Thursday, May 16, 2024

On Witness Consciousness

According to Vidyaranya, there are three seers: the eyes, the mind, and witness consciousness. Science has confirmed the first two but remains ignorant about the third.

The eyes register reflections of light and a spectrum of color. The mind creates their names and forms, analyzes them, and passes judgment like the ignorant creator that it is.

Without the witness consciousness, none of this appears. It’s not the Creator though. The creation is Maya’s domain. But it's the substance from which these dreams are made.

a. silly mind

Big Science is still trying to unify quantum and newtonian physics

rather than quantum physics and nondual metaphysics. 

Silly science. The former isn't possible while the latter is what it is.

And what egoic mind calls Creator is just itself wrapped in robes.

The absolute one is beginningless.

In that unborn reality, creation is conceptual only.

b. real science

Real Science begins at wave-particle duality. That's the paradox it needs to sit with.

Upanishadic rishis sat with immutability and change thus conceiving the fabulous concept of Maya.

If it helps, the mind dreams whether the body is asleep or awake. When the mind stops dreaming, it's called deep sleep. Consciousness never stops witnessing though. Try meditating on that.

c. three good mantras

Individual consciousness (jiva) is ignorance (avidya). Universal consciousness (saguna brahman) is both god (isvara) and illusion (maya).

It's like mind (antahkarana) and ego (ahankara) appearing in the subtle body of organic chemicals and functional compounds without the ignorance of individual consciousness.

One cure for individual consciousness is resting in universal consciousness, God or Maya.

God has many names and forms for one to worship, relatively speaking. Maya says three things: I am, I know, I love. Any one from this primordial trinity makes for a good mantra.

d. reflections of satcitananda

Satcitananda is the truth. And the reflections of Satcitananda are the gods I worship in duality.

The reflection of existence is I am. The reflection of consciousness is I know. The reflection of bliss is I love.

Nisargadatta Maharaj says I am. Advaita Vedanta says I know. And Krishna says I still love Jesus.

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