Wednesday, March 30, 2022

The Myths of Maya (A10)

Personal consciousness is like the space within an open casket identifying with said casket.

Self-reflexive consciousness is like the absolute reflecting in, pervading throughout, and completely deconstructing maya in the name of self-awareness.

Not body-mind, not jiva (personal consciousness), not isvara (universal consciousness) even, but brahman (self-shining consciousness, pure awareness).

The jiva is universal consciousness reflected in the body-mind. Isvara is self-shining consciousness reflected in maya. Brahman is pure awareness.

There are three states, five superimpositions, and seven stages in self-reflexive consciousness: waking dream, dreaming sleep, deep sleep; outer, inner, thinker, doer, lover; potential, substance, form, combination, organization, mobility, dominion.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

The Deconstruction Blues (A9)

First, deconstruct nothing. The concept of nothing is the world’s greatest concept.

From out of the absolute whole is born this hole of nothing.

People so hate the something they think they are,

they’d rather think they’re nothing instead.

So before attempting self-inquiry, this nothing must be deconstructed.

Otherwise, what exactly is there for inquiry?

This is why you need to pay your dues

before singing the deconstruction blues.

This is why you’re sent to do the guru’s kitchen work.

This is why compassion is the requirement in an elementary education.

And between you and me, it’s apparent this is why I am a parent.

God knows what too sweet little nothings

I’d be whispering in your ears if not.

Instead, I’m neither outer, inner, thinker, doer, nor enjoyer.


if ego is nothing, and you're not the ego, then you're not nothing, no?

the something you think you are is nothing. the whole you know you are is everything.

and deconstructing nothing saves a lot of spiritual time. if you can't, then game over. next?

in the land of the trickster, knowing one is free is better than thinking one is free, but thinking one is free of the trickster is better than believing one isn't free.

in samsara, everyone is doing time.

in the land of the stupid, stupid is not a glitch. it's a feature, says marjorie.

the waking state is a dream state. dream states are my sleep state. sleep is the dash in self-awareness.

your fear of success is not a fear. it's an affirmation of reality.

because there is a world, everyone lives in ten thousand worlds.

you're either acting in someone else's story or directing yours.

my story is self-awareness. who are you?

a friendly reminder: attention minus cognition equals atman equals brahman.

actually, it's attention minus cognition minus intuition minus affection. new math isn't easy, sister.

i am self-aware, i am self-aware, i am self-aware.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Just Consciousness Talking (A8)

The absolute reflected in illusion is universal consciousness.

Universal consciousness reflected in the body-mind is

personal consciousness, or intelligence.

Intelligence untouched by the mind is intuition.

Intelligence filtered by the mind is belief.

Personal consciousness identifies with the body-mind and voila—

the world of belief, samsara of materialism.

So universal consciousness in the form of realized intelligence is

talking to the so-called personal consciousness of unrealized intelligence

but it’s just consciousness talking to consciousness.

Universal consciousness is always talking to personal consciousness,

but personal consciousness, lost in the mad loud world,

is hard of hearing intuition. Thus, realization depends

upon the silent grace of the real. In the material world,

such grace may look like a nervous breakdown, but it is what it is.


myth is the only real rebellion in maya's empire.

the self is self-aware. that self-awareness is universal consciousness. this universal consciousness is the self-reflexive universe. the self-reflexive universe is a myth leading back to the self.

to think i am is to know i am and to know i am is the self-awareness of the self.

intuition and belief are the poles of the mind.

in the realm of self-awareness, it's the job of so-called personal consciousness or nodal consciousness to use the tool of mind. in the art of consciousness and the mind, it becomes one with the mind. this appears to be samsara to the mind.

the mothership of consciousness is always talking to its nodal ship, knowing its the job of its node to travel to the dark side of the moon and back again. just imagine the intricacy.

in a world of constant noise, silence is wealth. similarly, since giving is receiving, pass it on.

Monday, March 21, 2022

Realization Works (A7)

Almost no one thinks they’re doing something bad. See, it’s not the doing that’s the problem but the thinking.

If good works prepare the ground for realization, and only realization knows what good work is, that’s Catch-22 laughs Maya.

Then some are saying unconditional love is the only doer of creative action but that’s easier said than done. But by all means, love.

Even shifting ones identity to a god and surrendering to that god’s intent depends upon a person’s concept of a god. And this is why religious wars.

In the absolute end, realization depends upon the grace of the real. Don’t worry, you know it when you are it.


there's nothing wrong with division. 

it's taking a side which causes all the problems.

likewise, there's nothing wrong with the mind.

it's the right place for realization.

in duality, only truth appears to be a paradox.

love is not a thought. love can't be someone's plan, philosophy, or spiritual practice. there are absolutely no objectives when it comes to love. love loves, period.

tonight's ouroboric trinity is vishnu's existential tail, isvara's universal skin of consciousness, and shiva's evolutionary mouth of self-awareness. let us pray.

just because realization is sudden doesn't mean it's not happening now. it really is and you know it.


to be real, a river of space-time runs through realization.

although you're always on the river, it's the falling in the river you remember.

in my lifetime, only when i'm in the river do i know i am the river.

Friday, March 18, 2022

Point of View Blues

There are many names for the absolute depending on the point of view from which it’s being named. But the view without a view is the true view.

The view without a view is the viewer seeing through all points of view. Any viewing other than that viewing is the view vedanta calls avidya. That I’m that viewer is the vidya.

Point of view minus view equals one-pointed viewing. Another name for one-pointed viewing is witnessing. Another name for witnessing is awareness.

Another name for awareness is self-shining consciousness. Another for self-shining consciousness is the absolute. Another name for that is I.

And I say teachers are great. Pointers are good. But if never confirmed experientially, it's just more pointless and useless knowledge.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The Nondual Revelation (A6)

The self is real. It’s just not the self we think it is. Look, between deconstruction and nihilism is the sweet spot.

Attention! Going from believing an illusion to believing in nothing happens before you know it.

Beyond illusion and nothing is nonconceptual awareness, unowned consciousness, causeless contentment;

that This Nonconceptual Experience is That Causeless Absolute is The Nondual Revelation

transmitted by a trusted preceptor, faithfully accepted, and ultimately confirmed by oneself.

commentary footnotes

a. learning love, compassion, and forgiveness is a prerequisite in the most respected schools of deconstruction.

b. thus the first rule of deconstruction is deconstructing belief itself. 

c. do not mistake the nonconceptual for nothing. possession is the complete law of samsara. causelessness is the caw of the nondual koan.

d. world gone wrong, forgive yourself. without conceptual dreaming, there's no nonconceptual experience. without the false doer, there's no true nondoing. and without duality, there's no nondual revelation.

e. confirmation by oneself is the only absolute.


that is not nothing. anyone describing that as nothing knows nothing about that. and that is the first rule of that.

the impersonal is natural. and that's why people hate nature.

being the content is knowing the content is contentment. some call this satcitananda.

between addiction to belief and the cold turkey of reality is myth, thank god

do not mistake this misidentification with the mind as an error of the mind. consciousness does not blame its tools.

universal consciousness equals the personal i-am; this is the foundation of natural yoga. nisarga yoga.

the reflection of brahman in maya equals the permeation of brahman in maya. isvara equals visnu.

in nisarga yoga, it doesn't matter if i know i am. it's just enough to think i am.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

In Self-Defense of Mind (A5)

"Any role you play is you but you are not the role. If you take the role as yourself, that is okay. But if you take yourself as the role, the role and you are rolled into one. Then you are confused." ~Dayananda

It’s not that I’m this individual self not knowing I’m the Absolute, but I’m the Absolute, ignorant of my Self. Hamlet owns bad actors. The great actor owns Hamlet. In the Gita, Arjuna is the bad actor, Krishna is the great one.

The producers wanted Sully-era Hanks for Krishna and the Good-Will-Hunting Damon for Arjuna. The director insisted on the Dog-Day-Afternoon Pacino for the bad one. Obviously Zorba-era Quinn for the great one, or get yourself another director.

In attention, thought is like the bad actor and awareness is the Absolute One. Lately, I’m always coming back to this True Math of mine. Like the end of A Day in the Life on original vinyl.

It goes like this: A=a-t; t=(i²=−1)=Maya. This attention is another name for the I Am. Thought is the totality of ignorance. Awareness minus thought is Self-Luminous Consciousness. Isn't Brahman also Atman?

Without the mind, there’s no deconstruction. Without deconstruction, there’s no self-awareness. Without self-awareness, there’s no awareness. And that’s absolutely absurd. This is why paradox needs the mind. And Maya too.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

One Consciousness Under Nonduality (A4)


Beyond the superimpositions placed upon the truth by ignorance, there is self-evident consciousness. This is not nothing. And there is nothing prior to this consciousness. This self-shining consciousness is the absolute.

The so-called consciousness which is not indestructible, everlasting, and absolute, is conceptual consciousness, or the concept of individual existence. This is just another superimposition placed upon the truth of self-evident consciousness, absolute awareness.

This conceptual consciousness is like an ember of true consciousness covered in the soot of superimpositions. For this reason, it’s not a bad place for beginners to begin.

Behind the snake, the rope is always burning. Breathe on it long enough and the flame appears to blaze again in all its glory. It never isn’t!

Thus deconceptualized consciousness is universal consciousness, or what I really am. Further, I am That, and that is the absolute truth, the absolute nondual truth.


individual consciousness appears to be within, because of all the concepts covering consciousness itself. so universal consciousness appears to move outwards, like non-conceptual attention from out of the blue.

some call this individual consciousness, i am. but it's actually what i think i am, or even more absurd, what i think i possess. but beneath such superimposition of possession is consciousness itself, myself, free

a materialist may believe the body-mind produces consciousness, and thus this consciousness is owned by its producer. but little do they know that consciousness is indeed 'possessed' as in possessing all, for all appears in consciousness. cue the diabolical laughter of the guru.

some call this individual consciousness, the jiva. some say this is the entity which reincarnates, which is an appropriate concept for a concept. and this is the consciousness to which consciousness is talking.

the myth goes something like this: universal consciousness is talking to individual consciousness, saying concentrate on the consciousness within your individual consciousness; that in fact is universal consciousness, and by the transitive property of the direct path, that.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Gita Gone

2.11. The humanist speaks wisely, arjuna. But fortunately for you, you’re not a human.

12. I was never not myself. Nor y’all too. We will never not be.

13a. As the sleep dream doesn’t know the waking dream, the waking dream doesn’t know the waking consciousness state. 

13b. An unconscious mind dreaming is a nightmare. An unaware consciousness dreaming is samsara. Reincarnation is on so many levels. Sudden enlightenment has no levels.

14. All pop sensations are impermanent, arjuna. But we’re a classic.

15. Like mary baker eddy.

16. The unreal isn’t, and the real isn’t isn’t. that’s for sure, says jesus.

17. If maya’s creation is pervaded by brahman, and vishnu is indestructible, even isvara can’t destroy itself, sings krishna.

18. Only dreams die. The dreamer doesn’t. come on, you know this. Says krishna to arjuna.

19. You’re neither doer nor the done, free will or fatalism. Everything appears in you, including cause and effect, says krishna to arjuna.

20. Unborn, immortal, perpetually being, consciousness lives, says krishna to frodo.

21. The one who knows the dream is the dreamer, says consciousness to consciousness.

22. just as old clothes are thrown away, a snake will shed its skin. inbetween dreams, the rope is just a rope.


not this one, the mind divides.

fire cannot burn itself.

waves do not inform the sea. 

the wind can't move the changeless."


consciousness is never cut.

consciousness is never cooked.

consciousness is never masticated.

consciousness is never consumed.

indestructible, pervading, changeless,

consciousness eats you.


this is nonsensical.

this is unbelievable.

this is impossible.

knowing this is inevitable.


being is unborn.

believing is dying.

one is beyond such space-time, grasshopper.

do not anthropomorphize consciousness.


being born is busy dying.

busy dying is being born.

who's to say what's cause or what's effect?

do not cry, arjuna.

x. if brahman reflecting in maya is isvara, and brahman pervading maya is vishnu,

y. brahman loving maya is krishna.

Monday, March 7, 2022

That's Nonduality (Third Aumanandada)

The not-real depends upon the real, but the real does not depend upon the not-real. The real is different than the not-real, but the not-real is not different than the real. Because there is no difference, there is nonduality.

Isvara is the reflection of Brahman in Maya. Vishnu is pervasion of Brahman in the universe. There are still no names for Brahman.

Neither is consciousness/awareness, intelligence, and bliss, the attributes of Brahman but its essential nature. As unconsciousness/unawareness, ignorance, and sorrow is the nature of the world.

That I am That, Atman is Brahman, universal consciousness is absolute awareness, is the great revelation, the faithful transmission, and the experiential confirmation. Pass it on.


a nihilist is someone overdosing on deconstruction. it's like they've traded one belief for its polar opposite belief. but a religion is a religion is a religion. you really gotta believe in nothing, because it's absolutely impossible to be.

every god is just a single facet of the infinite rainbow diamond absolute brahman, and every god has one-hundred-eight names for oneself. you are one of them.

to Brahman the aware, Brahman the intelligent, Brahman the blissful one; Brahman the eagle-eyed, Brahman the lion-hearted, Brahman the smiling cheshire one; Brahman of Satcitananda!

finally, there is a jesus christ in vedanta. it's called tat tvam asi.

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Heart of Lightness (2 Aumanandada)


Reality is not nihilistic. Reality is not unenlightened. And reality is not unhappy.

Paraphrasing Emily. I’m real. Who are you? Are you – real – too? Then there’s a pair of us!

There are no words for the supreme absolute. But satcitananda is the original postmodern deconstruction.


The universe, is what the new age calls Isvara. But universal consciousness by any other name still has no name.

I too have no name except the one my loving parents give me. Thus by the transitive property of myth, I am That.

Or if Isvara is the reflection of Brahman in Maya, who am I?


I am awareness. Awareness is attention minus thought. Thought is everything I’m not.

My absolute existence is naturally intelligent. Call it intuition.

Knowledge is bliss in the mind. Sex is bliss in the body. Love is bliss in the heart of lightness.



if the truth isn't paradoxical, then it isn't truth.

as the mind appears in consciousness, and as the smaller never knows the greater, the mind depends on intuition for the truth. the language of intuition is naturally paradoxical.


not understanding

the language of intuition is paradoxical

is the main cause of that disease 

we call religion


i truly love how advaita gives paradox a name and then calls it a day. like first koan is best koan, maya. thanks for the anti-memory.

all projection is impermanent



welcome to the revelation station.

no luggage is allowed beyond the yellow line.


paradox is the yellow line. her name is maya.


these are her latest affirmations. i am not nothing. i am not unenlightened. i am not at war with myself.


awareness equals attention minus time. attention equals awareness plus time. time equals attention minus awareness.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

First Aumanandada

First, despite all theories of big neuroscience, consciousness is not a product of the body-mind. Such belief is just as much a cloud to understanding yourself as is any fundamentalist religion or psychological superego. Is not consciousness ‘itself’ primal? Inquire within.

Second, understanding yourself is not a matter of belief. In fact, disattaching from all thought, including the foundational one of egoic identification, is the basic practice of spiritual deconstruction, and an integral component of self-inquiry.

Third, this understanding is ‘experiential’ for lack of a better common word, closer to one’s experience of real love than any thought or action ever encountered. This is being. This is soul. This is consciousness. This is atman.

Fourth, this consciousness is the absolute godhead. This being is awareness. This atman is brahman. There’s nothing further. Brahman is samadhi. I always am that. Nonduality isn’t rocket science.

Fifth, this is my latest practice. It’s almost mathematical. a) Pay attention with full cognition. To pay means this attention is outgoing. This practice is neither inner meditation nor just sitting. b) Drop cognition. c) Attention minus cognition equals awareness.


beyond affirmation and negation is the space of consciousness-awareness-bliss.

there’s nothing wrong with pleasure. mistaking pleasure for happiness sucks.

to be real, one must live outside the law of physics.

all change is unreal. the real is changeless. no one knows how the real becomes unreal. they call it maya. but a koan by any other name is still a paradox.

i drive a car. i know my body-mind is not the car. I drive a body-mind. i know the body-mind is not myself.

not knowing the body-mind is a tool, I believe I am the tool. god it hurts.