Thursday, May 9, 2024

Samadhi, Self-shining and Free

Nirvikalpa is not a flame in a place without wind but a flame without any air at all.

For the Self is self-shining and free, in need of no outside fuel source. The Self is the Source.

And Atman is not in the human heart. This heart's in Atman.

a. Exclamation Points

It's not so much that Atman isn't in the human heart. Atman is Brahman and Brahman is all there is. Brahman permeates the human heart like Vishnu do!

Like the analogy of sea and wave, the sea is not in the wave; the wave is in the sea—although the sea is permeating every wave with seawater!

Because the mind isn't absolutely real, all its sentences must end in question marks of paradox and not declarative periods. And all vehicles in analogies ultimately break down!

b. Me Far So Lalaland

City of Angels—the Hollywood Sign and everything! Don't Bogart that handprint on Hollywood Boulevard. Peter Max at a Rodeo art gallery. The Witch's House just off of Walden Drive.

Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach. Lifeguard stations and beach volleyball. Surfers are always California dreaming. We are watching a Pacific Easter sunset from the end of a pier. 

Jay Leno wasn't playing that weekend at the Comedy & Magic Club. Wayne Liquorman was off too. No nondual deconstruction for you! A Larry David look-a-like eating street food will have to do.

c. Matrices

Existence, consciousness, and bliss weave the rope of the real matrix.

Dreaming, believing, and defining is the anti-matrix.

I am, I know, I love. These are your antivenoms. Take three and see.

d. Popular science

Science thinks it knows it all. Yes, it knows the big bang better every day but it does not know beyond at all.

The uncertainty principle is the great beyond as far as quantum physics go. When it comes to the great beyond, the mind is obviously uncertain.

High school science tells us everything is more than 99% space. Name and form has always been the 1 percent.

One can never know the definition of the truth. One can only be it. Money can’t buy me love. Shake it off, shake it off.

e. This unbelievable knowledge

I am. I know. I love. I love that I know I am.

Existence, therefore I am. I am, therefore I think Cartesian science is a joke.

Science is the new religion. Religion was the latest truth.

Truth is unborn existence. Reality is this unbelievable knowledge.

And ananda is holistic bliss infinity.

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