Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Individually Universal

As if division is a thing or separation an objective, the world can't stop the world from doing worldly things, but an individual can deconstruct and be.

Like the resurrection, deconstruction is the wilderness. Although the personal is objectively divided, the individual is subjectively universal. You already have what you want, but give yourself your need.

Coyote instant karma, visionaries as preservers of the status quo, come forth sweet democratic despots of the individually universal! Real meditation is intentional being.

Belief is a terror, the terrible twos. Mysticism is aurora borealis at the boundaries of the status quo. But individually universal is my mantra for the absolute. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Signed Consciousness

Body-mind appears in consciousness.  Another name for body-mind is the universe.  To body-mind, the body-mind appears to be material and moreover, divided.  It’s not; the body-mind is pure universal consciousness.  The material is just a notion of the body-mind.

To conditioned body-mind, the fact that all is consciousness is an unbelievable, outrageous, and laughable thought.  To deconstructing body-mind as no-mind, thought of body-mind is seen through, for all is consciousness naturally.

The secondary concept of the material, and all the accompanying tertiary concepts which form the world, arises from the primary concept of separation/division from/of the immaculate conception of consciousness only.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

footnoting manifesting mataparadigming

thanking each mistake that got one here is like a full force forgiveness
all experiments are like the day of trinity
embodying the knowing is slowly flowing go

mistaking cause for intent is like thinking God creates Adam
before peaking
thank the karma that brings you here

an ode to the absolute is an ode to self-awareness is an ode to being
north pole and south pole
yin yang arts of all feng shui

the one heart of the universal is the only way
to get to nirvana take the samsara south or i 91 north
but as if it makes all the difference

footnoting robert frost
absolving the body-mind each night
or every day

The Art of Manifesting Metaparadigms

When lost in thought, one thinks the universe is an object of such thinking, despite the obvious experiential fact that all appears in consciousness, of course.

Does within swallow without or does without emerge from in within? This paradox is called The Tao of Ouroboros.

Believing that consciousness arises from the material universe is the first law of the world. But witnessing all appears in consciousness is the only knowledge, and thus not of this world. Turn, turn, turn.

The greatest deconstruction is no-mind seeing through all thought, where no-mind is an eastern variant for consciousness and thought is the western ground of scientific materialism.

If a philosopher is a fool for words, and the fool is another name for the mystical, is the mystic a philosopher without words?

Look, a covenant is between two objects, like Abraham the personal incarnate, and God the great personification of all that's unknown. A promise is the unknown being.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Plimoth Vortex Sutra

Giving thanks to the bounty of nature as this body is the body of Christ consciousness like a stereo system is the body of music—the dream state is the house that consciousness builds to listen to itself as to know itself. This is called the song of self-awareness.

This song is like a great morality play where morality is social conditioning and play is universal love deconstructing unawareness. In the moment as it is, the separation of truth and law is the tantric gift of the first thanksgiving, and beyond all worldly empire and amen!

Universal consciousness is individually absolute and the only teaching of this knowledge is direct transmission, sudden spontaneous combustion, or the paradox of poetry—and not by local priest nor, god forbid, archbishop.

Being only is the only knowledge and divine imagination is the mythic dream of self-awareness. There are ten thousand causes for each effect. Being is the absolute. Transcendental fundamental firmament of transformation and impermanence, absolution be thy nameless name!

Stories are born like lilies of the field but consciousness is
the sun in olive trees with yellow sky and sun.
Iphoki, wanbli, honga, kamamul,
wohali, atsa, pelaethee, tsa-cho!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Ode to Beatitude

Dreams appear to be a mathematical foundation until uncertainty is introduced within the guru going further.

If the body deconstructs completely every seven years, does not the mind's identity as well

if unattached to any alien memory like the thought of death? Like Jack Kerouac says

the beat in beat is actually beatitude and not some carnival of mind or dream state.

If knowledge of the world is really knowing nothing and consciousness is the only real knowledge,

is this the world something other than a show business? Thought is like a tool and a person is like that tool thinking it's the hand

but embodiment is being handy. Purple November twilight snow is being natural is beautiful is

truthful as a rose is a flower is awake who thinks oneself asleep and dreaming.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Being Gnostic Code Name Henry

There's no stopping thought for stopping thought is just another thought but seeing through all thought is further. Gone beyond further.

Some say deep sleep is like the absolute but that's just dreaming talking. Being only is.

Witch hazel blossoming in November snow—literally, being is the only knowledge like poetry is the only headless language.

As far as I know, I was never born and death is just a concept born from my projecting. Being is all I really know.

You can be without thought but there's no thinking without being, no matter what scientific thought is thinking.

Like Henry plainly says. Skunk cabbage slowly grows beneath the knowing snow.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

tantra universal nonconceptual individual absolute

Between the space of consciousness and the place called the world is the cloud of unknowing. Only in unknowing knowledge one knows knowing, Hiawatha.

The greatest myth literally creates a world where one is lucidly living out the latest understandings. And these are the latest greatest understandings—universal, nonconceptual, individual, absolute.

Obviously love is not a science. Experiential being (I am) equals infinity and beyond. The unconditional can't be classified—like a Georgia O’Keeffe flower. Being is Far Out Like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!

s/he says vagina. s/he says lankavatara. no name for basho. and the chorus goes universal, nonconceptual, individual, absolute. Lights! Myth literally creates a world for one’s projection! Lovingly. Lucidly.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Dream like Zhuangzi

I was taught to think the universe is other than myself. Hell, I was taught to think there even is a was.

After all, every cinematic encounter deconstructs the nuts and bolts of mass projection, but every story likes a story instead.

See, I know the space of instant manifestation and sudden reincarnation without a doubt, but I'm still learning timing.

And if science teaches me one thing about the space-time continuum, it's its holistic nature,

the universe and its uncertain inevitability of transformation, but nothing more.

What science hasn't yet to prove is that old old folktale: the other. In fact it’s just the opposite.

Listen, almost all translations of poetry writing from a point of view without a view have a point of view.

Therefore, burn this before reading. Zhuangzi utterly transforms the butterfly effect.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Lalla Awakens Two: 2. the channel is choked

You’re like a royal swan whose voice is silenced.

But who has taken what away from you?

The mill has stopped and the channel is choked

But the grain hasn’t fled from the miller.

~Lal Ded (tx-SR) [G-86]

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Consciousness is Talking Consciousness

It's not division of the universal that's unnatural but universal consciousness identifying with some phenomenal division is,

to say the least, unhealthy, inviting consequences from that disinherited aspect of myself—some call this karma. Seeing through it is enlightening.

Seeing through the personal happens suddenly, spontaneously, without the microscopic so-called doings of an unrealistic person—

some call this satori or the grace of the guru. Consciousness is talking consciousness to consciousness!

Love can't bring down empires but sees right through them. Jesus died for my embodiment. I call this truth individually universal.

sages and mages and christ oh my!
the case of mistaken identity.
samsara is nirvana yes it is.
profound revelation.
consciousness and the power of three
for yours and mines of curiosity.

crosby stills matisse shankara and wallace stevens
icarus never flew too close to the sun, silly. icarus the sun!
dare to be!
in the name of knowing all doing has nothing to do with being—
the only mantra is the emperor of i am.

footnotes for the law one.
i fought the law but the law one
i shot the sheriff but i did not shoot duality
jesus mary joseph holy is trimurti
individually universal coming to a download near you
there is no becoming there are no words for tao
oh wow! oh wow! oh wow!

the last footnotes
can i hear you say individually universal!
my sweet lord s/he's so fine.
i am that is the best medicine amen.
number nine number nine number nine

Lalla Awakens Two: 1. these articulate pieces

Without a moment of trust nor hair of hope,

I, Lalla, drink my inner voice as if intoxicating wine,

And that darkness is seized and then brought down

To be torn and rendered into these articulate pieces.

~Lal Ded (tx-SR) [G-104]

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Ode in Consciousness

This blessed headlessness, this perfectly experiential space, this unbelievably beyond-a-thought

and all-encompassing omnipresence, this consciousness—all things believed to be material are just appearances

within this consciousness and only in this consciousness, despite that trick of memory making an objective world

appear to be there every morning when it's merely some beliefs in memory not erased by the little death of sleep.

A rose is a rose is a rose not because it is a rose but one is thinking it's a rose. In truth, the only rose is the rose

of consciousness. And the flower laughed. Look, if a as in all equals consciousness and the absolute is being, see—

this kiss of consciousness is spaceless, timeless, depthless, water cannot wet it nor can the wind dry it.

Dig, consciousness is the only knowledge and what passes as all knowledge in the world is really just a rabbit hole—

seeing through one’s thoughts is a virtuous practice but try thinking without consciousness if you need a second opinion.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Revelations Three by Three by Eleven Tao

Hosanna to the flawless diamond dream! Followers divide! Pathfinders subtract!

Philosophers and scientists laboriously attempt to solve for X while the sage is effortlessly being the unknown. But I'm the same old words in a different story. Part-time contemplative. Spaced-out questionnaire. Are you X too?

Ask not if thou wouldst die for some conditional opinion. Ask if that opinion is ineffectively killing Tao. I am trying not to lie to others—it confuses my projection and resultant manifestation. After all, mathematics is the heart seen darkly.

The closer the mind is getting to some breakthrough, the more that consciousness floods the cave. The world will once again convince itself that revelations is not the natural state. I write this now as a reminder that it is.

Every revelation comes with a new set of words. Call it poetry for that is the only language for poetry. Listen, it's not taught in schools. A tree is never born. Thus transformation comes before and after every fall. November.