Tuesday, September 28, 2021

On the Corner of Agape and Beloved

Love isn’t logical. The mind doesn’t understand love. This is your first clue.

Too, universal timeless consciousness is like a day of love on earth.

Now is the day of trinity. Gurus and fools love love. Philosophers hate it. 

As love is like a lifeline flung to the living dead, love reveals the void.

Prophecies cease, verbs stop, and generalities fade away, but love never loses.

Like First Corinthians 13, love is lucky that way.

Underneath the cloud of thought, self-shining consciousness is called love, but what’s in a name?

For love is no mind. Do you think there's something more esoteric than my beloved?

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Dancing with That

 “You know that there is a world, but does the world know you? All knowledge flows from you, as all being and all joy. Realize that you are the eternal source and accept all as your own. Such acceptance is true love.” ~N_M

Between the big bang tail and self-awareness mouth of the ouroboric self-reflexive universe is

that absolute beyond the spacetime of its evolutionary body-mind. You cannot mind that Gap.

That the referent of you is that is demonstrative; absolute tantric yoga is exactly identifying as that.

Walk that nondual talk. You don’t fight ego. Ego fights ego. You watch the fight or see through it.

Superego is a good bet. Awareness watches. Self-awareness plays. A cherry blossom is falling in the milky way.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Valley Spirit

Telling people

nondual awareness

is ordinary

is like telling

them a table

isn’t solid.

Belief trumps science,

no matter how

much it hurts.

Chop religion,

carry DNA—

don’t think like

an ordinary

person girlfriend

but be like unknown.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021


An experience is not experiential.

An experience is the rough translation

of this experiential

infinite in primal memory.

The experiential is the wordless now

and thus untranslatable.

The experiential is without fault

my default.

The experiential is the absolute