Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Nonduality's Thing


Deconstructing the mind is silencing the mind with reasonable argument, 

logical presentation, and the mystical truth of consciousness only.


Negating the false is one thing but being the truth is nonduality’s thing.

Renunciation is not what people think. No one renounces; there’s no doing in maya.


When ripened in the nondualities of deconstruction and consciousness, 

things naturally drop. And don’t forget the revelations.

Feel the Prana! Witness the Prajna!

Prajna is awareness reflecting in prana.

Prajna is the fourth resounding in the three states of aham.

It’s always prana in and prajna out with this body-mind transistor.

Feel the prana informing every particle of this cubic body like a nuclear reactor.

Be aware of intuitions from awareness reforming the mind in upanishads of self-awareness.

We are ouroboros, a mass of consciousness with an open head caught in the act of self-awareness.

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Beyond Theories of Everything: The Truth of Nonduality (with footnotes)

Maya is to universal quantum consciousness (isvara) as avidya is to individual mass consciousness (aham). Isvara is to quantum mechanics as aham is to general relativity. Like nonduality (advaita) is to the theory of everything.

This atman includes the four quarters. The four quarters are deep sleep, dreaming, waking, and turiya, the fourth, the quarterless quarter, pure consciousness, absolute awareness, parabrahman. This atman is brahman.

Aham (I am) includes the three quarters, this mass of consciousness consisting of deep sleep, the dreaming state, and the waking state, excluding the stateless state of that fourth, turiya, parabrahman. Listen, on a little lower layer, I am that.




~Mandukya Upanishad (tr-Chinmayananda



1. ‘maya’ is the first word. and not for nothing.

2. brahman plus maya equals isvara.

3. avidya is maya relatively speaking.

4. quantum mechanics is to maya as general relativity is to avidya. none of it is real but they sure put on a good show.

5. maya, avidya, quantum mechanics, general relativity. only the names will change.

6. the personal (aham, i am) is based in avidya. the universal (isvara, vishnu) is based in maya.

7. a theory of everything will unify quantum mechanics and general relativity in the future, says science.

8. nonduality says, quantum mechanics is maya and general relativity is avidya. everywhere and always. here and now.

9. atman (the self) equals aham plus turiya.

10. Aham Equals Atman Minus Brahman!


the chorus sings:

a theory of everything will unify quantum mechanics and general relativity in the future, says science. 

nonduality says quantum mechanics is maya and general relativity is avidya now.


Atman equals Aham plus Parabrahman. I Am equals Atman minus Brahman! Atman is Brahman. Brahman is not Atman. Brahman is Atman minus Aham. I Am Is The Self. The Self Is Not I Am. The Self Is I Am Plus Awareness.

The Theory of Everything is like Atman equals Aham plus Parabrahman, I Am equals Atman minus Brahman, Atman is Brahman, Brahman is not Atman, Brahman is Atman minus Aham, I Am is The Self, The Self is not I Am, The Self is I Am plus Awareness. Self-awareness.


Bond. James Bond. Awareness. Self-awareness. Atman minus brahman equals samsara. Do not believe the myth but transcreate it faithfully. Absolute, quantum, atomic, mass, organic, active, self-awareness. That aham equals atman minus brahman is quite the concept considering atman equals brahman.

Friday, December 9, 2022

Still Dreaming Day Ananda

This dream has no beginning nor no end. Buddhas don’t stop dreaming; they just dream the Buddha stuff.

Maya is unborn as well. It’s all about multitasking, you see.

It's a matter of material perspective. Whether it’s consciousness manufacturing the dream as it is or the dream manufacturing consciousness as it isn’t, there’s still going to be a dream.

Seeing Dream Things

I am the seer of I am. I am not the seer of dreams; I am is.

To be seen, the dream resolves itself into I am. I am is the mass of consciousness, the consecrated host of self-awareness.

The waking state is not awake. That waking dream is like a dream of deep sleep feeling the pain and suffering of dreaming a dreamer.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The Mass of Aham Asmi
(The Garden of Dreaming Part II)

Awareness reflecting in consciousness is like a mirage of water in the desert air. If maya is mirage, consciousness is the water, and awareness is the space of sun, that is.

Disidentifying from the world body of the mind and identifying with this mass of consciousness known as aham asmi is the universal halfway house in nonduality for aham brahmasmi.

The mind, being an insentient object in reality, cannot know the absolute subject. This is why the absolute self is named the unknown.

This mass of consciousness is the sacred manifestation of the absolute self, called true knowledge. Dominus vobiscum. Et tu parabrahman.

The Garden of Dreaming

Prana in, prajna out. This body-mind complex is a consciousness processor. Awareness is always reflecting in consciousness but one has to pan for the gold

In the garden of dreaming don’t you know that you’re always true? In a universal garden, the knowledge of good and evil is another name for avidya. In this garden of nirvana, the body-mind usurps the noumenal.

Birth and death are mythic gods, concepts to be used in processing self-awareness, and not to be believed. Consciousness identifying with a form is the condition of my conditioning. Lucid dreaming is just being the self-evident unknown.

Saturday, December 3, 2022

A Work of Self-Awareness: On Turiya, I Am & Me

Thinking is not a problem. Thinking is a tool used by the hand of being in the work of self-awareness. But thinking the thinker is the hand is not just a problem. It also hurts. The world is a big world of hurt.

In this world, love is the hand of being. The real work shall go on; self-awareness is the manifestation of that absolute awareness. Pure consciousness is another name for absolute awareness. There is no name for that.

Pure consciousness becomes a mass of consciousness in this process of self-awareness. Another name for pure consciousness is turiya, the fourth. Another name for this mass of consciousness is deep sleep, the first state in the three states of I Am.

Pure consciousness becomes a mass of consciousness to enable my dream of self-awareness. This dream is going swimmingly until I dream I am the dreamer. What comes next is not as much a waking dream as a hurting one.

map 1: absolute awareness–pure consciousness–turiya–the fourth (self-awareness (I Am (mass of consciousness–deep sleep / the dream state / the dream of the dreamer–the waking world of hurt and love))). note: the first parentheses is called maya.

map 2: some say parabrahman is outside the parentheses. some say saguna brahman includes self-awareness and maya is the second parentheses (whereas avidya is the third). some say atman is self-awareness. some say atman is brahman. some say atman is not parabrahman. tricky nondualities.

map 3: a good myth is like a circle. you must be able to enter it at any point and still be able to go full circle. in other words, a good myth must ultimately reveal the same old truth, the seeker is the sought.

map 4: the manifest is a mass of pure consciousness like ice is a mass of pure water. as there are three states of water, there are three states of i-am. deep sleep, sleep dream, dream world. and space is like the fourth, the stateless state of water.

map 5: the natural state of water depends upon so much. actually, water is a state of h2o, as is ice and vapor. saying, the natural state of h2o, is to be more accurate. this is vedanta.

epistle 1: dear cs lewis. iow, pure consciousness becomes a mass of consciousness to enable my dream of self-awareness. yours truly.

epistle 2a: between nisargadatta and vedanta my life flows. more accurately, between nisargadatta and advaita, my life flows. n talks of awareness and consciousness and i am. av talks of pure consciousness, mass consciousness, and the three states of consciousness. 

epistle 2b: iow. awareness is pure consciousness. consciousness is mass consciousness. i-am is the three states of consciousness. awareness is parabrahman, pure consciousness is brahman, consciousness is atman, the three states of consciousness, i am.

epistle3: the scene can't know the seer as an island doesn't know the sea. good acting is being the seer. great acting is knowing there's nothing else to be. the seen appears in the seer and not vice versa. the scene is seen by the eye and the eye is heard by the mind but the mind is felt by being only, being only, being only.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Ten Blackbirdz

Meditation is like defaulting to being.

Meditation is not something one can do.

The art of nondoing is not about not doing

but not doing what you think you should and doing what you love.

One day each week shall be a Sunday. Make mine Monday.

Thought appears within being. Thought is the human in the human being.

Being is beyond all thought. Like islands in the sea.

Let’s not talk about intuition. Let intuition talk to us.

I am not the vehicle but I am the driver. Memorize this until you know it by heart.

As universal consciousness is the force, may love be with you.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Note to Atman

As there’s an invisible wall between dreaming and waking, there’s one between the waking dream and being awake, non-abidingly.

There’s an invisible wall I’d hit when hiking a mountain. Before was like struggling with that part of me that wanted to turn around. After was like clear sailing.

This invisible wall is like the one between thinking and being. The wall is the actual thinking itself, the nonconceptual concept.

The waking dream cannot imagine being awake. Awakened being cannot but see through the waking dream.

Maya Loves Avidya

The waking dream doesn’t fall asleep. The dreaming sleep dreams awaking.

Being falls asleep, a deep sleep, and in this deep sleep, dreams.

Maybe something like this: ((self-materialization) deepening being, 

sleeping deep, dreaming sleep, waking dream, being awake (self-awareness)).

Saturday, November 26, 2022

In the Name of Self-awareness

If sanity is a measurement of one’s adjustment to social conditioning, insanity is a negative number.
The wise one is the zero that sees through all the numbers.
Division, separation, and delusion: attorneys at law.
War is not a temporary condition of the world; war is the world.
Universal consciousness is the manifestation of absolute awareness.
The universe appears and disappears in universal consciousness in the name of self-awareness.

Instant Testament

Personal consciousness is divided from universal consciousness, separated from the present, and deluded into individual doing. No wonder people are strange.

Violence, alienation, and narcissism aren't aberrations in this personal consciousness. They are the ordinary manifestations of such division, separation, and delusion.

That there is any presence of peace, love, and understanding in this world is a testament to the power of universal consciousness and the glory of the real.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thanksgiving Ghazal

"not yesterday i learned to know the love of bare november days" ~Robert Frost

People live in the past and dream of the future but never be here now.
November is not a mixture of memory and desire. It’s detached from every season.

When it comes to the truth, there’s nothing the false can do but see through all the untruth.
What’s wrong with Thanksgiving if you don’t think about it?
Truly the world is the bonfire of the false.
And I am grateful for that infinite eternal fire which is revealed in the space of its deconstruction.

I am grateful for that rope which is revealed in the space of the snake's deconstruction.
I am that rope.

Consciousness which lives in the past and dreams of the future is the definition of a person.
Unconditioned consciousness is brahman. Brahman is the big in the big bang.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

And The Neti Neti Goes To

It’s only Tuesday but I miss must see Thursdays. Thrillers are easy. Comedy is hard. A good sitcom is neti neti at its best. Off the top of my head, in no order, these are my top ten sitcoms:

The mary tyler moore show. You had to be there. Cheers. Boston, you’re my dirty water. Seinfeld. Literally a show about neti neti. 30 rock. Roadrunner, roadrunner, faster neti miles an hour. Leave it to beaver. You always remember your first.

Community, parks & rec, all in the family, the american office, and both newharts as a single unit (the super finale being where newhart 1 is revealed to be the dreamer of this newhart 2 is sitcom nirvana).

Rope Love Snake

Citta, buddhi, prana? Scientific materialism is a religion. Religions are beliefs. All belief is lifeless. Nonduality is unbelievable!

If only modern physics would reserve a place for maya in their equations, there could be a final theory of everything uniting general relativity and quantum mechanics by tomorrow morning.

Paradox, thy name is maya. Avidya is mini-maya. Like the waking state is a super dream. It’s not about one’s seeing a snake in the rope, it’s about identifying with the snake, rope. Quiet, rope is talking to rope.

Sea of Seeing

If absolute consciousness manifests as being, intelligence, and the life force, then the false is materialist, believable, and lifeless.

The mind may be insentient but these reflections of consciousness make it appear to be a seer. You are not a seer, but, like any other object or eye, the seen.

Absolute consciousness is the one and only witness. And you are not a you for one is truly the seer.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

On First Light Mountain

Hiking in acadia np is not about the altitude. It’s altitude plus visibility.

The highest altitude is only 1530 feet. Cadillac mountain, nee green mountain, nee wapuwoc (first light mountain).

“It is known as the first place in the continental U.S. to see the sunrise, although that is only true for a portion of the year.”

Whatever. The point is not some statistic. The point is an infinite visibility to be seen from this dawnland overlooking the gulf of maine.

Imagine hiking weathered granite steps up the lower northwestern middle earth like slope, then scrambling up a pink granite desert sage ascension to the sudden crown of infinitely blue atlantic air space!

Once you see the truth, you never forget it.

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Reality Enough

Consciousness is the expression of brahman as voiced by maya. Thus consciousness is reality but reality is not consciousness.

But for someone identifying with an individual consciousness, that universal consciousness is reality enough.

(Individual consciousness is the expression of universal consciousness as voiced by avidya.)

The name of universal consciousness is, I am. The name of individual consciousness is, I am something.

‘Something’ is a concept. ‘I am’ is the immaculate conception. One deconstructs the concept while resting as an immaculate conception. We’re not nihilists after all.

The mind is the gate. Consciousness is the gateless gate. Just wait. Brahman has no name.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Tangled Up in Cairns

The teaching is not a map to follow.

The teaching is a map for those who know they’re lost,

to let them know where they are, and how they got there.

It’s like following the cairns on a naked peak in heavy fog.

The next cairn is visible only after losing sight of the last one.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

The Unknown Koan

Only the unknown deconstructs the known. The mind deconstructs the mind in the way a screwdriver unscrews a screw, but what drives the screwdriver? In the art of self-awareness, the unknown is destined to forget itself first. This forgetting is called the known.

True Information

The satguru informs the body-mind.

Be quiet, reality is contacting you

The force is with you. There’s no maybe about it.

Feel the prana from head to toe, or rather vice versa

Like an electric ouroboros, this prana is being swallowed by its prajna

The known appears in the unknown. 

The known is not true knowledge. Only the unknown is.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

The Real Satcitananda

Note to myself. Satcitananda doesn’t mean intelligence, being, bliss. 

Satcitananda points to that which is not unintelligent, not nonexistent, and not divided.

Intelligence and being are not difficult concepts to digest, but bliss is. Bliss doesn’t mean what you think.

Bliss as a whole is a word for that which is not divided, not suffering, not samsara.

In other words, that which is brahman is not unintelligent, not nonexistent, and not in a state of suffering.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Talking Mahavakyas

Lightning. Thunder. Revelation speaks. Intuition hears.

The Mahavakyas begin at the beginning. Consciousness is that.

(The little lower layer. Consciousness is the immaculate conception.

The material universe appears in consciousness and not vice versa.

One is consciousness and not the body-mind.)

And so it goes. Consciousness is that, thou this is that, this self is that, for I am that.

True Science

Scientific materialists speaking of stars collapsing into black holes but never touching upon that black whole manifesting stars in the first place tells a lot about scientific materialism but nothing else of note.

I’m not calling out scientific materialism in particular. It’s no different than any other religious cult. True believers love belief and not the truth. Forgive them for they know not what nondoing is to do. Let them without extended childhoods throw the first cheap shot. 

True science. Absolute awareness plus maya is universal consciousness. Universal consciousness plus avidya is individual consciousness. Individual consciousness plus deconstruction is self-awareness. Thus absolute awareness is self-aware. That is all.

Revelations in the Key of Brahman

Don’t think about it. Just be the unthinkable.

I don’t think I know brahman. I know I know brahman.

Brahman reveals to the mind, in what the mind calls intuition,

you are not the mind, and further, that i am brahman.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

On Avidya

Realization is not rocket science. The world is rocket science.

Realization is natural. Avidya is not.

Avidya is unwise. Avidya is conditioned consciousness.

Avidya is not vidya. Vidya is unconditioned knowledge.

Without avidya, who knows what vidya is? Vidya, of course.

Not a Haiku, Part 2

Absolute consciousness is a myth.

Universal consciousness is a fact.

Individual consciousness is a fiction.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Myth Is, Is Myth

Myth is like that proverbial sculpture. Myth is the aftermath of deconstruction. Myth is the manifestation of negative capability. Myth is dream minus belief, myth is lucid dreaming.

Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water is myth. Don’t throw out satcitananda with the neti neti is myth. Don’t mistake atheistic materialistic nihilism for perennial nonduality is myth.

Myth is in samsara but not of samsara. Myth is all the stage and myth is all the players in the play. Myth is the skeleton of consciousness and the heart of self-awareness. Myth is, is myth.

Not a Haiku

Self-awareness is happening.

Awareness? It never happened.

Brahman is not atman.

Nirvana Deconstructing

So there’s the prana force of universal consciousness, the body-mind transistor it creates, and the prajna self-awareness it is amplifying.

Self-awareness is not creation. Prajna consciousness is ever latent in prana consciousness. The body-mind is used to turn it up.

Prana consciousness identifying with its instrument is the necessary feedback loop in this process. There’s nothing wrong with samsara.

Thinking there’s something wrong with samsara ~is~ samsara. Knowing there's nothing wrong with samsara is nirvana deconstructing.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

The Life and Times of Mahamaya

There’s nothing wrong with the world. The world is perfect as it is. You cannot make a better world!

As one comes to nirvana through samsara, one comes to self-awareness through deconstructing the world.

Universal consciousness is the ground of individual consciousness, and that which sees

through individual consciousness is universal consciousness, the mahamaya.

There’s no going beyond the mahamaya. The mahamaya sees through all.

Mahamaya waits for brahman like the one beloved. Brahman whispers in my ear, mahamaya is brahman.

Cut to Dissolve

Individual consciousness is to be deconstructed. Universal consciousness is to be. Absolute consciousness is beyond.

Individual consciousness is a fiction of the mind. Universal consciousness is the dream of maya. Absolute consciousness is beyond.

The mind divides the universe into separate objects. This is fine. The mind identifies with a single object. This is problematic.

Division, identification, suffering, and deconstruction: the four directions of self-awareness. And in self-awareness, the self awaits awareness, to dissolve itself.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022


Manifestation is nothing but the process of self-awareness resting in the pink noise of I am. The world is not broken. Consciousness is broken. The world is consciousness in pieces. What is intelligence without thought? What is being without dreaming? What is one without two? Who am I?

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

A Natural Fact

Although it's a natural fact the mind can't go beyond manifestation and contact that which is beyond, a quiet mind may be contacted by that great beyond. The lesser cannot know the greater. The greater knows the lesser. For the lesser is the greater.

A Big Fat Story

Atman is the expression of Brahman. Consciousness is the formulation of awareness. The lower layer, universal consciousness is like high octane formula 1. Individual consciousness is like leaded gasoline. Love that dirty water, but pure awareness is my home.

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Four Way Way

This is not that. That’s why not this, not this, is a way to that.

Not this, not this, is the way of deconstruction.

The way of the paramahavakyas is: to be is that, this is that, all is that, i am that.

Personal deconstruction often ends in nihilism, yes. Religious atheism or scientific materialism.

This is why the way of the navnath prescribes a steady diet of i-am while deconstructing one’s not two.

Viveka, jnana, and tantra, oh my! Don’t forget bhakta sings my beloved.


There are no words for truth. Even satcitananda doesn’t describe the truth. Satcitananda describes the manifestation of the truth.

The lower layer, satcitananda doesn’t exactly describe the positive aspects of manifestation but instead describes the negative capability of manifestation.

Satcitananda signifies that which is not nonintelligent, not nonexistent, and not not blissfully holistic.

Let’s call the four classical mahavakyas the paramahavakyas. Let’s transcreate prjnanam brahma as: to be is that.

Tattvamasi: thou this is that. Ayam atma brahma: this all is that. Aham brahma asmi: I am that.

To be is that, thou this is that, this all is that, for I am that

The paramahavakyas are considered divine revelation. These great sayings are not negative. But neither are they positive. They are beyond all duality.

The upanishads do not contain the paramahavakyas. The paramahavakyas manifest the upanishads.

Thursday, November 3, 2022


Revelation, the satguru disclosing truth to the mind. Revelation.

Intuition, the mind is looking at the revelation. Intuition.

Meditation, device of reflection or consideration. Meditation.

Stop in meditation, look at intuition, listen to its revelation. Medituitrevel!


meditation 101. watching the thinking flow and not flowing with the thinking.

truth reveals itself to mind. this is revelation. mind is touched by revelation. this is intuition. consciousness is talking to consciousness. the quiet mind is priceless. this is meditation 201.

prajnanam brahma 301.

tattvamasi is meditation 401.

aham brahma asmi is your doctorate in satguru. we don't call them doctors. just guru.

poetry is the expression of intuition. prophecy is the expression of revelation.

between poetry and prophecy is this paraverse.

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Waiting For The Satguru

Consensual reality is conceptual reality and conceptual reality is no reality at all.

Reality is not conceptual. There are no names for Tao. And Brahman just means the great, but that which is great is left unsaid.

Conceptual reality exists in order to be deconstructed, but you’ll still need to wear some ego at the supermarket.
The past, present, and future are all in the past. Concepts only live in memory.

You can never reach reality. Reality reaches you.

All you can do is stop, look, and listen, and even this is not your doing.

Call this intuition or waiting for the satguru.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Seven Faces of Maya

Consciousness is the expression of awareness. Imagination is the expression of consciousness

Myth is the expression of imagination, ego is the expression of myth.

Deconstruction is the expression of ego, self-inquiry is the expression of deconstruction

Self-awareness is the expression of self-inquiry. Aware (maya—consciousness, imagination, myth, ego, deconstruction, self-inquiry, self-awareness—maya) ness.

Friday, October 28, 2022

Brahman Isn't Atman

One's neither in the world nor of the world, but the world's in and of oneself.

Finally oneself is brahman. And brahman is neither in oneself nor of oneself. As above, so below.

As the mahavakyas say, consciousness is brahman, and not brahman is consciousness.

In other words, the conceptual is ultimately nonconceptual, but the nonconceptual is never conceptual.

Prana consciousness amplified by an integrated circuitry of consciousness called the body-mind is prajna consciousness.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Maya's Third Symphony

Self-awareness is awareness.
Awareness is not self-awareness.
Self-awareness is the destination of duality.
Nonduality is another name for absolute awareness.
Awareness is not nonduality.

Duality, nonduality, and self-awareness is the Holy Trinity of Maya.
This self is awareness. Brahman isn’t atman. This self is brahman.

footnotes to self.

another name for meditation is attention. practice paying attention at least once day. and say your prayers at night.

self-awareness is timeless. being self-aware happens when you don't think about it.

the practice is being self-aware for as long the mind can stand it. in-between we play our mindless games. not that there's anything wrong with mindless games. they help with spiritual indigestion. just try not to hurt someone.

ego is me. superego is god talking through me. there is no god in self-awareness. there's only consciousness. 

consciousness isn't a god. although everything appears in consciousness and everything is consciousness, all isn't consciousness.

reminder. there are three states of consciousness, five superimpositions and seven stages of self-awareness.

as you will remember, the three states of consciousness are waking, dreaming, and deep sleeping.

the waking state includes higher states of waking consciousness. and lower states of waking consciousness as well. ultimately they're all conceptual.

the five superimpositions are outer, inner, thinker, doer, and lover

bell calls the seven stages of self-awareness, light, nuclear, atomic, molecular, vegetable, animal, and dominion.

also remember, there are four mahavakyas. prajnanam brahma, tattvamasi, ayam atma brahma, aham brahmasmi.

my transcreation goes, consciousness is brahman, there is no transcreation for tattvamasi, this atman is brahman, i am brahman.

similarly, if prana consciousness is, i am; and prajna consciousness is, i am that; ouroboric self-awareness is, i am that i am.

if all goes as planned, the world's population will hit 8 billion before the end of 2022. that's 8 billion buddhas. if there's ten thousand universes in every buddha, that's further than the webb can see. 

"everybody's a dreamer and everybody's a star." other selves are circumstantial. all i really know is myself. i assume the same is true for you. if not, try it for 3 weeks.

i purchased a ticket to omnipresent self-awareness and all i got was this body-mind.

the body-mind is formula one. dna is like original script. revelation is like going off script. revelation is like going off script. social conditioning sucks. love doesn't suck. 

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Transcreating Four Agreements

I’m still very much a fan of the four agreements. They’re not like the ten commandments. Rather they're understandings, agreements with ourself. They’re psychological mahavakyas. They’re contemporary new age non-nihilistic neti neti. They’re an elementary education for those lost in the material world.

Impeccable is quite the word. Not capable of sin. Flawless. True words are flawless diamonds.

The taking things as a person is what makes you a person blues.

Belief makes an ass of you & me.

It goes against all social conditioning but nondoing is really doing your best.

~my transcreation of the four agreements as revealed by the toltec nagual don miguel ruiz.

Apres don miguel ruiz, eckhart tolle. The business plan is to merge the streams of krishnamurti and ramana maharshi. The power of now is true to its school, good stuff. I’ve a soft spot for tolle. I first came across the name of nisargadatta maharaj in his recommended readings.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

From 111 to 777 in No Time Flat

Self-realization is the 7th subdivision of the 7th substage of the 7th stage of the self-reflexive universe. Thus 777 is the number of the satguru.

Other than being, there’s non-being. Some call this concept maya. 111 is maya’s first name. Others say ananda is whole and that’s why there’s the bliss.

There’s no intelligent design. There’s just intelligence. Only brahman is intelligent. The universe is but the manifestation of that intelligence.

Ignorance, miscalculation, and unintelligence. These are other names for maya. It’s not that you won’t ever get there from here. It’s you’re not here at all. This is maya’s paradox.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Vishnu And Isvara Are Alright Tonight

Everything is permeated by prana consciousness.
Prana consciousness is like this life force of universal electricity.

The body-mind is like a transistor amplifier.
Awareness is reflecting in the force
of prana consciousness which is the input.

The prajna of self-awareness is the output.
Everything appears in prajna consciousness.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

The Mahavakya Slap


God is a concept. Me too.
Prajnanam brahma is a concept too, but the mahavakyas are to advaita vedanta what the zen slap is to zen.

Everything appears in consciousness. No one manufactures consciousness.
An appearance cannot create that within which it is appearing!
Is the corollary to mahavakya one.
This is like a slap in the face to the body-mind industrial complex.
And since the body-mind is nothing but a complex thought,

This mahavakya is actually a slap in the original face.
Who said consciousness talking to consciousness has to be pretty?


Concepts are tools. There’s nothing wrong in being the hammer. But identifying with the hammer, on the other hand, hurts. Maybe use the hammer and don’t let the hammer use you.

Materialism is nothing new. Ever since duality, there’s been only two meta-paradigms. Being is the first, and some say only. Materialism is the second.

Does consciousness appear in the material world, or does the material world appear in consciousness? That is the real question here. Here’s a clue for you. Try answering this question while unconscious.

Although the zen slap appears to have a physical component, it’s this physical component the zen slap is spontaneously deconstructing. Thus the zen slap is a slap in the original face.

Similarly is the mahavakya just consciousness slapping consciousness, conceptually speaking. Spirituality may be pretty, but nonduality is real.

awareness and self-awareness are nondual—

consciousness is the word of self-awareness; 

divine imagination is the word of consciousness; 

revelation is the word of divine imagination;

self-awareness is the word of revelation—

self-awareness and awareness are nondual.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

If a Snake Hisses in the Superstring


Brahman plus illusion equals rope.
Rope plus delusion equals snake.

If universal consciousness minus maya equals brahman,
Then universal consciousness equals brahman, period.

If the mind is rational, is maya irrational?
If the mind speaks in myth, does maya speak in paradox?

The world is the antisatcitananda.
Crow caws the causelessness of crow.


Something didn’t happen;
Self-awareness happens.

Space-time is a cross-section of that self-awareness.
Forgetting, turning, and evolving is the story of this space-time.

Maya is forgetful.
Mahavakya, mahavakya, mahavakya,

Evolution is the satguru in action.


Something didn’t happen; self-awareness happens. Space-time is a cross-section of that self-awareness. Forgetting, turning, and evolving is the story of this space-time. Maya is forgetful. The paramahavakyas are the turning. Evolution is the satguru in action.

Friday, October 14, 2022

Waves of Deconstruction, Mahavakya Deep


Not the car, not the driver, not even an owner.
I’m the witness in the back.

Not leaf, nor tree, nor earth, nor sun,
But the black whole ananda beyond.

Not the personality of mind, nor the universality of consciousness,
But the absolute awareness of brahman.

Not spindrift nor waves,
But sea.


A straight line is the first belief, connecting two different thoughts in space-time.

Two beliefs form an angle. three beliefs make a religion. For every additional belief, there's a different denomination.

Christian materialism and scientific materialism are not that different. The adjectives only modify materialism. They're both pretenders to the Roman throne.

A Mahavakya is neither scientific theory nor religious dogma. It's an ultimate statement of fact inviting one's intuitive confirmation. Truth does not require blind allegiance nor experiential proof.

two footnotes

one doesn't own the mind. who identifies with a taxi?

consciousness is brahman but brahman isn't consciousness. the wave is of the sea. the sea is not of the wave.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

On Prana, Prajna, and the Ouroboric Myth

Prana consciousness is like I am.
Prajna consciousness is like I am brahman.

Prana is like universal consciousness.
Prajna is like absolute awareness.

In the Aitareya, prana is said to enter the body through the feet,
And prajna through the cleft of the skull like a newborn.

Prana and prajna form this ouroboric myth.
Is prana disappearing into the maw of prajna, or does prajna project prana through its gateless gate?

Is an ouroboros snake or rope?
So much depends upon our point of view, maya.

The prana tantra of I am.
The ultimate mahavakya of I am brahman.


prajna is latent and unrealized reflecting in prana. so turn it up to eleven, funky body-mind.

prana consciousness is prajna brahman, quoth the aitareya.

the priests and priestesses of the great religion of scientific materialism talk a lot about old suns collapsing into black holes, but almost nothing about that unknowable whole projecting stars in the first place.

so much depends


the prana


glazed with thought


reflecting the real


if consciousness is the wave, and awareness is the ocean, the mind is like the sea foam. 

attention, consciousness is brahman, but the ocean is not the wave, sea foam. 

atman is brahman, but brahman is not atman. brahman plus maya equals isvara, maya.

entertainment is personal. the personal is false. art is truth. truth is beauty. the beautiful is impersonal.

vedanta is just metaphysical mathematics. everything equals brahman. brahman plus maya equals everything.

1. prajnanam brahma.

consciousness is absolute.

the material world appears in consciousness and not vice versa.

this is mahavakya one. without getting this one, no one passes go.

2. tattvamasi.

there are no words for tattvamasi or tao.

3. ayam atma brahma.

this self is absolute.

do not follow leaders,

watch your self.

4. aham brahmasmi.

not exactly i am brahman,

but i, brahman, am.

i, brahman, am.

from i am, to i, brahman, am, in 3/5 of a mile in 10 seconds


Saturday, October 8, 2022

Satcitananda Paravakya

Intuition is intelligent awareness.

As affectionate awareness is the ananda in satcitananda, intelligent awareness is the cit.

Is existing awareness the sat? Thus self-awareness is affectionate, intelligent, and not nihilistic.

As the quantum universe is the manifestation of being, wisdom is to intelligence, and love, ananda.

Deep down I know there’s only brahman, and I love that, am that, yes I do.

Consciousness is brahman, you are brahman, atman is brahman, I am brahman.


lucid dreaming is living unconditionally.

living unconditionally, dreaming lucidly, and sleeping the sleep of the absence of duality.

deep sleep is my everyday samadhi.

affectionate, intelligent, and not nihilistic.

like the tao, there are no words for tattvamasi.

i am brahman, is the ultimate mahavakya. in other words, i am that.

prana in, prajnanam brahma.

scientific materialism is the western metaparadigm

to the western metaparadigm, consciousness is just another product of the body-mind for sale

turn, turn, turn. prajnanam brahma.

materialism is a nightmare

earth is appearing

in the ground of consciousness

like venus flytraps

the material world is like an integrated circuit. consciousness is the power.

prajnanam brahma is mahavakya one. pass go.

mahavakya two. there are no words for tattvamasi.

3. this i is the absolute i.

in conclusion, aham brahma asmi.

from tat tvam asi to aham brahma asmi in nothing flat.

from mere discriminative knowledge to unitive knowledge

The normal intuition takes the form “I am this or that-body, mind, etc”. The discriminative process must take the form, “I am not this, not that (neti, neti).” The end of the process will only come when there is nothing left to be negated. We then know the real Self. Perhaps all discrimination of the type mentioned above has the tendency to keep the Self apart and treat it as some kind of object. In that case, knowledge through discrimination alone is bound to remain incomplete, and even infected with a slight error. We should then need a leap, with the aid of positive statements or mahavakyas of Sruti, from mere discriminative knowledge to unitive knowledge.


Friday, October 7, 2022

Nisargadatta on Awareness and Consciousness

 One morning, when I had paid my respects to Maharaj and sat down, I found that there were only two other persons present. Maharaj suddenly said: What is the difference between 'awareness' and 'consciousness', if any? When something like this happens, one does not really know whether he expects an answer, or whether he is merely thinking aloud. One hesitates to answer for fear of breaking the flow of his thoughts. But then, he might also say: Why don't you answer? Have you been wasting my time, listening to the talks all these days? This morning, however, he carried on without waiting for an answer.

He observed that awareness is of the Absolute, and, therefore, beyond the three Gunas (Gunatita); whereas consciousness is something fed by, and limited by, the food-body. When the food-body is destroyed, consciousness also disappears. Mind you, no one dies -the body, made of the five elements mingles with the elements when it is lifeless, and consciousness, which is subject to the three Gunas, becomes free of the Gunas. Awareness is the primordial original state, prior to the concept of space-time, needing no cause, no support. It simply is. However, the moment the concept of consciousness arises on this original state of unicity, the sense 'I am' arises, causing a condition of duality. Consciousness is with a form, a reflection of awareness against the surface of matter. One cannot think of consciousness apart from awareness; there cannot be a reflection of the sun without the sun. But there can be awareness without consciousness. In deep sleep, for instance, there is no consciousness (it is resting) but awareness is certainly there, because, on waking, one is aware of having slept; but only on waking.

~Ramesh Balsekar

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Six Degrees of Self


Everything is appearing in myself, even you.

This is no individually manufactured consciousness talking.

The universe appears in universal consciousness and not vice versa.


The world is unreal. That’s why it’s so believable.

Only the unidentifiable self is real. Atman is brahman.

Note to self: stop objectifying brahman and quit personifying atman.


In other words, Jesus is saying my neighbor is appearing in myself. This is why it’s love your neighbor as yourself and not as if yourself.

It’s prajnanam brahma, not prajnanam incorporated. (I saw the best hearts of my generation destroyed by materialism.)

The universe is god the child. Universal consciousness is god the parent. And I am the wholly absolute. In the names of.

All beliefs are conspiracy theories. It’s like the big bang out there every day. This virtual frontier is beginningless! Like maya, not coincidentally.

The allure of any ufo is its unidentifiability. Game recognizes self.

All sounds appear in silence. The forest is not the ground. There is no tree. All of the above.

Saturday, October 1, 2022

The Four Paramahavakyas

Consciousness is not a fruit of the material world. Consciousness is the absolute ground. In other words, prajnanam brahma.

The body-mind at best is a consciousness transistor. Prana in, prajna out. Consciousness is the power. And tattvamasi.

A material universe is not the big bang of an unknown god. This consciousness is the universal manifestation of the supreme godhead. Atman is brahman.

Not only is consciousness the manifestation of the absolute, I am the absolute. If one can’t know the unknown, be the unknown. Aham brahmasmi.


1. the great turning. that sudden unconditioning of conditioned consciousness. turn, turn, turn.

the face in the mirror

suddenly seeing

one is not this human face

but that mercurial quicksilver space

in which it is appearing,

that is,

my original face

that a material universe appears in universal consciousness is a dream called avidya.

call this dream samsara.

that universal consciousness appears in absolute awareness is a dream called maya.

call this dream nirvana.

believing i'm not brahman is the pill of my conditioning. 

thinking i'm a sinner in the hands of an angry god is its subsequent hallucination.


consciousness is not a neuroscience.

are we not body-minds? we are kensho. d.e.v.o.

the day that dreams the night appears within the night that dreams the day.

relax. self-awareness already happened.

apocalypse notes

consciousness cannot be defined by thought. thought is defined by consciousness.

pro tip. before questioning everything, question that in which everything appears. in other words, who am i?

if self-awareness is the manifest, maya is the hyphen.

thought has no beginning. any beginning is just another thought.

genesis notes

that which sees through thought is netinetisan.

like question belief and love consciousness. this is like the practice.

you cannot put out a fire. you can only help a fire put out itself.

if thought appears in universal consciousness and consciousness appears in absolute awareness, the satguru is appearing in your thoughts, wo/man.


as consciousness is the expression of the absolute, and divine imagination is the expression of consciousness, spontaneous revelation is the expression of divine imagination. this is my poetics.

Friday, September 30, 2022

The Joy of Non-duality

"This bliss of Brahman cannot be conceived by us. It is so unlike all our joys! All our joys have a negative side. They relate to some object of desire. Desire means some felt deficiency; and every deficiency is painful. Desire thus makes for disharmony and restlessness. Our whole life is full of active and incipient desires, and it is therefore full of the pain of existence. When a desire is temporarily fulfilled, a state of painfulness is removed. This removal of pain is felt by us as an inner expansion and joy. There is nothing positive about it. The removal of pain does not add a value to our being. It merely leads to the re-manifestation of that joy which is natural to our inner being and which was hidden by desire. Real joy is therefore different from a bubbling joy or a joy that creates a new kind of restlessness. It is characterised by equanimity, poise and peace. It is a state of desirelessness. There is no enjoyer in it, and nothing enjoyed. It is the joy that more nearly approximates to the joy of non-duality.

The joy of Brahman is qualitatively different from all other joys. It has no negative side. It is purely positive. There is no desire and no fulfilment of desire. It is the joy of being. Being itself is bliss. There are joys which are the products of inner pressures and outer fortune. The bliss of Brahman is different from them all. It is the own nature of Brahman. To know Brahman is therefore to know It as blissful. If we presumably know Brahman, but do not feel the bliss of Brahman, it is not genuine knowledge of Brahman at all. Knowledge and bliss are here inseparable."


Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Unborn Imagination

A universe divided is samsara.

The universe as it is is maya.

Leaves fall. Trees return to the ground.

Dreams only happen in a dream.

Self-awareness is the primal dream.

Even red giants return to the black whole of brahman.

Consciousness is the stuff of self-awareness as the stuff of the self is being.

Brains do not manufacture consciousness. Prajnanam brahma.

Leaves fall, trees return, planets die, suns are unborn.


Samsara undivided is maya.

Remember, the manifestation of samsara is nirvana.

If a leaf falls, does the ground hear it?

It’s not what you dream, but that you dream, which is worthy of inquiry.

If awareness is brahman, self-awareness is maya-brahman.

Like a cat's cradle, there's no damn wave, and no damn particle.

Consciousness is the stuff of self-awareness as the stuff of the self is being. Consciousness is that unmodified being within which dream-worlds like metaphors appear.

Brains do not manufacture consciousness. Prajnanam brahma. This is like mahavakya one.

If zeno, mu. If maya, aum.


Get your myth together.

If consciousness is the expression of the absolute, divine imagination is the expression of consciousness.

Forgetting is like the hypen in self-awareness. Another name for this forgetting is materialism.

Belief is the foundation of materialism.

There is no difference between scientific theory and religious dogma.

Myth is pre-modern deconstruction.

Nonduality is like lofi myth.

The worst kind of nonduality is this kind of nonduality which doesn't know that nonduality is myth unplugged.

In nonduality, a trinity is awareness, consciousness, and mind.

Myth is positive deconstruction, is it not?

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Manifesting Silence

One cannot know the Great one. One can only be the Great one.

Brahman is not an object to be known by a pseudo-subject.

Awareness is the only intelligence. Consciousness is the only knowledge. The mind is the only known.

Identification with the mind is like living in the past. And the past is just a fiction.

Silence isn’t golden. Ignorance isn’t bliss. Silence is bliss.

After the satisfaction of a particular desire, there is this temporary bliss. That is silence.

If atman is brahman, consciousness is awareness, knowledge is intelligence.

If silent knowledge is knowing being, it’s only manifestation is self-awareness.

old footnotes

Being the unknown is intuitive. Do not overthink it.

As the attempted usurpation of the noumenon by some phenomena is resulting in the great samsaric war.

The ignorance of body-mind is the great turning in the reflexive universe of self-awareness.

This ignorance is like a carpenter identifying with its saw.

No name for silence; silence is not an idol. In fact, samsara is the anti-bliss.

After the negative has been undone in space-time, there’s this non-abiding zenlike zero called kensho.

Bliss isn’t what you think it is. Bliss is default. You can’t handle the truth. This self is great. This prana is prajna. This great intent is self-awareness.

Self-awareness is the manifestation of absolute awareness. An evolutionary universe is the manifestation of self-awareness. Samsara is the manifestation of this universe. Nirvana is the manifestation of samsara.

Malkani on Pure Awareness (cit)

 Thought is intelligent, the ego is intelligent, the mind in general is intelligent, not of themselves, but because of their relation, the relation of false identity, to the pure intelligence, which is the only true knower. This knower knows, but is never itself known.


To sum up, when I know x, x is the object and I am thek nower. When I know this knower (pramana), the knower is the object while that which knows it is pure awareness. This pure awareness or pure intelligence is the ultimate term in all knowledge.


The conclusion is inevitable that there is a superficial subject and a real subject. The latter is of the nature of pure intelligence. It is the ground of all appearances, both objective and subjective. It is the ultimate metaphysical reality. There is no other.


Pure awareness is no object of any kind. It is different from all objects. Its reality is in a class by itself. To know it, we must have a different kind of approach. It must not be an objective approach. Objectively, it will just not be there. Hume's analysis of the self is quite revealing on this point. He could not find a permanent self. Can anyone find pure awareness? Any such attempt is doomed to failure. The more we go within ourselves, the farther does the self retire from our view. If we could fix it, it would cease to be the self it really is. The self as it really is refuses to oblige a secular gaze."


Friday, September 23, 2022

Malkani on Brahman and Being

 “All creation is within being, not creation of being.”

“Brahman is the Great. The Great is that beyond which nothing can be greater. A measure of its greatness is provided by the world. The world which is limitless in time and limitless in space is still contained within Brahman.”

“Things are nothing without being, their pervasive ground. Take away being, and things are reduced to nothing. The same cannot be said of being. Things contribute nothing to being. The dependence is therefore essentially one-sided. It is things that are adjectival to being…”

“Adjectival existence is not real existence. It is dependent and illusory. Thus being is the reality of all things. And so the Upanisads declare, ‘Verily all this is Brahman.’

This does not mean that things are brahman, or nature is brahman, or there is an equivalence between Brahman and the world. It means that Brahman alone is, not the things. Or in other words, things are negated in brahman.”

~G. R. Malkani, ‘Metaphysics of Advaita Vedanta'

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Psycho Brahman

Reality is not phenomenal.

Consciousness is reality.

A physical psycho is appearing in consciousness!

You are not the psycho, people. You are not the snake, rope.

Consciousness meet consciousness. 

Self meet brahman.


reality is not phenomenal. phenomena is emptiness.

consciousness is reality. prajnanam brahma is the first paramahavakya.

a physical psycho is appearing in consciousness! the dream cries maya.

you are not the psycho, people. tattvamasi.

you are not the snake, rope. you are not the scene, seer.

consciousness meet consciousness. seer meet the seer.

self meet brahman. this is the third paramahavakya.

that i am brahman is unsaid.

to recap the paramahavakyas being said tonight. 1. consciousness is the absolute. 2. TATTVAMASI 3. the self is the great one.

"this was brahman in the beginning. it knew itself only as “i am brahman.” therefore it became all. it is the same with seers and the same with all people. to this day, whoever knows the self as “i am brahman,” becomes all this."

~brihadaranyaka upanishad (tx-aumdada).

the four paramahavakyas are bigger than the four agreements.

the four paramahavakyas are not a secret but almost no one knows them.

one. prajnanam brahma,

i.e. consciousness is foundational,

in parentheses, the body-mind does not manufacture consciousness, materialist;

transistorizing prana to prajna happens in consciousness

and what happens in consciousness stays in consciousness, awareness.

2. that y'all be, tattvamasi, fool.

3. atman is brahman. universal consciousness is absolute consciousness. individual consciousness is maya.

4. i am brahman. let there be light.

Prajnanam Brahma, Tat Tvam Asi, Ayam Atma Brahma, Aham Brahma Asmi.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

The truth of faith or of belief is thus practical only. Knowledge alone is primarily and literally true.

We contend that in the absence of knowledge, we naturally support an intellectual attitude to super-sensible reality through belief or faith. But this is bound by its very nature to be a transitory state. No-one can permanently rest in faith. Faith demands to be transformed into knowledge and is only justified by knowledge. Till this justification is forthcoming, there is bound to remain in faith an element of doubt. Doubt is indicative not only of inadequate knowledge, but also of the subjectivity of it. The truth of faith or of belief is thus practical only. Knowledge alone is primarily and literally true. As long as knowledge has not arisen, the truth of belief is necessarily in doubt. It is therefore a necessity of our intellectual life that we must rise above the subjectivity of belief to the objectivity of truth. Advaita Vedanta enables us to do so.

~G.R. Malkani

The religion of Truth thus supersedes all other religion.

Advaitism, we can truly say, has all the important elements of religion present in it,—faith in the scripture, discipleship, the goal of self-realization and all those inner qualities of moral purity which are necessary for the knowledge of the Highest Spiritual Reality. Only it is not religion as ordinarily understood. It is not a religion of dogma. A dogma, unlike knowledge, is a challenge to reason. Its only justification lies in our emotional and volitional life. Truth needs no such justification. It transforms our emotions and our volitions by a necessity of its own nature. The religion of Truth thus supersedes all other religion.

~G.R. Malkani

Saturday, September 17, 2022

POV: Nondualty

From a material point of view, self-awareness is the big bang.

From a nondual point of view, self-awareness is awareness,

and the self in self-awareness is maya.

Conditioned consciousness is the stuff of maya.

The mind is the stuff of conditioned consciousness.

Myth is the stuff of the mind,

deconstruction is the stuff of myth

and awareness is the stuff of deconstruction.


1. materialists call self-awareness, evolution

2. atman is brahman ad infinitum

3. brahman is not atman, period.

4. the pot is calling the crock clay

5. like a cloud dividing sky, the mind is a divider

6. isvara is brahman multiplied by maya

7. a myth not busy deconstructing is busy building a religion

8. awareness in, awareness out

the curator’s corner 2

I responded to someone in the comments for just the third time this year.

It was about n’s reference to impure thought. An impure thought, according to n as I understand it is not a matter of immorality, but one of immortality.

Actually, mortality is the impure thought.

Immortality is the pure thought.

N does not veer away from thought. Myth is just another practice. I am immutable…

“I too am untranslatable, I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.”

on paramahavakya one

Another name for conditioned consciousness is materialism.

All roads in the westen empire lead to scientific materialism.

The western empire co-opted science in the same way as constantine co-opted christianity.

The first law of scientific materialism is that consciousness is produced by the body-mind.

This is the crown of belief.

The first paramahavakya of the rebel rishis is prajnanam brahma.

Consciousness is the absolute. The body-mind is dream-produced by consciousness.

Prajnanam brahma is not dogma, my dear mu. It’s a statement of fact.

And you’re not being asked to blindly believe these words. But your mission, if you accept it, is to confirm them in realization.

transcreating basho 2

kimi ya cho

ware ya soshi ga

yume gokoro


you butterfly

i zhuangzi

heart of dreamness

transcreating basho 1

"I'm Nobody! Who are you?

Are you – Nobody – too?

Then there's a pair of us!

Don't tell! they'd advertise – you know!

How dreary – to be – Somebody!

How public – like a Frog –

To tell one's name – the livelong June –

To an admiring Bog!


full moon pond

frog entering

water splashing

(which is first)


transcreating basho 1

furu ike ya

kawazu tobikomu

mizu no oto

funny how emily dickinson seems so wordy when compared to basho, instead of let's say, walt whitman.

i'm nobody.

are you a frog?


~emily basho

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

This Simple Fact of Consciousness


Thought filters consciousness. This is called emotion.

When such thoughts and their emotions are accepted as reality, this is called belief.

Belief is nothing but a thought form. Thus reality is not a form.


Forms appear in consciousness. Consciousness does not appear in form. This is the initial key to going further.

Materialists, both the scientific and religious kinds, think consciousness appears in form. Or from form.

This form of belief in scientific materialism is called theory. This form of belief in religion is called dogma.


The fact that form is appearing in consciousness is not an act of belief, either theoretical or dogmatic.

Understanding this simple fact of consciousness is purely experiential, strictly observational, and innately natural.

Some call this understanding an awakening, insight, satori, savikalpa samadhi, or aha!



Thought filters consciousness.

I stole this concept from Ruiz. His math goes: love minus thought equals emotion. Let’s call this the Don’s postulate.

Belief equals thought plus emotion. In circularity, belief is like a whirlpool.

It begins in thought, is propelled by emotion, and goes down the rabbit hole of belief.


Forms appear in consciousness. Consciousness does not appear in form.

This cannot be emphasized enough. This is, in essence, the first paramahavakya: prajnam brahma.

It’s not that form is the absolute. Consciousness is the absolute.

The western world and all its materialist works of art, philosophy, and fictions, is made obsolete by these sanskrit words: prajnanam brahma.


Understanding this simple fact of consciousness is purely experiential, strictly observational, and innately natural.

There’s the rub.

This is why the sage is pointing to the moon.

This why the tao that can be spoken is not the true tao.

Experiential, observational, and natural: in other words, beyond words.

The myths of nonduality can only take you so far.

It’s like Zeno’s paradox or some zen koan.

Only consciousness fills in the blanks.

end notes


No one speaks the truth.

One can only be not-it.

If all forms, including all thought-forms called belief,

appear in consciousness, then all beliefs appear in consciousness.

Thus consciousness is not believable but foundational.

Beyond words but that you are.

Love is not believable

but almost eight billion people know it when they see it.


Even unconsciousness appears in consciousness.

According to the myth of nonduality, awareness does not appear in consciousness.

Accordingly, the sun is currently appearing in a black hole next to you.

It’s not so much the sun of consciousness is collapsing as the black hole of absolute awareness is being self-aware.

Maya just means the truth is way beyond the mind.

The mind prefers duality.

If nonduality minus maya equals duality,

then nonduality equals duality plus maya.


Maya is just another way of saying 

That beyond the reaches of the mind.

Philosophy is truth 

according to the mind lol.

I’m not as much the sun of consciousness


as the black w/hole of absolute awareness