Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Tvam and Tat

Consciousness of Existence invites Holistic Bliss Infinity.

(I minus Avidya) Am (That minus Maya).

A fool reads the words while the Mahavakya points to the wordless.

a. That Unseeable Whole

O being-existence-presence, consciousness-awareness-intelligence, holistic bliss infinity is triangulating Satcitananda.

Neither do nor not do. Grasshoppers are tamas. Ants are rajas. Nondoing is the sattvic way of the butterfly.

Someone is howling at the moon tonight. The moon, in turn, is pointing to Nirguna Brahman veiled by the Sun God.

b. Three Koan, Nine Vakya, One Mahavakya

Mind appears in Consciousness. No mind is Consciousness.

Dreams appear in deep sleep. The world appears in a dream. Deep sleep appears in Turiya.

Deep sleep is Atman veiled by avidya. Atman is the witness of deep sleep. Brahman is the witness of the big bang. Atman is Brahman.


Atman is the witness of this deep sleep.

Brahman is the witness of that big bang.

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