Friday, September 29, 2017

footnotes stand arjuna lucidy

between belief and deconstruction is just some point of space-time.

think opposite.

in other words, out-trump trump.

love is self-evident in unity. unity is self-evident in omnipotent awareness. self-awareness. oh, that’s our shortstop.

it stands that such procedures are self-evident when seen outside the process.

necessary dreaming is becoming a reality.

and i repeat that pure awareness being self-aware.

Quote Unquote: Believe It And Not

Holy, wholly, holey—deconstruction.
Belief is not a problem.

It's an opportunity to 'reconstruct' awareness. Imagine self-awareness lucidly.

What better way to understand the world of big belief is just not real than by believing up your own?

Self-remember love is all there is. It's like those three harmonic strings behind each song I sing. Everything—superstring!

Since pure awareness is omnipotent and self-awareness is self-evident in such omnipotence,

unawareness isn't just some big mistake. Don't get me wrong. Belief is the right place for loving deconstruction.

In the name of this loving deconstruction, that understandable surrender, and those obvious detachments. Three.

The World According to Awareness

Pure awareness
unaware to be
this unawareness is called belief.

Within this so-called
of awareness,
the universe itself is made—
manifestation is the law of such belief.

So deconstruction is
in actuality
the reconstruction of awareness
or this self-awareness—
so to speak.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

7 x 3 by the dream states

Awareness. Attraction movement friction. Fire light sound. Sense belief deconstruction. Self-awareness.

The god of pure awareness. The god of light and love. The god of deconstruction.

Even an illusion has a part to play within the process called self-awareness.

Summer falls to autumn. Nothing spring can stay. Even winter doesn't last forever. Pure awareness is naturally self-aware.

This life appears to be a single road but then again there are the dreams less taken.

Pure awareness being self-aware appears to be a universe and its transformation seems to last at least a lifetime but it's not and doesn't.

There's no beginning or no end as far as I’m concerned and I’ve been a great blue heron, deer, hawk, eagle, and coyote for at least three times.

We sure do put a lot of stock in memory every morning. Enlightenment denied is just an old disease.

One folk's synchronicity is just another folk's non sequitur. I'll be rhyming 'round the mountain as I please.

Embodiment is just another thought to deconstruct while being the unknown (sometimes i kill myself).

I wish I could write you a joke so hard to make you disbelieve belief and love yourself again.

Am I supposed to quote a profound revelation? Stop me if you've heard this koan. Self-awareness takes a person.

Enjoyment means to go. Suffering means to yield. There is no stopping. Non-duality is never new but dreams are.

I am the unknown and I know it. I am writing about the power of three. Awareness being self-aware.

This is way beyond a view. No view is every view. Every view is told in three and scored by seven.

Where was I? First light, first sound. First belief is deconstructed last—further! Every first belief is absolutely personal.

My first belief was fear. My mother was afraid of the world and my father didn't have the time to introduce me to it. Call me Ishmael.

Personal history. A pilgrim's progress, so to speak. Crawling is the second property. I'm waiting on my eight-month granddaughter!

Fire is the fourth and light will take the fifth but sound is 666. Zhuangzi says: seven thoughts, eight beliefs.

Ted Williams was my number nine. The splendid splinter! I'm wanted in three states for seven acts, some of which have ten thousand scenes.

Materialist, deconstruct yourself. Absolutist, let it be. Christ, dance!


Friday, September 22, 2017

footnotes to 1

begin at one because.

this is titled war and peace.

zed says.

satcitananda is appearances within and out of consciousness.

winter, spring, summer, and fall. turning words are always key words.

seeing three is not the view of common monotheism, ordinary nonduality, nor scientific materialism.

is this not your understanding too?

stories are contagious but belief is an absolute killer.

zero, one, and two. a troika.

because appearances in consciousness, no view is three-dimensional.

after crab comes wolves or lioness.

two aspires to one. one understands zero. zero is awareness self-aware.

no division, no nonduality. yes to three.


1. Prior to Nisargadatta. Filmed in 3D.

Division can't be trusted. One may be an imaginary number but it's the only one.

The difference between imagination and belief: imagination is unbelievable, like love; belief is unimaginable, like war.

Self-awareness is the end times of being. Absolution is the x of self-awareness. Being is the why of absolution.

Sat is that is this ananda. That awareness is always self-aware is just another oxymoron.

This is all I know: deep sleep, sleep dreams, dream deep. Unknowing belief is knowing the unknown.

Knowing the unknown is being. Unknowing being is belief. In the name of Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu—trinity!

In other words, I am That and I am this and i am ‘me’—three views for the price of none.

Seeing double is the one disease, relatively or absolutely speaking. Even a sage can fall to such a cancer.

Call this, that, these & those—trimurti, holy trinity, and all triumvirates on earth: the power of three!


Friday, September 15, 2017

Footnotes to Transcendental Dreaming

I need another word for I.
No homonyms allowed.
No getting lost in translation either.

We are currently live-tweeting my latest poem called 
‘Transcendental dot dot dot” 
attachment is the folk song of believing be it scientific or religious.

All appears in consciousness. 
Seeing this is called no view on views.
See Pai-chang.

No woman no word. You can call it furthur.
Nina Simone is singing Tom Thumb's Blues.
Nonduality is never on time.

"She takes your voice and leaves you howling at the moon."
I'm going back to New York City, I do believe I've had enough
of metaphor. No Woody, no Cos.

Don't believe the hype. Be nondenominational. Never mind.
Render unto science, matter, but render unto being, all identity. 
In-between identity and self-awareness lives dreaming.

Grandfather Mountain. Self-Awareness. Molly smiles.


Transcendental Dreaming is Becoming a Reality

Breathe in. Leaves fall. Breathe out. Breathless. The eye through which I love is the eye through which awareness deconstructs. Therefore it is said laughter is the best lover or was it said vice versa?

Through sky rain falls. Leaves turn to nothing. In dreams I happen as awareness turns to self-awareness. To watch with love and wonder is the way I absolutely see myself.

Darkness falls and resurrection of the light are ways I turn to see myself. This song is called Samadhi Maya Turning Round. Infinitely singing words are just the myths of silence as she drops the microphone.