Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Vedantasara's Apocalypse Now

Vedantasara basically says: after the qualified aspirant, by the practice of de-superimposition, sees through the I & That in Tattvamasi and suddenly understands its equation to be I minus Avidya Am That minus Maya (I-a=T-m),

a state of Absolute Unity arises in the mind resulting in its truly getting Aham Brahmasmi: “I am eternal, pure, self-illumined, free, real, supremely blissful, infinite, and one without a second.”

This getting of Aham Brahmasmi illumined by the reflection of consciousness conceives this thought-form of Parabrahman thereby destroying Original Ignorance.

And the matrix is burnt when the threads composing the matrix are burnt, even that thought-form itself. Furthermore, as the moon cannot illumine the sun but is overpowered by it, the reflection of consciousness in the mind is also destroyed.

Following this Great Apocalypse, there remains only Parabrahman, identical with Paramatman, as the image of a face in a mirror is resolved as Original Face when the mirror is removed.

~Nonduality Comics 240703wd (to grok or not to grok) footnotes

a. Electric Tattvamasi

Atheism is Bizarro-like religion. Its belief is not believing in God.

Nonduality sees through God. And Ego.

E=mc² is tired. I-a=T-m is wired.

b. Happy Aham

To grok or not to grok—

I am really spaceless and timeless, unfettered and unadulterated, infinite and nondual.

Merry Brahmasmi!

c. Screen Versus Movie

Watch as King Kong Mahavakya

destroys Godzilla of Original Ignorance

in Technicolor.

d Matrix 10000

The matrix is disassembled

as the objects of the matrix

are deconstructed.

e. Faces

As the mirror of mind is removed

the reflection of a face

is original face.

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