Sunday, October 23, 2022

Transcreating Four Agreements

I’m still very much a fan of the four agreements. They’re not like the ten commandments. Rather they're understandings, agreements with ourself. They’re psychological mahavakyas. They’re contemporary new age non-nihilistic neti neti. They’re an elementary education for those lost in the material world.

Impeccable is quite the word. Not capable of sin. Flawless. True words are flawless diamonds.

The taking things as a person is what makes you a person blues.

Belief makes an ass of you & me.

It goes against all social conditioning but nondoing is really doing your best.

~my transcreation of the four agreements as revealed by the toltec nagual don miguel ruiz.

Apres don miguel ruiz, eckhart tolle. The business plan is to merge the streams of krishnamurti and ramana maharshi. The power of now is true to its school, good stuff. I’ve a soft spot for tolle. I first came across the name of nisargadatta maharaj in his recommended readings.

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