing, ego decides, the intellect rationalizes this decision, and the mind veils the inconvenient facts while projecting all the others.

In the valley of nondoing, the mind supplies objective information clearly, the intellect intuitively decides the necessary action intelligently, and ego carries out the operation intently without an eye for its end.

Intelligent Awareness Is Enough

The subtle body (suksma sarira) is that strange mixture of functional compounds and organic chemicals

resulting in our central nervous system—this ethereal and astral embodiment in which consciousness is now reflecting.

After this kiss of consciousness, the subtle body subdivides into ego, intellect, mind, memory, and vital breath.

Intellect reflects intelligence, mind reflects awareness, and ego is Isvara embodied in avidya generating a world-class inferiority complex.

Killing ego is like killing Isvara. Or stalling maya. Don't hold your vital breath. Intelligent awareness is enough.

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Instant Mukta

According to the Mandukya Upanishad, and I have confirmed its findings, there are three states of consciousness.

This doesn’t take lysergic acid diethylamide to see. The three states of consciousness are waking, dreaming, and deep sleeping.

As the power of three is infinitely divisible by the power of three, one could say the waking dream has three states too.

There is the original inheritance of avidya, its slow deconstruction by the satguru, and sudden jivanmukta.

That I Am

If one were an LED light bulb, the I Am would be the subtle filament of light-emitting diodes

Spreading the fire spirit of consciousness to the inner and outer bodies of the bulb.

Consequently one is not the bulb, but neither is one the filament—

One is the power of universal consciousness (saguna brahman)

Manifesting from the absolute source (nirguna brahman) That I Am.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

That's Entertainment

Consciousness (cicchaya) is the manifestation of awareness (pure consciousness) as dreams are manifestations of the mind.

In a dream, nothing really happens to the dreamer. Similarly in maya, nothing happens to brahman.

Let me say this once again—it’s not the what I dream at night but the simple fact that I am dreaming.

The only true interpretation of a dream is I am dreaming. Don’t overthink things. Dreams aren’t Hamlet. That's entertainment.

Supernatural is the Word

As the natural is this world of illusion always changing,

the supernatural is that immutable beyond illusion.

In other words, supernatural doesn’t mean a higher form of natural.

The supernatural is the substrate upon which the natural is superimposed.

Maybe the word, supernatural, is a little misleading

but the word, subnatural, would certainly be worse.

Instead of supernatural, one could call it ultranatural or metanatural

or just change one’s own definition of supernatural instead.

Upanishadic Revelations

Obviously, whatever changes isn’t real—it’s here today and gone tomorrow.

Thus the first rule of reality is immutability.

Brahman is the immutable substrate of the outer objective world.

Atman is the immutable substrate of the inner subjective self.

The glorious revelation of the upanishads is—atman is brahman.

Or ayam atma brahma, aham brahma asmi, prajnanam brahma, tat tvam asi.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

The Way of the Jivanmukta

Deliberately doing is rajas. Deliberately not doing is tamas. This is avidya.

Surrendering to nondoing is sattva. This is maya.

Saguna brahman is brahman with the qualities of sattva, rajas, and tamas.

Nirguna brahman is brahman without qualities.

Seeing through avidya is one thing. Living with maya is another.

This is the way of the jivanmukta. It's in the world but not of the world.

Sunday, August 20, 2023

All the Ouroboros


Open head, insert universe.

Be all the ouroboros you can be.


No consciousness, no mind nor body, no nothing.

I’ve seen the best minds of my generation destroyed by neuroscientific materialism.


It’s not what you dream but that you dream—this is the meaning of all dreaming.

It’s true that god is dreaming you. That you are god is the little lower layer.


Neuroscientific materialism is that pseudo-science attempting to prove consciousness is a product of the material world.

It's an impossible task of course but at least the money's good. It's one of the highest priorities of the material empire.

Saturday, August 19, 2023

From the Seventh Substage of the Seventh Stage


In the reflexive universe of Isvara, everything but realization is an illusion. 


Consciousness, like light, is completely free. The speed of light is beyond space and time.

In the nuclear world, there’s wave and particle, neither of which is completely free. Apres tao, la yin and le yang.

The atomic world is one of identity. There’s a periodic table of the elements arranged in rows and columns by a periodic law.


The molecular world has zero freedom. Not only does classical physics reside here, but dna makes its appearance in the seventh substage.

(Interestingly enough, dna requires cells that appear in the next stage of Young's universe. In other words, each stage is dependent on the next stage. Every stage has its satguru.)

Further, in the fourth substage of the fourth stage is the great turn of functional compounds, organic chemicals, and sex hormones.


In the vegetable world, there is growth, organization, reproduction, and flowers.

In the animal world, there is mobility, action, nervous systems, and animal souls. Like birds in flight and the great queen bee.

In the human world, there is the inner soul of atman, and the outer soul of brahman, and the mahavakya—ayam atma brahma. Self-realization!


In conclusion, light (nuclear, atomic, molecular, vegetable, animal, human) light.

The Common Brahman

In the absolute nirguna brahman point of vew, pure awareness is not aware of itself. For it’s not an it—just the pure subjective self.

Yet being omniscient, parabrahman is of course self-aware. This is the saguna brahman point of view.

Because nirguna brahman is immutable, saguna brahman can’t be real. It’s reflexive universe is an illusion. But its realization isn’t.

Thus nirguna brahman and saguna brahman share a common brahman. It’s called self-awareness.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

The Mother and Child Nonduality


Disidentifying with individual consciousness

and identifying with universal consciousness

is one’s natural religion of consciousness.


Stand there—there's nowhere else to go—

not only is there no doer—there’s no door

—the door is conditioned consciousness.


There’s only universal consciousness.

I am god the universal child appearing in

the mother of all brahman—parabrahman.

Let Isvara Be Isvara

Common consciousness is the universal consciousness reflecting in the subtle body and spreading like wildfire to the far extremities of the outer body.

The body-mind is just a node in the network of universal consciousness. When it ceases to exist, nothing really happens.

Before the node, universal consciousness. During the node, universal consciousness. After the node, universal consciousness.

Of course, this is Maya’s point of view and Maya has ten thousand points of view. They’re called myths. This one is called the myth of Isvara.

In this way, pure consciousness, pure existence, pure bliss, satcitananda, parabrahman, is the nondual absolute godhead

in which saguna brahman god of universal consciousness in the name of self-awareness, Isvara, appears. Tattvamasi.

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Hymn to Aitareya 3.1.3

Mahavakyas are not of the mind nor for the mind but of consciousness for consciousness.

Physical education is fine but consciousness is quicker.

The sun of intelligent awareness is burning off avidya as the mahavakya speaks.

There are four mahavakyas as there are four cardinal directions.

In a world of 360 degrees there are 360 mahavakyas. In a world of 108, 108.

Only the knowing (and not the knowledge) is brahman—prajnanam brahma. That’s all.

In the Land of Self-realization

Individuality is war. Universality is love. Choose one.

But identification with the body-mind is the original error.

Nodes are not separate but connected to Isvara’s network in multiple ways.

Whether Isvara is Maya’s creation or Maya is Isvara’s magic wand is not the point.

Isvara is the true manifestation. An individual is just false.

And no place to take one’s stand in the land of self-realization.

Saturday, August 12, 2023

The Three Equations

1. Do not do—pay complete attention. 

2. Attention minus thought equals awareness. 

3. Attention is to intellect as awareness is to intelligence. 

4. The great divide between the intellect and intelligence is purely conceptual.

On Knowing Lucid Dreaming


There’s no doing in the dreaming mind

and there’s nothing the mind can do about it.

Only the knowing can change the dreaming.

A silent mindful mind will recognize that wave 

and surf it. Such is lucid dreaming.


The more lucid the dreaming

the clearer the knowing—

the clearer the knowing

the more transfigured is the dreaming.

This is called a blissful circle.

Thursday, August 10, 2023

The Cross of Reincarnation

Avidya is the ignorance of individual consciousness. Maya is the illusion of universal consciousness.

Original ignorance transmigrating through unborn illusion is the crux of all reincarnation myth.

Try not to go to sleep in a state of unconsciousness unless you're consciously tripping.

The Book of Maya


Identifying oneself with what is born and dies is the original sin called avidya.

Unborn illusion, maya, is more on the level of wave-particle duality.


Immutable awareness is beyond self-awareness.

That immutable awareness is all, including self-awareness, is the field of paradox where maya plays.


Maya may be unborn but maya isn't endless.

Self-awareness is the actual apocalypse. Self-realization is the real rapture. Nonduality is the true scripture.

The Untouchable Satcitananda

O consciousness – intelligence – awareness. This is my triangulation of the 'cit' in satcitananda. It's real knowledge and not some other kind of CIA.

And being – existence – presence is triangulation for the 'sat' in satcitananda. When you have three words to juggle, it’s harder obsessing on one and building a belief system on it.

Meanwhile holistic infinity bliss stands in for 'ananda.' Bliss is a problematic translation in the world, loaded with such preconceived bias. So holistic infinity helps.

Thus the highest acronym for the godhead known as satcitananda is BEP-CIA-HIB. It's not meant to be easy to say. It's as unwieldy as the power of three. You can't touch that.

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Identifying Satcitananda


Separation is people. Violence is people. War is people. Climate desecration is people. Self-destruction is people.

Individuality is impossible. A person is conceptual only. And humans are indeed victims of the insane.

Body-mind always breaks and takes a side. But the more one identifies with intelligent awareness, the less the tears will be.


I have no argument with present existence although thoughts still have a tendency to get in the way—it’s good to stop and smell the power of being every now and again.

In the world, the manifestation of intelligent awareness is called neti neti—this 'not this, not this' is systematically deconstructing this conceptual network, node by node.

Bliss is not of this world at all. Bliss is holistic. The opposite of holistic bliss is samsara. And bliss is infinite. The opposite of infinite bliss is space-time.

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Meet the Brahmans


In the opera of the metaphor—

the tenor is the unspeakable thing being described

and the vehicle is the figurative language used to describe it—

samsara is like a snake superimposed on the rope of satcitananda.


On the interpretation of dreaming—

in interpreting our dreams

the dream itself

is somewhat meaningless—

that we are always dreaming

is the first analysis

requiring our understanding.


Not rocket science—

seeing through samsara isn’t rocket science—

there’s no such thing as individual consciousness

but it’s going to hurt if you think there is.


On natural awareness—

attention is thoughtful awareness—

this is known as ordinary awareness in samsara;

the formula for natural awareness is attention minus thought.


The bliss of intelligent awareness—

satcitananda is the holy trinity of reality—

harmonic principle of raw existence, pure consciousness, and holistic infinity,

and it doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not.


Meet the brahmans—

saguna brahman is brahman with qualities;

nirguna brahman is brahman without qualities;

parabrahman is brahman beyond qualties.

Saturday, August 5, 2023

The Tao of Isvara

1. harmony

Isvara is the harmony of

being, intelligence, and holistic infinity.

But Maya requires all that cit.

2. separation

Separated from the universal,

being devolves into energy,

bliss into inertia.

3. re-integration

Isvara wields the tool of maya

in the yin-yang world of avidya

teasing out the zen of self-awareness.

The Play of Self-awareness

Maya is intelligent, the sattva before the avidya of rajas and tamas (energy and inertia (yang and yin)) appears.

Self-awareness is maya’s game. In this play, saguna brahman is the representative of nirguna brahman, that pure awareness beyond self-awareness. Like te for tao.

Universal consciousness devolves into individual consciousness like stardust turns to rock. Individual consciousness evolves into universal consciousness like self-awareness.

And the further apocalypse of self-realization is elucidated in this furthermost mathematical expression—tattvamasi. 

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Doing One's Best

Pure awareness is immutable.

Self-awareness requires universal manifestation and personal ignorance.

The first thought is the big bang, the immaculate conception.

From that thought, all thought follows the contours of dna geography inexorably.

There’s no stopping thought—

seeing through it is doing your best.

Return to Satcitananda


The fact of my outer self being an illusion is only a problem if I’m a materialist. I’m not.

At my worst, I was agnostic, but never atheistic, thank god.


One late august evening, I decided to become a fundamentalist christian. My ear had twitched!

Of course, no one decides these things. They just happen. That’s the nature of appearances and dreams. Thankfully it didn’t take.


Where was I? Ok, so materialism is not just a belief. It’s a metaparadigm.

In my book, a materialist is an atheist believing consciousness is an appearance in the material world.


Believe it or not, it’s easier for a fundamental religionist to pass through that eye of a needle than an atheistic scientific materialist.

Return to consciousness, my friend.


I am that raw electricity of consciousness and not the body-mind industrial complex.

Following myself to the source, paramatman is parabrahman.

Parabrahman SFX

Parabrahman is absolutely unbiased. Like the sun, it illumines all but doesn’t get involved with any.

Parabrahman can be called the efficient cause of all, like the soundless moon can be called the efficient cause of tides.

And parabrahman can be called the material cause of all, not unlike the brain being called the material cause of dreaming.

Ultimately parabrahman is the prime cause of this manifestation, as only the causeless can be the cause of illusion.

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

My Nonduality


This is my nonduality.

Your nonduality may vary.

There are 8 billion nondualities in the naked world.


There is an outer guru manifested by the inner satguru at every node of the space-time matrix of evolutionary self-awareness.

I don't know but I've been told there are as many nodes in the self-awareness matrix as there are stars in the universe.

Walt Whitman lives in one node. Nisargadatta lives in another. Neither may be the node in which you are currently finding yourself. That’s cool.


My parents introduced me to the Jesus node, the Roman Catholic one. Jesus, how I loved that dude.

But John Lennon was right. The Beatles were more popular than Jesus.

Melville and Whitman were my newfound yin and yang—started off on Whitman but soon hit the beat stuff.


Henry was my guilty pleasure until I read his journals.

For some reason, Don Miguel Ruiz talked to me, and from there to Nisargadatta Maharaj was like the speed of light (with stops at Tolle, Krishnamurti, and Ramana).

And now I’m at Advaita Vedanta in order to understand the air N breathes better.

Questioning God

Am I the god of consciousness reflecting in the subtle body or am I the evolutionary body within which god is reflecting?

Forget science. Science says I’m somebody whose brain is creating consciousness, when at best it’s a highly evolved natural transistor.

As saguna brahman, I’m creator of a subtle body made of myself and the god reflecting in it. What I’m not is an individual person.

As nirguna brahman, I'm that absolute existence, pure consciousness, and holistic infinity beyond maya. So never mind.