Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Seer and Satcitananda in Savikapa

As thoughts appear, disidentify with the mind and all its objects, and see the seen as the witnessing seer sees through it. For the absolute seer is one’s true self.

Unattached Satcitananda, self-shining and nondual, I am. They say this is meditating in duality with pointers. Or using thought rather than being abused by it.

In savikalpa samadhi, an individual consciousness is meditating as pure consciousness, the highest degree of visualization and a paradoxical act of manifestation—one’s own deconstruction.

a. No matter.

No matter how much an individual meditates it will never be enlightened.

This illusory individual meditates because it has listened to the nondual truth, contemplated that nonduality as a whole, and has faith in its reality.


b. Absolute reality.

Absolute reality is beyond description. In that sense, the absolute is the unknown.

In reality, I, Atman, am the absolute. In this sense, the absolute is known.

Brahman is not an object. Objects are Maya. Brahman is the absolute subject. I am Brahman.

c. Satcitananda is.

Satcitananda is reflecting in the subtle body of organic chemicals and functional compounds.

The reflection of existence is—I am. The reflection of consciousness is—I experience. The reflection of bliss is—I love.

Satcitananda is nonduality. The reflection of satcitananda is duality.

Brahman is never saying, I am, I experience, I love. Brahman is the silent principle of Existence, Consciousness, Bliss.

d. We drove.

We drove through the Texas panhandle on the way from Oklahoma City to Santa Fe. That place ain't just flat, it's Texas flat.

So I've been from Amarillo to Tucumcari on the way to Santa Fe but I've never been to Tucson though.

Leaving Tucamcari, we barely beat a rogue tornado out of town. It followed us down Route 66 and on to I-40 West.

We never stopped until we got to Santa Rosa. The waitress says it dissipated somewhere east of here and west of Cuervo.

e. Pure consciousness.

Pure consciousness is awareness. The reflection of awareness is universal consciousness. The reflection of christ consciousness is ego, mind, memory, and intellect.

Eyes see a piece. Mind places the piece in the puzzle. Consciousness watches.

Rah, rah, rah. Hand me the pliers.

f. Satcitananda is 2.

Satcitananda Is the Holy Trinity of Vedanta.

Existence is like the sea and this I-am is like a wave.

Consciousness is the knowing node of existence and infinity.

Bliss is not earthly bliss. Earthly bliss is love. The principle of Bliss is holistic infinity.

g. Our metaparadigm.

Our metaparadigm was materialism as it was in the old west and as it is in the new east.

Make my metaparadigm be pure consciousness. It doesn't have to be a hard problem.

Look, this egoic complex of mind, memory, and intellect is a mirror. See?


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