Saturday, May 7, 2016

Of Gods and Dogs and Self-awareness

Gods do not exist.
But dogs do not exist as well.

It's not that gods or dogs do not exist,
but existence itself is pure imagination.

And nonexistence is pure imagination.

So being neither exists nor doesn't exist.
And absolute awareness is neither being nor non-being.

Existence is the imagination of mind.
Mind is the instrument of being.
Being is the intent of self-awareness.
Self-awareness is awareness.

In the reflexive universe of self-awareness,
being is the intent of the closing
and the knowledge in the opening.

Self-awareness intends being.
Being utilizes mind.
Mind constructs dream.
Dream instructs mind.
Mind deconstructs itself.
Being, alone, knows self-awareness.

No procedure in a process is superfluous.

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