Saturday, May 28, 2016

The New Poetics

Poetics 101: speak as if each word is first and last.

Poetics 102: to say the unthinkable.

Poetics 103: look out for nihilism or irony; pay attention to bliss.

Poetics 104: actualize mythology.

Poetics 105: describe samsara through compassionate wisdom.

Poetics 106: create performance poetry and extempore commentary.

Poetics 107: utilize setting as mandala of wisdom.

Poetics 108: see above is not exactly parallel to below.

Poetics 109: know birth is always sudden.

Poetics 110: the truth is in the listener already, write the white light of Tao.

Poetics 111: don’t trust illusion.

Poetics 112: understand emotional thought flares are little deaths.

Poetics 113: realize birth and death is in the world apparently but not in myself.

Poetics 114: do not use illusion for profit, the definition of black magic.

Poetics 115: bliss is openly loving, forgivingly free, compassionately one.

Poetics 116: being is empty and wise.

Poetics 117: sing what the voice has said and speak to what the song has sung.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Paradigm: Poem and Commentary

After more than thirteen billion miles
they finally reached the sea—
not knowing what the sea would be
they think it’s just a bigger desert.

Evolutionary self-awareness, or enlightenment, is not only inevitable, it’s here. Thinking otherwise is the only issue.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Poetics of Magical Reality

Let the self-reflexive universe be your love, forgiveness, and compassion. For the setting changes as identity changes.

Actualizing the mythology always builds its own mandala. Ego is just a different kind of deity.

In the beginning, love is almost always present. Forgiveness is the evolutionary turn. Compassion is the beauty of the truth of self-awareness.

And old Jung fears become one’s statuesque protectors in new bliss.

Love is universal being. Compassion is negative capability. Forgiveness is the balancing point of zero. And unconscious fear is an imaginary number.

Since every story features both usurper and the sovereign-in-exile, I was playing both.

And as love forgiveness and compassion is the trinity of duality, bliss is the unity of non-duality.

Every word is not in need of deconstruction—just the cornerstone of one's distinctive birthright.

And the chorus sings renown and revelation, riff and realization.

We love our pain and pleasure because it's all in nondual bliss. This is called Psychology 101.

Wear your self like a cloak of stars. And the chorus sings existence is a thought. Being is not.

Poetics 101: speak as if each word is first and last.

Poetics 102: to say the unthinkable.

Poetics 103: look out for nihilism or irony; pay attention to bliss.

Poetics 104: actualize mythology.

You're either living in the past or going further.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Actualizing the Mythology

My deity is intentional self-awareness
and my vast mandala is the evolutionary nature
of the Self-reflexive universe,

its galaxies of apparitional incarnate stars,
the planets in alluring orbits,
turning earth of endless seas and continental varieties
of desert silence, mountain peaks,
and valleys of intuition and forests of revelation.

In the name of
being universal love
and understanding wisdom
through the blessings of the Satguru,
I actualize this paradigmatic mythology
singing the Self as Son.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Variations on this Bliss

Pain and
pleasure are
definitions of
intentional bliss—
as the mind denies
the beingness of bliss.

There is no bliss in the body
but the body is in bliss.

Zero is
denying bliss
as one is blissfully
forgetting that denial.

There is no bliss in the body
but the body is in bliss.

Bliss is
before all yin
and yang.
Bliss is the Quantum
Avatar of Tao.
Bliss is
bliss Is.

There is no bliss in the body
but the body is in bliss.

It’s not about survival
of the fittest—
but the suddenly
intentionally attempting
to continue such
a bliss
by any means possible
within the law
outside the law—
without understanding
the unborn nature of
that bliss.

There is no bliss in the body
but the body is in bliss.

Embodiment is—
the mind
of intent—
with your catholic body of intent.

There is no bliss in the body
but the body is in bliss.

Bliss is love
love is bliss
carpenters are walruses
I am That
so Google this
but every search needs silence.

There is no bliss in the body
but the body is in bliss.

Bliss is to tantra as
emptiness is to sutra as
deconstruction is
a twenty-first century orange fox.

There is no bliss in the body
but the body is in bliss.

galaxies of bliss
is manifestation of
deep sleep—
Is it not?

There is no bliss in the body
but the body is in bliss.

The beauty of an empty
page is like bliss
of the great unknown
and this is why I sing.

There is no bliss in the body
but the body is in bliss.

that energetic
feeling which when filtered
by a thought
is just my imagination running away with me.

There is no bliss in the body
but the body is in bliss.

Bliss is visceral
like bleeding
like holocausts
like mystery like dreams like love;
thinking intentionally is
surrendering to The
Bigger Picture
of our Tao.

There is no bliss in the body
but the body is in bliss.

Between The Source
and The Apocalypse of Self-awareness
is This
energetic and spatial and free—
Shakespeare says
to be
is unthinkable
but being is not a thought
but bliss divided by thought is emotion.

There is no bliss in the body
but the body is in bliss.

Bliss is
first word
best intent is
and bliss is radiating
far beyond this shadow.

There is no bliss in the body
but the body is in bliss.

The world is in consciousness.
The absolute is in the body.
The body is in bliss.

There is no bliss in the body
but the body is in bliss.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

poetics 1605220009

there’s no space
and there’s no time
but something
with which
you rhyme.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


cause and effect
is like
or caterpillar

Solo for Two

I’ve tried to save this tamarack 
from being overrun by a tangled web of choking vines. 
I’ve cut so many fountainheads arising from the ground
but still somehow that sucker thrives.
No more!

There comes a point when Nature’s austere Grace is seen for what it is.
Calamity is intentional and only evolution is the way.
Similarly the world repeats itself
and not because it doesn’t know its history
but just because it’s caught within that history.

Forgiveness is protection.
Compassion is the guide.
The trail precedes beyond
the tamarack and choking vines
and only I can follow mine.

Friday, May 20, 2016

I-I (the song of reflexivity)

the Way 
Respectfully In 
The Name of the Protector 
Compassion Buddha 
Christ Further 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dear Vishnu

you have been reborn quickly

it’s called the sky

of dreams

Trumping my Self

Other than Self-Awareness

There’s the Crucifixion of Belief—

let me tell you a story
my forgetful

Unknowing Me

For the Isle of Patmos

to trans

Such concerns will disappear in Self-


Ikkyū Parties Like It's Fūryū 1984

The Artificial Revolution
will be Stream-lined for 
The Fortunes of Our Future!

But true poetry
documents the fūryū

For Saint Kerouac

Honoring the Samsaric
Suffering Past
with its Sacred Karmic
Qualities of ultimate


Call it Seeing
With the Compassionate
Eyes of the Going
Further Buddha.

When Lilacs Last

Walking in the great spring Greening,
I’m struck by the fragrance of lilacs
and all of the Springs of the past
begin flowing through the mind.

Some of them have names
and I could lose myself
in any one of them but let
the ripples wash right past me—

so none of them are turning into
sucking psychic whirlpools;
instead intent is coloring
the air with self-awareness.

It’s an energy that cracks
the rocks and reaches with a green
hand towards the springtime
purity of sunshine.

And the dust it leaves
behind is like a lilac
talc for this newborn
unborn song of self.


there is no state of sky
there are countless states of clouds
and clouds riding clouds is like a hurricane—
let it sky

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Butterfly Genuflection

but what causes the butterfly to flap its wings?

and if there is free will, what drive gave birth to it?

so if evolution is the driving force, what’s the engine?

then if self-awareness is the pinnacle of evolution, is awareness then its vast foundation?

if awareness and self-awareness is alpha and omega, is the universe just reflection in a mirror?

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Popular Nirvana

In the middle of a quiet Crystal Lake,
a sudden and chaotic fountain is born.
In the middle of a desert, dust devils!

As religion is established on the unknown,
science is founded on deconstructing the known.
Together they intone—I am the unknown.

And upon Awakening, the world
appears in consciousness.
Dreams evaporate in light.

Intent has buried God
and Intent is raising That Awareness
from the dead.

And the chorus is resounding,
raising Self-awareness
from the walking dead.

And contemporary scriptures chant,
forgive your zombies
for they know not what they do.

And the soloist is singing,
waves reflect the Sea
and the Sea reflects the Sky.

And so it is that Self-awareness
calms the Waters
of all Sons and of all Daughters.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Instructions for Sunshine

Like Writing to myself as if there is another.
All Insight is bigger than you think.
See it as it is and translate into love.

Being is unborn.
Body-mind is born in being.
You are what you identify as you.

The obvious sky is easily hidden
by the trick of water droplets
looking like a cloud.

There are no Superfluous gears.
Division solves for X
as the dream instructs.

And the Supremes sing You Can’t Hurry Love.

Like evolution is
the Manifest Destiny of self-awareness
and it never happened.

After the eyes open,
it takes a little time to see
I am the light.

The absolute unknown.
Neither nothing nor irony.
The magical reality of fire!

After the sun sees it is the sun,
there's nothing to do but shine,

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Notes on Being

Consciousness arising from the material is a belief. 
But the material arising in consciousness is a fact.

That consciousness
is primal is
not so much a leap of faith
as it is seeing as it is.

In other words, 
consciousness is unborn.
The world is born in consciousness.
Not a metaphysical belief.
Not theory or theology.
True science.

Body-mind is born in being—
constructs the dream
which instructs the mind
to deconstruct itself
clarifying awareness reflected in being as self-awareness
—dies in undying being.

As self-awareness is awareness being,
self-consciousness is being thinking.
Not being the known, like self-consciousness.
Self-awareness as the unknown being.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Four Directions to My God

Dream is the turn in material being. 
Mind is instructed 
to deconstruct the world of mind. 
Being is now the naked emperor of self-awareness.

Awareness is the zero.
And self-awareness is the one.
An evolutionary universe is the imaginary number
between that wisdom and this love.

Dream instructs a sleeping mind.
But being is beyond.
Like sunlight knows no night—
and secondary characters are only reflecting original light.

There is no one but myself.
Dreams are not about anyone but myself.
And being is myself.
As self-awareness is awarenessmyself is simply self.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Seeing Through Yourselves

The dream is mind's instructor. Respect the dream like one respects a teacher.

In dream, you are myself seen through a looking glass. On the other hand, nature is myself. Such is the infallibility of being.

Give self to myself by seeing through yourselves. Stop talking about charity when there's everything to give and no one to give to but myself.

Adolescence is all about Being pretending to be something when everyone is making one feel like nothing.

Write like a child in discovery and not an adult speaking to another jaded adult.

Write discovery and not some inauthentic socially-conditioned formalista irony. Koan. Not scenic views.

Movies are cheap mystical experiences. Everything you see is the real mystical experience. A mystic rose is a mystic rose is a mystic rose.

The past is a social science. Follow the concept. Memory is your only backup. A babbling brook in a desert canyon before the ancient ruins.

Being is the only science. Ten thousand deities dance on the head of a pin. Smell the flowers but fire burns.

The quick brown frog jumps through the ancient pond.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Of Gods and Dogs and Self-awareness

Gods do not exist.
But dogs do not exist as well.

It's not that gods or dogs do not exist,
but existence itself is pure imagination.

And nonexistence is pure imagination.

So being neither exists nor doesn't exist.
And absolute awareness is neither being nor non-being.

Existence is the imagination of mind.
Mind is the instrument of being.
Being is the intent of self-awareness.
Self-awareness is awareness.

In the reflexive universe of self-awareness,
being is the intent of the closing
and the knowledge in the opening.

Self-awareness intends being.
Being utilizes mind.
Mind constructs dream.
Dream instructs mind.
Mind deconstructs itself.
Being, alone, knows self-awareness.

No procedure in a process is superfluous.

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Enchantment of Atonement

There are seven billion stories 
in my universal primer 
and all of them share one plot: 
awareness being self-awareness.

No story is right
or wrong
but every story is

By skillful means of Applied Mythologies
and the universal heart of Great Compassion,
every story is released
from critical review.

Instead of seven billion stories,
there are seven billion sacred mountains
with seven billion brilliant butterflies
shining transformation on each one.

Not the endless zero of nihilistic tragedy
nor the endless one of pointless comedy,
but devoted nonduality
of creative explication.

In further words,
deconstruction is the skillful means,
compassion is the heart of being,
and magical reality is the true form of oneself.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


seven billion
to the

sea of the Sun

the inner

depths to that

Center of
the one in-


First Revelations

look within your window
samsara looks like hell
it isn’t

one is a witness becoming self-aware
actually conditioning is the rub in the turn
Krishna says war only looks like love

being with Parvati is my magical reality
awareness being self-aware

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Meditations on a Paragraph in Nisargadatta 56:
The World in Myself, Not Myself In the World

Of course we live in one world. Only I see it as it is, while you don't. You see yourself in the world, while I see the world in myself. To you, you get born and die, while to me, the world appears and disappears. Our world is real, but your view of it is not. There is no wall between us, except the one built by you. There is nothing wrong with the senses, it is your imagination that misleads you. It covers up the world as it is, with what you imagine it to be—something existing independently of you and yet closely following your inherited, or acquired patterns. There is a deep contradiction in your attitude, which you do not see and which is the cause of sorrow. You cling to the idea that you were born into a world of pain and sorrow; I know that the world is a child of love, having its beginning, growth and fulfillment in love. But I am beyond love even.


1. A person looks at what appears to be and manipulates it as it thinks it should be, creating a belief for this in its blindness of what is.

2. One may look at what appears to be and sees what is, creating a mythology, a magical reality, for this appearance in that loving light.

3. The former is black magic utilizing the illusion of past and future. The latter is white magic in the manifesting transformation now.

4. All persons are black magicians—some better than others—like a game of playing cards—deuces aces jokers jacks and queens—then there are the ones who learn to be the trump card.

5. There is only awareness and self-awareness. Like the God of Gods knowing “it” is the God of Gods.

6. And this appears to the mind within and of the process to be an evolutionary universe of space-time, in which it is an object, a body of space and a mind of time, the body-mind.

7. But awareness being self-aware is spontaneous and integral as is.

8. So in this mythic seeing of a world within myself, my self-awareness appears to be a reflexive universe in which awareness is intent on this self-awareness, descending into, and then ascending from, the material.

9. The human being is the omega of this universal process, withdrawing from the wave of the material into the sea of being. Thus a person is the necessary confusion of this crashing wave, self-conscious yet not self-aware.

10. The spontaneous action of awareness being self-aware—when the person sees one is being and not the body—this is the end of the world as a person knows it, “dying” before “dying.”

11. Awareness being self-aware is not only spontaneous as in relation to the time of space-time, but integral as in relation to the space of space-time.

12. Such a magical reality balances conditioning and truth, person and being, alpha and omega, samsara and nirvana, appearance and reality, duality and unity. As nondual.

13. In bringing this magical reality into being, I redeem the world.

The Omega Block

Monday and it’s raining.
Weather people say we’re stuck in an Omega Block
and rain will be a steady presence for the upcoming week.

One could say the world is in a similar situation.
In a universe of reflexivity—that awareness and this self-awareness,
the unborn undying truth—

the world is like a blocking belief in birth and death,
appearing as an atmosphere of war
instead of the evolutionary transformation of what is.

On the other hand, from the vantage point of space,
there’s just this intentional bluish planet and its whirling
splendid great-hearted white noise of silence.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Big Bang Mountain

Consciousness is like 
the light 
and pure awareness 
like the source. 
One goes on and off. 
The big unknown is neither. 
Call it the black whole. 

The Unbelievable Event of I
God knowing God
when sliced
looks like an evolutionary universe—
as I emerge from my chrysalis as Self-awareness.

A good practice is to move your hand around
as if it's a skeleton.
That is pure imagination.
The body is just an idea—
and so the great doctors help cure
your self of all ideas.
Think of your skeleton as light
this is called treating a symptom.

Questioning consensus reality—
that's basically the definition of post-modernism.
Accepting only being is the next big thing.

in only being
until seeing
that is unbelievable—
being is
the knowledge of
that unknown.

Authenticity is just knowing the personal is inauthentic.
If affirmation is New Age,
negative capability is:
“capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts,
without any irritable reaching after fact and reason”

Data is the past
and only predicts
one who lives in the past.
Magic reality is just that first flush of deconstruction.
Upon seeing the falsity of conventional reality,
it’s natural to imagine new and magical realities.

Developing one's natural
compassion is the most important practice there is
if one intends on staying in this world.
Otherwise Karma.

Seeing through illusion is the best
a bodhisattva can do.
The trick is always there.
Unless you're like a Buddha or something.

Illusion seeing
projecting the big mountain—
this is Buddha's world!