Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Knowing Knowledge

Knowing is not knowledge and knowledge is not knowledgeable. If knowing is being, and knowledge is the mirroring happening in said knowledge,

then knowledgeable is knowing all about the wooden, metal, or plastic frame; the transparent glass; and the reflecting silver, chromium, tin, aluminum, or nickel.

After all, the point of knowledge is the knowing, and not becoming knowledgeable materialists such as scientists, lawyers, philosophers, or priests. Not that there’s anything wrong with those careers.

If another word for knowing is being, then another word for knowledge is wisdom. Other words for knowledgeable are memorizing, specializing, and believing.

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Mythical Daydreams of Universal Consciousness

Heads up, words may negate the false and point to the true, but the truth cannot be named.

One is the truth and that is all one needs to know.

Nevertheless, manifestation is not the material universe.

Universal consciousness is the actual universe and a material universe is appearing within this Isvara universe.

Like dreams appearing within the mind, fractal worlds are appearing within this one true consciousness.

As nightmares are the psychological expressions of an individual consciousness, individual consciousnesses are the mythical daydreams of universal consciousness.

Without dreams, there is no psychological evolution.

Without myth, there is no evolutionary self-awareness.

Individual consciousness and universal consciousness is the stuff of self-awareness.

Self-awareness is to absolute awareness as atman is to brahman.

As a reminder, rishis pointing to the moon is the foundation of all nondual myth.

Fools believing in myth are the ruins of all religion.

Monday, August 22, 2022

The Mother of All Paradox

New religions kill old paradoxes first. Truth is never logical. Minus paradox it’s philosophy. Plus paradox is mythical wisdom.

Maya is the mother of all paradox, and all the other paradoxes, koan, and catch-22s are like her children, born of a barren goddess.

Without maya, no one can speak of parabrahman in any significant way. With maya, we can speak of it while knowing it is not an it.

Awareness being self-aware is the body of our maya and the manifest universe is her mind being blown. Scientific materialism calls this the big bang.

Saturday, August 20, 2022

The Magnificent Seven Stages of Realization

In dreaming, the mind is the material, instrumental, and efficient cause. In the case of the world in general, that is brahman.

The mind dreams in consciousness. Consciousness dreams in self-awareness. The relationship of self-awareness and absolute awareness is complicated.

Awareness is aware of awareness if awareness is aware of anything. That awareness is not a thing is why self-awareness is mixed up with maya.

Between maya and postmodern deconstruction is avidya. Ignorance. The molecular imprisonment of misidentification.

Tonight’s seven stages of realization are awareness, self-awareness, maya, avidya, deconstruction, nonduality, and reality.

Myths are like pointers. Fools turn them to religion. This fool lives on earth. The moon is prana. The sun is prajna. The black whole is reality.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Expressing Infinity

Nihilism is a nice belief but being is all one knows.

Being nothing takes some serious thought. Being something also takes some thought. Being is not a thought.

Being sees through all thought, even the thought of being lost in thought, be that thought something or nothing. Being is highly intelligent.

In mythical terms, being is the expression of the absolute godhead and parabrahman, or that which can’t be named.

One can only define the expression of the infinite. The infinite is indefinable. Its expression is said to be satcitananda.

Monday, August 15, 2022

Prana Tantra / Prajna Sutra


Consciousness is like this cosmic vehicle of self-awareness

geting lost in the traffic of its mind.


A dream ensues as consciousness identifies with a certain thought 

and believing it’s left the vehicle, around and round it goes.


Consciousness is the vehicle. Consciousness has never left the vehicle. 

Consciousness is talking to consciousness, feel the vehicle.


Myth is never logical nor complete. 

Real myth is always true to paradox and illusion.


Wave-particle duality is the metaparadox of maya.

Love-ego duality is the magical thinking of avidya.


My pointer is a finger, the moon is my myth.

The sun is my religion. Black holes form the infinite net of my neti neti.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Naturally Parabrahman


No one can hold their breath forever. Similarly, it’s not as much about acquiring the natural state as letting go a false one. Look, you can breathe easy. One is the natural state.


While the direct meaning of tvam (thou) is jiva (ego) in tat tvam asi, the indicative meaning is atman (the witnessing consciousness). While the direct meaning of tat (That) is Isvara (universal consciousness), the indicative meaning is brahman (the absolute). Atman is brahman.


Jiva is atman functioning through avidya (ignorance). Isvara is brahman functioning through maya (illusion). Atman is brahman is parabrahman.


Witnessing consciousness is not a passive entity. Without this witness, there’s nothing to witness. It’s like a flashlight in the dark, if that flashlight is also projecting everything within the circle of light it is witnessing.


They say attention minus thought is absolute awareness. That's what I say. This natural universe is all about self-awareness. If you can read this, this is your universe too.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Ouroboroseeing on Such a Summer Day

To oversimplify the transistor circuit of ouroboric meditation, the signal (I am) input is called prana consciouness,

the collector is called the body-mind, and the resultant emitting output is called prajna (awareness) consciousness.

In the meantime, there’s nothing wrong with samsara. All illusions work in strange ways.

That's what happens when the mind divides the universe of self-awareness into ten thousand parts

instead of just reflecting the absolute wonder of Brahman like a mirror, true collector.

If there’s more than one, one identifies with one of them and disidentifies with all the other. Just look behind the mirror.

Monday, August 8, 2022

The Devil and the Noumenon


Materialism is made of thought.

Without consciousness, there is no thought.

But without thought, there’s still consciousness.

Which one is foundational to you?

Look, as far as the mind can see, there is consciousness.

And as long as there is consciousness, there may be thought.


Mistaking thought to be foundational,

one identifies with certain thoughts in opposition to others.

Call this divided world of ego,


As long as there's this hell, there’s no Self-awareness.

That’s the deal one makes with the devil to usurp the noumenon.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

The Paramahavakya Paraverse

Most folk don’t know what words are. That’s why they take them so seriously.

Every word is a metaphor; no word is not a myth. You do you.

Western materialism is 99% myth and 1% experiment. There are no holy scientific words there.

When myth becomes belief, words become rigid. Every blank is filled; the paraverse of poetry is not allowed.

I studied meter in order to play around in free verse. I studied vedanta in order to play around in nonduality.

The essence of vedanta is the paramahavakyas. This is my latest transcreation.

Prajna consciousness is the absolute. That you are.

This awareness is the absolute. I am the absolute.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Constant Consciousness

The pain of the body and the suffering of the mind shall appear in the medicinal sea of consciousness, as one lets go of both. Visualize.

Identifying with the body-mind is a necessary process in reflexive self-awareness. Try not to take it personal.

Re-identifying with the subjective energy of consciousness is the first step in organic self-ascension. I am that I am.

After the great forgetting, evolutionary consciousness requires consciousness to re-identify with consciousness. Naturally.

For the constant in prana consciousness and prajna consciousness is consciousness. That's self-awareness.


1a. reality visualization.

1b. personal deconstruction.

2a. conscious re-identification.

2b. naturally consciousness.

3. ouroboric consciousness.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

The Shimmering Diamond of Samsara

Absolute awareness is obviously self-aware.

Less obviously, self-awareness is universal consciousness.

This self-reflexive universe appears in consciousness.

Thank god, samsara is the evolutionary turning.

It’s not a matter of destiny or doing. Maya is nothing if not both.

It really doesn't matter what you do when you love what you are.

Ego is rock hard carbon love.

Samsara is the simple pressure of space-time.

Self-awareness is like a shimmering diamond.

Timeless. Spaceless. Whole.