Friday, June 30, 2017

chiro 2


It's that orange daylily 
time of year 
prefiguring fireworks 
of the Fourth of July
and I'm as independent 
as I ever was, 
alone and seldom lonely, 
like I like it, 
or at least the way 
I've always made it be, 
I'm sorry people, 
I really know no better. 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

chiro 1


driving river road
there’s nothing new
on the river today—
same old water,
same reflections,
same on the other side.
i did begin to think my car
was making some new
unwanted noise however.
but it just turns out
the car behind me needs
a serpentine belt replacement
or maybe just a tightening
of my focus.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


eleven news

war is ever new thought against all old thought
as no thought is not a shot away

of self by self for self so help me god

perspective. perspective. perspective

thanks for the memories

no words for way

name that thing!

hall of the mountain king. queen of the void.

one eye

number nine. heraclitus. buddha.

divide by tao

self-awareness is eleven

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The News According to Suite July

Naked fuse.
I've got waves in low places.
The history of the world is always about old money vs. virtual money.

2 monks looking at the ground. 1 says snake!
The other replies it's just some rope.
The 6th son says neither snake nor rope.

Pure awareness, awareness reflected in consciousness, and consciousness
is the holy trinity.

I love the sound of night rain falling on summer leaves.
It smells like evolutionary self-awareness.

is to poetry as
william carlos williams is
to a fourth of july red wheelbarrow

in the land of silence,
evolutionary self-awareness
is intent upon apocalyptic words...

Matty told Hatty, Ouroboros, Ouroboros, Ouroboros!

As on the extreme altar of consciousness,
I burn my sacred eyes
for an eye can never see oneself.

mountain laurel sand
dunes leaves of grass california
dreaming creation deconstruction shiva
shakti shiva tech-tonic shifts of manifestation

Open field. Insert self.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Stay Still

there's no separation
and the universe is one
being self-aware—
it's easy if I try because it's true.

And I have this great notion I am.
So fractal me this.
To escape the fear,
one has to hike the highest mountains.
To see through fear—

stay still.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Wood by Frogs

Being is the center of all candy.
Candy temporarily stops thought.
It's like material meditation.
Swallow only after tasting being.
The point of being is
forgetting and the point of this
forgetting is self-awareness.

Forgetting is dreaming.
Dreaming is that which never forgets.
Thought is all about survival. Not being.
Thought is to fear as love is to being
as paranoia is to paradox.
Render unto love your being
is the crucifixion and the resurrection.

Listen. The world is the ultimate hack.
The antidote is always love.
It's not about dying before dying
but being through the fear.
Never believe.
Self-inquiry is the only doctorate.
Listen. The Powwow River

falling over original rocks—
this is always Native America.
Drop body-mind. Be Hopi.
And the Hopi know their martyrs.
No pictures please.
It takes seventeen
syllables to break the code.

Earth wind and fire!
I hear fireworks like thunder
on the beach tonight.
There's an eastern wind.
Variety is the revolution.
Being is the flag.
Wood frogs.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Ode to Myself

Ignorance isn't bliss.
Stuck between abyss
and a deep state.
But not of the world,
by the world, and
for the world.
Mind moves.
Waves sea.
The way I see,
it's all about myself.

Long division
is another name
for memory.
World war three.
Meet the new math.
Same as the old math.
And love isn't otherworldly.
Love is out of this world.

Begin at the beginning.
To be.
First infinitive.
Conceptual foundation
for the dreaming.
I am and never is.
Such is self-awareness.
First self.
Best self.

Pure awareness
This takes
a universe of space
and an evolution of time.
But what the hell.
I've got nowhere
special to be,

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Study Questions for 21st Century Acid Test

1. What do the characters of love and zero have in common?

2. Where is self-awareness in that spectrum?

3. If science assumes the universe is divided, and,
the universe is, by definition, not divided,
then isn't the ground of science shaky?

4. Nevertheless let me show you a picture of my granddaughter living
lovingly in exile in the middle of Virginia.

5. As if the Tao of Dante is like some enchanted horse is pissing in the ear of Basho.

6. The walrus did it.

7. I recently read that koans shed their cells every seven years.

8. Philosophy is change. Wisdom will cost you your last dollar. That's how spirituality functions in the material world. Take it or leave it.

9. DM me.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Twenty-First Century Acid Test

Love is a zero-letter word.
Love is an early sign of self-awareness.
Love is the universe before division thought
it was the subject to be taught.
Love is the image of my daughter
with her daughter and that great embrace
of all fertility goddesses to their left and to their right.
In the middle of our song of love,
I come to myself within a dark wood
where the straight way begins and ends.
As every second is the sign of one.
So what exactly is
the sound of cutting off our left trees
to save my right face?
Heraclitus never changes.
Change is emptiness.
Form is climate.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


That I am not I am is the ultimate deconstructing neti neti koan psalm and parable. Holy apparition Batman, it's hard to believe but it's all good. Awareness isn't self-aware without the spelling of unawareness.

An unconscionable thing happens on the way of consciousness. And forgiveness is another way of saying I forgot. Turn on, bleach, and repeat.

Wood frogs before fireflies. Poetry before lightning bugs. Janis before swine. Here's another piece of my heart.

One great love exploding into disco balls. Or Jackie Wilson Said. Kingdom of Heaven. Red Queen of Wonderland. Awareness being self-aware. Get over it.

Length, width, and depth are the names of one dimension. Here without thirst. Now without a second. It's neither do what you love or love what you do—Love Does. Just try to understand.

June and the north is jumping. I don't know but Alaska. Form is transformation and emptiness is climate change.

Time  abbreviates. Space amplifies. Alton Bay and reds. The slow loud sounds of a summer night. In the egg. Not of the mescaline.

That one night of falling stars over midnight half moon lake. Silent night. Black hole night. All for one and one for all.

Of the moon. Not in the watery half moon. Frogs before crickets. June before August. Wooly Bully.

By being anything imaginable, I know what I’m not. Of firecrackers and the mouths of frogs. Something this way Moby Dick.

To be now or not, that is self-inquiry. Listen. Do you want to know the secret? Great intent is doing like a pendulum does.

A light year is like the speed of unawareness being self-aware. You will know division by the hat it wears. Love the one you're with as if yourself because why not?

Arjuna is the way of the warrior. Krishna is the way of the lover. Even the Gita is a koan.

Thursday, June 8, 2017


1. think of.
2. feel as.
not of the dreamworld
but as dream being.
open head. swallow whole.
the day.
the night.

to the personal,
the absolute is death.
but consciouness builds the body now
like the grateful dead built their sound system
circa 1973. design by owsley.
can you even believe a speaker thinking it's the music!
as one is every idea imaginable. ten trillion galaxies. one flower.
and self-awareness is
the universe of pure awareness.

in the way
of the bird,
one being,
not even nothing.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

imagining one

one is not
divided and one is not
there is nothing
but vast integrity;
there is nothing
but high fidelity;
there is nothing
but the deepest whole.
for one is
the greatest concept
ever imagined
all other concepts form
a thick and delusional fog
emanating from
one’s primal energy.
thus if imagining one to be
other than one is
the poison of conditioning,
then imagining one to be
one is
the quickest antidote.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Being in the core. Awareness from on high.

Awareness being self-aware is scientific myth—where science is just another story and mythology is fact articulated in the language of lies.

All thought is simply a virus like an Asiatic bittersweet vine and love is like the next tree over.

If the past is prologue, the preface is the way to original face. June and it's not easy being rare.

Forgive yourself. Heavy lies the crown of creation. Enjoy this ode to joy of June for there is where the absolute is living.

And the black hole sees itself within the sun. The Nova Scotia fog is lifting.

The colors of a dream after waking to the fact that black is white or vice versa.

Dropping off body and mind is like a flower. The fragrance of true eyes. In the name of pure awareness and all projection.

No preface. No afterword. See what. Touch who. Hear where. Smell when. Taste why.

Nothing but the net of now. Do you want to know a secret? Consciousness is the fountain of youth.

Different tribes. One truth. Anything other than one or zero thinks it's one or zero.

Growing old is my latest koan. Poetry isn't real. Late night perambulations. Trust is like a unicorn.

First there is belief but there's no belief but there's what there is. Love without check is instant karma.

Karma without love is a hungry ghost. The holy grail is not an object. The renaissance is all about perspective.

Nothing beats trump but no trump. Henry David Thoreau. Leo Tolstoy. Martin Luther King. Arjuna.

See through you. Like crossing the Mojave Desert. You can’t make a horse drink but you can’t lead a person to water either.