Friday, June 30, 2023

The Water of Light

As saguna brahman, Isvara wields the power of maya and creates the self-reflexive evolutionary universe of self-awareness appearing in reflections of pure consciousness like a dream.

Sometimes parts of Isvara goes to sleep. This is why consciousness is talking to consciousness. Furthur, as the merry pranksters say.

Pay bills, carry the water of light.

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Advaita Semantics

For some, the reflection of consciousness is called consciousness, and consciousness is the reflection of awareness, awareness being another name for pure consciousness, both being other names for parabrahman.

Another name for parabrahman is nirguna brahman, the noumenon, the absolute, unmanifest, pure consciousness, or shiva. Another name for the manifest is saguna brahman, isvara, consciousness, the reflection of consciousness, universal consciousness, I am, or shakti.

Further, sometimes parabrahman is called brahman and saguna brahman is called brahman. Sometimes isvara is called krishna or vishnu or some other god. And tattvamasi is I am that. As for atman, it’s brahman.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Isvara's Absolution

The reflection of consciousness on the subtle body of maya is pure consciousness when the mind is silent and steadfast.

The mind moves and the reflection of consciousness is the i-am, the primal conception of the subtle body.

Thus resting in this most atomic concept, without any molecular attachment, is like waiting for isvara’s absolution

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Give Three a Chance

And to signs, intuitions, synchronicities, and the revelations of the satguru, thank you.

Let’s hear it for the reflexive universe of shiva and shakti!

And thank you maya for playing the spacetime to be seen through.

Old duality doesn’t do well with the transitive property.

Forgive them for the power of three is awesome.

Show some compassion. Who wasn’t conditioned to avoid third rails? God bless you.

Affirming and denying is the law of duality. Their reconciliation is the power of three.

Zhuangzi called the state in which both this and that are no longer known as opposites—

Heart of the Way.

This is the source of koan.

This is the blood of nonduality.

Give woke a chance.

satcitananda footnotes ghazal

The foundation of sleep dreaming is the mind.

The foundation of the waking dream is being-existence-presence, consciousness-awareness-intelligence, holistic bliss infinity.

It's impossible to say you’re non-existent

and keep an original face.

The metaparadigm of postmodern deconstruction is scientific materialism.

The metaparadigm of personal deconstruction is nondual consciousness.

In postmodern deconstruction, the mind enslaves the intellect, ignoring intuition, synchronicity, and revelations at all costs.

In personal deconstruction, the intellect (the reflection of satcitananda’s intelligence) uses the mind as a tool.

Identifying with love is a baby step. Identifying with compassion is a big step.

And identifying with affectionate awareness is the last step.

The waking dream is namarupa superimposed on satcitananda.

Namarupa may be nothing but the substrate isn’t. And I am that.

Being-existence-presence is brahman. Consciousness-awareness-intelligence is brahman. Holistic bliss infinity is brahman.


Satcitananda and the Art of Personal Deconstruction

Beyond the names and forms of the dream state isn’t nothing.

Existence is not non-existent. Awareness isn’t unaware. And holistic bliss infinity isn’t nihilism.

Of course a thoroughly deconstructed mind will think everything is nothing, if materialism is its metaparadigm.

Personal deconstruction without the guidance of buddhi is pointless.

This is why the satguru emphasizes love, compassion, and affectionate awareness in its worldly expressions.

If the dualities of namarupa aren’t foundational, nondual satcitananda is.

It’s the deconstructed mind which is nothing to atman. Atman is brahman.

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Maya in Awareness

Believing consciousness to be a product of maya is maya at its most pure.

And unlearning this absurd metaparadigm is the greatest neti neti.

In fact, pure consciousness is reflecting in the subtle body of maya.

That is giving sentience to the entire complex of the body-mind.

But in the world of maya, earth doesn't appear in space. Space appears on earth.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

On Infinite Self-awareness

Some say shiva is absolute awareness and shakti is self-awareness and the two are just aspects of one.

Some say nirguna brahman awareness is saguna brahman self-awareness by the power of maya.

Some say the intellect deconstructs the fog of mind and in the clarity called self-awareness recognizes and identifies with atman.

This deconstruction takes a lifetime but the recognition and identification is sudden, spontaneous, timeless, infinite.

Saturday, June 17, 2023

The Aham Brahma Asmi Movie Ghazal

Where does fire go after burning out?

For stars are but reflections of the great black whole.

The mirror only reflects the truth.

Any misconception lies within the eyes of the beholder.

The reflection of consciousness is pure consciousness.

It’s the appearance in the mirror which is conditioned consciousness.

This appearance is called ahamkara

or the I in action, ego, aren’t I something?

Ahambhava is the I at rest,

this manifest state of being, this sense I am.

And aham is the principle of I,

the sat of satcitananda, pure being.

A reflexive universe of self-awareness is my movie, maya, celluloid dream.

This cineramic silver screen is atman.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

A Jedi's Ghazal

Individual consciousness is the original misconception.

Universal consciousness is the immaculate conception.

Nonduality is not dogmatic.

Although it requires a level of faith at first.

This faith in nonduality is neither blind nor necessarily permanent.

Yes, maya may be unborn and intelligent, but not eternal.

The mind usurps the power of prana and calls itself the ego.

The all-powerful ego enslaves the intellect for its material purposes.

This is the mind’s demonic rebellion.

The satguru is your inner jedi.

One doesn’t know brahman.

One is brahman.

The Golden Concept

Every concept is brahman but brahman is not a concept. This is called the Golden Concept.

Even the thought of brahman may be brahman but brahman is not a thought. Brahman is beyond belief.

The Kena says, not thinking one fully knows nor not knows is the knowing of brahman.

That brahman is not conceptual is the ground of all personal deconstruction, neti neti, and other negative capabilities.

For after the satguru turns the intellect around, the intellect removes the fog of mind in which it has survived.

And I am That as the intellect recognizes its reflection of brahman is brahman. For brahman is the sacrifice and brahman is the fire.

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Maya's Ghazal

Atman lends sentience to the subtle and outer bodies of reflexive consciousness

like fire lends fire to a forest.

The mind is like a data collector and the intellect is the analyst.

But when the mind attempts to analyze its own data, the pursuant feedback results in garbage out.

There is no ego. Deep down the ego knows this.

It’s called ego’s paradox.

Nonduality appears to be a temporary faith based in logic destined for contemplative confirmation,

unless one chooses to believe it. Then it appears to be a permanent error.

Universal consciousness is isvara. Isvara is a place name for your particular god of universal consciousness to love.

All systems are go, gone, gone beyond. All philosophy is maya.

Conceptul Love Story

Believing itself to be an object, the mind desires other objects to possess. It’s a kind of mental love. Further, like atoms, most minds are programmed to be molecular, combining with another object to grow bigger.

To the materialist mind, you can never be too big. And the bigger you are, it takes that much more to make you bigger. Wild affluence is a vicious exponential vector of a river. 

And romantic love is a type of mental love as well in which the object is another person. But real love is one in which universal consciousness recognizes and identifies with universal consciousness, seeing through the superimposition of individuality.

From the point of view of individual consciousness (egoic mind), real love appears to be unconditional. But from the point of view of universal consciousness, all conditions are maya.

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Purple Immortals
(my favorite transcreations 101)

from cicadas of yamadera

to matsushima's matsushima—

ah one basho

Returning, I spread out a simple mat and eat

while chewing on some purple immortals.

I rinse my bowl in a clear pool.

I boil what’s remaining into a soup.

Sitting in sunshine, wrapped in a cloak,

I scan unhurriedly poems of the ancients.

~Cold Mountain (tx-SR)

The guru speaks of one direction:

Outer expression, inner entrance.

That became Lalla’s sacred word and practice.

Thus began my natural naked song and dance.

~Lal Ded (tx-SR)

How long shall you speak in riddles? Paradox bewilders the mind. Now speak clearly so the heart may hear.

The venerable Shams is both my Lord and Master. By his grace, the land of Tabriz is perfume and ambergris.

~Rumi (tx-SR)

The state in which both this and that are no longer known as opposites is called the Heart of the Way. And from the stillness of such a pivot point, all movement and opposition is seen in their immeasurable transformations.

~Zhuangzi (tx-SR)

Ask and you are given.

Seek and one is finding. 

Knock and be opened.

For every asking is receiving 

and the seeking is the finding 

and the knocking is being opened as oneself.

~Jesus from Matthew 7 (tx-SR)

Tao alone is truth.

Formless—it holds an image.

Indistinct—it shelters fact.

Hidden—it embraces essence.

How do I know? It tells me.

~Lao Tzu (tx-SR)

The Secret Knowledge welcomes by speaking accordingly; uttered to you is The Secret Knowledge of the Absolute; just You, The Secret Knowledge, is speaking therefore.

~from Kena Upanishad (tx-SR)

If Maya Then Isvara

Isvara and maya go together in this world.

For every subtle body, there’s a light reflecting in it.

The sleep dream is purely a mind dream, thought built upon thought.

But the waking dream is a superimposition of thought built upon the substrate of satcitananda.

But deep sleep is not nirvikalpa samadhi.

Nirvikalpa samadhi requires an awakened intellect to recognize and identify with intelligent awareness.

To deconstruct the superimposition and identify with the substrate.

The mind provides the data. The intellect analyzes and decides. The life force moves the body. That’s spontaneous nondoing in a nutshell.

Maybe in deep sleep the memories of the day gets downloaded to the dna of universal consciousness. So both body and mind get refreshed every night during a deep sleep.

If seeing through maya is seeing isvara, it’s helps to know what’s exactly being seen through.

Reflections of Isvara

Deep sleep is the absence of duality.

And deep sleep is a mass of universal consciousness.

And deep sleep is the abode of saguna brahman, isvara, name your god.

And deep sleep is the causal body called anandamaya.

And in the causal body is the dna of maya.

And isvara is reflecting in the intellect as intelligent awareness.

Thursday, June 8, 2023

the big before the bang


when in maya, do as the sattva do.

the veiling power of tamas; the projecting power of rajas; the revealing power of sattva.

tamas: you fail to see the rope rightly.

rajas: you see the rope as something else.

sattva: you still saw the rope in the first place, but only have mistaken it for a snake.

rajas is yang, tamas is yin. sattva is viveka.


advaita vedanta coopted samkhya by turning prakriti into maya. a genius move.

like nonduality accepts the terms of duality as long as this duality is seen as maya.

if it changes, it can’t be the substratum.

the shimmering prakriti must be maya.

that changeless parusha is brahman.


did you ever notice that the outer changes and the inner remains the same?

the nonconceptual inner is the big before the bang.

brahman is another name for the big.

atman is brahman is a paramahavakya.

Jnana and The Intellect

In functional maya, the mind supplies the data, the intellect decides an action, and the life force moves the body.

The intellect is the reflection of absolute intelligence. Without thinking about it, the intellect is absolute intelligence, or intelligent awareness.

In a materialistic metaparadigm, the intellect works for the mind. In the metaparadigm of universal consciousness, the mind works for the intellect.

Uncovering the Substrate

The subtle body of maya is transparently organic but insentient.

Pure consciousness reflecting in the subtle body gives it sentience.

The power of three creates the intellect, mind, and life force.

The mind usurps the life force creating the ego.

Outnumbered, the intellect surrenders to the ego and its world-building ways.

Until the satguru gets through by inspiration, intuition, or revelation.

Turning the intellect around to deconstruct the superimposition.

And recognize and identify with the uncovered substrate.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

From the Encouragement Staff

Relatively speaking, maya is neither existent nor non-existent. From the absolute point of view, there is no maya. That’s why it’s said that maya is unborn but not eternal.

There’s not much of a difference between believing in santa claus, god, or the theory of everything. It’s not about the subjects of belief but belief itself. Go ask maya.

If the brain appears in consciousness, it can never figure out the holistic bliss infinity of pure consciousness. Thus it has to believe consciousness appears in the brain. There’s too much money at risk.

Is materialist nonduality a thing? Is that what a zen slap is? Knocking the materialism out of the disciple? First things first. My zen slap was my mirror image. Tomorrow is its anniversary.

The mind is an island in the sea of consciousness. Consciousness is a reflection in the subtle body of the buddhi. The buddhi is organic and transparent maya. The source of the reflection is intelligent awareness. Tattvamasi.

Maya is much like a shadow. It’s not real but it’s certainly not nothing. And in the full light of atman it’s just not there.

Turning Towards the Visionary

Illusions aren’t nothing; they’re illusions. Dreams aren’t nothing; they’re dreams. Similarly maya isn’t nothing. It’s maya.

So seeing through maya isn’t seeing through nothing. It might not be rocket science but it’s not child’s play either.

First there’s the modern metaparadigm of scientific materialism to turn turn turn around.

As long as the material mind is one’s foundational point of view, all the tea in China doesn’t make a visionary.

The mind cannot see through maya. The mind is maya. Only intelligent awareness sees through maya.

Maya makes the impossible possible. Like darkness, maya isn’t something but neither is it nothing. And in the light, maya is gone.

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Plutonium Avidya

Mutual superimposition, oh my. So first, the conceptual subtle body (this is like the organic molecular structure in Young’s reflexive universe) is superimposed on parabrahman.

The ‘transparency’ of the subtle body reflects the parabrahman. This reflection combined with prana sakti becomes the so-called jiva.

But from the jiva’s point of view, parabrahman (as the reflection of parabrahman on the subtle body) is a superimposition (on parabrahman), and the reflection of parabrahman is thought to be parabrahman.

In other words, buddhi is not only superimposed on brahman, but brahman is superimposed on buddhi, as the reflection of brahman. This mutual superimposition (anyonyadhyasa) results in the mistaken identity of I-am.

Sat, Cit and the Anti-ananda

Thank god people aren’t completely maya. First, the existential fact of being isn’t an illusion. Presence is another name for parabrahman.

And although the principle of self named atman isn’t that sense of self called aham-bhava, there is no “I am” without that absolute I.

And furthermore, the subtle body of the buddhi is reflecting intelligent awareness at all times. It’s just ordinary attention minus thought.

For the occlusion that undoubtedly makes a person a person isn’t its qualities of being, self, intelligence, and awareness (or the sat and cit of satcitananda)

but conceptually limiting infinite bliss into the space-time of samsara and individualizing the absolute whole into a mortal ego (or the anti-ananda).