Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Silent I, Wholly I


There's no division in nonduality.

That which appears to be divided could be heaven or could be hell. One mind's ceiling is another mind's floor.


I could say all is Brahman but there's no all at all.

There's only Paramatman—inconceivable, unthinkable, indescribable, and immutable Nirguna Brahman.

a. pramana

I-am is the reflection of existence but I-know is the reflection of consciousness. This is why the Knowledge of Brahman (Brahmavidya) is what it is in Advaita.

And I-love is the reflection of bliss — unconditional love, bhakti. Satcitananda is the truth. Tantra, Jnana, and Bhakta are particular methods.

b. petroglyphs of maya

In the middle of a living rainforest is the ancient rock of primordial Maya.

On its weather-worn face is etched petroglyphs for existence, consciousness, fulfillment.

Although there's no names for these images, their voices may be heard: I am, I know, I love.


We had a black and white TV and watched the Wizard of Oz every year when I was young.

Leo bought a color television for a better Bonanza. The moonwalk couldn't be.

When I first saw Oz in color, something clicked in me.

I'm never not Brahman despite appearances is what I'd say today 

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Ode to Bliss; Canticle for Consciousness; Evensong of Existence

In the advanced duality of samsara, love is half and half becoming whole: I love you! In primordial duality, love is the manifestation of the whole: I love! In nonduality, they call that infinite fulfillment, ananda.

Consciousness is not a product of the body-mind. This inner instrument is reflecting consciousness, not manufacturing it. And honestly this endeavor to usurp the I is not just ignorant, but sad.

The body-mind depends upon Existence for its existence. In other words, so much depends upon my Self.

a. Name-dropping, Eihei

So much depends upon Satcitananda, Doctor Robert.

You-surping the I is what a me does best, King Janaka.

If nondual ananda points to holistic bliss infinity, love is its expression in duality, Jack Kerouac.

b. Sat, Cit, and Ananda

A wave is to existence as the sea is to Sat.

Awareness is pure consciousness, Cit. The reflection of awareness is experiential consciousness—attention. Attention minus thought equals awareness.

Unconditional love is to bliss, aka Ananda, as Saguna Brahman is to Nirguna Brahman.

c. Manifesting Satcitananda

Existence is the principle. This dreamstate is its manifestation.

Consciousness is the principle. Intellect, mind, memory, and ego are its manifestations. 

Holistic Bliss Infinity is the principle. Love is its manifestation.

d. God Bless You, Kurt Vonnegut

Existence is the principle. This dreamstate is its manifestation.

This dreamstate is conditioned by other dreamstates and so on—

until deconditioning consciousness dawns upon oneself.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Aumdadananda Number Nine

1. Advaita Is Unbelievable

Advaita is not to be believed, but realized.

It’s cosmology is not for real, but a house of cards intended for deconstruction.

2. Nondual Metaphysics

Its metaphysics is quite simple — all is Brahman

(in which this Maya is but an appearance)

and Brahman is all there is. This means you! Tattvamasi.

3. Return to I Am

The reflection of Satcitananda on God's subtle body of ignorance is the primordial duality of I Am.

From the multiplicitous world of I am me, I know a lot of things, and I love some of them, return to that First House of Duality called I Am, I Know, I Love.

Wait there silently by the door for the door is your own doing.

4. Nondoing and Doing

Nondoing is the magic of God cloaked in Maya.

5. All deliberate doing or not doing is mind stuff.

Dropping body-mind is like dropping both the waking and dreaming states and trusting in the God of Deep Sleep.

6. ExistenceConsciousnessBliss

Don't forget it. You can't. You can only see through Maya, Jake.

Brahman cloaked in myth is God. True myth is made to be punctured. Aha!

7. Monster

Being, existence, presence! Awareness, consciousness, intelligence! Holistic bliss infinity!

8. Beyond

This bliss of knowing the principle of existence is why death appears to be such a monster.

Deep down we know this primordial fact of existence is beyond any modern concept of nonexistence.

9. Sea

That I am is not a problem.

That I think I'm not is.

Wave is to sea as sea is to wave and so on.

Saturday, June 8, 2024

These Dreams of God

1. God Dreams

In the waking dream, the body-mind is quite turned on.

In the sleeping dream, the body is finally turned off

and the mind can turn it to eleven dreaming its head off.

But in deep sleep, with the body-mind at last turned off,

one is actually Saguna Brahman, Isvara, God!

2. Tattvamasi 9

Deep sleep isn't where you go each night. It's where you come from every day.

In deep sleep, God is witnessing the absence of duality. In nirguna samadhi is the presence of nonduality.

Brahman cloaked in the uniform of Maya is God. Atman cloaked in the uniform of Avidya is God. Thus Atman is Brahman is Parabrahman.

3. Now Appearing

Brahman is real. God is self-realized.

People are looking for realization in all the wrong places.

Bliss never appears in any experience of a body-mind.

The body-mind is appearing in bliss.

4. Like a Fool

Existence is like the sea. Living is like a wave. I am Satcitananda. Wave on, John Donne.

Consciousness is that timeless space in which thinking is like an idiot wind, babe.

Bliss is this opposite of samsara. Ananda is nonduality. That beloved nonduality.

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Brahman, Maya, and Samsara

The sun is like the silent I, the moon is like I am, and the world is like I am the world.

Ignorance (avidya) is a combination (Samsara) of doing (rajas) and not doing (tamas).

Nondoing is the wisdom (sattva) of primordial duality (Maya).

Beyond the doing of duality is nondual Satcitananda, Brahman, the silent I.

Samsara says I am me, I know some things, and I love some of them.

Primordial duality says I am, I know, I love. This is as far as any individual may go though.

Sit there silently at that door. Reality will take you in. The door is one’s own doing.


Sometimes nondoing is not doing and sometimes nondoing is doing.

Nondoing is going where the heart of the nonconceptual needs to go.

Nondoing is not beyond doing. Nondoing does that which beyond doing is witnessing.


You already have the four qualifications for realization.

You only think you don't. Figure it out.

Meanwhile, identify with consciousness but drive mindfully.


The reflection of consciousness is the word.

Pure consciousness is wordless.

Samsara is a bloody tower of babble.


What is consciousness? Consciousness is not an object.

The mind appears in consciousness like objects appear in the mind.

I am is the immaculate object.


Maya is the power wielded by Isvara God, Saguna Brahman. Isvara God, Saguna Brahman is the conceptual creation of Maya.

That both statements are true forms the original paradox: Is Maya the power of God or is God the creation of Maya?