Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Ode to My Way


Not only socially conditioned with thought, but conditioned to identify with particular thoughts, I forgot that I am nonconceptually brahman.

Absolute awareness is, if nothing else, self-aware. The cross-section of this self-awareness appears to be a universe of space-time. The heartwood of this universe is enlightening intent.

Knowing that the absolute is the efficient cause is being conscious but realizing that the absolute is the material cause is self-awareness.

First, I cannot know myself by any conceptual way. Thus there is no name for tao, that self-shining consciousness of pure awareness.


Consciousness becomes unconscious, and in that space of deep sleep, the duality of dreaming mind appears to build a daytime dreamstate, and then deconstruct it, thereby reawakening consciousness. The next chapter is entitled embodiment.

If the universe appears to be a cross-section of self-awareness, then the stuff of the universe is consciousness, which is the stuff of self-awareness.

Consciousness is the stuff of the universe and absolute awareness. Thus it is said Atman is Brahman. On the other hand, the duality of dreaming is the stuff of the mind.


The knowledge of the mind is limited to the realm of the mind, fantasies, deconstructions and lucid dreamings like meditation, contemplation and other visualizations.

Turning inwards to the intuitive understanding of oneself is more like love than process. Even the lucid dreaming of the deepest meditation only takes you to the gate.

It’s not as much a question of effort as one of effortlessness. Self-awareness is inevitable because self-awareness is all that is. All fog lifts, period.

To a person, consciousness is a pre-existing condition. To consciousness, the body-mind is a vehicle to self-awareness. The self that realizes the self is the self.



the process of remembering who i am is told in seven myths: awareness, space-time, dream-time, past-time, now-time, light-time, and the self-awareness of timeless awareness

the wormhole of this universe is love

the formal cause of this universe is its heartwood

in the name of the person does not have consciousness, consciousness has the person, and the absolute has consciousness, aumdada


consciousness, (unconsciousness (deep sleep), dreamtime, daytime, deconstruction time / consciousness awakens

using the tool is called embodiment.

consciousness is to the universe as the mind is to the world. consciousness is to the absolute as absolute awareness is to self-shining consciousness.

everything but consciousness is dreamstate or deconstructing myth.


As good fences make good neighbors, good myth makes good deconstruction. The religion is good myth gone bad.

First, the mind is intentionally born in unconsciousness. Consciousness must become unconscious, or in other words, sleep, to make the mind. Call this deep sleep.

In deep sleep appears the mind. First, the mind learns to dream in the language of thought. Call this dreamtime. Next, the mind learns to dream in living color, loving consciousness. Call this daytime.

Consciousness becomes unconscious to make the mind, knowing the deconstructing mind will wake it up. Consciousness makes the mind for self-awareness. Call this tool, divine imagination.

Myth is mind deconstructing mind. The embodiment of lucid dreaming is the divine imagination of self-shining consciousness manifesting self-awareness. Myth is like sutra. Embodiment is like tantra.


people meditate. consciousness dreams lucidly.

love is mind-training 101.

duality is ten thousand concepts. misconception is identifying with a single one;

in the sudden presence of nonduality, there's an absence of identification called awakening, revelation, kensho, savikalpa samadhi.

in ouroboric visualization, satcitananda is the kundalini-like tail and awareness is the empty mouth.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

A Timeless Quintet in ABC

The mind, conscious or subconscious, appears in the unconsciousness of consciousness.

Personal deconstruction without self-remembering is nihilistic, my friend.

Repeat your mantra at least twice a day.

Every siesta, just breathe and stretch that kundalini.

Consciously is earnestly.


the longer the mantra, the less you shall repeat it. the shorter the mantra, the less the dosage for self-remembering.

consciously consciousness is another name for self-remembering

or abcc.

caution: every word in a manta may induce savikalpa kensho; do not use while driving.

or not.

self-awareness informs the body-mind.

in the meantime, enjoy your samsara

This is key: the mind, conscious or subconscious, appears in the unconsciousness of consciousness.

there is no no further in self-awareness.

time is just a thought away.

one baby step, one giant leap in self-awareness.

kundalini form, carry mind.

also key: consciously is earnestly.

awakening is quick but consciously consciousness is staying sudden.

forgiveness is the backbone of personal deconstruction.

this is like freud, jung, and nisargadatta rolled into one: the mind, conscious or subconscious, appears in the unconsciousness of consciousness.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

A Tractate in Paraverse on Reality, Dreamstate, Emotion, and Sun

The real can’t be described. If you can see, hear, smell, taste, touch, or fuck it, it’s not real. The real does not transform nor is the real impermanent.

Objects in consciousness appear as real but that’s the nature of a dream, is it not? The mind dreams in concepts. Consciousness dreams in living color.

The mind is thought and consciousness is love. Emotion equals love minus thought, or love plus thought, or love times thought, or any kind of long division. People can be so emotional.

Look, the mathematics of sunset and sunrise are earthbound but the sun is never earthbound. Earth thinks, light loves, and the sun is beyond the known.


the reality that can be named is not the way

if you believed my last trick was real, wait for the next truck up my sleeve

a person is love +/-

black wholes, texas tea

black wholes, texas tao

old beliefs never fade away but lie low

repentance is self-remembering like ouspensky along the tavricheskaya

"And on the way while driving along the Tavricheskaya I began to feel a strange uneasiness, as though I had forgotten something. And I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten to remember myself."

i find some kind of self-remembering schedule is not a bad practice

i have to take a shower every day

awareness is already self-aware. this intent toward self-awareness makes that self-awareness. further, tricksters.

air conditioning is the last conditioning

"If one discards the false and takes refuge in the True, one resides frozen in ""wall contemplation"", in which self and other, ordinary person and sage, are one and the same; one resides fixedly without wavering, never again to be swayed by written teachings. ~Bodhidharma (McRae)

"Call it honesty, integrity, wholeness; you must not go back, undo, uproot, abandon the conquered ground. Tenacity of purpose and honesty in pursuit will bring you to your goal. ~Nisargadatta (Frydman)

as repentance is deconstruction, atonement is reconciliation

reconciling with oneself is tectonic, my friend

psychologically, reconciliation is some kind of crazy

after reconciliation, there shall be aftershock

if ease is default, disease is belief

age is the oldest religion

birth is your first god

air conditioning is the last god

you don't miss your water until the air conditioning runs dry

awareness doesn't know. that's your job.

you had one job

only i am real. that is who i am, bitches.

you gotta serve some security

the personal usurps the noumenon when threatened. late oppenheimer said as much.

consciousness is primal

this has yet to be disproved despite the astronomical funding

consciousness is the stuff of self-awareness

thought is the box. the box appears in consciousness. like a monolith.

it's not so much the absolute doesn't know but the absolute's beyond all knowledge

the tempest is curious

disassociation is to mind what reconciliation is to consciousness

what happens in samsara stays in samsara

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Epistle to Second Place

Repentance is duality-speak for personal deconstruction.

Non-conceptual contemplation is a nondual indicator for atonement.

And primordial self-shining natural awareness is absolutely absolution.

Repentance doesn’t mean repentance; repentance is a conscious turning from the perpetual motion of the personal.

Atonement isn’t making reparations to a god but reconciling with the unity I am.

And absolution isn’t being pardoned for original sin but ultimate self-awareness.

Truth is most beautiful but what’s so wrong about repentance, atonement, and absolution in the second place?

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Consciousness Renaissance Sonnet

Consciousness only is the only knowledge.

True knowledge is unknowable by the working mind.

The mind imagines and deconstructs imagination.

As imagination appears in the mind, the mind appears in consciousness.

As the mind appears in consciousness, consciousness appears in the absolute.

As the mind knows imagination, consciousness knows the mind.

That the absolute knows consciousness is the only knowledge.

Call this knowledge being the unknown.

Being the unknown is obviously non-conceptual,

the closest concepts describing the indescribable being words

like observational, experiential, and empirical.

Observational as in naturally witnessing without judgment.

Experiential as in being non-objectively universal.

And empirical as in the only empire is the empire of bliss.


the arden tempest arrived today. part 3 of shakespeare's romantic trilogy. just started cymbeline act 5. mistaken identity is certainly a thread so far.

there's something else though. mad jealousy. in the winter's tale, there is leontes, and in cymbeline there's posthumus leonatus. just noticing the similarity in names as i write this.

just did a little research on the characters in the tempest which i read 25 years ago and so remember little. but ariel, one of the main characters whom i remember being my favorite and with whom i most identified at that time, means the lion of god. curiouser and curiouser.

and on a rather personal note, my father's name was leo. he would have been 108 on august 3. how's that for a propitious age? happy birthday  dad.

as i so often say to something my four-year-old granddaughter says on our frequent video chats, that makes sense.

so this profound revelation is kind of blowing my paradigm live.

as violence is the action of duality, jealousy is its prime mover. damn that will shakespeare!

that's like negative negative capability.

for the record, i would like to thank john keats for turning me on to cymbeline.

like john lennon, i have been a jealous guy.

as violence is the action of duality, jealousy is its prime mover.


1. absolute awareness is self-awareness.

2. within this self-awareness awareness is descending into unawareness and vice-versa like the rings of a tree.

3. self-awareness is like lightning. lucid dreaming is like the thunder told by a fool signifying nothing.

4. another name for lucid dreaming is divine imagination, myth.

5. cloud-to-ground lightning comes from the sky down, but the part we see comes from the ground up.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Talking Consciousness Talking to Consciousness

I was drawn to the sea until i saw the sea in me. Non-being is the perfect belief. Only being knows non-being. Most people need a wisdom teacher just to tell them to shut up, I’m sorry, be silent.

The waking state is not awake but dreaming, the dreamstate isn’t dreaming but asleep, and deep sleep isn’t sleeping but the big bang.

Understanding is not conceptual. For the lack of a better concept, understanding is experiential. And others cannot test our understanding. This is why we kill the buddha.

It’s not the meaninglessness that gets you in the end; it’s the meaning. Brahman is a myth. There is no name for tao. The mirror itself is dustproof. The inner is the outer as above is as below.

Scientific materialism is all about denying consciousness and affirming dead matter gives birth to being and not the paradoxical opposite. The mind is a tool made by consciousness to forget being by remembering concepts.


i don't understand just wanting your sixties to be the new forties. i want my sixties to be the new four.

atheism, nihilism, materialism and even neo-advaita and maybe western zen are just the latest religions of the empire of non-being

you could do a whole lot worse than reading i am that three times while reserving judgment. it's one way of keeping quiet.

the empire calls it the waking state to keep you dreaming, and the dreamstate to make it difficult to sleep, perchance to awaken.

was shakespeare a woman?

as soon as they think you're born, they make you feel born, is my corollary to john lennon.

not only am i all alone, the ones i love are virtually with me

still arden shakespeare cymbeline watching bbc 1982 helen mirren—man, almost all the men around princess innogen really suck in this one. her father is a tyrant. her banished husband is just another jealous guy. his iachimo is yuck. her stepbrother wannbe king literally stinks.

as personal deconstruction is divine imagination, negative capability is lucid dreaming

i'm about to begin 3.3 please no spoilers.

i didn't lose the lottery in 1971. my number was 204. and that has made all the difference.


it's all about turiya.

as for my reading the major poetry of emerson very early on, these three poems written in the mid-nineteenth century are probably worth thirty thousand today: the sphinx, uriel, brahma.

sometimes the mind eats you and sometimes you eat the mind.

in the name of self-awareness, abed.

1. zip a dee doo dah.

2. papa-oom-mow-mow.

3. mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey.

4. goo goo g'joob.

5. ooh ee ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang.

6. in a gadda da vida, honey.

7. to be or not to be.

poetry is two and prophecy is three. but revelations is turned up to seven.

i heard the crickets fall tonight,

iambic of tetrameter.