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Tattvamasi According to Vedantasara

The three states of Maya are God, Cosmic Mind, and Cosmic Form: Isvara the Efficient and Material Cause, Hiranyagarbha the Golden Womb, and Virat the Newtonian Universe.

The corresponding states of avidya are deep sleep, the dreaming state, and the waking state: prajna the reflected mass of consciousness, taijasa the shining mind, and visva the egoic form.

In the Mahavakya Tattvamasi (That Thou Art), the direct meaning of That is Saguna Brahman (sattva etc.), but the implied meaning is Parabrahman.

Similarly, the direct meaning of Thou is the three states of individual consciousness, but the implied meaning is Turiya (Paramatman).

a. Excuse Me

As God is the cause of the Golden Womb, deep sleep is the cause of the dream state.

As Quantum Mind gives birth to this Universe of Classical Mechanics, the sleeping-dreaming mind gives birth to the pain-pleasure cycle of samsaric sleepwalking.

In the land of the three states of reflected consciousness, unreflected consciousness is called the Fourth. Excuse me, pure consciousness is nondual.

b. Self-awareness Says

Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is suffering. The Maharaj says Knowledge of Existence is Bliss.

Birth, life, and death are natural appearances in Existence. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are supernatural appearances in Parabrahman. Sadananda says Tattvamasi.

Cit of Sat reveals Ananda, Satcitananda says.

c. there are no atheists in samsara

The Absolute veiled by Maya is God.

The Self veiled by avidya is me.

As long as I believe in me,

I shall believe in God!

d. Question Eveything, Einstein

Meet the new belief of science, same as the old belief of religion.

Experience is greater than any dogma. All faith is to be confirmed.

Are there three states of experience (deep sleep, sleep dream, dream body)

appearing in the stateless state of a Fourth, Turiya?

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