Tuesday, October 18, 2022

The Mahavakya Slap


God is a concept. Me too.
Prajnanam brahma is a concept too, but the mahavakyas are to advaita vedanta what the zen slap is to zen.

Everything appears in consciousness. No one manufactures consciousness.
An appearance cannot create that within which it is appearing!
Is the corollary to mahavakya one.
This is like a slap in the face to the body-mind industrial complex.
And since the body-mind is nothing but a complex thought,

This mahavakya is actually a slap in the original face.
Who said consciousness talking to consciousness has to be pretty?


Concepts are tools. There’s nothing wrong in being the hammer. But identifying with the hammer, on the other hand, hurts. Maybe use the hammer and don’t let the hammer use you.

Materialism is nothing new. Ever since duality, there’s been only two meta-paradigms. Being is the first, and some say only. Materialism is the second.

Does consciousness appear in the material world, or does the material world appear in consciousness? That is the real question here. Here’s a clue for you. Try answering this question while unconscious.

Although the zen slap appears to have a physical component, it’s this physical component the zen slap is spontaneously deconstructing. Thus the zen slap is a slap in the original face.

Similarly is the mahavakya just consciousness slapping consciousness, conceptually speaking. Spirituality may be pretty, but nonduality is real.

awareness and self-awareness are nondual—

consciousness is the word of self-awareness; 

divine imagination is the word of consciousness; 

revelation is the word of divine imagination;

self-awareness is the word of revelation—

self-awareness and awareness are nondual.

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