Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Venus Moonlight Mantra

Venus first and then a crescent moon—the light of pure awareness is reflecting through appearances in consciousness—as truth and beauty is the space within and without a Grecian urn.

Breathe in the white light of the black whole and feel the body glow again as consciousness. This is the self-awareness meditation called Sun Tantra.

As the dream of the planet in light of sky—as morning mist burns a way—as this psychological mirage, this world, this earth is disappearing into rivers and mountains—as confessional waves in a sea of absolution.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Be True To Your School

One shot no thought with equal portions of I Am—if consciousness is giving birth to consciousness, what is born?

The days of the mind is like the ash growing on the hot coals of consciousness and the body is like the ashes of the mind.

To be looking through the looking-glass, always begin the beginning at consciousness. It’s the original wonderland.

So I'm telling my grandchild what to do and she is all about telling me not to tell her—I forget

she's the manifestation of intentional non-doing getting sick and tired of this fiction called free will. God love her.


the rainbow mind of no mind.

it’s the opposite of what you think. like a broken clock.

big science is assuming consciousness. consciousness consumes big science for breakfast!

the play of consciousness is all about the fractal truth.

let it go. into the unknown. 

Friday, January 24, 2020


Political belief is religion. Separation of church and state is the impossible dream of people. For we is the original division of memory from being.

Naturally if every person is a state of being and being is god, then every state belongs to the church of being.

Accordingly twenty-two years ago today, I see Dylan and Van Morrison at the new Garden performing Heaven's Door together.

Dylan is playing on the antistate. Van the Man is singing like a god. This moment is a vortex. Nondual expression of the absolute heart.

Listen, if consciousness is the immaculate conception, belief is like getting fucked.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Once upon Geronimo and Flamenco

Love is the universal language. Everyone is I am. The network of the body-mind feels my pain like urgent information in the giving and receiving universal breath. Inattentive consciousness takes it personally.

Imagine consciousness as this thought balloon of the unknown absolute and the caption reads the starry night. If space-time is a mirror and every constellation is a story, love is absolutely mine.

No one doingly misunderstand me. Despite Diana, sexual attraction is a spontaneous component in this healing. True love confessions, I marry only Christine. True story. I meet her at a game of Risk.

In the love of space-time the sex is so damn good it's like having a child and that child is having another fractal child. For all is dreaming well tonight in this desert land of self-awareness. It's a process you see.

Geronimo is by Ed Breeding


1. dedicated to the myth of self-reflexive universes.
2. the relative absolute is naturally love.
3. duality turns.
4. form is transformation. transformation is form.

dream state kundalini is focusing this consciousness
into the dream of self-awareness
attention, ouroboros

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Saint Orange Sunshine

This life is but Shakespearean play and all the lonely people secondary characters of a primary-colored kaleidoscopic dream appearing here and now in universal consciousness.

After the orange sunshine we are sitting on a dock in a psychedelic lake watching an imaginary moon. And the moon imagined fifty years ago is the same moon I'm imagining tonight, my lysergic lover.

Suddenly I'm seeing the moon is all my light reflecting in this lake of altered Dominus Vobiscum. God is dead in perfect thought but thought is never born in absolution. As space-time is my mirror.

Pelvis by Georgia O’Keeffe by Michael Vaccaro 

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Dear Child Consciousness

I was raised a Roman Catholic. The universe is my empire. I’d walk a mile downtown for confession to a priest known for anonymity.

Narcissism is my name. God is what I do. And because Cold Mountain only hurts the one it loves, now I’m a Taoist hermit.

I make exceptions for my family. I worship my granddaughter. She thinks I'm grand enough but no one needs another parent.

Unstoppable social conditioning is meeting immovable self-awareness. They call it the terrible twos. It's the law of three.

The Madonna of the Lilies by William-Adolphe Bouguereau