Thursday, May 12, 2016

Instructions for Sunshine

Like Writing to myself as if there is another.
All Insight is bigger than you think.
See it as it is and translate into love.

Being is unborn.
Body-mind is born in being.
You are what you identify as you.

The obvious sky is easily hidden
by the trick of water droplets
looking like a cloud.

There are no Superfluous gears.
Division solves for X
as the dream instructs.

And the Supremes sing You Can’t Hurry Love.

Like evolution is
the Manifest Destiny of self-awareness
and it never happened.

After the eyes open,
it takes a little time to see
I am the light.

The absolute unknown.
Neither nothing nor irony.
The magical reality of fire!

After the sun sees it is the sun,
there's nothing to do but shine,

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