Thursday, October 12, 2023

Isa Upanishad and Some Commentaries


om pūrṇamadaḥ pūrṇamidaṁ


pūrṇasya pūrṇamādāya


om śāntiḥ! śāntiḥ!! śāntiḥ!!!

That is Whole, this is Whole; from the Whole, the Whole becomes manifest. From the Whole, when the Whole is negated, what remains is again the Whole.

~Isa Upanishad Invocation (tr-Chinmayananda)

"The supreme Reality is a homogeneous, one, entire ‘Whole’ and since the apparent appearances of multiple plurality are nothing but superimpositions upon the Truth, they also constitute nothing but the ‘Whole’. Certainly, ‘this Whole’ rises from ‘that Whole’. the emergence of the finite, the Infinite has come to suffer no change. Therefore, when the appearance of the finite world of plurality has, at the realisation of the Infinite, rolled away, the Infinite that remains is the Whole."



anejadekaṁ manaso javīyo

The Self is the motionless one, swifter than the mind.

~from Isa Upanishad 4 (tr-Chinmayananda)

Anejat, unmoving. The root ejr, implies shaking. Shaking is motion, deviation from one's own condition. It is devoid of this, i.e. It is ever of the same form. And It is ekam, one, in all beings. It is javiyah, faster; manasah, than the mind...

~Shankara (tr-Gambhirananda)

Reality in the form of ‘existence’ is already there, before the mind could reach the spot of its contemplation.


Since the Consciousness is all-pervading, It cannot move, and nothing that moves in the universe can ever move except in the medium of Consciousness.



tadejati tannaijati

taddūre tadvantike,

tadantarasya sarvasya

tadu sarvasyāsya bāhyataḥ.

That moves, That does not move;

That is far off, That is very near;

That is inside all this,

and That is also outside all this.

~Isa Upanisad 5 (tr-Gambhirananda)


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