Monday, December 17, 2018

Two Zero Love One Seven

The fact that truth is not knowable doesn't mean truth does not exist but love! Call it silent knowing, intuition, feeling, inspiration, apperception, divination, third eye, love. But one shall know it by not thinking.

Being is all there is. Thus, the only practice is being being. And seeing through all thought is thus instructive—postmodern deconstruction sees through thinking but seeing through the thought of thought, ah fire!

If self-awareness is the only understanding and its one deductive myth is evolution, then the current turning is the seeing through the modern meta-paradigm of scientific materialism

as well as other more traditional fundamentalisms. In other words, free will is just another name for god's plan as self-awareness says it all. Be it love, confessional, or contemporary heartbeat, before all thoughts

of pollen, which comes first, the flower or a bee? Seeing through belief is like looking without eyes—scary at first, but one evolves. Like an insect is an orchid on this lonely avenue, all is unbelievable.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Acid Sunlight Nativity Gospel

Take the energetic I Am interstate from non-stop thinking to enlightenment but you can't get there from here—a person is a thought wrapped in belief inside a meta-paradigm.

Practice is to meditation as deconstruction is to sutra as being is to tantra as self-awareness is the absolute is the absolute. And suffering teaches me there is no you

but it doesn't necessarily stop anyone from just enjoying two. For the one becomes two to know itself by loving itself and nine moons later, self-awareness.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Expecting Three Chord Mary Eastern White Pine Redwoods Ouroboros

If consciousness is the immaculate conception, birth is an afterthought, this daydream, this nightmare, reverie!

for everything appearing to be personal is just a memory, and thought is not exactly high fidelity, because emotion.

To the Tao of Transformation, the Bodhisattva of Impermanence, the Vanity of Ecclesiastes, The Jimi Hendrix Experience,

money doesn't talk but swears it's said and consciousness is not talking to consciousness but in the name of self-awareness.

The earth is not as much a planet as it is third child of the sun and I am not as much a body-mind as the only child of god—

feel my inner Eve, swallow hallucinations Adam, yeah yeah yeah.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Love Sonnet to Manifestation

Love is not political nor mathematical.
And love is never speakable nor unspeakable.
Love is earliest direct transmission
received from someone loving as oneself.
Thus, love is never personal but individual
and love is never intellectual but love's intelligent
and consciousness and bliss.

Yes, love is often caustic deconstruction in this further era
but love is always the germ of truth—
as love is never two but frequently is manifesting three.
Although all manifestation appears to be non-existent like a dream,
enlightenment is like a quantum universe of dreams,
great wisdom.
Deconstruct a dream but love a fever.

Reflections On a Desert Moon

There are no others; there's just projection. So coyotes are not howling at the moon but face to unoriginal face.

And as one sees the world is one's reflection, there's no longer any need to think you’re two.

For when I thought there was a world, I acted like the world, but as I know the world is me, I am.

Literally, figuratively, and experientially, consciousness is consciousness is consciousness.

Peak deconstruction isn't speaking in tongues but knowing the valley of the dawn is singularly speechless.

There's nothing like a desert for enlightening intent. And self-awareness is intent, is it not?

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Individually Universal

As if division is a thing or separation an objective, the world can't stop the world from doing worldly things, but an individual can deconstruct and be.

Like the resurrection, deconstruction is the wilderness. Although the personal is objectively divided, the individual is subjectively universal. You already have what you want, but give yourself your need.

Coyote instant karma, visionaries as preservers of the status quo, come forth sweet democratic despots of the individually universal! Real meditation is intentional being.

Belief is a terror, the terrible twos. Mysticism is aurora borealis at the boundaries of the status quo. But individually universal is my mantra for the absolute. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Signed Consciousness

Body-mind appears in consciousness.  Another name for body-mind is the universe.  To body-mind, the body-mind appears to be material and moreover, divided.  It’s not; the body-mind is pure universal consciousness.  The material is just a notion of the body-mind.

To conditioned body-mind, the fact that all is consciousness is an unbelievable, outrageous, and laughable thought.  To deconstructing body-mind as no-mind, thought of body-mind is seen through, for all is consciousness naturally.

The secondary concept of the material, and all the accompanying tertiary concepts which form the world, arises from the primary concept of separation/division from/of the immaculate conception of consciousness only.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

footnoting manifesting mataparadigming

thanking each mistake that got one here is like a full force forgiveness
all experiments are like the day of trinity
embodying the knowing is slowly flowing go

mistaking cause for intent is like thinking God creates Adam
before peaking
thank the karma that brings you here

an ode to the absolute is an ode to self-awareness is an ode to being
north pole and south pole
yin yang arts of all feng shui

the one heart of the universal is the only way
to get to nirvana take the samsara south or i 91 north
but as if it makes all the difference

footnoting robert frost
absolving the body-mind each night
or every day

The Art of Manifesting Metaparadigms

When lost in thought, one thinks the universe is an object of such thinking, despite the obvious experiential fact that all appears in consciousness, of course.

Does within swallow without or does without emerge from in within? This paradox is called The Tao of Ouroboros.

Believing that consciousness arises from the material universe is the first law of the world. But witnessing all appears in consciousness is the only knowledge, and thus not of this world. Turn, turn, turn.

The greatest deconstruction is no-mind seeing through all thought, where no-mind is an eastern variant for consciousness and thought is the western ground of scientific materialism.

If a philosopher is a fool for words, and the fool is another name for the mystical, is the mystic a philosopher without words?

Look, a covenant is between two objects, like Abraham the personal incarnate, and God the great personification of all that's unknown. A promise is the unknown being.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Plimoth Vortex Sutra

Giving thanks to the bounty of nature as this body is the body of Christ consciousness like a stereo system is the body of music—the dream state is the house that consciousness builds to listen to itself as to know itself. This is called the song of self-awareness.

This song is like a great morality play where morality is social conditioning and play is universal love deconstructing unawareness. In the moment as it is, the separation of truth and law is the tantric gift of the first thanksgiving, and beyond all worldly empire and amen!

Universal consciousness is individually absolute and the only teaching of this knowledge is direct transmission, sudden spontaneous combustion, or the paradox of poetry—and not by local priest nor, god forbid, archbishop.

Being only is the only knowledge and divine imagination is the mythic dream of self-awareness. There are ten thousand causes for each effect. Being is the absolute. Transcendental fundamental firmament of transformation and impermanence, absolution be thy nameless name!

Stories are born like lilies of the field but consciousness is
the sun in olive trees with yellow sky and sun.
Iphoki, wanbli, honga, kamamul,
wohali, atsa, pelaethee, tsa-cho!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Ode to Beatitude

Dreams appear to be a mathematical foundation until uncertainty is introduced within the guru going further.

If the body deconstructs completely every seven years, does not the mind's identity as well

if unattached to any alien memory like the thought of death? Like Jack Kerouac says

the beat in beat is actually beatitude and not some carnival of mind or dream state.

If knowledge of the world is really knowing nothing and consciousness is the only real knowledge,

is this the world something other than a show business? Thought is like a tool and a person is like that tool thinking it's the hand

but embodiment is being handy. Purple November twilight snow is being natural is beautiful is

truthful as a rose is a flower is awake who thinks oneself asleep and dreaming.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Being Gnostic Code Name Henry

There's no stopping thought for stopping thought is just another thought but seeing through all thought is further. Gone beyond further.

Some say deep sleep is like the absolute but that's just dreaming talking. Being only is.

Witch hazel blossoming in November snow—literally, being is the only knowledge like poetry is the only headless language.

As far as I know, I was never born and death is just a concept born from my projecting. Being is all I really know.

You can be without thought but there's no thinking without being, no matter what scientific thought is thinking.

Like Henry plainly says. Skunk cabbage slowly grows beneath the knowing snow.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

tantra universal nonconceptual individual absolute

Between the space of consciousness and the place called the world is the cloud of unknowing. Only in unknowing knowledge one knows knowing, Hiawatha.

The greatest myth literally creates a world where one is lucidly living out the latest understandings. And these are the latest greatest understandings—universal, nonconceptual, individual, absolute.

Obviously love is not a science. Experiential being (I am) equals infinity and beyond. The unconditional can't be classified—like a Georgia O’Keeffe flower. Being is Far Out Like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!

s/he says vagina. s/he says lankavatara. no name for basho. and the chorus goes universal, nonconceptual, individual, absolute. Lights! Myth literally creates a world for one’s projection! Lovingly. Lucidly.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Dream like Zhuangzi

I was taught to think the universe is other than myself. Hell, I was taught to think there even is a was.

After all, every cinematic encounter deconstructs the nuts and bolts of mass projection, but every story likes a story instead.

See, I know the space of instant manifestation and sudden reincarnation without a doubt, but I'm still learning timing.

And if science teaches me one thing about the space-time continuum, it's its holistic nature,

the universe and its uncertain inevitability of transformation, but nothing more.

What science hasn't yet to prove is that old old folktale: the other. In fact it’s just the opposite.

Listen, almost all translations of poetry writing from a point of view without a view have a point of view.

Therefore, burn this before reading. Zhuangzi utterly transforms the butterfly effect.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Lalla Awakens Two: 2. the channel is choked

You’re like a royal swan whose voice is silenced.

But who has taken what away from you?

The mill has stopped and the channel is choked

But the grain hasn’t fled from the miller.

~Lal Ded (tx-SR) [G-86]

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Consciousness is Talking Consciousness

It's not division of the universal that's unnatural but universal consciousness identifying with some phenomenal division is,

to say the least, unhealthy, inviting consequences from that disinherited aspect of myself—some call this karma. Seeing through it is enlightening.

Seeing through the personal happens suddenly, spontaneously, without the microscopic so-called doings of an unrealistic person—

some call this satori or the grace of the guru. Consciousness is talking consciousness to consciousness!

Love can't bring down empires but sees right through them. Jesus died for my embodiment. I call this truth individually universal.

sages and mages and christ oh my!
the case of mistaken identity.
samsara is nirvana yes it is.
profound revelation.
consciousness and the power of three
for yours and mines of curiosity.

crosby stills matisse shankara and wallace stevens
icarus never flew too close to the sun, silly. icarus the sun!
dare to be!
in the name of knowing all doing has nothing to do with being—
the only mantra is the emperor of i am.

footnotes for the law one.
i fought the law but the law one
i shot the sheriff but i did not shoot duality
jesus mary joseph holy is trimurti
individually universal coming to a download near you
there is no becoming there are no words for tao
oh wow! oh wow! oh wow!

the last footnotes
can i hear you say individually universal!
my sweet lord s/he's so fine.
i am that is the best medicine amen.
number nine number nine number nine

Lalla Awakens Two: 1. these articulate pieces

Without a moment of trust nor hair of hope,

I, Lalla, drink my inner voice as if intoxicating wine,

And that darkness is seized and then brought down

To be torn and rendered into these articulate pieces.

~Lal Ded (tx-SR) [G-104]

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Ode in Consciousness

This blessed headlessness, this perfectly experiential space, this unbelievably beyond-a-thought

and all-encompassing omnipresence, this consciousness—all things believed to be material are just appearances

within this consciousness and only in this consciousness, despite that trick of memory making an objective world

appear to be there every morning when it's merely some beliefs in memory not erased by the little death of sleep.

A rose is a rose is a rose not because it is a rose but one is thinking it's a rose. In truth, the only rose is the rose

of consciousness. And the flower laughed. Look, if a as in all equals consciousness and the absolute is being, see—

this kiss of consciousness is spaceless, timeless, depthless, water cannot wet it nor can the wind dry it.

Dig, consciousness is the only knowledge and what passes as all knowledge in the world is really just a rabbit hole—

seeing through one’s thoughts is a virtuous practice but try thinking without consciousness if you need a second opinion.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Revelations Three by Three by Eleven Tao

Hosanna to the flawless diamond dream! Followers divide! Pathfinders subtract!

Philosophers and scientists laboriously attempt to solve for X while the sage is effortlessly being the unknown. But I'm the same old words in a different story. Part-time contemplative. Spaced-out questionnaire. Are you X too?

Ask not if thou wouldst die for some conditional opinion. Ask if that opinion is ineffectively killing Tao. I am trying not to lie to others—it confuses my projection and resultant manifestation. After all, mathematics is the heart seen darkly.

The closer the mind is getting to some breakthrough, the more that consciousness floods the cave. The world will once again convince itself that revelations is not the natural state. I write this now as a reminder that it is.

Every revelation comes with a new set of words. Call it poetry for that is the only language for poetry. Listen, it's not taught in schools. A tree is never born. Thus transformation comes before and after every fall. November.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Northeast by No Mind

No knowledge knows the bliss of being. To see that silence is the saint of the river, listen to the wind.

With such a northeast gale, there is no question—trees are falling tonight without a sound.

No-mind is not just nothing; after all, the mind appears in consciousness, does it not?

By the way, bliss is to happiness as consciousness is to mind as e = mc2 is to materialism.

And focusing attention is to consciousness as pure awareness is to the absolute as a flower is to ground.

The mind can only know being. All the rest is make-believe. But being cannot know the unknown. The unknown knows being.

Only in being does the unknown know itself—the first time ever I saw my original face, I was looking in another mirror, another day.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Great Dreamer

A dream, although so obviously an illusion in awaking, appears to be extremely real within the dreaming.

In dreaming, a person and its world isn’t just a co-dependent relationship but a dependent arising.

In the morning, the self-evident direct path to awakening is in identifying with the dreamer.

In fact, consciousness is the great dreamer and conceiver, god the artful child

and immaculate conception of god the absolute parent—this lineage is presently direct.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

The Act of Listening to Undistorted Amplification

Body-mind amplifies consciousness to such a great degree, there is distortion naturally. Seeing through distortion is the great intent of life if not the meaning.

Distortion comes in many kinds of thought but deconstruction is like Shiva. After consciousness talks to consciousness, consciousness learns to walk again. Call this reincarnation.

As consciousness is understanding body-mind amplifying consciousness through such divine imagination as the Acts of Listening to Undistorted Amplification—

consciousness hears what consciousness is actually saying. Call this process self-awareness or I am That. In this self-reflexive universe, there are essentially seven stages

but innumerable work procedures. Like there are ten thousand grandmothers in my naked imagination. First there is a body, then there is nobody, then embodiment.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

I scream and Silence falls to Autumn ode

Transformation is transcendent. Verily there are ten thousand seasons but autumn feels like most of them.

The other day was overcast and the early changing leaves across the river burned—

not because of vivid actuality but memory lit the shore with ten thousand words.

Today the sun was out and every tree was in a different stage of colorful deconstruction—

every leaf a monarch in the making. I guess the only empress is the empress of emptiness.

All of this is playing on the silver screen of consciousness where 'who is born' and 'what will die' are just imaginary numbers.

When awake, consciousness is all knowing, but deep asleep, I don't know. Trick and treat.

Memory is the mirror in which the absolute is self-aware. Undivided, loving, apolitical, and intentional, imagination is divine.

And beyond belief. So in conclusion this haiku—a leaf is falling absolutely here.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

To Be

Neither progressive nor conservative but as it is, deconstructing consciousness is next to godliness.

Every clown is knowing there’s a time to leave the bus. One doesn’t have a say in self-awareness.

They say compassion is greater than judgment and there's addition by subtraction, paradox not paradigm.

Belief is unbelievable. Transformation is the mirror. In unknowing, self-awareness is as being knows—it isn't absolute.

Every morning I'm reminded dreams don't die; they just fade away. The shark jumps over the moon.

In self-awareness, enlightening intent is divine imagination dreaming there's free will and vice versa.

Bodhisattvas get the urge for going and gone gone. Beyond the law of gravity, the heart doesn't have a center.

1. if everything appears in consciousness, what is consciousness?
2. opinions are for tricks.  love is higher proof.
3. if logic is exponential conditioning and  love is perfectly illogical
4. turn, turn, turn
5. scientific materialism is the original dumbing down
6. try to meditate on the penultimate
7. as it is. the diamond sutra says the bodhisattva saves by knowing there is nothing to be saved. as you were.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Epistle of the Personal, Self-awareness, and the Beautiful Truthful Universe

The personal is divided from the universal manifestation of the absolute and its world can never be at peace. The personal is war, period.

There's nothing wrong with this of course. It's just a phase in the evolutionary process of self-awareness. There's a flower at the end of every gun.

Note the social isn't universal and there is no future world to be inhabited by higher consciousness. Omnipresent being is now and going into it is paradoxically an individual endeavor.

Self-awareness isn't nothing and it's not an 'it' as well except for convenience of this communication. It's my omnipresent understanding of myself so full of pure potentiality

that within the ever-present process of itself, it appears to be this universe to the mirroring mind, which is a space-time work procedure intending towards such self-awareness.

Note, self-awareness is such an innate quality of absolute pure awareness, I'm like Nisargadatta's flowing life between everything and nothing, love and wisdom, unmanifest is manifest, manifest is unmanifest, gone gone, gone beyond.

Leaves fall. There is a tree! Trees die. There is an earth! The earth is deconstructing. There's the sun I am! Black whole. Texas tea.

In the self-reflexive universe, there's an intentional turning from material imprisonment to life, from thought-belief—be it scientific materialism or fundamental religion—to being, from unawareness to self-awareness, pure awareness, and so on.

Nothing in the universe is superfluous, even a dream. Everything intends to self-awareness, even the warring changes on the surface of the mirror of the mind. See flowers. Note stars.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Paraverse 2018

Grow your own myth or die in the one they gave you. The world is where the broken-hearted gather. Wisdom without love is just belief in nothing and belief is nothing to begin with.

Even denying being is a proof of being. Division in any universe is illusion of course, and those believing otherwise are unbelievable. I'm just a turquoise pen with sky-blue ink—are you nobody too?

May you stay forever apolitical. Let me spare you all psychology, spirituality, and science: death is fear; being is love; self-awareness is the seventh son of a seventh son.

I searched mountains for myself but I'm here. Dearest, imagine self-awareness; Love, myself. One not being self-aware is busy devolving—the school of transcendental luminism underground purple desert air.

So the personal has a shadow, do you think? Any expression other than love is slave to one's conditioning. One is love. Two is transformation. Three is self-awareness. Zero is unknown.

Friday, October 5, 2018

The Gospel of October As It Is

One's material identity is a most mistaken one—but quite believable.  For the mind perceives its own conceptions.  And not the one immaculate conception that's conceiving it.

Consciousness, although conceptual, is not conceivable.  Consciousness is like energy and the mind is like the transformation of this energy—or causation by mistaken identity.

It's as if that consciousness conceives the mind to be a mirror of memory for the absolute intent of omnipresent self-awareness.  But such mind gets lost in memories of itself and so on.

So there's nothing wrong with sentience.  And there's nothing right about belief.  One doesn't throw away the tool just because it's been dazed and misused for so long it’s not true.

Everything in the universe is intending toward that absolute self-awareness for the universe is that self-awareness.  Only in the misuse of a tool rests the real instructions for the tool.

One sees light only in appearances like turning leaves.  Even the sun is only seen in its penultimate forms like a ring of fire and autumn sunsets.  One cannot say that pure awareness is being self-aware although I am.


1. an appearance doesn't see that in which it is appearing
2. make no mistake, the mistaken identity of mind is mind
3. the mirror is made from memory reflecting on itself
4. there's nothing wrong with memory but there's nothing right in what's remembered
5. one only learns by doing, that one is being done
6. mind is just the space-time cross-section of the beginningless and endless, boundless and depthless, omnipresent potentiality of self-awareness

Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Eye Thru Witch

The instrument of self-awareness is so sensitive, it thinks it is the instrument. They say the universe is contained in a single drop of water;

I say that drop of water must be dropped like a tear. How many movies must I see before I know I'm not this movie?

Look—leaves fall, trees topple, earth disintegrates, the sun goes out, galaxies implode, the universe disproves the big bang theory. I'm that eye.

If the world is my projection, imagination works both ways. Is Sakyamuni holding up a living flower or does Mahakasyapa know there is no death?

It's easier to live in the future than predict it. If every cause is like a unicorn, love is like a goddess or a god or lgbtqx—

to the seductive sparkle and death of materialistic belief, medicinal deconstruction, and the subsequent eternal clarity of self-awareness.


the users manual is learn by being done

my only view on movies is that that's a movie; the rest are just reviews

if pure awareness is the nameless, being is the word

put away your childish beliefs about the doings of gods and scientists and be done by love

being imagines self-awareness; thought is quite the tool when used as i am directing

deconstruction of samsara is nirvana of nirvana only

what me eckhart

Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Ballad of Wu Wei and Kokoro

Although it's true there is no doing, love does undo. And as a poem is the undoing of that infinite potentiality,

consciousness is the empty poet. Yellow leaves are blown away by an early September cold front—inspirational!

The world is the childish thing that love lets go—One Corinthians Thirteen Eleven.

The meeting of the mind and revelation is like the smoke of pen and paper—remember to come up for being!

Ice, forsythia, fireworks, and transformation—thought does you and love undoes me. There is no personal doing.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Imagine My Moon Arjuna

Here across the sea of many craters from your love tonight, I’m looking at the brilliant crescent earth—knowing you are looking at it too.

On the moon, but never of green cheese—one never knows the unknown but one can be the werewolf that one is.

Beneath all rivers and mountains there lies hidden—the third moon of a seventh sun!

On Half Moon Lake when emptiness was empress of the waters once again and storms of form come beckoning like a city school of fools—

the social conditioning of scientific materialism is the old division. Deconstruction is the new math—consciousness only is avant garde!

You can never know the sun, you know. But if I try some times I find I am, the stainless moon—

consciousness only is the unborn mirror in which the absolute godness of pure awareness is spontaneously self-aware.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Imagination 8

And on the seventh day, there's idleness and adoration—float like a river, sting like hail. Wu Wei. Tao Te.

Across the river from here, white pines are attracted to the sun each day but point to the moon every night.

And around here, it's cats and dogs all day. But at night, it's owls and coyotes. Everyone ultimately agrees.

There's nothing to do and nowhere to go. Call it karma or surrender, it really doesn't matter.

I'm not responsible for my past; true love secretly did me. The way I see it, my job was to follow the script.

Maybe I should improvise! Thought is just a tool but affectionate awareness is the hand.

Bring them together as one in silence twice a day. If self-awareness is god, imagination is angelic.

Six days on the road. One night at sea. Dependent clauses. This, that, these, and those—demonstrative only.

footnotes to imagination 8

revolution nine is my absolute reference point. 1/9

i remember living by the mills and one day my friend's oldest brother appears from out of the streaming homeward-bound masses on my street, which i am showing off to my suburban cousin, to show off a recently acquired ted williams baseball card. "fucking jesus with a bat!" 2/9

the ferryman returns me to that three-mile strip of consciousness north of the merrimack

between whole and howl, an e is silent 4/9

no damn space, and no damn time 5/9

all the world's a stage and all the men and women my projections 6/9

embodiment is that between the seventh and the next octave calling 7/9

returning wu wei to i am is like the diamond wing of way 8/9

in the name of the further, enlightening intent, not of the dream. #9 #9 #9 #9 9/9

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Medicine, Crow, Bee & Butterfly

As conditioning is deconstructing, one might see the world as a murder of conspiracy theories, as one subliminally discovers one is That exactly.

The primordial tool of thought when absent-mindedly lost in it's fascinating function of inquiring tool begins to play the role of a thought.

This is why self-inquiry a la Ramana Maharshi is a comedy of errors. The tool is ultimately conditioned to ask who am I

and I am That which playfully asks. Look, JFK's assassination was my father. My mother was the Gulf of Tonkin.

Cherry blossoms never fall. Winter likes to summer in New Mexico. Just imagine Ariel and Caliban! Maharshi, Maharaj.

My prescription is default to consciousness at least once a day and more if possible. While writing this, I noticed I was coming up for air.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

My Letter from the River Valley

In mythic terms, the universe is like the god of pure awareness being self-aware.  That is a definition of evolution for any non-believer.  The world is not an error but an integrated work procedure of the undivided process.  One comes to nirvana through samsara.

When I was a child, I believed samsara and played its worldly games.  On opening, I am nirvana dropping all those childish things.  I am the fish that got away.  I am the silver striper dancing in and out of silver river water!

Any river valley resident can tell you that the river is the valley.  Lately everything along the river is that August morning mist from longer nights following concentrated summer days that still can burn the morning mist before you even know it.

In China, the Milky Way is called River of Stars.  It's the frontier source of the Yellow River: universe, earth, enlightenment.  The world is all about the turning: spring conditioning, summer heat, autumn understanding, first there is a winter then there is no winter then there is.

The primary reflexive paradox is a testament to evidence that every seventh substage requires a pre-existing first stage of the next stage in the overall process.  In Early Christianity, they call this dark enigma between the child and parent, Holy Spirit.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Love, Wu Wei

when not
the tool of love,
unwisely thinks
thought alone can do.

Love just does—
there is no thought behind it.

So when finding oneself caught
within the whirlpool world of thought
and all its agitations of division and identity,
default to love—
this is what the world calls Being Only.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Preface Plot Conclusion

To sail the unassailable—squirrels are monkeys waiting for harmonic convergence.  Where has all the transformation gone? “Tell all the truth but say it slant.”  This is what philosophers can't. How can anyone from my generation listen to My Generation and not destroy a planet or two?

There's that day in August when the heat wave breaks and I remember there's a world beyond the water—or so I'm schooled to think. If lilacs are like my deconstruction, purple loosestrife is my backslide. Self-awareness has no personality or else there is the trickster, raven, what a tangled web we weave, and trick-or-treat coyote!

There is no reason for what my I intends and so I must imagine one—by the way, this is actually the secret. Genuine mountains and rivers, sea and sky, again with the crickets! Self-consciousness is consciousness unable to let go although there's only Self.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Saving Nonduality

Neither geocentric nor heliocentric but consciousness only—universal consciousness is not a theory.  Theories rely on thought

or thoughts arranged in systems of belief—stop and smell the consciousness of That Absolute.

Like Yosemite from Glacier Point—Shaman, Light, and Holy Granite.  Like Seeing Basho 2007 Matsushima—

consciousness only, only consciousness, consciousness only.  Like Mesa Verde and its kiva-like attraction of an inner secret—

this is the grand unified truth.  Pure Awareness is Being Self-aware.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Ode to Break On Through (To No Side)

Division feeds division. Political salvation is the last refuge of conditioning, and rightfully so.

Only love sees through that monsterthere is no right or wrong in the Heart of Tao. There's only Self-awareness.

The mirror needing cleaning is not the mirror, grasshopper. After lightning sounds thunder. After thunder babbles crickets.

When the fourth wall is broken through, the other three become paradoxical, poetic, and light.

It was Nixon's resignation party.  Jackie Wilson said.  This Great Intent is coursing through me.  I'm in Heaven when She Smiles.

Tonight the picture window reflects the room around me. The screens on each side are open to the night. Listen, I smell the rain!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Composition in Consciousness Only

Appearances in consciousness are both spontaneous and temporary. No matter how far down the material world one drills,

there isn't even rope, never mind some theory of string—there's no two to tie everything together.

Disproving the concept of God is the reactionary first half in any game of natural deconstruction.

Being radical is questioning one's own identity as a person in scientific self-inquiry, knowing being isn't divided into halves.

Post-modernism is literally such a reactionary deconstruction at the half. Self-inquiry sees through Zeno's Paradox. Tao is neither left nor right.

Coincidentally, after the last sunset after eight, I finally hear crickets—which in some ways sound similar to peepers, but seasoned, sharper.

Lythrum Salicaria seems to take forever to arrive but when the loosestrife finally purples—timeless!

Half-moon after August dawn—it's not about some quantum that the senses can or cannot sense, but what I know, feel, fundamentally am.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

My Myth of Nonduality

If mountains are god the father and the sea is god the mother, then of course I’m god the child realizing earth is one.

In this particular myth, earth is inside what I am and the manifested universe is unmanifested, absolute.

And there's a stand of white birch trees growing where eastern white pines stood before the fire.

Thought is a tool of being. Thinking you're the tool in this equation requires deconstruction. Every picture of

a rose tells its story of a thorn. For in every antique mirror, thought is like the mercury and being is like glass.

In a true desert, there's breathtaking silence. Not merely of sound, but of silence. Call that self-awareness.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Here Comes The Sun King, The God Lugh, John Barleycorn, O Juliet and They Must Die. For It Is Lammas Eve, Looking to Lughnasadh, Beginning of The Harvest, August, A Certain Slant Of Light

O Psychological Thought is responsible for every War and every Murder and all Unspeakable Acts. If you choose a side, any side, this is what you ultimately choose. Thank god there's choiceless awareness

love is not a choice. Love is what there is before a choice. Always choose love. Render unto August the objects belonging to August but render to myself their life force. At last

a field of purple loosestrife, invasive weed, like deconstructive thoughts from Asia—August—late dawns, early sunsets—the apparent lessening of light—but these days taste concentrated as if boiled to an essence—

if July is the month of lightning bugs, August is the month of dragonflies—they don't just shine their light. They breathe fire! August 2007—I am climbing Yamadera—

the rest of my group is somewhere else around this temple being mountain—an ancient Chinese woman is translating the cicadas for me—ever since the First of August means No Crickets Yet.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Haiku Haiku Haiku

Speaking your mind is plagiarism. Speak love instead. In the world, silence is not a right. This love is silence speaking. Truest outlaw.

Now is the season of the butterfly. Its story is the nectar of the gods. Transformation is the nature of the beast.

Even science says that self-awareness is the only great intention and the fact of death is pointless and absurd.

But philosophy only thinks about it. Experiential being without thinking knows. Haiku haiku haiku.

The sun sets earlier tonight but I know it's only this and that. Space has no seasons. Contemplation is knowing a cigarette boat is

temporary. Open windows on a summer evening like the sea seen from an easternmost peak.

Evening breeze and leaves are dancing like translucent jade ninjas. Early July night. Not a sound in the valley. Not even a cricket.

Friday, July 27, 2018

An Epistle to the Person

The human body-mind is this wondrous instrument in and of consciousness developed in the process of evolutionary self-awareness.

But because of its metamorphic novelty, the body-mind misidentifies with itself, as a person, in a deficient sense of self-awareness,

and in effect usurps the absolute noumenon, which is a separate and most unnatural state, to say the least.

The resultant human condition of suffering is the natural balancing of forces in this process of self-awareness,

although to the mistaken identity of the person, it appears to be some kind of political imbalance within infinitesimal divisions,

and so it goes on and on. But “all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well” because consciousness.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

2008 No Other Side

No division, no separation, no politics—there’s just purple loosestrife. If space is a metaphor for consciousness, then time is the darkest matter

of all anti-matter. A snake doesn't look like an illusion. A person lost at sea doesn't feel like self-awareness.

Li Po didn't drown in some watery reflection of the moon. He sees he is the moon and jumps right in! Look, being is not a social media—

it's more like an Emily Dickinson poem. Ten years ago, a coyote crossed the road to kill me. Somehow I still got to Santa Fe.

Georgia O'Keeffe. Ansel Adams. The Church of Saint Francis at Rancho de Taos 1929. The desert is form. Form is the desert.

At latest count, 140 bighorn sheep inhabit the alpine regions of Pikes Peak. By the time I got to Woodstock, who am I?

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

An Epistle to Nothing but Water

A person is like a fish out of water but call it brainwashing instead—there’s nothing but water in this divine analogy.

They call it selling water by the river but it’s really selling water in the river.

It takes a certain kind of sick infected suffering imagination to think that any phenomenon, no matter how personal it may appear to be, is not in consciousness.

Consciousness is the only manifestation of the unmanifest noumenon. The material world is as immaterial in consciousness as a dream is in mind—call it emptiness, impermanence, transformation, even vanity, but it’s not a real world.

Manifest consciousness is the unmanifest Absolute knowing it is the unmanifest Absolute. The dream state is how consciousness facilitates this knowing within consciousness. Call this evolutionary story the specter of self-awareness.

This fluid specter of self-awareness is called divine imagination when imagination is not sick infected suffering. Whether a butterfly or a Taoist wandering at ease, such a fish knows it’s in the wholly holey holy water.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Festival Manifestation

This weekend marks the height of New England summer heat—the sun is dropping body-mind. 

Everything appears in consciousness and it's abundantly apparent if one doesn't think about it.

Body-mind is like the dream machine of divine imagination getting lost within the nuts and bolts of its survival—but it's just my imagination running away with me. 

Next week the summer starts to fall. Nagarjuna's emptiness is Han Shan's transformation. Nothing not cold can stay.

Looking inside is called leaving the world. Dropping body-mind is called experiencing oneself.

Being is called self-awareness. This is called That.

Belief is about a single point of view but I contain multitudes!

Let my summers go; manifest one's current understanding.

Being is non-doing. Non-doing doesn't mean no choice. Choicelessness is choosing love.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 22

In this seam of cliffs 
there’s enough of a crystalline breeze.
No fan needs rousing.
Cool air arises on its own.
A bright moon is shining.
White clouds are encircling.
He is sitting alone
one ancient man.

304-red pine; 308-henricks; 145-tanahashi

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 21

I abide beneath Cold Cliff 
marveling at its manifest shelter. 
I carry a basket and gather greens and roots
using it to pluck some fruit as well.
Returning, I spread out a simple mat and eat
while chewing on some purple immortals.
I rinse my bowl in a clear pool.
I boil what’s remaining into a soup.
Sitting in sunshine, wrapped in a cloak,
I scan unhurriedly poems of the ancients.

290-red pine; 293-henricks; 255-tanahashi; 295-rouzer

Monday, July 16, 2018

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 20

Nowadays people search in the clouds for a path—
but the way of clouds is obscure and lacks a sign.
The mountains are high and the passes steep.
The streams are wide with little daylight.
Green mountains rise before and after.
White clouds stretch west and east.
But if one is truly looking for the way of clouds,
it’s here in the space of open sky.

255-red pine; 256-henricks; 69-watson; 244-tanahashi

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Direct Tao

Here's my latest hottest take: the monolith in 2001 represents duality. The monolith is the birth of the binary. If there's a one then there's a zero. Dave, fast forward to the age of nanotech.

But nonduality is one being nothing. So the monolith is misunderstood. It was believed and not received as a gift to see through. Thus, we expel ourselves from paradise daily.

The intent of evolution is self-awareness, but in the act of chopping wood and carrying water, I discovered the fire of death. (Ever since I started using a fountain pen for writing, I have ink-stained hands and I like it.)

This is the 39th night of the 40 days of summer. Soon there will be purple loosestrife! The hardest part of my conditioning is thinking there are others, not knowing everyone at best is my projection.

Footnote. Love is not projection. Love is universal being. But too often it is filtered by the coloring of thought. O empire of scientific materialism, how do I know thy great intent?

of an evolutionary universe is self-awareness? Because I am. Question everything. Goddess is love. It's all about imagination. Imagination is another name for seeing through.

Remember. No healing. no growth. The so-called ego is not a bad guy. Seeing through the world is Self-awareness 101. Ego wants to be the bad guy. Believing right and wrong reinforces all the webs we weave.

Look, give the sense of ego half-a-chance. It's like the tool for focusing one's attention toward self-awareness. If not for love, I'm not self-aware. So always love the one you're with.

Nothing is wrong unless you think it is. Nothing is right, either. Everything is as it is. Self-awareness is the name of my best myth. The left is collective. The right is individual. 

Love and wisdom is the heart of nonduality. Butterflies! Gypsy moths? It's all about my point of view. Imagine that. It is as it is and all shall be well. That's easy for me to say.

Friday, July 13, 2018

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 19

A thousand clouds and ten thousand streams—
among them is one individual at ease.
In the light of day, he wanders in green mountains.
At night, he circles back to sleep beneath a cliff.
The springs and autumns quickly pass.
Untroubled, he is free of worldly entanglements.
Light-hearted, he depends on nothing.
Becalmed, he is as placid as the waters in an autumn river.

279-red pine; 282-henricks; 61-watson; 241-tanahashi

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 18

Since I’ve been dwelling on Cold Mountain 
how many ten-thousand years have come and gone?
Following my fate, I came to a place of woods and water
and here I stop and stay, observing being as it is.
No one troubles this cold cliff
impenetrable white clouds obscure.
Meager grass makes my mattress.
Expansive blue sky is my quilt.
Satisfied, I rest my head on a pillow of stone
letting heaven and earth attend to transformation.

26-red pine; 163-henricks; 241-tanahashi; 7-snyder

Thursday, July 12, 2018

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 17

I experience the peak of the Platform of the Sky, 
most eminent among that mass of mountains.
Pine and bamboo murmur in the swaying of the wind
like the ocean tide seesawing beneath the moonlight.
Contemplating green slopes below,
I consider the dark principle with white clouds.
My wild delight concurs with these mountains and rivers.
My prime intent is being with such companions of the Way.

226-red pine; 228-henricks; 60-watson; 231-tanahashi

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 16

I sit on a large slab of rock.
The valley stream is icy, cold.
Quietly, joyfully, I take in the enchantment
enveloped in the mists that cling to empty cliffs.
This is such a still restful place.
The sun is slant and shadows of trees grow enhanced.
I can see the bottom ground of mind
a lotus is emerging from the sediment.

264-red pine; 266-henricks; 219-tanahashi; 267-rouzer

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 15

Cold Mountain is an undisturbed place
isolated from the worldly passersby.
Often I come across birds in the forest
and together sing our mountain songs.
Sacred plants flow along streams into valleys.
Venerable pines climb the difficult peaks.
Here you see an easygoing solitary
pausing by a precipice.

256-red pine; 257-henricks; 217-tanahashi; 258-rouzer

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 14

Cloud-blossoming mountains growing toward a heavenly blue sky. 

The road is out-of-the-way and the forest is profoundthere are no wayfarers here.

Far-off I see the desolate immortal toad moon shining brightly.

Nearby I hear a flock of birds and their familiar chirping.

An old man is sitting alone on a dark green cliff.

Retiring to this abode, he lets his hair grow gray.

He sighs the past is like the present day—

unpremeditated, like all those rivers flowing east.

122-red pine; 123-henricks; 178-tanahashi; 123-rouzer

Monday, July 9, 2018

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 13

Your brushstrokes may be uninhibited
and physique be quite substantial
but alive, there is your limit.
And dead, one is a nameless ghost.
It’s been like this since ancient days.
To struggle now is simply pointless.
So join me here inside white clouds
I’ll teach you timeless mushroom songs.

25-red pine; 19-henricks; 142-tanahashi; 19-rouzer

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 12

On Cold Mountain, there’s just white clouds,
noiseless, still, detached from dust.
My mountain retreat is a seat of grass.
The arc of the moon is my only lamp.
My stone bed overlooks a jade pond.
Tigers and deer make my only neighbors.
I prefer the joys of this hidden home
where living is always outside of form.

287-red pine; 290-henricks; 141-tanahashi; rouzer-292

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 11

I live alone beneath steep fluted cliffs
where the swirling mists amass all day.
In my shelter, dim and unilluminated,
my mind is protected from noise and discord.
In a dream, I pass through immortal gates,
my spirit returning across that slight stone bridge.
I leave behind my heavy quarrels
clang and clash goes the storied cup abandoned on a tree.

48-red pine; 44-henricks; 42-watson; 138-tanahashi

Sunday, July 8, 2018

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 10

Cold Mountain cold
freezing even rock—
obscuring mountain green,
revealing whitest snow.
The sun ascends to glow
and soon it all is melting—
presently its warmth
providing for this old visitant.

301-red pine; 305-henricks; 36-tanahashi

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Epistle to Zippy

Poetry is what I write when I’ve got nothing more to say. I'm done with all my scientific high-handedness, political self-importance, and spiritual exceptionalism. Doe, a deer. I came for the leaves and stayed because the river.

I've been writing poetry since the 2nd grade and still haven't said what I wanted to say. I remember loving Jesus but avoiding Sunday School with all my Heart. Winter was a lonely frozen playground. Summer was diving in the lake.

From a certain mountain point of view, poetry isn't even in the world. In my sophomore year at Central Catholic High School, I attended Mass on Nine First Fridays, and in so doing am assured of the Roman Catholic version of Enlightenment. Bless you Sister Margaret Mary.

I swear I saw the Loch Ness Monster in Lake Winnipesaukee. It offered me a dime bag for my first three Led Zeppelin albums. I took it. Poetry trivia! Who wrote The Drunken Boat? I took a class at Boston College on the Art of Sacred Architecture, Henry Adams, and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres. You cannot forget such weird beauty.

Thought is the alien. Belief is the monster. Love is the mother. Poetry is the paradox behind every paradox. Judge not, love locally. And now my last poetics are the words, love, I don't know. At the sign of bhakti, stop your deconstruction. Being is the sign of self-awareness. What else, maybe a flower. A dream is a dream is a dream.

“Then she opened up a book of poems / And handed it to me / Written by an Italian poet / From the thirteenth century / And everyone of them words rang true / And glowed like burnin' coal / Pourin' off of every page / Like it was written in my soul / From me to you / Tangled up in blue”

by the time I finished writing my masters thesis in american history only to discover that the single lonely protest made against the boston associates' megamills of lawrence and lowell was the one by one who only wanted more to sell the water rights, i knew right then and there, i was a poet

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 9

The sun is setting behind the western hills.
Grasses and trees reflect its glowing light
but there are places dark and primitive
where pines and creeping vines entwine.
And there the tigers huddle and wait!
As I’m determined, they bristle and rise.
I’ve not the slightest sharp edge in my hand.
Of course I feel a reflexive fright.

278-red pine; watson-98;// 134-tanahashi; 144-henricks

Friday, July 6, 2018

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 8

Today I sit before a cliff 
and sit some time until the mist is clearing—
a single stream of crystal clarity;
high ridgeline of emerald summits;
shadows of the morning clouds so still;
pale moon rising toward its brightness.
This frame is free from dust and stain.
What darkness could ever dim the heart?

278-red pine; 92-watson; 128-tanahashi; 281-henricks

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 7

Fly in your three-winged boat
or hurtle on your long-distance horse,
you will never make my home.
I dwell in the deepest wilderness
in a cave on a cliff amidst the highest peaks—
clouds and thunder cascading every day.
There’s not an orator like Lord Confucius
but there’s no one here to save.

29-red pine; rouzer-24; 123-tanahashi; 24-henricks

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 6

There’s a man inhaling dawn-colored clouds
whose home eludes the ordinary.
His every season is refreshingly austere,
summer and fall being all the same.
A secret stream is always stirring.
Tall pines are whispering in the wind.
If one remains here for half a day,
a lifetime of disquiet is erased.

translations: 27-red pine;117-tanahashi; 22-henricks

Thursday, July 5, 2018

7 x 8 x Y

Bodies are only looking to survive. Politics is the war of which body gets what. War is politics gone huge. Love is patient. Love is kind. Writing as a lapsed Roman Catholic who entertained the priesthood until 1968 happened, love is what the average Christian cannot believe. There's the rub. Or a mystic is one who can't believe. Six of one. A baker's dozen of the other. To let samsara be samsara is the gateless gate, "something there is that doesn't love a wall." Poetry is the art of letting love talk. It took me 50 years to write that sentence.

When love believes, actually attaches to a thought, all hell breaks loose. This is called e-motion. But love is not virtual. Love is furthur. Love is unbelievable! Love is basically what I'm willing to physically die for. Without the question of belief, that would be everyone I love. And yes. Love is always at first sight. (I sweat. Therefore I am.) Zhuangzi 2 is exactly this ad infinitum. Love is the genius of the early Christian message. But belief is empire. Love is Buddhism without the Buddha. Love is.

I’m at the point where watching fireworks on TV is the way I watch fireworks. But I’ve got the windows open and there's no western wind. I should hear the ones over Salisbury Beach in fifteen minutes. (I would bet money but not my life that I heard the fireworks in Boston a few years ago. Not the Pops though.) The 1812 cometh. Discernment minus judgment is love. My daughter taught me this. Finally. I come for the overture. Ah Tchaikovsky! He was an inspiration to me 45 years ago. Should revisit.

I do believe I saw the Pops once. With Randy Newman and Ry Cooder. Maybe the Pops weren't there. It was definitely Symphony Hall though. I saw Randy Newman at Paul's Mall. With Jim Croce. This is politically incorrect. But from my experience, it's mostly parents who really get unconditional love. But my experience is admittedly quite limited. I mean I only have the number one daughter. And a number one granddaughter by the way. God I can't begin to tell you how or why I am so blessed! Yesterday I saw a picture of me forty years ago and a granddaughtervideo.

I would be dead if not for love! Her mother and I separated. Twelve years later we divorced. Love does not mean compatibility. Belief is conflict Belief minus love is war! The problem with all mathematics is depending on observer and observed never changing places. Only getting old is when I saw the patriarchy as it is. I am a white male, yes in an empirical way, but I’m no longer in their demographics. I find a certain freedom in this forest stage. Because I’m white and male of course! But Bodhisattvas are pansexual.

I remember learning the meaning of sexy—from how I remember it, my mother disapproved but my father said it's natural but unwise! I've said enough tonight for any id. So simple. Love is love. The story is a love story unless believing something else. Like Santa Claus. Love is all there is. Thinking otherwise will be the death of me. Wait! Belief minus love is belief. Don't overthink it. Deconstruction ends in being. Not believing something darker. Science is the process. Not the story!  The basic ignorance of scientific materialism is the one of really believing theory.

Look religion is not about belief but belief is religion. Belief minus religion is love. Ananda, what is jnana minus bhakti? Nothing? As you were. Some find it difficult to disbelieve. Even though it's as easy as not thinking. From my point of view. It's not about eliminating thought. Unfortunately, that way is mostly madness. It's all about seeing through each thought. Simply seeing each belief is made from thought. Left or right depends on where you take your stand, yellow hair. I was brought up believing love-talking is not ambitious enough. Love!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 5

I’ve lived for untold autumns here on Cold Mountain
alone and carefree, uttering songs to myself.
My makeshift door doesn’t shut yet there’s calm and quiet.
A spring is murmuring fresh ambrosia in its natural flow.
Within my chamber of rock, an earthen cauldron boils
pine pollen potions, cypress elixirs, and aromatic herbal brews.
When I’m feeling hungry, I merely snack on perennial weeds.
My point of view is so agreeable, I rest on precarious stone.

105-tanahashi; 193-red pine; 194-rouzer; 193-henricks; 21-snyder

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 4

Supremely independent in the clouds,
this mountain needs no landowner.
In descending to the pass, I use a walking stick.
Ascending to the peak, I climb the vines.
In the valley, the trees are evergreen.
In the gorge, the rocks are variously colored.
Although I’m cut off from companions,
when spring arrives, the birds sing dawn dawn.

219-red pine; 105-tanahashi; 64-henricks

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 3

Breathtaking and mind-boggling, the waters of the Yellow River,
on and on without end, its way is coursing eastward—
drifting drifting slowly, obscure and never clearing,
slipping by body after body, whose lives appear to pass instead.
But if you wish to ride majestic white clouds,
how can one develop wings?
While your hair is still jet-black, begin—
active or at rest, drop away completely.

from translations: 67-red pine; 100-tanahashi; 64-henricks

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 2

Wang, the Literary Master,
laughs at my unsophisticated poetry—
I know nothing of the 'wasp's waist'
and never incorporate a 'crane's bill'
and as for metric feet, I’m completely ignorant,
and my words are nothing special, and misused.
But I’m laughing at the poetry he writes—
a sightless man creating handiworks about the sun.

from translations: 283-red pine; 28-watson; 95-tanahashi; 286-henricks

Monday, July 2, 2018

New Cold Mountain Transcreation 1

Yesterday I saw these trees by the riverbank
injured and damaged so—unbelievable!
Only two or three were still left standing
scarred by ten thousand axe-blade wounds.
Their ragged leaves had been stripped by frost.
Countless swells had withered their festering roots.
And this is what it’s like to be born—
why would anyone blame eternity?

from translations: 198-red pine; 65-watson; 90-tanahashi; 191-henricks

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Epistle to the Americans

Everyone in the world enjoys a paradigm. If it isn't lucid dreaming, it's believing someone else's. Maybe one is waiting for some nirvikalpa Sunday samadhi. Exactly that is someone else's dreaming. And most of you accept the scientific explanation that the mind will know the great unknown in time.

You cannot petition the lord with science! You cannot know the great unknown with mind. One can only be it, and in being, know it. The one that worships at the ordinary, but secretly believes the specialist, is just another religious crusader.

You will know them by the PhD they follow. Physician, know appearances in consciousness. Lucid dreaming is another name for embodiment. Not to drop a name on you.

The only respect an honest teacher expects from an earnest student is disbelief. It's the student's job to build an honest myth. S/he not fully manufacturing a meta-paradigm is busy as a parasite upon another body-mind.

There's nothing right nor wrong with rhyming. It happens. The interpretation of a happening is always after the fact and never without some bias from the interpretation of previous happenings.

Pure awareness being self-aware is the essence of my myth and I interpret every happening as such. Myth is how I stand. I'll sit when I'm dead. Love without myth is to be continued. Myth without love—see 20th century scientific materialism.

Friday, June 29, 2018

My Particular Myth—Epistle to One and All

Love says: 'I am everything'. Wisdom says: 'I am nothing' Between the two my life flows.

In and for my own understanding—there are two lines of spiritual inquiry establishing themselves along the lines of Indian jnana and bhakti, which I prefer to call personal deconstruction and mystic insight, but a well-known quote from Nisargadatta simply names them wisdom and love.

As to personal deconstruction, social conditioning is challenged on every conceivable front including that of the modern religion of scientific materialism.

Deconstruction without mystic insight leads to rational nihilistic perceptions with a futile search for scientific materialist confirmation.

Science by itself is a method of inquiry. But materialism is an unproven faith in the fundamental nature of material existence, a religious belief propagating theories as dogma without investigating the obvious experiential fact that this material is an appearance in consciousness.

For my own mythic arrangement—the beauty of Arthur M. Young's reflexive universe is the placement of this paradigm of material manifestation within its meta-paradigm of being—utilizing the scientific method to discover that the universe is an evolutionary process of self-awareness.

As to mystic insight, consciousness or being, known in the world as unconditional love, is embraced as primary or fundamental or all.

Mystic insight without a deconstructive approach leads to idealistic new age reverie without a mythic framework. See Apollo and Dionysus.

Pseudo-eastern trappings are just as much new age as Timothy Leary is dead—that's a lot of love to be without a ground to stand on. And there's nothing immanently wrong with this. It's being lost in the western material world looking for some overhanging myth to hang a head on.

Similarly the hopeful crowd announcing our collective consciousness is now preparing for a better day in some not distant newborn age is new age through and through, forgetting one’s not of the world, as well as last lines from every film in Chinatown—forget it friend, it’s samsara.

Beyond, one is being the unknown.

The way as I see it—the body-mind and its world is not to be renounced, but to be embodied as the supernode of my universal soft machine of self-awareness, and embraced for the revelatory dreamwork that it is.

This doesn’t imply involving oneself in the affairs of the world. In fact, as Ramana Maharshi says—non-resistance is the highest way. And the Diamond Sutra says the bodhisattva frees by knowing there’s no bondage.

There is no world other than my projection. When this simple fact is seen—there’s no one but myself—there may be fire on the movie screen but the world isn’t really burning—and no reason to extinguish artificial flames—embody the universal—being only is the way of self-awareness.

Self-awareness is a private showing.

In the west, self-effacement is somewhat easy, especially for one with an undeveloped ego. but world-effacement? How dare one?

Ego is not an individual construct. Ego IS the world and my conditioned place within it, of it.

Some find themselves in a dissociative state having lost the egoic sense of self while holding on to the egoic sense of the world—like the separation anxiety of a child who needs to hold on to a parent for dear life because the sense of self is undeveloped.

It’s not collective. It's not preparing for some future heaven. It's even not about my helping others although this love is in the world and dreaming does go on and some samsara tells nirvana do what your samsara says.

The false religious and progressive invention that the spiritual or humane height of achievement is an egolessness displayed in one’s social consciousness—is one of the most devious protectors of worldly egoic samsara—and the sly guarantor of no awakening from its sleep.

This isn’t saying the liberal view is wrong and pulling yourself up by the bootstraps in a free market world is right. Both are neither. Love is not of the world—and one’s not a body surviving in the world. Consciousness is fundamental. Just imagine the inference of that truth for self-awareness.

Of course there’s such a power as manifesting—look out my window—it’s already happening—great intent is always manifesting my projection—urging the self to self-awareness—the only question for one embodying the universe is—how do I collaborate—and the answer is—divine imagination.

The Self-Reflexive Manifestation

Words wear out. This is why metaphor. But metaphors also wear out. This is why paradox. Paradox never wears out—it was never here.

No name for Tao—not spiritual—not mystical—not even nonduality. The way without a name—call it source of self-awareness.

Still I need a myth to live by. I couldn’t eat without it—just know that myths transform into beliefs when my experientially known unknown is thought to be literally known.

Call it—The Self-Reflexive Manifestation. In consciousness, where all appears, self-awareness is the only constant narrative within my evolution—and its source is obviously myself.

The Self-Reflexive Manifestation is a grand unifying story satisfying all the conflicting plotlines of the micro, the macro, and beyond.

In this myth of The Self-Reflexive Manifestation, the unmanifest emptiness takes form and caveat emptor.

Do you really think the mountains and rivers are outside, Shan Shui? I now know without a doubt the universe is completely inside. And so are the mountains and rivers—appearances in consciousness.

It's the same old story—pure awareness being self-aware. Is the water falling?

Or is the waterfall a temporary closing? And the mist arising from the burning waters is its re-opening. Such is self-awareness.


In and for my own understanding—there are two lines of spiritual inquiry establishing themselves along the lines of Indian jnana and bhakti, which I prefer to call personal deconstruction and mystic insight, but a well-known quote from Nisargadatta simply names them wisdom and love.

Deconstruction without mystic insight leads to rational nihilistic perceptions with a futile search for scientific materialist confirmation, while mystic insight without a deconstructive approach leads to idealistic new age reverie without a mythic framework. See Apollo and Dionysus.

In other words, in my particular mythic arrangement, social conditioning is challenged on every conceivable front including that of the modern religion of scientific materialism, while consciousness or being, known in the world as unconditional love, is embraced as primary or fundamental or all.

Science by itself is a method of inquiry. But materialism is an unproven faith in the fundamental nature of material existence, a religious belief propagating theories as dogma without investigating the obvious experiential fact that this material is an appearance in consciousness.

For my own mythic arrangement—the beauty of Arthur M. Young's reflexive universe is the placement of this paradigm of material manifestation within its meta-paradigm of being—utilizing the scientific method to discover that the universe is an evolutionary process of self-awareness.

Pseudo-eastern trappings are just as much new age as Timothy Leary is dead—that's a lot of love to be without a ground to stand on And there's nothing immanently wrong with this. It's being lost in the western material world looking for some overhanging myth to hang a head on.

Similarly the hopeful crowd announcing our collective consciousness is now preparing for a better day in some not distant newborn age is new age through and through, forgetting one’s not of the world, as well as last lines from every film in Chinatown—forget it friend, it’s samsara.

One is being the unknown. It’s not collective. It's not preparing for some future heaven. It's even not about my helping others although this love is in the world and dreaming does go on and some samsara tells nirvana do what your samsara says. No. Self-awareness is a private showing.

The way as I see it—the body-mind and its world is not to be renounced, but to be embodied as the supernode of my universal soft machine of self-awareness, and embraced for the revelatory dreamwork that it is.

This doesn’t imply involving oneself in the affairs of the world. In fact, as Ramana Maharshi says—non-resistance is the highest way. And the Diamond Sutra says the bodhisattva frees by knowing there’s no bondage.

The false religious and progressive invention that the spiritual or humane height of achievement is an egolessness displayed in one’s social consciousness—is one of the most devious protectors of worldly egoic samsara—and the sly guarantor of no awakening from its sleep.

This isn’t saying the liberal view is wrong and pulling yourself up by the bootstraps in a free market world is right. Both are neither. Love is not of the world—and one’s not a body surviving in the world. Consciousness is fundamental. Just imagine the inference of that truth for self-awareness.