Saturday, October 8, 2022

Satcitananda Paravakya

Intuition is intelligent awareness.

As affectionate awareness is the ananda in satcitananda, intelligent awareness is the cit.

Is existing awareness the sat? Thus self-awareness is affectionate, intelligent, and not nihilistic.

As the quantum universe is the manifestation of being, wisdom is to intelligence, and love, ananda.

Deep down I know there’s only brahman, and I love that, am that, yes I do.

Consciousness is brahman, you are brahman, atman is brahman, I am brahman.


lucid dreaming is living unconditionally.

living unconditionally, dreaming lucidly, and sleeping the sleep of the absence of duality.

deep sleep is my everyday samadhi.

affectionate, intelligent, and not nihilistic.

like the tao, there are no words for tattvamasi.

i am brahman, is the ultimate mahavakya. in other words, i am that.

prana in, prajnanam brahma.

scientific materialism is the western metaparadigm

to the western metaparadigm, consciousness is just another product of the body-mind for sale

turn, turn, turn. prajnanam brahma.

materialism is a nightmare

earth is appearing

in the ground of consciousness

like venus flytraps

the material world is like an integrated circuit. consciousness is the power.

prajnanam brahma is mahavakya one. pass go.

mahavakya two. there are no words for tattvamasi.

3. this i is the absolute i.

in conclusion, aham brahma asmi.

from tat tvam asi to aham brahma asmi in nothing flat.

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