Friday, October 30, 2020

Visions of 2020 Now All That

Absolute awareness is mirroring in universal consciousness. Because consciousness is universal, even rocks are consciousness. Another name for this mirroring is evolutionary self-awareness. 

This universe is the Buddha of Self-awareness. There are ten thousand buddhas. Another name for self-awareness is unconditional love.

Another name for love is found in Sufi poetry, Christian neoplatonism, Kabbalistic prophecy, and the Tao of Zhuangzi.

The mind is all about amplifying this phenomena of consciousness into self-awareness. Do not forget this process of self-awareness is actually spontaneous in nature.

Consciousness appears in the absolute noumenon like a great phenomenon. Thus, as all phenomena appears in consciousness, the mind focuses the universe.

It snowed today. On the leftover leaves of late autumn. For some, it was the final straw. Like falling stars in a tangerine collapsing universe.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Talking Consciousness Blues

These interesting times have lost all interest for me. Never underestimate the lowest common denominator.

Technology is just a power booster for the mind. High tech shall heighten the depths of division and let loose the velocities of violence!

Looking either to the past or future for deliverance from the present is not wise. All politics is loco.

Open the present and look inside; even two-year-olds know this to be true. Love is in our blood before belief freezes it.

Look, nothing is outside. All appears within the expression of the absolute noumenal self.

These interesting times have lost all interest for me. Never underestimate the lowest common denominator.

Technology is just a power booster for the mind. High tech shall heighten the depths of division and let loose the velocities of violence.

Looking either to the past or future for deliverance from the present is not wise. It’s politics.

Open the present and look inside. Even two-year-olds know this to be true; love is in our blood before belief freezes it.

Look, nothing is outside. All appears within the expression of the noumenal self.


1. an old chinese proverb says there's an illusion born every zeptosecond.

2. all new technology begins in paradise and learns to live in the world.

after all, ai is the mind

robot vs werewolf. who wins?

3. the past is fiction. the future is science fiction. there are always only two religions.

this is called a zepposecond in the marxist world 😱

4. the unborn is born and that's my bad. who would blame a newborn?

5. the big bang is xtreme. self-awareness is easy.

sometimes a hot ember

live on the grid, not in the grid

pay your taxes

mind your own mind

you are in our witness protection program. any questions?

schrodingers cat is pandoras box

attention. playing with cause and effect will blow the mind.

wonder at ease

the present disappears into the present

central park on apple tv is so weird

all politics is loco

Sunday, October 25, 2020

The Point of Nonduality

Cause and effect is the dreamstuff of the dream state. And manipulating dreamstuff is the art of lucid manifestation. Empires and other cults of personality are formed around such shamans of dreaming. Politics is all about the kind of Kool-Aid one prefers.

Lucid dreaming without love is not lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming without love is just expert dreaming. True love is the only fact in any universe. Anything but love is the dreamstuff of duality, romantic but only truth is beauty.

The dream is not real but dual. Being is real—that is the point of nonduality. Do not mistake one's being for experience. Let's say being is the music, experience records the music, and memory plays the recording like a dream. The recording stops and not the music.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Bad Comedy

Consciousness is like the trees are my toes, man. Look, they wiggle in the wind. And awareness is like the sky. Dig?

The material world is just a bubble floating through. Awareness be self-aware, sister!

Like a fountain where the sea is this great pool of being and rain is splash—hydrological self-awareness! They call me Ouroboros in your watery world.

Or consciousness is the glass, the mind is the lens, and self-awareness is this focusing on that informing the glass, amen.  

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

201021 civics 701

dropping body-mind is not politics as usual.

on the kali-krishna scale of civics, where kali wants to personally finish the mad violence of the world as soon as possible and krishna feels that love is doing exactly that, i'm stuck in the middle with shiva only.

if that called absolute awareness is naturally omniscient, then the absolute noumenon is self-aware, naturally,

where is is being, and belief is being materially unaware for the purposes of doing things naturally in that reflexive yin yang kind of three way.

indigenous footnotes

there is no separation between the land and sea or sky according to my indigenous knowledge

i've heard that to the hopi, the navajo are cowboys

i've read that to the navajo, cowboys represent the canyon of death

it's not about how long you've lived upon the land. it's that the land is living in you

all appears in consciousness

Monday, October 19, 2020

Experiential Nonduality

Separation was the first noun of our conditioning. The universe is verbal. 

Om, if consciousness is the expression of the absolute, onomatopoeia!

Division is the first and only mathematical function. There is no going forth and multiply without it.

And addition and subtraction are mere afterthoughts.

Consciousness is the water, this psychosomatic apparatus is the pump, self-awareness is the fountain. 

Experiential nonduality is actually a closed system. There is no other. 

Experiential nonduality is bound to be the very next phase. 

Seeing through the dream is the astronomical dawn of awakening.

If nirvikalpa samadhi is the sunrise, I’m like civil twilight. 

Only consciousness is knowledge. Knowledge in the dream isn’t knowledge. It’s just more dream. 

But all is not a dream. This is the common error of personal deconstruction without being, love.

So deep within its mental deconditioning, the so-called nihilist cannot feel it anymore. 

Do you like good music? That sweet soul music. I am, I am, I am.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Ode to Instant Shiva

What’s all Greek to me is Chinese to the Greeks. Consciousness only is the revolution! Words belong to the empire.

There are no new ideas. There are only old ideas dressed in new languages. This is why no one speaks Old English anymore.

Even Einstein couldn’t think his way to a new paradigm. Enlightenment is sudden. Of course one can’t step in the same river twice. I am the river!

Zeno’s paradox is not a riddle. Love is the answer and I am unquestionable! Which came first? Absolute awareness or self-awareness.

Space-time is another name for body-mind. Literally. As to this day, separation has yet to be proved. Do not hold your breath.

Leaves fall in golden autumn, trees go down in microbursts, earth erodes in ashes, the sun fades suddenly to black. Now breathe out. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

notes on chinese lyric poetry (shih)

1. beginning with book of odes (shih ching) in 6th-c bc (to 10th-c bc) as 4 character lines (although use of interjection and nonsense characters could mean 2 or 3)

2. at this time, characters were one syllable but later sometimes 2

3. characters:

a. noun characters do not indicate number (thus no singular or plural)

b. verb characters do not indicate tense.

c. characters were not used in context of a picture poem.

4. shih form kind of fades away until it reemerges in later or eastern han dynasty (2nd c) as 5 or 7 character (each with full weight)

5. each line is a sentence. couplets are connected via parallelism and end rhyme between couplets, but no connecting words

6. caesura at 2 in 5 and 4 in 7, creates 2,3 or 4,3 units

7. anon Nineteen Old Poems is earliest most influential 5 shih

8. ts'ao chih (192-232) 1st major poet of chien-an period and 1 of top 3 poets in pre-tang era according to burton watson (see tao chien and hsieh ling-yun)

9. in tang time, shih undergoes a formal development. divided into 2 groups.

a. old style (ku-shih) with no fixed rules of number of lines or rhyme scheme

b. new style (chin-t'i-shih) in 2 types limited in rhymes scheme and number of lines

1) regulated verse (lu-shih) with 8 lines, parallelism in most lines, and elaborate tonal patterns

2) broken-off lines (chueh-chu) like regular verse but a single quatrain

10. in sung times begins the practice of 'rhyme following' (tz'u-yun or ho-yun) in which one composes a new poem utilizing the same rhyme or rhyme words as a previous one, usually responding to a poem of a friend or visitor. when copying one's own poems, it's called tieh-yun.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Bhakta Story

All emotions are love diminished. Memo to me: don’t deny emotions in some nihilistic way. 

Either deconstruct the thoughts behind them or melt into the love as one directly undiminished.

The former is the error of all religions including scientific materialistic atheism. The latter are jnana or bhakta. 

In the nineties, nature was my lover. She drove me like a Cadillac. I embraced her with my Frenchman Bay.

My nineteenth nervous breakdown was in 1984 when the Thought of God scared the Dying Jesus out of me.

In late September of 2005, a great blue heron lifted from a glacial island boulder in the middle of a cloud-colored pond like revelations in a vision quest.

Two years later, I am slowly climbing one thousand sacred stairs of Yamadera where Basho writes within his Oku no Hosomichi, stillness and cicadas.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Meeting in the River of Stars

As being is in the blood, self-awareness is its fountain spurting from the mind.

My insides are turning inside-out as the sea engulfs the universe in the curl of its crashing electromagnetic waves.

Every object is in the mind and the mind is in my being reflecting this non-objective omnipresence.

From black hole to self-awareness is just a big bang away; suns are falling back to black like saturn rockets

falling back to earth as this Apollo is forever pointing and always moving towards that moon in which I drown.

1. consciousness is glass. mind is lens and mirror.

2. the gospel according to the ouroboric universe.

3. in the name of the dreamstate, universal being, and that absolute self-awareness (by knowing i am the unknown, the unknown is fully known).

4. gimme shelter in the storm.

5. Li Bai drinking alone (with the moon, his shadow, & 43 translators)

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Consciousness Is The Cure


Just because you may believe it doesn’t make it so even if it is. Are we on the road to Damascus or just slouching more towards Bethlehem?

These days of viruses both biological and psychological, it’s no longer one day at a time; it’s stopping everything—to be timeless.

As one attains nirvana through samsara, one arrives at self-awareness via dream.

Revelation is the lightning of the absolute striking consciousness. Thunder is the inspiration of consciousness talking to consciousness. Call it self-awareness.

Sometimes I live in quiet desolation, sometimes I have a great notion. I forgot what I was going to say. Wait for it.

Myth is where attention is placed. Dream is where attention is misplaced. I’m giving it fifty-fifty he’s faking it or fifty-fifty he dies.


Although it’s source is known, no one knows the cause of thunder.

One is to consciousness as zero is to personal deconstruction.

Everything appears in consciousness and that which doesn’t is its source.

All one really knows is consciousness and the rest that’s not unknown is belief.

And consciousness is god from the point of view of the mind for it’s the only unborn concept.

If belief is disease, consciousness is the cure. As belief is viral, consciousness is the cure. If consciousness is the cure, consciousness is the cure.