Friday, October 14, 2022

Waves of Deconstruction, Mahavakya Deep


Not the car, not the driver, not even an owner.
I’m the witness in the back.

Not leaf, nor tree, nor earth, nor sun,
But the black whole ananda beyond.

Not the personality of mind, nor the universality of consciousness,
But the absolute awareness of brahman.

Not spindrift nor waves,
But sea.


A straight line is the first belief, connecting two different thoughts in space-time.

Two beliefs form an angle. three beliefs make a religion. For every additional belief, there's a different denomination.

Christian materialism and scientific materialism are not that different. The adjectives only modify materialism. They're both pretenders to the Roman throne.

A Mahavakya is neither scientific theory nor religious dogma. It's an ultimate statement of fact inviting one's intuitive confirmation. Truth does not require blind allegiance nor experiential proof.

two footnotes

one doesn't own the mind. who identifies with a taxi?

consciousness is brahman but brahman isn't consciousness. the wave is of the sea. the sea is not of the wave.

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