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Transcreating Drg Drsya Viveka (wip)

A. Three Seers

1 Seen and Seer

Forms are the seen and the eye is the seer. And as that eye in turn is seen, the seer is the mind. And as thoughts of the mind are seen, the Witness is the one seer and never the seen.

2 The Eye as Seer

Blue, yellow, physical, subtle, short, long, and other such differences, the forms are various and many. But the eye sees them all remaining as one and the same.

3 The Mind as Seer

Blindness, dullness, and acuteness are some of the characteristics of an eye. And the mind in unity recognizes all of these. Also, the same in the case of ears, skin, etc.

4 Consciousness as Seer

Desire, determination and doubt, faith and faithlessness, perseverance and its opposite, humility, understanding, fear, and more is illuminated by unchanging consciousness.

5 Self-shining Consciousness

Neither rising nor setting, Consciousness does not increase nor disintegrate, but is self-shining, illuminating all without any support.

B. Reflection of Consciousness

6 The reflection of consciousness

Because of the reflection of consciousness within, the intellect appears to be conscious. This understanding is of two kinds. One is called ego and the other, the inner instrument of the mind.

7 Identification like a heated iron ball

Of the reflection of consciousness and the ego, there is an identity like that of a heated iron ball. It’s further said that ego in turn identifies with the body causing it to attain consciousness too.

8 Three identifications of ego

The ego identifies with the reflection of consciousness, the body, and also the witness. The first is natural, the second is due to karma, and the third is born of ignorance.

9 Identifications disappearing

Between the mutually related reflection of consciousness and ego, annihilation is not possible. But through the exhaustion of karma and direct realization, the other two respectively disappear.

10 Three states of ego

In the dissolution of the ego during deep sleep, the body also becomes unconscious. The half manifestation of ego is the dream state. The full manifestation of ego is the waking state.

11 Dreaming and waking states

Thought modifications of the inner mind identifying with the reflection of consciousness project various ideas in the dream state, and in the waking state imagines objects outside with the senses.

12 Subtle body

The subtle body is the material cause of ego and mind. It is one and insentient in nature. It is born, cycles through its three states for a time, and dies.


13 Powers of Maya

The two powers of Maya obviously are those of projecting and veiling. The projecting power creates all the world from the subtle body to the totality of the material universe.

14 Creation like waves in an ocean

Creation is the name of that form of Brahman in the reality of Existence Consciousness Bliss, as in the ocean there are waves which are like the manifestation of all names and forms.

15 The cause of samsara

The distinction between the seer and the seen within, and between reality and creation without, is veiled by the other power, and is the cause of samsara.

16 Becoming the empirical self

In immediate proximity to the witness, the subtle body, identifying with the gross body, shines—and due to that encounter with reflected consciousness becomes the empirical individual self.

17 When the veiling is destroyed

The nature of individual consciousness appears in the witness due to superimposition. But when the veiling is destroyed, the difference is revealed and that notion disappears.

18 Reality appears to undergo modifications

Similarly, the distinction between creation and reality remains veiled, and because of the influence of this power, reality appears to undergo modifications.

19 Destruction of the veil between Creation and Reality

In this case also, the destruction of the veil makes clear the distinction between Reality and creation. Of the two, change only occurs in creation and never Reality.

20 The five aspects of every entity

It exists, it’s known, it’s dear, it has a name, and form. Thus are the five aspects. The first three belong to reality. The nature of the world are in the latter two.

21 Satcitananda is the same for all entities

In space, air, fire, water, and earth; in deities, animals, men, and so on; existence, consciousness, and bliss are the same. Only the names and forms differ.

22.On samadhi

Indifferent to both name and form while being devoted to existence-consciousness-bliss, one-pointed meditation should be practiced both within the heart and out.

23. Savikalpa meditation of the heart

With thought and without thought: meditation is of these two kinds in the heart. With the seen and with words: meditation with thought is again of two kinds.

24. Meditating on the seen

Thoughts, like desires and such, arising in the mind are the seen. As their witness, one should meditate on consciousness. This association with the seen is a meditation with duality.

25. Meditating with words.

Unattached Existence Consciousness Bliss, self-shining and free from duality, I am. This association with words is a meditation with duality.

26. Nirvikalpa meditation of the heart

But complete absorption in the bliss of self-realization beyond both the seen and all words—this meditation in the state of nonduality is like a flame in a place free from the wind.

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