Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Talking Water

There’s a fountain in the middle of a lake so grand that most on shore believe the lake to be a surplus puddle formed from just the fountain's overspray.

In the university on the lake, a professor and a scientist agree that consciousness is just a product of the brain. Although the scientist has failed to prove it, the poor professor has abiding faith it shall be proven on some magic day.

There’s a fool who swims the length of the lake each day. To her, it doesn't matter if the lake is this or that because there's nothing else but water water everywhere and not a cause to think.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Talking Butterflies

Singularity is not a theory. One is one, period. Anything other is one's projection only. One takes one stand in what one is. And one is my divine imagination, call it self-awareness. For I am that imagining I am, or really, absolute awareness.

Let me tell it like God's story. Within my most omnipotent self is naturally self-awareness. And this self-awareness is like a process to the seventh process of this story relative to self-awareness. Process is another word for mind. And self-awareness is a quality of pure awareness if the absolute contained an imperfection.

In other words, divine imagination isn't magic thinking, which is closer to the truth than western scientific rabbit holes in search of singularity in further subdivision, please excuse my other words, but more like Zhuangzi's Seven Inner Chapters.

There is a bird of paradise whose wings are clothed in diamond feathers like mirrors reflecting a sea of lightning far beyond the bang of thunder always crashing on this lovely land of waves and waves and waves.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Talking Frogs

Senses are to body as differentiation is to mind as attention is the amplification of awareness in the bodymind continuum. But awareness is to nothing other as pure awareness is to the big unknown. And attention is another name for being.

Being is the only pure knowledge. The now is the now is the now. And to know the now is to know myself is self-awareness. Like a frog is just an early sign of the omnipotent unknown.

So attention is embodiment of pure awareness as winter melting into spring-time voices. Inattention, on the other hand, is like a mid-summer night's dream. And autumn is like deconstructing every sense and differentiation.

I am saying this in winter but the sun is getting higher in the sky. And soon shall come the revelations of some very public frogs. The sound of water is this heavenly apocalyptic conscious knowledge of oneself. Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Talking Nothing but Divine Imagination

Says I to I, there's only I. How public like my universe, how private like my heart? Says I to I in my response, this understanding is ineluctable. In going further, added I, I see we're through the gates of synchronicity, I further see. Enlightment is nothing other, I reply. As if there is a question when it comes to being and I laugh like some immense Shakespearian joke.

After deconstruction of conditioning, it takes some time before the air completely clears. And in such clarity, one finds I am the light and everything else is mere projection. And the revelator says that one returns to light to know the light is my intent to know myself.

The law of three requires this part three, although I need to work the math while talking this part three—the magnet of desire in such duality of me, returning to the stirring of I Am, and three is Self-awareness.

Written on this half moon of the blue moon, manifesting as a supermoon, I strike a chord myself the fool not looking at the finger soon becomes the moon, or is Intent no more than just the dreaming of a fool.

Western superstition or science, eastern herbs, divine imagination—what is the law of three in this dominion? Moreover, self-awareness is divine imagination.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Talking Love

Anything but love is complex. Yes, love is not complex but one may think it so.

It takes my daughter's birth for me to know that love is far beyond a thought and is in fact completely unbelievable.

In other words, love is what I am, she is, and being that a person is a thought believed, and so conditioned to forget what one is truly,

love is just a thought until I see it isn't. And such is therapy condensed—understanding love is not a thought and I am not a person.

Bhakti and Jnani is the one true science. Blue moon, a crescent moon is setting in my picture window

visible in spaces where no branch is pitch as night. And so I see the sky is clear tonight, my love.

Imagine Miming Shakespeare

This so-called reality
is just an idea
the wheel kills the ground.
Imagine miming Shakespeare.
Time is just the concept
of a god believed—
premonitions, revelations,
and synchronicities are
Shiva's deconstructions.

Friday, January 19, 2018

In the Paradox of Self-Inquiry

Maybe the mind is a tool
the holistic ground
into a violence of questions,

resulting in some Zhuangzi identities
of this or that belief—
consciousness is the unquestionably holistic
breaking the tool

in the paradox of self-inquiry.

There is nothing wrong with the sun
or anything beneath it.
It's just pure awareness being self-aware,

As the process and its work procedures
are not the finished product—
so my reflection is not
the mirror nor its manufacturing.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Talking Appearances

The following quote appears to be Seung Sahn's translation of a passage from the Diamond Sutra further translated by Stephen Mitchell. But Mitchell is notoriously loose in his translation of the Tao, and this appears to be very loose as well, confusing the Diamond Sutra take on impermanence to be nihilistic. It's not. “All appearance is delusion. If you view all appearance as non-appearance, then that view is your true nature.”

Rather view objects as appearances, or appearances as appearances.

Thich Nhat Hanh: “The Buddha is saying 'All dharmas are impermanent,' but he is not saying that they are not here. He only wants us to see the things in themselves. We may think that we have already grasped reality, but, in fact, we are only grasping its fleeting images. If we look deeply into things, we will be able to free ourselves from the illusion."

In other words, objects are appearances but appearances are not non-appearances.

Further, a person is an appearance. Universal consciousness is not a non-appearance.

As self-awareness is a reflection in pure awareness.