Saturday, June 1, 2024

Brahman, Maya, and Samsara

The sun is like the silent I, the moon is like I am, and the world is like I am the world.

Ignorance (avidya) is a combination (Samsara) of doing (rajas) and not doing (tamas).

Nondoing is the wisdom (sattva) of primordial duality (Maya).

Beyond the doing of duality is nondual Satcitananda, Brahman, the silent I.

Samsara says I am me, I know some things, and I love some of them.

Primordial duality says I am, I know, I love. This is as far as any individual may go though.

Sit there silently at that door. Reality will take you in. The door is one’s own doing.


Sometimes nondoing is not doing and sometimes nondoing is doing.

Nondoing is going where the heart of the nonconceptual needs to go.

Nondoing is not beyond doing. Nondoing does that which beyond doing is witnessing.


You already have the four qualifications for realization.

You only think you don't. Figure it out.

Meanwhile, identify with consciousness but drive mindfully.


The reflection of consciousness is the word.

Pure consciousness is wordless.

Samsara is a bloody tower of babble.


What is consciousness? Consciousness is not an object.

The mind appears in consciousness like objects appear in the mind.

I am is the immaculate object.


Maya is the power wielded by Isvara God, Saguna Brahman. Isvara God, Saguna Brahman is the conceptual creation of Maya.

That both statements are true forms the original paradox: Is Maya the power of God or is God the creation of Maya?



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