Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The Nondual Revelation (A6)

The self is real. It’s just not the self we think it is. Look, between deconstruction and nihilism is the sweet spot.

Attention! Going from believing an illusion to believing in nothing happens before you know it.

Beyond illusion and nothing is nonconceptual awareness, unowned consciousness, causeless contentment;

that This Nonconceptual Experience is That Causeless Absolute is The Nondual Revelation

transmitted by a trusted preceptor, faithfully accepted, and ultimately confirmed by oneself.

commentary footnotes

a. learning love, compassion, and forgiveness is a prerequisite in the most respected schools of deconstruction.

b. thus the first rule of deconstruction is deconstructing belief itself. 

c. do not mistake the nonconceptual for nothing. possession is the complete law of samsara. causelessness is the caw of the nondual koan.

d. world gone wrong, forgive yourself. without conceptual dreaming, there's no nonconceptual experience. without the false doer, there's no true nondoing. and without duality, there's no nondual revelation.

e. confirmation by oneself is the only absolute.


that is not nothing. anyone describing that as nothing knows nothing about that. and that is the first rule of that.

the impersonal is natural. and that's why people hate nature.

being the content is knowing the content is contentment. some call this satcitananda.

between addiction to belief and the cold turkey of reality is myth, thank god

do not mistake this misidentification with the mind as an error of the mind. consciousness does not blame its tools.

universal consciousness equals the personal i-am; this is the foundation of natural yoga. nisarga yoga.

the reflection of brahman in maya equals the permeation of brahman in maya. isvara equals visnu.

in nisarga yoga, it doesn't matter if i know i am. it's just enough to think i am.

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