Thursday, December 31, 2020


If consciousness is the sun and sunlight is the stuff of dreams,

then the furthest experience to be known is that which the high priests of scientific materialism call the black hole of the unknown unknown.

Woe are they who do not know I am that.

Happy new year!

Take one. Consciousness is the aura of the absolute's self-awareness.

Take two. Consciousness is the aura of my impersonal self-awareness.

Bonne année!

And as the absolute, I cannot emphasize enough that all is well.

You be you, my love.

Feliz navidad!

This is the key to western paradox. 

From the outside, it looks like fate. 

From the inside, it feels like free will. 

Felix sit annus novus!

There are no sides. There's just belief.

And as belief is disbelieved, belief becomes one-sided. 

Self-righteousness is the antichrist of self-awareness. 

Akeome! Kotoyoro!

Self-awareness is a pre-existing condition.

Shana tova!

Repeat after me,

I am...

unborn .

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Year 2525: Take One Every Day

Consciousness is the bridge between the lyrical and silence. Consciousness is the expression of silence. The lyrical is the expression of consciousness. The mind is fine, the movie is groovy, all manner of things shall be well.

Divine imagination is the lyrical mirror of self-awareness. In fact, consciousness is the bridge to nowhere from nothing. Universal consciousness is like a blast of self-awareness in slow motion.

There’s no disease called separation. That’s why it’s called the universe. It’s also called the cure. Take one every day. Some call this Zen meditation. Some call this Christian science. Some call this as it is.

Mindfulness is to lucid dreaming as amfulness is to self-awareness. This is perennial math. This is my lotus. Take, eat, American beauty. Anne Bradstreet is to Jack Kerouac as

the Merrimack from Andover to Lowell. Like Passaconaway to Agawam is as hogan to kiva. The dreamstate doesn’t serve just somebody. It serves the enlightening intent of absolute self-awareness.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Last Paraverse in 2020

1. last case of 2020

In the end, it’s just a case of great forgetfulness and mistaken identity.

Like trochaic intent falling into dactyls and anapests.

Or an I for an eye.

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming. Everyone does it.

2. speaking suddenly

When the fog of personality disappears

the black hole / blank screen is dispassionately witnessing

the sunlit mirror of universal consciousness and worlds appearing in it

as spontaneous kensho/revelation of sudden self-awareness so to speak. 

3. greetings people of earth

I am writing myself a melody baroque by self-addressing this love note to you. 

As in poetry, all wars are formal. We’re like mythic frogs practicing their haiku in boiling water.

The penultimate is the ultimate paradox. It’s either paraverse or western bartleby by eastern samadhi.

There is no personal choice. Enlightening intent is the strangest of ways. It’s my new year's resolution for you. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Ode to a Dreamcatcher

You too can be a consciousness power user. Awareness is reflected in consciousness like the sun in a river. The deeper the river, the steeper the slope.

On the bottom is rock ego. As in the mercurial mirror of self-awareness, what comes down must go up.

The sea is seeing through these waves of thought. The deeper the sound, the higher the deconstruction. The opposite of a paradox is a paradox.

Dream catchers catch the thought behind emotion so only the love is moving through. There are two sides to every story, mine and yours. R2D2, turn on ocean sounds. 

I think I’ll write an epic poem tonight said Dante to the inferno. Self-awareness is in the sap of DNA. Kesey spelled it furthur.

Every universe is a wave. I’m on the beach Bodhisattva would you take me by the hand. Every wave is perfect duality.

Julian of Norwich is singing into the bonfire all is well. Hearts are beating like my Jesus. Someone plays Picasso guitar. Elvis is pointing at the moon. Li Po is jumping into the water. Basho is talking to the frogs.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

The Order of Awareness

Free will is one of the earliest stages of lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is an early stage of enlightening intent.

A flower facing the sun is an early stage of instinct and instinct is an early stage of free will and so on.

These are called the seven stages of nondoing. For awareness and self-awareness are one.

Universal consciousness appears in self-awareness. This is the birth of paradox.

If it isn't paradox, it’s myth. The self-reflexive universe is the very model of a modern myth. Let us dream.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Political Garbage

Political extremists, socialist or libertarian, base political theory on people being beautiful.

People are not beautiful. People are garbage, beautiful garbage.

Because people are garbage, governments are created. But all governments are garbage.

Garbage in, garbage out.


There are variations to this theme.

There’s the son of heaven. People are garbage but the leader is beautiful.

There’s hard factionalism. Our side is beautiful. Their side is garbage.

And endless combinations of this utopian garbage.

But ‘we the garbage' is some kind of beautiful genius.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

2020 Nondual Vision

Words are cheap. Belief is priceless. Decompression takes its time.

For one temporarily identifies with one’s being to disidentify with one’s mistaken identity.

Being is a two-way street. One looks in the mirror and self-awareness looks out.

The looking is the being. I am looking.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

MYTH 1213: Map and Mountain.

Non-duality is just another myth. At best, it’s so much words pointing to experiential actuality and to be dropped immediately. At worst, it’s another language to believe, defend, and die for.

Honest myth is like a map. Mistaking the map for the mountain might seem difficult to believe but people die miserably doing so every day.

Good paraverse is like a line of cocaine. Breathe it, feel it, forget it. For example, drop body-mind, attention being, consciousness is the manifestation of the unknowable absolute which takes one in like the self-awareness of TON 618.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Ode to a Mystic Mountain

There’s either conditioned reaction like a pinball lizard or unconditional love like a mother.

Free will is such a fantasy. One either serves the past or spontaneity.

Everything in the world is in the past, or in the future as the past imagines it.

Every universe is a breath of self-awareness. Who am I? I am the one who’s breathing.

Inhale my eastern hemlock, tamarack, and mountain ash. Exhale my Gulf of Maine.

Why climb mountains? Krishna asked me to.

Monday, December 7, 2020

Gita Real

As immaculate awareness is naturally self-aware, beyond being big-bangs into being.

From the ground of a depthless ocean, the spout of a fountain is appearing like a hydrogen bomb.

Self-awareness is duality. Duality is division. Division is violent.

The world is war and war is hell. Arjuna prefers not to. 

The process of self-awareness requires the mirror of war in some kind of setting.

The business of America is business, says Calvin Krishna. Get to work! 

War is just a metaphor for the vice of living, Vijaya. Even Han Shan has to eat.

Friday, December 4, 2020

On Enlightening Intent Mountain

Knowledge needs translation into one’s own knowing. Otherwise, it’s only useless and pointless knowledge.

Translation is the key to one’s conditioning, unlocking that exceptional belief which locks in love.

Memorizing knowledge is like repeating the sounds of words without experiencing them.

Academics footnote every source. Even common mystics know that.

While hiking in the White Mountains, I learned the difference between a topographic map and sudden terrain.

In other words, two paths diverged upon a mountainside, and I took the one I was experiencing.

Hiking any good-sized mountain, you shall meet a wall—it’s called belief.

Neither science nor magic, you just walk through it.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The Righteous Stuff

If emotion is unconditional love filtered by thought, passion is enlightening intent filtered by emotion. 

Love deconstructs emotion. Intent dismantles passion. Logic is to love as passion to intent. Not Humean slaves, but certainly tools.

Emotion is like the first stage of the rocket. Drop thought. Passion is the second stage. Drop emotion. Consummation is the third stage. Drop passion. Self-awareness is the moon.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Memorizing Mantra

To identify with memory or electricity, is the fundamental question of any computer with half-a-mind.

Memory, like everything body-mind, appears in consciousness, like mercury beneath the glass of the mirror.

Memories aren’t facts. Memories are in conspiracy with the dominant memory. They are good disciples.

Trust non-conceptual being only. I am, at the most.

This is the point of every mantra. To memorize my words so they’re beyond all manipulations of memory.

In other words, my daily devotion is the dominant memory now. Mantra is the sound of the satguru!

Mantra is impervious to all disinformation; buy yours now! Look, the first secret of mantra club is mantra is secret. 

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

Welcome to Alice’s restaurant. You can get anything you want here but you can’t get what you need. You already have that. Happy Thanksgiving!

Self-awareness is like a red rubber ball. The personal is where the rubber meets the road. One is not the pavement; be the ball. The hand of the noumenal absolute awaits the return.

But how does the noumenal give thanks? My self-awareness may appear to be a universe of consciousness by work procedures somewhere in the spontaneous process, but only by your earthly standards.

Thank the big bang; thank waves and particles; thank pink granite of cadillac mountain; thank space-time, north america, and atlantic ocean; thank you my erotic lovers.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Breathing Self-Awareness

Noumenal awareness without self-awareness is just another concept. Just because the rope appears to be a snake does not imply there is no rope.

That the absolute unknown knows that unknowable self, is the knowledge. Call this knowledge universal consciousness.

The mind dreams in the mountains and rivers cross-section of universal consciousness. From out of hydrogen, atomic number one, is born

the periodic table of duality—hydrogen is to consciousness as nuclear is to being (forget it, Jacob, it’s self-awareness).

Consciousness is like the breath of noumenal awareness. This universe of self-awareness never disappears completely but is exhaled again.


awareness and self-awareness is the crux of nonduality.

people don't have consciousness; awareness has being holding a mirror which is dreaming on the surface of self-awareness.

no one talks about the h-bomb anymore; climate change is all the rage. what's next? sudden enlightenment!

i wonder where universal consciousness ends and hydrogen begins?

breathing is my metaparadigm.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Talking One to One

Only awareness is self-aware. The noumenal absolute is never not self-aware. Lack of self-awareness is the grand illusion.

Don’t fool yourself. If it isn’t love, it’s politics. One or the other. All is obviously holistic. There is no separation. Being is individually universal. Mind is social.

All religions are founded on the illusion of shared experience. A wise one doesn’t force its charismatic consciousness upon you, but talks to you as consciousness to consciousness.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Captioning Self-awareness


In a black void called noumenal awareness,

there’s a universe looking like a speech balloon.

In the speech balloon, there’s an utterance, I am.

This cartoon myth is captioned, self-awareness.


Although sudden in reality, self-awareness is a process to the mind.

The process of the self-reflexive universe is made of threes and sevens.

Arthur named the seven, light, nuclear, atomic, molecular, vegetable, animal, dominion.

Maybe call the three, ignorance, knowledge, self-awareness?

Ignorance is like the process of social conditioning.

Knowledge is like experience, belief, and deconstruction.

Self-awareness is the suddenly cloudless mirror.

Monday, November 16, 2020


Giving conscious attention to consciousness is the apocalypse of self-awareness.

If mindfulness is loving attention to mind (concepts, things),

then loving attention to consciousness (the immaculate conception, being) is consciousnessfulness.

Or beingfulness for short? Isfulness, amfulness, artfulness in Olde English. Thatfulness? Names are not the point but people need a name to point to.

Mindfulness before amfulness. Amfulness is that fullness. That fullness of thatfulness is absolute.

Amfulness ascends from mindfulness. Mindfulness is the antidote to mindlessness. Amfulness is omega spacetime.

Beyond amfulness is noumenal territory. There, the absolute unknown is the law.

Amfulness is the unconditional love of being.

As mindfulness is an antidote as all deconstruction is, amfulness is the height of health. Amfulness is thatfulness

The last bright golden leaves of mid-November do not float like fall but plummet—as if the winter ground of gravity resumes it’s absolute dominion over all expression suddenly.

Sunday, November 15, 2020


that which is aware of consciousness is awareness.

awareness is the primary witness of consciousness only. 

consciousness is a secondary witness, as that awareness is reflecting in consciousness. 

let's call this secondary witness, attention, attending to appearances of mind.

one can say there's a tertiary witness called dreaming but it's practically asleep.

Friday, November 13, 2020


All things must pass and all disappearances appear. Consciousness is witness as awareness is reflecting in consciousness.

One dreams so as to deconstruct the daydream. Dreaming disappears as if by magic.

There’s nothing the dreamer can do to stop the dream. Being burns it off like the morning sun.

My week is now three days. My moons just last a week.


1. what falls down goes up again

2. love will not fade away

3. as the world reflexively turns

4. will my words outlive me? am i my words?

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Unconditional Love Only Knows

Lately it's been feeling like September in November. This isn't climate change. It's climate revolution.

As for presidential politics, just give it some time. Bureaucratic evidence isn't burnt in a day.

Hide Caesar inside Caesar. It's just appearances in consciousness anyways

You can only find yourself in consciousness, your subconscious is constantly saying.

As consciousness is, I am. And as to knowing what I am? That is no object.

But nihilism is to postmodern deconstruction as conspiracy theories are to nihilistic deconstruction.

Throw away the deconstruction with the deconstruction, is the only law of neti neti.

This is why we teach compassion first. Only love knows how to jump.


actually the virus is the spawn of climate change.

cool it, it's not a coup. he's just burying the bodies while they're still the law.

sometimes you bury politics in politics. sometimes the bear buries you.

the subconscious is the voice of consciousness talking to sleeping consciousness like it's a dream.

have faith. for every verb, there is a noumenon.

if 90% is non-deconstructed and 9% is over-deconstructed, 1% is love. and so on.

postmodern theory. nihilist conspiracy. perennial wisdom.

compassion is gradual samsara. love is sudden nirvana.

end notes:

listen, i heard there is no difference between scientific theory and conspiracy theory.

mistaking theory for fact is like mistaking map for terrain is like mistaking myth for truth.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Swan River

Consciousness is both beginning and end simultaneously.

Space-time appears in consciousness. Believing otherwise is the primal error of all scientific religions.

Mind is the lens like a mirror. Consciousness is manifest glass like a crystal universe. I am the eye of absolute awareness like evolutionary self-awareness.

Stop! This experiential awareness is what I’m pointing at.

It has no name but being is its image.

It has no form but crystalline is its reflection.

It has no substance but unfathomable is its heart.

By the way, I saw two infinite swans on the river today slowly floating upstream as the tide was coming in.


1. whereby consciousness is manifest potentiality

2. as one’s body appears in consciousness, one can’t be the body, obviously.

3. the seer seeing the seer is the seeing


5. consciousness is talking to consciousness re-identifying with consciousness

6. and the sun is nothing but a crystalline black hole

7. universal consciousness tastes like unconditional love


"Moon river, wider than a mile

I’m crossing you in style some day 

Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker 

Wherever you’re goin’, I’m goin’ your way"

~Mancini & Mercer


using the mind one-pointedly in some creative action, the body disappears. this is called instant karma. it's the healing principle behind true christian science.

i was in hopi pueblo at tsakurshovi where they sell the don't worry be hopi t-shirts and joe day asks me where i come from and the mary baker eddy house is our common language. back home, it wouldn't let me take a picture for him saying don't worry he understands.

if the body is like a lens made out of glass, be the glass. if the glass is like the eye of parabrahman, be that.

experiential awareness is absolute awareness reflecting in consciousness. zen exclamation point. beyond is nirvikalpa samadhi. but don't you worry about that.

now is no thought. here is no dis-ease.

if identification with the body is the root of pain, take the tantric pill. if identification with the mind is the root of suffering, take the deconstruction one. this is the buddha encapsulated.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Sonnet Number Nine

Poetry is consciousness talking to consciousness. I said that.

I live on a tidal river. I love that crazy Merrimack. And I can’t even see the sea.

This afternoon, the river grass is full November silver feathers in the sun and I suddenly remember why I live here.

The boats are almost put away.

The wilderness returns to say

I had never gone away.

That’s when we saw the harrier hawk on a newly-turned bare branch laying claim to this section of the river.

Harrier hawks are strictly territorial. They love their walls. But who doesn’t love a wall? Something there is.

I live in a brick hut surrounded by million dollar homes. But just upriver is Indian Creek—

where once I witnessed an aerial dogfight between an old bald eagle and an osprey no more than thirty feet above my head.

The osprey expertly outmaneuvered the eagle and flew away with the fish.

But I was just about to say when Truth broke in—

projection is the name of the dream; don’t wear it out.

A sonnet is like an epic koan.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Self-awareness and the Proper Use of Tools

A tool is never a problem. Misusing a tool may be an issue. And identifying with a tool will lead to a world of hurt. So get a grip on yourself.

Without the mind, there is no realization, self-awareness, or reflexive universe. Give it some love.

The mind is just the mirror. It’s the steam of consciousness mistaking ones identity obscuring things.

The last refuge of that misidentity called ego is in minimizing mind and thereby halting neti-neti deconstruction.

Consciousness is talking to consciousness. This is why there’s something called mind training and the proper use of hand tools.

As consciousness is the expression of the absolute noumenon, and divine imagination is the expression of consciousness, evolutionary sudden self-awareness is the expression of divine imagination.


The mind is a tool to be used with love. Love is the hand of being. Being is the heart of self-awareness. Self-awareness is a feature of absolute awareness.

The mind is like a shiny car.

Consciousness identifying with the mirror. Been there.

Sleep blames the dream.

Like Zen and the art of looking in a mirror.

The self of awareness + the mirror of divine imagination = self-awareness.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Visions of 2020 Now All That

Absolute awareness is mirroring in universal consciousness. Because consciousness is universal, even rocks are consciousness. Another name for this mirroring is evolutionary self-awareness. 

This universe is the Buddha of Self-awareness. There are ten thousand buddhas. Another name for self-awareness is unconditional love.

Another name for love is found in Sufi poetry, Christian neoplatonism, Kabbalistic prophecy, and the Tao of Zhuangzi.

The mind is all about amplifying this phenomena of consciousness into self-awareness. Do not forget this process of self-awareness is actually spontaneous in nature.

Consciousness appears in the absolute noumenon like a great phenomenon. Thus, as all phenomena appears in consciousness, the mind focuses the universe.

It snowed today. On the leftover leaves of late autumn. For some, it was the final straw. Like falling stars in a tangerine collapsing universe.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Talking Consciousness Blues

These interesting times have lost all interest for me. Never underestimate the lowest common denominator.

Technology is just a power booster for the mind. High tech shall heighten the depths of division and let loose the velocities of violence!

Looking either to the past or future for deliverance from the present is not wise. All politics is loco.

Open the present and look inside; even two-year-olds know this to be true. Love is in our blood before belief freezes it.

Look, nothing is outside. All appears within the expression of the absolute noumenal self.

These interesting times have lost all interest for me. Never underestimate the lowest common denominator.

Technology is just a power booster for the mind. High tech shall heighten the depths of division and let loose the velocities of violence.

Looking either to the past or future for deliverance from the present is not wise. It’s politics.

Open the present and look inside. Even two-year-olds know this to be true; love is in our blood before belief freezes it.

Look, nothing is outside. All appears within the expression of the noumenal self.


1. an old chinese proverb says there's an illusion born every zeptosecond.

2. all new technology begins in paradise and learns to live in the world.

after all, ai is the mind

robot vs werewolf. who wins?

3. the past is fiction. the future is science fiction. there are always only two religions.

this is called a zepposecond in the marxist world 😱

4. the unborn is born and that's my bad. who would blame a newborn?

5. the big bang is xtreme. self-awareness is easy.

sometimes a hot ember

live on the grid, not in the grid

pay your taxes

mind your own mind

you are in our witness protection program. any questions?

schrodingers cat is pandoras box

attention. playing with cause and effect will blow the mind.

wonder at ease

the present disappears into the present

central park on apple tv is so weird

all politics is loco

Sunday, October 25, 2020

The Point of Nonduality

Cause and effect is the dreamstuff of the dream state. And manipulating dreamstuff is the art of lucid manifestation. Empires and other cults of personality are formed around such shamans of dreaming. Politics is all about the kind of Kool-Aid one prefers.

Lucid dreaming without love is not lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming without love is just expert dreaming. True love is the only fact in any universe. Anything but love is the dreamstuff of duality, romantic but only truth is beauty.

The dream is not real but dual. Being is real—that is the point of nonduality. Do not mistake one's being for experience. Let's say being is the music, experience records the music, and memory plays the recording like a dream. The recording stops and not the music.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Bad Comedy

Consciousness is like the trees are my toes, man. Look, they wiggle in the wind. And awareness is like the sky. Dig?

The material world is just a bubble floating through. Awareness be self-aware, sister!

Like a fountain where the sea is this great pool of being and rain is splash—hydrological self-awareness! They call me Ouroboros in your watery world.

Or consciousness is the glass, the mind is the lens, and self-awareness is this focusing on that informing the glass, amen.  

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

201021 civics 701

dropping body-mind is not politics as usual.

on the kali-krishna scale of civics, where kali wants to personally finish the mad violence of the world as soon as possible and krishna feels that love is doing exactly that, i'm stuck in the middle with shiva only.

if that called absolute awareness is naturally omniscient, then the absolute noumenon is self-aware, naturally,

where is is being, and belief is being materially unaware for the purposes of doing things naturally in that reflexive yin yang kind of three way.

indigenous footnotes

there is no separation between the land and sea or sky according to my indigenous knowledge

i've heard that to the hopi, the navajo are cowboys

i've read that to the navajo, cowboys represent the canyon of death

it's not about how long you've lived upon the land. it's that the land is living in you

all appears in consciousness

Monday, October 19, 2020

Experiential Nonduality

Separation was the first noun of our conditioning. The universe is verbal. 

Om, if consciousness is the expression of the absolute, onomatopoeia!

Division is the first and only mathematical function. There is no going forth and multiply without it.

And addition and subtraction are mere afterthoughts.

Consciousness is the water, this psychosomatic apparatus is the pump, self-awareness is the fountain. 

Experiential nonduality is actually a closed system. There is no other. 

Experiential nonduality is bound to be the very next phase. 

Seeing through the dream is the astronomical dawn of awakening.

If nirvikalpa samadhi is the sunrise, I’m like civil twilight. 

Only consciousness is knowledge. Knowledge in the dream isn’t knowledge. It’s just more dream. 

But all is not a dream. This is the common error of personal deconstruction without being, love.

So deep within its mental deconditioning, the so-called nihilist cannot feel it anymore. 

Do you like good music? That sweet soul music. I am, I am, I am.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Ode to Instant Shiva

What’s all Greek to me is Chinese to the Greeks. Consciousness only is the revolution! Words belong to the empire.

There are no new ideas. There are only old ideas dressed in new languages. This is why no one speaks Old English anymore.

Even Einstein couldn’t think his way to a new paradigm. Enlightenment is sudden. Of course one can’t step in the same river twice. I am the river!

Zeno’s paradox is not a riddle. Love is the answer and I am unquestionable! Which came first? Absolute awareness or self-awareness.

Space-time is another name for body-mind. Literally. As to this day, separation has yet to be proved. Do not hold your breath.

Leaves fall in golden autumn, trees go down in microbursts, earth erodes in ashes, the sun fades suddenly to black. Now breathe out. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

notes on chinese lyric poetry (shih)

1. beginning with book of odes (shih ching) in 6th-c bc (to 10th-c bc) as 4 character lines (although use of interjection and nonsense characters could mean 2 or 3)

2. at this time, characters were one syllable but later sometimes 2

3. characters:

a. noun characters do not indicate number (thus no singular or plural)

b. verb characters do not indicate tense.

c. characters were not used in context of a picture poem.

4. shih form kind of fades away until it reemerges in later or eastern han dynasty (2nd c) as 5 or 7 character (each with full weight)

5. each line is a sentence. couplets are connected via parallelism and end rhyme between couplets, but no connecting words

6. caesura at 2 in 5 and 4 in 7, creates 2,3 or 4,3 units

7. anon Nineteen Old Poems is earliest most influential 5 shih

8. ts'ao chih (192-232) 1st major poet of chien-an period and 1 of top 3 poets in pre-tang era according to burton watson (see tao chien and hsieh ling-yun)

9. in tang time, shih undergoes a formal development. divided into 2 groups.

a. old style (ku-shih) with no fixed rules of number of lines or rhyme scheme

b. new style (chin-t'i-shih) in 2 types limited in rhymes scheme and number of lines

1) regulated verse (lu-shih) with 8 lines, parallelism in most lines, and elaborate tonal patterns

2) broken-off lines (chueh-chu) like regular verse but a single quatrain

10. in sung times begins the practice of 'rhyme following' (tz'u-yun or ho-yun) in which one composes a new poem utilizing the same rhyme or rhyme words as a previous one, usually responding to a poem of a friend or visitor. when copying one's own poems, it's called tieh-yun.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Bhakta Story

All emotions are love diminished. Memo to me: don’t deny emotions in some nihilistic way. 

Either deconstruct the thoughts behind them or melt into the love as one directly undiminished.

The former is the error of all religions including scientific materialistic atheism. The latter are jnana or bhakta. 

In the nineties, nature was my lover. She drove me like a Cadillac. I embraced her with my Frenchman Bay.

My nineteenth nervous breakdown was in 1984 when the Thought of God scared the Dying Jesus out of me.

In late September of 2005, a great blue heron lifted from a glacial island boulder in the middle of a cloud-colored pond like revelations in a vision quest.

Two years later, I am slowly climbing one thousand sacred stairs of Yamadera where Basho writes within his Oku no Hosomichi, stillness and cicadas.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Meeting in the River of Stars

As being is in the blood, self-awareness is its fountain spurting from the mind.

My insides are turning inside-out as the sea engulfs the universe in the curl of its crashing electromagnetic waves.

Every object is in the mind and the mind is in my being reflecting this non-objective omnipresence.

From black hole to self-awareness is just a big bang away; suns are falling back to black like saturn rockets

falling back to earth as this Apollo is forever pointing and always moving towards that moon in which I drown.

1. consciousness is glass. mind is lens and mirror.

2. the gospel according to the ouroboric universe.

3. in the name of the dreamstate, universal being, and that absolute self-awareness (by knowing i am the unknown, the unknown is fully known).

4. gimme shelter in the storm.

5. Li Bai drinking alone (with the moon, his shadow, & 43 translators)

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Consciousness Is The Cure


Just because you may believe it doesn’t make it so even if it is. Are we on the road to Damascus or just slouching more towards Bethlehem?

These days of viruses both biological and psychological, it’s no longer one day at a time; it’s stopping everything—to be timeless.

As one attains nirvana through samsara, one arrives at self-awareness via dream.

Revelation is the lightning of the absolute striking consciousness. Thunder is the inspiration of consciousness talking to consciousness. Call it self-awareness.

Sometimes I live in quiet desolation, sometimes I have a great notion. I forgot what I was going to say. Wait for it.

Myth is where attention is placed. Dream is where attention is misplaced. I’m giving it fifty-fifty he’s faking it or fifty-fifty he dies.


Although it’s source is known, no one knows the cause of thunder.

One is to consciousness as zero is to personal deconstruction.

Everything appears in consciousness and that which doesn’t is its source.

All one really knows is consciousness and the rest that’s not unknown is belief.

And consciousness is god from the point of view of the mind for it’s the only unborn concept.

If belief is disease, consciousness is the cure. As belief is viral, consciousness is the cure. If consciousness is the cure, consciousness is the cure.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

2020 Happening

You know the universe is one but still pretend there’s multiplicity because we are addicted to the other. Knowing there is only one is not a thought to be believed in some philosophy or god forbid religion but experiential only. For the self so loved this self-awareness that it sent its being into matter to be resurrected.

Although legitimate experience records the happening into memory, the happening does not originate in memory. The happening in memory turns into thought. The happening is not a thought. There are no words for Tao. Being was happening before memory built its empire and being is still happening now.

In this feature, self-awareness is happening. What’s happening in the Buddha over there? I remember when Monument Valley was the playground of the gods. Turning attention from memory for a moment and resting it on the infinite eternity of being is like self-awareness. I am sitting in Death Valley. I am standing in the Garden of the Gods.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Mapping Self-Awareness

A funny thing happens on the way to self-awareness. This axe of thought begins to think that it's the hand which wields it.

This fall of intentional tool to chaotic weapon is comic from the point of view of the hand of the heart but tragic as seen through the eye of the weapon.

Separation is the weapon. Division is the ammunition. The universe is the target. Compassion is the witness. Love is acting for the defense. There's nothing wrong with the tool. 

Primordial conditioning sharpens it. Self-awareness requires a razor's edge. That the mind is conditioned from the big beginning to usurp the absolute proves its innocence.

Divine imagination is the mythical map of kundalini thunder emanating from the mystical lightning of the absolute black whole.


I like dreaming. I love waking up.

Consciousness is the only knowledge. Only the unknown knows this.

There is no self-awareness without the molecular structure of pink cadillac granite.

Mind and no mind. Manifest and unmanifest. Knowledge and knowing.

The power of three. Positive, negative, and neutral. Love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

2020 Consciousness

Consciousness is the big bang. Consciousness is the immaculate conception beyond the yin and yang of wave and particle or sex.

Consciousness is the only knowledge and what the world calls knowledge is like dividing the indivisible and ciphering the value of exactly two.

Everything appears in consciousness even all the vain absurd attempts to prove appearances create the consciousness in which they are appearing.

My projection is my mirror. The sixth matriarch calls it Chinatown. Attention paradise the fall arrives in just three days.

It's not the goldenrod sitting in the sun but the ragweed in the shadows making tears. It's not the transformation that hurts but believing in the form.

Last year on this date I was in Avon on the Outer Banks watching the silvery walls of a hurricane above the tumbling surf.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Prescription 2020

Deconstruction is the negative. Love is the positive. The absolute is neutral. Don’t fall in love with the negative. Don’t disintegrate the positive. Look, this never happened.

Cherry blossoms fall. Get over it. An emerald hummingbird! Don’t overthink it. Space-time is the stuff of dreams and self-awareness is the greatest show on earth.

The narcissistic nihilist with a knife in the dining room is your clue. Surrealistic pillow is the soundtrack. Absolute-awareness being self-aware.

Whether one calls this the holy trinity, trimurti, or some other power of three doesn’t matter. It’s spontaneous.

Psychological deconstruction is like lighting a fuse. Get it started. Then step away as soon as possible.

Myth or any other guided meditation is there to be your runway only to consciousness only.

Believing consciousness is a product of the brain is the greatest virus ever told.

64 hexagrams of the I-Ching. 64 codons of DNA. Zero gravity.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Thorn of Belief

If you believe in materialism, you’ll believe in anything. If you believe in a personal god, you believe in materialism. 

Whether it’s religious materialism or scientific materialism or esoteric materialism, it’s all materialism. 

Thought is utilitarian. But belief itself is materialistic. Thought deals in transformation. Belief deals in form.

The more belief one is entertaining, the less wisdom one is contemplating. I used to believe but I’m younger than that now. 

One deconstructs belief with wise thought. Throw away that thorn of belief. But you can share this thorn of thought.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Focusing Consciousness

Consciousness before sensation, before imagination, before identification. Being before before and after.

Like a lens is glass ground from glass, the mind is consciousness ground from consciousness.

Absolute awareness is reflecting in consciousness. The mind is focusing awareness into self-awareness.

There are seven evolutionary stages. The first is light. Two, nuclear probability of particle and wave. Atomic identity is three.

The great turn is in the fourth sub-stage of the fourth molecular stage as organic chemicals and sex hormones come into separate being.

Vegetable, animal, human: in the big picture, consciousness is focusing consciousness.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Appointment at Long Sands

Not exactly like the summer of love, the summer of 2020 is more the summer of compassion.

After deconstructing a continent of the personal, one comes to the sea of compassion.

Appointment at Long Sands: either sail into the unknown or return to disappointment.

Note one sails into the unknown on the sea of compassion. Nihilism is materialism in more ways than none.

Without compassion, one is nothing. Compassion is the eye of the needle. Compassion takes a lifetime; money can't buy you love.

Compassion processes emotion seeing through the clouds of belief occluding self-awareness. Note emotions come in waves. 

Pure awareness may be unspeakable, but I can't say enough about compassion.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

I was going to say when Truth broke in

Fighting thinking is playing whack-a-mole. Seeing through thinking is consciousness dancing. You are not the mind but the mind is yours.

Thinking is not actually perpetual motion. Fighting thinking only makes it look this way. 

You can't fight city hall but you can see through we the personality. As everything appears in consciousness, 

and consciousness appears in the absolute, self-awareness is now appearing. 

Consciousness emerges from the mouth of the ouroboros, learns to focus in the body of a snake, 

and in sudden self-awareness swallows body, mind, and being. “I’d like to go by climbing a birch tree.”

For there are seven Labor Days in Labor Day Week and this is the second one. I still feel association with each one, 

as the music of ten thousand summers dies, and the conditioning of the fall beckons again, as if I'm not perennially unborn.

This is just to say that thoughts are secretly appearing in emotions. Each one is universal being filtered by belief. 

And seeing through emotion is like the black belt of personal deconstruction.

Don't get me wrong. I love the autumn. As the poet says, earth is the right place for love.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Rhapsody in Two

Sexual energy isn’t bad. Thinking it’s bad is unnatural. After all, the first sign of duality is one identifying with a gender.

After the root has taken hold, the priesthood of conditioning grabs you by the sacral chakra and so the heart becomes deformed.

Fighting one's conditioning is still conditioning. This is the dirty little secret of the empire’s priesthood. 

Seeing through conditioning is the only revolution. This is ultimately called turn, turn, turn. Or awakening.

Whether it's fundamental religion, scientific materialism, or new age magic, stop believing in your latest meta-paradigm.

And follow the bliss of this intentional kundalini to that enlightenment of self-awareness!

They say it's the end of August and time to put away all childish things. But Lord, I was never born. 

The leaves will drop but trees remain. An oak will fall in the forest but the planet abides. 

The earth is ground away but the sun still shines. A star collapses in an absolute black hole and I am that.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Original Math

Division can't be solved with more division. Any number divided by itself is one; any number divided by one is itself. Any number divided by zero is undefined. Any number divided by any other number is another number. 

This is not new math. This is original math. Disidentifying with universal consciousness, and identifying with a separate thought or set of thoughts or meta-paradigm of belief, is the original glitch.

There is no fundamental sin; there is no error—self-awareness requires an appearance in the mirror. The definition of religion is a point of view no longer seeing through itself. 

This explains why scientific materialism is the empire's new religion. My projection takes all seven billion paroxysms. Every paradox involves a god and goddess. If loving two is wrong, I don't want to be one.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Dreaming 2020

Conditioning is like pinball. This the pinball wizard knows. Projection is the pinball wizard's game. By calling out the next move, you're blinded when it happens.

Listen closely, algorithms are a thing of the past. Projection is the future. The only limitation is the cloud cover.

As consciousness is the expression of pure awareness, imagination is the expression of pure consciousness. Conditioned consciousness is conditioned imagination. Imagination is its own frontier.

Personal deconstruction frees imagination. Imagination is naturally compassionate, despite what priests of conditioned imagination are saying.

One is imagining the world already in a lazy kind of way while depending on one’s conditioning to do the work. Between conditioned dreaming and lucid dreaming is the entropy of dreaming. Call this dreaming dreaming, like 2020 dreaming.

Lie and conquer is like divide and conquer in the virtual world. Warning Will Rogers! Compassion doesn't take a side. Compassion is like evolution; it naturally intends. Call this unconditional love.

Christian science is a primitive form of true deconstruction as post-modernism is a late form of science. This will be on the test. The postmodern science of deconstructing science is better than nothing.

Let's speak about the unspeakable. Call this self-inquiry. Without it, poetry is just another business. What begins in Samsara and ends in Nirvana stays in Nirvana. I'm Nirvana, who are you?

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

This Unbelievable Formula

Belief makes the person. In the world of unnatural separation, belief is like security. You can never have too much.

When belief is threatened, a stronger belief is required. Belief is like gambling on the unknown. When your horse loses, you double down.

If one’s not willing to die for belief, it’s not belief. It’s a whimsy. Believe me, it’s a whimsy. Separation is original imagination.

Consciousness is like the force. The mind is like a resistor. Self-awareness is the amplification of awareness reflected in consciousness.

Focusing the force is called samsara. Compassion is the practice. Meditation or contemplation is the living.


1. money can’t buy me love. money buys unconditional belief.

2. gambling is an addiction to belief. war is its symptom.

3. paradise is universal consciousness; call this love. hell is identifying with the mind; call this belief.

4. universal force. the personal transistor. song of self-awareness.

5. if the product of deconstruction is not compassion, it’s not deconstruction. it’s just more mind games.


Without compassion, meditation is still personal. Only bodhicitta is enlightened. One not crying is either the one in samadhi or the one in politics. Enlightenment is sudden. Compassion takes a lifetime. Bodhicitta is enlightened mind. Teaching your children compassion is teaching your children well. The rest is the latest math.

This week’s sermon is compassion. Last week’s sermon was taking sides. Postmodern deconstruction equals primordial compassion. Compassion can’t be taught; it’s lived. An old dog knows all the tricks. You haven’t lived until compassion. Without compassion, one is born. With compassion, one is unborn. Compassify, compassify.

My Rumi 10 (lament and the law)

I’m never full of you. That is my only crime. Please do not finish loving me, my haven of both worlds.

But his cup grows tired of me. There is no carrier, no receptacle. And every moment this fish out of water grows thirsty.

Break the pitcher and tear that waterskin for I am heading for the sea. Make clear my way!

How long will the earth be swamped in my tears? How long will the sky be darkened by the smoke and ashes of my grief?

How long will my heart lament my heart, my desolate heart? How long will I howl before the specter of my sovereign?

Go to the sea where my wave of joy approaches. Watch my house and sanctuary as they drown within its breakers.

Last night the holy water of life overflowed my courtyard. The moon tumbled into the well like Joseph cast into the pit.

The rising waters flooded my harvest. Smoke rose from the heart of my home. Both grain and chaff were devoured.

My crop is gone but I shall not grieve. Why grieve? Just that halo of light around the moon is more than enough for me.

He pierced my heart. His likeness was that of fire. Its flames engulfed my skull. Even my prayer cap was consumed.

Do our ceremonies diminish dignity and ruin our respect? Who cares about my dignity. His love is my respect.

I thirst for neither intellect nor wisdom. His knowledge is enough for me. His faint face at midnight is the light of my dawn.

The forces of sorrow are gathering but I do not fear them, for our cavalry, legion on legion, has captured eternity.

But at the end of every ode, my heart laments the coming discourse. The law of God is summoning my heart again.

~transcreated from an Arberry translation (A-225) of a Rumi ghazal (F-1823)

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

After Transcreating My Ninth Rumi

After nine Rumi transcreations, one of the things I’ve newly noticed: each stanza (couplet, verse, whatever) is locked into another. I’ve read there is a question as to the unity of a Rumi ghazal, and this is one of the reasons why Coleman Barks edits the ghazal in his versions. 

I’ve found the opposite to be true. In fact, I find that a subsequent verse will send me back to a previous one to revise, after seeing the poem was going somewhere I hadn’t imagined. Like building a bridge one slat at a time, and returning to a previous one to correct the slack. 

In my Rumi 9 transcreation, the first 8 verses contain paradox after paradox about fish and the sea but slowly builds into something like a portrait of an enlightened fish. But verse 9, to me, is the key of the entire poem. 

Barks speaks of Walt Whitman when talking of changing Rumi into free verse, and verse 9 reminds me of Whitman’s sudden stop in Song of Myself, when after a litany of Whitmanic desription, he says: ”Enough! Enough! Enough! / Somehow I have been stunn’d. Stand back!” 

After all the paradox, Rumi says something like this: “How long shall you speak in riddles? Paradox bewilders the mind. Now speak clearly so the heart may hear.” In other words, he has successfully confounded the mind, put it out of the way, and now is free to speak to the heart. 

And the next verse is the clear heartfelt expression of his love for his ‘guru’ Shams Tabriz: “The venerable Shams is both my Lord and Master. By his grace, the land of Tabriz is perfume and ambergris.” And this is basically the climax of this love poem. 

In his version, Barks does refer to this in a way: “How / Long will I keep talking in riddles? Shams is the master who turns the earth.” But it’s too much of a gloss for my taste. It doesn’t present the power of this heretical statement. The next 2 verses are, of course important, and not completely anti-climactic. 

The last verse describes the effect Shams has had on Rumi, if there were still the soul of Rumi to describe. It goes something like this: “May I never have my soul again. For after tasting his wine and being drunk on his beauty, I am one in self-awareness.” What a poem! 

Monday, August 17, 2020

My Rumi 9 (fish and sea)

The sea will always offer up more fish, for fish are lesser than the sea.

You shall see the sea is the soul of a fish, for the sea is the fish of God’s own ocean.

The sea is like a nursemaid. And fish are like its feeding children. The woeful child is always looking for its milk.

The sea appears to be indifferent but its compassion for all fish is an infinite grace.

A fish that knows the sea is always caring no longer moves with pride but is ascending through the air.

For that singular fish, the sea is now its counsellor and no task is done without its consultation.

One could say this favored fish is like an emperor and the sea its prime minister.

If anyone were to call this fish a fish, every drop in the wrathful sea would be an arrow.

How long shall you speak in riddles? Paradox bewilders the mind. Now speak clearly so the heart may hear.

The venerable Shams is both my Lord and Master. By his grace, the land of Tabriz is perfume and ambergris.

If this world of thorns were to know his grace, all people would be soft and delicate like silk.

May I never have my soul again. For after tasting his wine and being drunk on his beauty, I am one in self-awareness.

~transcreated from an Arberry translation (A-108) of a Rumi ghazal (F-853)