Friday, December 31, 2021

Self-awareness in So Many Words

Some call self-awareness—realization, enlightenment, awakening, or other words of wisdom, all of which will fade in time with some semantic change or other.

To further clarify, self-consciousness is to self-awareness as a snake is to the proverbial rope.

Self-awareness is the simple knowing what one, as the absolute self, is. This isn’t the psychological self-assertion of an egoic self, nor the philosophic nihilism of some selfless self.

Also, self-awareness is neither scientific nor religious. It’s not about the terminology of your belief. It’s all about experiential understanding, in so many words.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Of Alienation and Mind, Ghazals and Sonnets

The time has come to talk of mind.

The so-called experience of self-awareness is the immediate and direct understanding

that I am absolute awareness.

Without the mirror of the mind, there is no suchlike understanding.

Shen-hsiu says the mind is like a mirror; keep it clean.

Hui-neng counters that the mirror is so innately clean, there’s not a place for dust to land.

Awareness, consciousness, and mind are not three separate entities

but the nondual trinity of self-awareness.

Such an obvious mistake in understanding is to be expected

in an immature mind still in the adolescent throes of identifying with itself.

There are one-hundred billion stars in this galaxy alone.

By my calculations, one million of them have at least one planet with life upon it.

But of all of these, there is just one with intelligent life.

They’ve been contacting us for quite some time.

Monday, December 27, 2021


There’s nothing but

awareness being

self-awareness is

the mind of being

seeing that.


the mind of being


being of the mind.


the words of being


the words of mind.

That’s all she wrote.

Saturday, December 25, 2021

On Christmyth Night

To identify with the mind is to identify with a dividing apparatus. O eternal one, to live by the mind is to die by the mind.

Again, grasshopper, the mind is a tool to be used by love. For love is the hand of being, and being is the heart of intentional self-awareness.

Tonight, the myth is strong with this one. Don’t believe what’s being said. If an arrow strikes, there’s the heart to follow. But if it doesn’t, then as you were, private.

Thursday, December 23, 2021

This is Neither Nihilism nor New Age

Postmodern nihilism is negation without indication

and indication without negation is the essence of the new age.

Negation is self-explanatory.

Indication can be a pointer, paradox, or myth, to name the basic trinity.

This is that one hand clapping at the play.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

At the Revelation Station

Sleeping-dream to dreaming-self is like a daily reincarnation.

And sleeping-dream is like the city station where being asleep goes to catch the next train out.

O mama, at the city station, there’s a diverse population of visions, phantoms, and ghosts awaiting to be born again.

This melody is all about one being asleep, sleeping dream, dreaming self, and self-awareness, sugar.

Some say god is the absolute limited by eternal wisdom.

Some say deep sleep is where the goddess goes to lose this wisdom in the lotus rose of self-awareness.


if there's only one being asleep, there's only one dream for the living and the dead.

no one ever dies. there's just a new dream waking.

one being asleep is to molecular structure; as sleeping dream is to growth and organization; as dreaming self is to action satisfaction understanding irony, absurdity, and detachment; as self-awareness is not this, not this.

Saturday, December 18, 2021

A Day in the Way

Creation is belief.

Belief can’t be denied but it can be deconstructed.

Rome didn’t fall in a day.

The world is god.

Some call their god a god. Some call their god the world.

Either way, if you meet the way on the way, kill the way.


self-awareness is true recreation.

belief is this times this. deconstruction is not this, not this.

consciousness is manifestation.

omg, my conditioning is my god!

the business of america is not business. the business of america is belief.

nonduality is unbelievable. that's why we dress it up.

for lack of a better word, experiential is the word.

billy preston makes all the difference!

i vote god is love.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Stay Tuned for Self-awareness

Awakening from the waking state is like waking from the dream state turned up eleven.

It’s like inarticulate knowledge of the absolute self, or self-awareness.

For as long as there’s a mind to be embodied, self-awareness is the best embodiment to be.

Neither ordinary nor extraordinary, self-awareness is like east of nothing and west of enlightenment.

Self-awareness is neither intellectual theory nor fundamental belief, but observational being.

Picture a boat on a river at the mouth of the river in slack high tide by dead calm noontime. This is that.

Monday, December 13, 2021

Duality Coupe (A Birthday Present)

Apparently, deep sleep identifies with universal consciousness

and talks to the world in dreams:

universal consciousness is not the one unconscious;

the world is.

To identify with a conceptual construct is to be


Look, there’s nothing wrong with a conceptual construct;

just drive it.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Paraverse Isvara (Director's Cut)

Absolute awareness is solely self-aware. That self-awareness, at first glance, appears to be the big bang of deep sleep. Call it the material universe.

This first organic point of view is like a feverish dream. Now I don't know whether I’m a Cheshire cat or Chinese butterfly. 

But the revelation can’t be televised. For if a picture is worth ten thousand words, and there is no name for great intent, then move along.

Absolute awareness is self-awareness. The call is coming from inside the house. Gods don’t follow other gods. Deconstruct oneself.

Deep sleep is the default state of consciousness. One returns to the mother ship at midnight every day, does one not?

The dream comes first. Then comes the chicken or the egg. Like chicken caterpillar, egg like butterfly, hands can’t handle what the seeing doesn’t eye.

Self-awareness is lucid dreaming as the seventh state of consciousness as in awareness, big bang, dark matter, deep sleep, sleep-dream, dream-self, self-awareness.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

A Nondual Dozen

Of awareness, in awareness, self-awareness, aum.

First, the ultimate reality is absolute awareness.

The nature of that reality is seen through deconstruction.

But not a void, reality is affirmed in self-shining consciousness.

Second, the absolute is nondual, non-doing, and unborn.

Third, the world of duality is like a waking dream.

It’s unreal principle is maya.

Fourth, the personal is part of the show.

Consciousness is not a product of the material.

The material is appearing in consciousness.

Fifth, there’s nothing to attain through ritual or works.

Meditation is not a way toward so-called enlightenment.

The only samadhi is the experiential knowledge of self-awareness.


1. if nihilism is the postmodern disease of the via negativa, consciousness is the cure.

2. cause and effect is at the heart of every magic show. nonduality, on the other hand, is as it is.

3. if e = mc², then x = maya.

4. scientific materialism is the new boss, same as your old-time religion.

5. free will is absurd. enlightenment is dead. samadhi is divine imagination.

Saturday, December 4, 2021

A Dedicated Follower of Ananda

Be aware that awareness is always samadhi.

Understanding as it is, is all there is to do,

and even that is being done for you.

The only free will is the will of nondoing.

Another word for this is following your bliss, ananda.


samadhi is an unattainable objective for i am already that. awareness is the ground of understanding. there are no preconceptions for all is nonconceptual. the flag of empire is free will. let my freak flag fly, ananda!

"Being is wordless and dreamless, undisturbed, timelessly self-shining, unattached, and always samadhi." ~Gaudapada K3:37 (my transcreation)

Friday, December 3, 2021

Unflagging (paraversing Gaudapada K3, 29-33)

Duality is not maya, and the mind is not maya, but duality appears in the mind through the magic of maya. Welcome to the show that never ends.

The non-dual mind appearing as duality is the dream state. The flag flies and the wind cries maya.

All duality seen by the mind is nothing but the non-dual mind, and as the mind resettles into no-mind, all duality disappears.

In other words, as the knowledge is realized, the mind is no-mind, for there is no duality to be seen.

Non-conceptual awareness is the knowledge. The knowledge is absolute reality. Thus, the unborn knows the unborn.

Gaudapada (tr-Nikhilananda) K3, 29-33

29. As in dream the mind acts through Mãyā presenting the appearance of duality, so also in the waking state the mind acts, through Mayã, presenting the appearance of duality.

30. There is no doubt that the mind, which is, in fact, non-dual appears as dual in dream; in like manner undoubtedly that which is non-dual, appears as dual in the waking state also.

31. All these dual objects, comprising everything that is movable and immovable, perceived by the mind (are mind alone). For, duality is never experienced when the mind ceases to act.

32. When the mind does not imagine on account of the knowledge of the Truth which is Atman, then it ceases to be mind and becomes free from all idea of cognition, for want of objects to be cognised.

33. The knowledge (Jnanam) which is unborn and free from all imaginations is ever inseparable from the knowable. The immutable and birthless Brahman is the sole object of knowledge. The birthless is known by the birthless.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

In Somnium Ex Absolutum


Not creatio ex nihilo but not creatio ex deo either but all of this is more like somnium ex absolutum.

This is not a doctrine of belief but a mythic way to verbalize the subtle actualities of as it is.

Of course this presupposes one has practiced psychological deconstruction of some kind.

Because scientific materialism is the dominant religion in the west, psychological deconstruction

is the pragmatic term at hand, but any name for cultish deprogramming will honestly do.

That the absolute is both efficient and material cause is self-evident. Open head, insert universe.


Everything appears in consciousness,

does it not?

Like dreams appearing in sleep.

Is consciousness appearing in awareness

or is awareness self-shining consciousness?

The answer, my friend, is maya.