Saturday, November 26, 2022

In the Name of Self-awareness

If sanity is a measurement of one’s adjustment to social conditioning, insanity is a negative number.
The wise one is the zero that sees through all the numbers.
Division, separation, and delusion: attorneys at law.
War is not a temporary condition of the world; war is the world.
Universal consciousness is the manifestation of absolute awareness.
The universe appears and disappears in universal consciousness in the name of self-awareness.

Instant Testament

Personal consciousness is divided from universal consciousness, separated from the present, and deluded into individual doing. No wonder people are strange.

Violence, alienation, and narcissism aren't aberrations in this personal consciousness. They are the ordinary manifestations of such division, separation, and delusion.

That there is any presence of peace, love, and understanding in this world is a testament to the power of universal consciousness and the glory of the real.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thanksgiving Ghazal

"not yesterday i learned to know the love of bare november days" ~Robert Frost

People live in the past and dream of the future but never be here now.
November is not a mixture of memory and desire. It’s detached from every season.

When it comes to the truth, there’s nothing the false can do but see through all the untruth.
What’s wrong with Thanksgiving if you don’t think about it?
Truly the world is the bonfire of the false.
And I am grateful for that infinite eternal fire which is revealed in the space of its deconstruction.

I am grateful for that rope which is revealed in the space of the snake's deconstruction.
I am that rope.

Consciousness which lives in the past and dreams of the future is the definition of a person.
Unconditioned consciousness is brahman. Brahman is the big in the big bang.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

And The Neti Neti Goes To

It’s only Tuesday but I miss must see Thursdays. Thrillers are easy. Comedy is hard. A good sitcom is neti neti at its best. Off the top of my head, in no order, these are my top ten sitcoms:

The mary tyler moore show. You had to be there. Cheers. Boston, you’re my dirty water. Seinfeld. Literally a show about neti neti. 30 rock. Roadrunner, roadrunner, faster neti miles an hour. Leave it to beaver. You always remember your first.

Community, parks & rec, all in the family, the american office, and both newharts as a single unit (the super finale being where newhart 1 is revealed to be the dreamer of this newhart 2 is sitcom nirvana).

Rope Love Snake

Citta, buddhi, prana? Scientific materialism is a religion. Religions are beliefs. All belief is lifeless. Nonduality is unbelievable!

If only modern physics would reserve a place for maya in their equations, there could be a final theory of everything uniting general relativity and quantum mechanics by tomorrow morning.

Paradox, thy name is maya. Avidya is mini-maya. Like the waking state is a super dream. It’s not about one’s seeing a snake in the rope, it’s about identifying with the snake, rope. Quiet, rope is talking to rope.

Sea of Seeing

If absolute consciousness manifests as being, intelligence, and the life force, then the false is materialist, believable, and lifeless.

The mind may be insentient but these reflections of consciousness make it appear to be a seer. You are not a seer, but, like any other object or eye, the seen.

Absolute consciousness is the one and only witness. And you are not a you for one is truly the seer.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

On First Light Mountain

Hiking in acadia np is not about the altitude. It’s altitude plus visibility.

The highest altitude is only 1530 feet. Cadillac mountain, nee green mountain, nee wapuwoc (first light mountain).

“It is known as the first place in the continental U.S. to see the sunrise, although that is only true for a portion of the year.”

Whatever. The point is not some statistic. The point is an infinite visibility to be seen from this dawnland overlooking the gulf of maine.

Imagine hiking weathered granite steps up the lower northwestern middle earth like slope, then scrambling up a pink granite desert sage ascension to the sudden crown of infinitely blue atlantic air space!

Once you see the truth, you never forget it.

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Reality Enough

Consciousness is the expression of brahman as voiced by maya. Thus consciousness is reality but reality is not consciousness.

But for someone identifying with an individual consciousness, that universal consciousness is reality enough.

(Individual consciousness is the expression of universal consciousness as voiced by avidya.)

The name of universal consciousness is, I am. The name of individual consciousness is, I am something.

‘Something’ is a concept. ‘I am’ is the immaculate conception. One deconstructs the concept while resting as an immaculate conception. We’re not nihilists after all.

The mind is the gate. Consciousness is the gateless gate. Just wait. Brahman has no name.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Tangled Up in Cairns

The teaching is not a map to follow.

The teaching is a map for those who know they’re lost,

to let them know where they are, and how they got there.

It’s like following the cairns on a naked peak in heavy fog.

The next cairn is visible only after losing sight of the last one.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

The Unknown Koan

Only the unknown deconstructs the known. The mind deconstructs the mind in the way a screwdriver unscrews a screw, but what drives the screwdriver? In the art of self-awareness, the unknown is destined to forget itself first. This forgetting is called the known.