Sunday, March 29, 2020

Preach Saturday

Division creates a mess. More division doesn't clean it up, naturally.

For the only thing more self-righteous than religious dogma is political belief.

Since neither has to do with true self, zeal replaces truth, and hatred, love.

Being is not for belief and love is not for conditioning! For forsythia is forsythia.

Cicely Mary Barker

Thursday, March 19, 2020

More or Less in Love

Less lecture, more breathe.

Less division, more subtraction.

Less ideology, more amour.

More Matsushima, more!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Consider Now

Fear is love blinded by belief.
Drop belief and love.

One believes a future which doesn't exist
or loves the present that is.

Belief conceives misguided action, and fear, inaction. Love is truest action.

Belief tastes like matter and sinks like a stone.
Consider the water lilies.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Consciousness / Science / Faith

Consciousness is not inside all matter. Matter is consciousness, a conceptual appearance in consciousness. There is only consciousness.

If matter is belief, the body is belief. If the body is belief, disease is also belief. Consciousness, do the science.

Consciousness is like the glass. The body-mind is like a lens. Its focus is self-awareness. See? Absolute awareness is the noumenal eye.

There is nothing a person can do but trust in consciousness as the sun and faithful liberator of a clouded and non-lucid dream.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

With True Myth

Universal consciousness is god and there is no personal consciousness. It appears that existentialism is dead instead.

Consciousness plus mind is material emotion. Consciousness minus mind is pure awareness. Mind is the machine of consciousness.

Self-awareness takes a dream. Outside the dream, all is well. Inside the dream, there's a fever.

Mind is the tool that makes the dream and love is the hand that swings the axe.

Being is the Christ heart of self-awareness. Self-awareness is a Buddha feature of absolute awareness.

Being is unconditional love. Self-awareness is not the self. True myth is a lucid sonnet.


Free will is a very modern mistake.
Wu Wei is ancient wonderland.
Big science is a wasteland.
Outside the dream isn’t in or of it.
Love is the hand of being.
Being is the heart.
Self-awareness requires material ignorance.
Self-awareness is my universe. Who are you?
Neither ego nor superego but an honest witness. 
Diogenes isn't looking for a person.
Disidentify with dreaming 
and identify with the dreamer waking up 
and witnessing the dream.
Between the dreaming and the waking is the lucid dream.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

An Ouroboric Exercise

Breathe in the earth, breathe out the sky. Breathing in as universal being, is, breathing out as absolute awareness. This is my ouroboric exercise.

Being being is this breathing in. Manifestation is implosion and not some big bang. Black holes aren't stars collapsing into supernatural gravity.

In this way of being, being is an impression of the absolute and being is the absolute speaking. Listen. Talk.

as if the trees in a forest are 
intuitive extensions of my roots
i feel from canopy to crown chakra
like a thousand petals
big science is about 85 percent dark matter 
and almost 15 percent speculation
21 grams are still missing
if consciousness is talking to consciousness
consciousness is listening

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The Spoken Word

Being being comes before being. Being before being being is belief, religion, or some other kind of disassociation.

Visualizing being is a negative capability, the yin to the yang of personal deconstruction.

The mind is not a dream. The mind is making dreams. Mind is the handle for my graceful axe of self-awareness.

They say the core of the earth is fire. I say the core of this dreamstate is the sun.

White light is the manifestation of my black whole. Being is the word. Being being is the spoken word.