Wednesday, March 9, 2022

One Consciousness Under Nonduality (A4)


Beyond the superimpositions placed upon the truth by ignorance, there is self-evident consciousness. This is not nothing. And there is nothing prior to this consciousness. This self-shining consciousness is the absolute.

The so-called consciousness which is not indestructible, everlasting, and absolute, is conceptual consciousness, or the concept of individual existence. This is just another superimposition placed upon the truth of self-evident consciousness, absolute awareness.

This conceptual consciousness is like an ember of true consciousness covered in the soot of superimpositions. For this reason, it’s not a bad place for beginners to begin.

Behind the snake, the rope is always burning. Breathe on it long enough and the flame appears to blaze again in all its glory. It never isn’t!

Thus deconceptualized consciousness is universal consciousness, or what I really am. Further, I am That, and that is the absolute truth, the absolute nondual truth.


individual consciousness appears to be within, because of all the concepts covering consciousness itself. so universal consciousness appears to move outwards, like non-conceptual attention from out of the blue.

some call this individual consciousness, i am. but it's actually what i think i am, or even more absurd, what i think i possess. but beneath such superimposition of possession is consciousness itself, myself, free

a materialist may believe the body-mind produces consciousness, and thus this consciousness is owned by its producer. but little do they know that consciousness is indeed 'possessed' as in possessing all, for all appears in consciousness. cue the diabolical laughter of the guru.

some call this individual consciousness, the jiva. some say this is the entity which reincarnates, which is an appropriate concept for a concept. and this is the consciousness to which consciousness is talking.

the myth goes something like this: universal consciousness is talking to individual consciousness, saying concentrate on the consciousness within your individual consciousness; that in fact is universal consciousness, and by the transitive property of the direct path, that.

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