Tuesday, December 21, 2021

At the Revelation Station

Sleeping-dream to dreaming-self is like a daily reincarnation.

And sleeping-dream is like the city station where being asleep goes to catch the next train out.

O mama, at the city station, there’s a diverse population of visions, phantoms, and ghosts awaiting to be born again.

This melody is all about one being asleep, sleeping dream, dreaming self, and self-awareness, sugar.

Some say god is the absolute limited by eternal wisdom.

Some say deep sleep is where the goddess goes to lose this wisdom in the lotus rose of self-awareness.


if there's only one being asleep, there's only one dream for the living and the dead.

no one ever dies. there's just a new dream waking.

one being asleep is to molecular structure; as sleeping dream is to growth and organization; as dreaming self is to action satisfaction understanding irony, absurdity, and detachment; as self-awareness is not this, not this.

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