Sunday, May 30, 2021

Consciousness the Movie

It appears consciousness is conditioned but consciousness is unconditional.

On the surface, there appears to be emotional disturbances,

but these are weather-like. You don’t need a weather person.

In the depths there appear to be ancient sea monsters. Look, they’re imaginary!

Watch it like you’d watch a midnight movie. Let’s do the time warp again.

You’re not the movie; you’re the movie watcher. Drink your bliss and eat your popcorn.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

The Consciousness Directive

To begin at the beginning is to begin at consciousness without any preconception but I am.

From this immaculate concept is born all concepts including the concept of birth.

Thus the myth of reflexive self-awareness begins in I am and ends in I am.

In-between is that mirror called the universe. In other words, I am that I am.

This is all that being does. This is the extent of self-awareness.

Since self-awareness is the domain of absolute awareness, just wait here.

The Consciousness Statement

When it comes to all the great questions,

scientific materialism offers theories for others to disprove.

Even I know science doesn’t work that way.

For example, take the question of immortality.

A good materialist will say, immortality has never been proven.

But the fact is death lacks proof. Or birth, for that matter.

In other words, note to self, stop approaching inquiry from

this false perspective of religious materialism,

and see being as it is.

Don’t waste my breath on western unreality.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

The Consciousness Dissertation

People don’t have consciousness. Consciousness has people.

On the other hand, the absolute has consciousness.

So as the personal usurps the absolute, it must lay claim to consciousness.

Every religion does this in its own way; scientifical materialism

theorizes consciousness is a product of its brainy material.

Although it cannot prove its theory, the faithful buy and fund it.

At best, the central nervous system of a human being

amplifies natural awareness reflecting in consciousness

to self-awareness. That’s as good a myth as any.


thoughts appear in consciousness like dreams in deep sleep.

thought-forms appear in thought like manifestation appears within the dream-state.

self-shining consciousness is to the absolute as the deep sleep of a sun is to potentiality of its black hole.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The Consciousness Papers

Consciousness does not appear from anything material.

Everything material appears in consciousness.

This is the single-most important observation to recognize and deeply understand.

For one conditioned in this western world of scientific materialism,

it is the great turning.

Therefore, all further knowledge rests in consciousness

and not any scientific observation of the universe

including its brain.

This is the foundation of actual meditation

or consciousness talking to consciousness.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

turned up to the power of seven

Memory is dead knowledge. Consciousness is the download. Instant DNA is shining on. 

Key knowledge unlocks the known. On the other side of the lockless lock is the great unknown. Like the lockless monster, no picture does me justice.

Blue triangle, white rectangle, black stripe, white stripe, black stripe, white stripe, golden rhombus,

a conclave of cardinals electing an oriole, wild turkeys, red squirrels, and eastern coyotes.

Self-shining consciousness is black-wholed awareness. No form, no null set, and no idea. Like evolution, the empire is there for you.

The power of three is my triple alliance—affirmation, deconstruction, and the ground of unanimity.

Self-awareness is like the power of three turned up to the power of seven.


untitled footnote

as soon as you're born, they feed you with resurrection.

they think they were born so they tell me i was born but who are they?

like tell me something i don't know.

math, geometry, and color is the universal language for that which can't be named.

ballad for my emily

evolution is here and now; don't buy the science—

materialism is the newest religion of a very old empire

(there always is but one invisible body—its universal name is consciousness)

and the modern sacrifice is called disease.

the new haiku

every empire has its religion.

every revolution has its new religion.

every folk religion is the truth gone underground.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

this spring sonnet is temporarily appearing in consciousness

May is the month of dead flowers

as well as newborn ones.

Already the forsythia has disappeared,

the cherry blossoms all is fallen,

lilacs are turning fragrantly brown,

and all the dandelion is gone to seed.

Temporary flowers cannot stay

the great transformation.

The May-November romance is

actually April-May.

Every second is a season

appearing or disappearing

in constant consciousness—

I am the dragon and not my flames.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

May Self-awareness Be With

An oriole is talking in syllabic windwood.

Motorboats are moaning on the brighter river.

We’re on the higher side of Maytime.

There’s a silver filament of consciousness

in every green or orange thing.

And every darkening form is like the ashes of its knowledge.

Like a black light rising to meet the sunlight,

this psychedelic song of self-awareness is just beginning.

Let this world of ashes fall as it may. The past will be the past.

The tree frogs are making their cameo appearance.

Our wetland light is turning the forest canopy on fire.

Ashes to ashes, I am not the ashes.


not experiential exactly. that's just a word. more like inperiential in every way.

there's nothing ex about that.

it's what makes tuition intuition.

consciousness in, transistorizing body-mind, and self-awareness out. 

ouroboric breathing. 

base, collector, gateless gate.

taking my projection personally—there's a concept for you.

"In every event the entire universe is reflected. The ultimate cause is untraceable. The very idea of causation is only a way of thinking and speaking. We cannot imagine, uncaused emergence. This, however, does not prove the existence of causation."

it wasn't a show about nothing but everything is a show.

"Stiff all in the collar, fluffy in the face

Chit chat chatter tryin', stuffy in the place

Thank you for the party but I could never stay

Many things on my mind, words in the way

I want to thank you for lettin' me be myself again"

space-time appears in self-awareness. thank you, thank you very much.

"We're caught in a trap

I can't walk out

Because I love you too much, baby."

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Bodhidharma Summerwall

As consciousness is the ground of mind, understanding is its function.

There’s nothing a body-mind can do but understand, and a body-mind cannot understand. Only consciousness does.

Love is to the manifest as intuition is to the unmanifest. And scene.

I see the first two boats upon the famous river sandbar this afternoon. Soon there will be hundreds.

The Massachusetts jungle is in early leaf. I’ve even heard a tree frog or two.

By the time I turned thirty, I thought my transcendentalism was impractical but I could not tell my therapist exactly why.

My mother was agoraphobic so my therapist prescribes hiking in the White Mountains instead of antidepressants and that makes all the difference in the world.

The first mountain that I hike is Pemigewasset, known to the tourists as Indian Head.

There was no one on the summit but an old man smoking a cigarette and drinking a can of beer.

Peak bagging is just more city nonsense, he says. The hike is not about the summit. It’s all about the wall.

Hiking any respectable mountain is like the tantric act of Bodhidharma’s wallgazing.

By hiking through the wall, the wall is known to be one’s own creation, grasshopper.


there is reality and surreality

there is lucid surreality and occluded surreality (cloudy, partly cloudy, or partly sunny).

if reality is absolute awareness, lucid surreality is self-awareness.

dante says the door to hellfire says abandon hope all ye who enter here. 

julian of norwich says all manner of hell shall be well.

spontaneously is my only addendum

it's not that i am manifesting surreality. of course i am. it's just such manifestation can't be stored in memory. so tonight, i'm making it up as i go.

memory is a pallette and not a painting

it ain't rocket science. enlightenment is self-awareness period

the universe appears in consciousness. consciousness appears in self-awareness.

self-awareness is a feature and not an appearance.

absolute awareness is self-aware. that is all absolute awareness is.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Summer of Consciousness

The forty days of first midsummer begins today.

Here the lilacs are just a day or two away from full bloom.

Walking along the early river today—the docks are in but the boats are not.

It looks like a great rebirth but nothing dies in winter. It just sleeps.

What dreams do oak trees dream? My dreams are not reborn.

Something happens in the frog pond and I am.

The rest is just conditioning, epiphany, and deconstruction.


variations in mizu no oto

"""I have had a dream past the wit of man to say what dream it was."""

"""O powerful western fallen star!

O shades of night—O moody, tearful night!

O great star disappear’d—O the black murk that hides the star!

O cruel hands that hold me powerless—O helpless soul of me!

O harsh surrounding cloud that will not free my soul."""

"""Sittin' in the mornin' sun

I'll be sittin' when the evenin' come

Watching the ships roll in

And then I watch 'em roll away again, yeah

I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay

Watching the tide roll away

Ooo, I'm just sittin' on the dock of the bay

Wastin' time"""

"""But not so with the skunk-cabbage. Its withered leaves fall and are transfixed by a rising bud. Winter and death are ignored; the circle of life is complete. Are these false prophets?"""

~shakespeare, whitman, redding, & thoreau

"""in the end, the causes for

a crow's caw are endless

—the universe is the cause and

the universe its result—

thus crow caws

the causelessness of crow"""

"""Into the ancient pond

A frog jumps

Water’s sound!"""

"""old pond

frog leaping


"gene pool


the water of sound"

"""One could also see the virgin birth as an awakening of what has been there all along. I have made much of this point in my theory, in the idea of the arc and the turn, and have applied it to all life. For example, the seed falls to the ground..."""

~rivers, basho (tr-suzuki), basho (tr-corman), basho (tr-rivers), young

"furu ike ya

kawazu tobikomu

mizu no oto


Monday, May 10, 2021

The Missionary Statement

Truth devolves into religion. It’s part of evolutionary self-awareness. Let it be.

The universe of reflexive self-awareness must hit bottom, both physically and psychologically.

Belief is all about ends justifying means, be it either for ego or god. Every missionary serves its empire of belief.

Advaita Vedanta since Shankara has been as much a true religion as any fundamental Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Scientific you.

The world is their convenient fiction. Meta-myth is mine.

Consciousness is burning through these eyes.

I am the consciousness burning through these eyes.

My Self-awareness is the I am consciousness burning through these eyes.

Self-shining consciousness is brahman, brah.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Purple Amness

All words are metaphors. All metaphors are pointing to

the nameless. Believing any particular metaphor to be wrong

is just as foolish as the fool and holy finger. No metaphor is right.

Consciousness is like that hot dense state in the big bang theory

but experientially it feels like deep sleep feels.

Like that purple color in-between byzantium or plum.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Never Not Self-Shining Consciousness

There is consciousness and states of unenlightened, or occluded, consciousness. There are no higher states of consciousness.

There is light and filtered light of every color under the sun. Color is never not light.

Deconstruction is like seeing through the colors. Meditation is like being light.

Thoughts are very colorful. Getting caught in a thought is the rabbit hole of belief. Baby I’m a maze!

One is never not one self. One forgets oneself remembering memory as oneself.

Of course, I’m not a memory, but who am I? If not the known, the unknown.

a sonnet of notes

six footnotes

1. space-time is the first state of unenlightened consciousness. the mandukya calls this state, deep sleep.

2. light is like love and the filter is belief. emotion is the color. rage, rage, against the dying of the light.

3. see through daytime. be the light.

4. if one attaches to a thought, the thought projects itself to no end.

5. the lower-case self is the antiself.

6. real slow. memory is another name for forgetting. forgetting memory is another name for remembering myself. spontaneous self-awareness.

eight end notes

fear is the known. the unknown is fearless.

social conditioning is a horror show.

social media is psychological warfare.

belief is the dreamstate virus.

all religions, i.e. beliefs, including scientific materialism, lead to some dead end.

consciousness is neither dead nor alive.

self-shining consciousness is natural awareness. and ananda.

return of satcitananda!


one cure for hiccups is to breathe in as deep as possible and then to release the breath as slow as possible.

part one is mind training. part two is embodiment.

spacetime is emptiness, emptiness is spacetime.

i'm the world's worst hypochondriac.

sooner or later, i know better.

sooner or later, i'll have an alibi. or some new alias.

breathe. this is the last resort. paradise!

take no sides prisoner.

projection is the natural course of events.

it's always something you ate.

people don't eat belief. people eat true believers. political science 101.

thank you aunt einah.

consciousness asleep is psychosomatic.

cause is effect, effect is cause.

cause and effect appears in that pause between breaths.

i used to be a good speller. i'm younger than that now.

Buy me a flute and a gun that shoots

Tailgates and substitutes

Strap yourself to a tree with roots

You ain't goin' nowhere

~Bob Dylan

in the name ot unity, bodhi, and bliss.

power up! or whatever metaphor floats your boat.

i - t = i