Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Breathing Self-Awareness

Noumenal awareness without self-awareness is just another concept. Just because the rope appears to be a snake does not imply there is no rope.

That the absolute unknown knows that unknowable self, is the knowledge. Call this knowledge universal consciousness.

The mind dreams in the mountains and rivers cross-section of universal consciousness. From out of hydrogen, atomic number one, is born

the periodic table of duality—hydrogen is to consciousness as nuclear is to being (forget it, Jacob, it’s self-awareness).

Consciousness is like the breath of noumenal awareness. This universe of self-awareness never disappears completely but is exhaled again.


awareness and self-awareness is the crux of nonduality.

people don't have consciousness; awareness has being holding a mirror which is dreaming on the surface of self-awareness.

no one talks about the h-bomb anymore; climate change is all the rage. what's next? sudden enlightenment!

i wonder where universal consciousness ends and hydrogen begins?

breathing is my metaparadigm.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Talking One to One

Only awareness is self-aware. The noumenal absolute is never not self-aware. Lack of self-awareness is the grand illusion.

Don’t fool yourself. If it isn’t love, it’s politics. One or the other. All is obviously holistic. There is no separation. Being is individually universal. Mind is social.

All religions are founded on the illusion of shared experience. A wise one doesn’t force its charismatic consciousness upon you, but talks to you as consciousness to consciousness.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Captioning Self-awareness


In a black void called noumenal awareness,

there’s a universe looking like a speech balloon.

In the speech balloon, there’s an utterance, I am.

This cartoon myth is captioned, self-awareness.


Although sudden in reality, self-awareness is a process to the mind.

The process of the self-reflexive universe is made of threes and sevens.

Arthur named the seven, light, nuclear, atomic, molecular, vegetable, animal, dominion.

Maybe call the three, ignorance, knowledge, self-awareness?

Ignorance is like the process of social conditioning.

Knowledge is like experience, belief, and deconstruction.

Self-awareness is the suddenly cloudless mirror.

Monday, November 16, 2020


Giving conscious attention to consciousness is the apocalypse of self-awareness.

If mindfulness is loving attention to mind (concepts, things),

then loving attention to consciousness (the immaculate conception, being) is consciousnessfulness.

Or beingfulness for short? Isfulness, amfulness, artfulness in Olde English. Thatfulness? Names are not the point but people need a name to point to.

Mindfulness before amfulness. Amfulness is that fullness. That fullness of thatfulness is absolute.

Amfulness ascends from mindfulness. Mindfulness is the antidote to mindlessness. Amfulness is omega spacetime.

Beyond amfulness is noumenal territory. There, the absolute unknown is the law.

Amfulness is the unconditional love of being.

As mindfulness is an antidote as all deconstruction is, amfulness is the height of health. Amfulness is thatfulness

The last bright golden leaves of mid-November do not float like fall but plummet—as if the winter ground of gravity resumes it’s absolute dominion over all expression suddenly.

Sunday, November 15, 2020


that which is aware of consciousness is awareness.

awareness is the primary witness of consciousness only. 

consciousness is a secondary witness, as that awareness is reflecting in consciousness. 

let's call this secondary witness, attention, attending to appearances of mind.

one can say there's a tertiary witness called dreaming but it's practically asleep.

Friday, November 13, 2020


All things must pass and all disappearances appear. Consciousness is witness as awareness is reflecting in consciousness.

One dreams so as to deconstruct the daydream. Dreaming disappears as if by magic.

There’s nothing the dreamer can do to stop the dream. Being burns it off like the morning sun.

My week is now three days. My moons just last a week.


1. what falls down goes up again

2. love will not fade away

3. as the world reflexively turns

4. will my words outlive me? am i my words?

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Unconditional Love Only Knows

Lately it's been feeling like September in November. This isn't climate change. It's climate revolution.

As for presidential politics, just give it some time. Bureaucratic evidence isn't burnt in a day.

Hide Caesar inside Caesar. It's just appearances in consciousness anyways

You can only find yourself in consciousness, your subconscious is constantly saying.

As consciousness is, I am. And as to knowing what I am? That is no object.

But nihilism is to postmodern deconstruction as conspiracy theories are to nihilistic deconstruction.

Throw away the deconstruction with the deconstruction, is the only law of neti neti.

This is why we teach compassion first. Only love knows how to jump.


actually the virus is the spawn of climate change.

cool it, it's not a coup. he's just burying the bodies while they're still the law.

sometimes you bury politics in politics. sometimes the bear buries you.

the subconscious is the voice of consciousness talking to sleeping consciousness like it's a dream.

have faith. for every verb, there is a noumenon.

if 90% is non-deconstructed and 9% is over-deconstructed, 1% is love. and so on.

postmodern theory. nihilist conspiracy. perennial wisdom.

compassion is gradual samsara. love is sudden nirvana.

end notes:

listen, i heard there is no difference between scientific theory and conspiracy theory.

mistaking theory for fact is like mistaking map for terrain is like mistaking myth for truth.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Swan River

Consciousness is both beginning and end simultaneously.

Space-time appears in consciousness. Believing otherwise is the primal error of all scientific religions.

Mind is the lens like a mirror. Consciousness is manifest glass like a crystal universe. I am the eye of absolute awareness like evolutionary self-awareness.

Stop! This experiential awareness is what I’m pointing at.

It has no name but being is its image.

It has no form but crystalline is its reflection.

It has no substance but unfathomable is its heart.

By the way, I saw two infinite swans on the river today slowly floating upstream as the tide was coming in.


1. whereby consciousness is manifest potentiality

2. as one’s body appears in consciousness, one can’t be the body, obviously.

3. the seer seeing the seer is the seeing


5. consciousness is talking to consciousness re-identifying with consciousness

6. and the sun is nothing but a crystalline black hole

7. universal consciousness tastes like unconditional love


"Moon river, wider than a mile

I’m crossing you in style some day 

Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker 

Wherever you’re goin’, I’m goin’ your way"

~Mancini & Mercer


using the mind one-pointedly in some creative action, the body disappears. this is called instant karma. it's the healing principle behind true christian science.

i was in hopi pueblo at tsakurshovi where they sell the don't worry be hopi t-shirts and joe day asks me where i come from and the mary baker eddy house is our common language. back home, it wouldn't let me take a picture for him saying don't worry he understands.

if the body is like a lens made out of glass, be the glass. if the glass is like the eye of parabrahman, be that.

experiential awareness is absolute awareness reflecting in consciousness. zen exclamation point. beyond is nirvikalpa samadhi. but don't you worry about that.

now is no thought. here is no dis-ease.

if identification with the body is the root of pain, take the tantric pill. if identification with the mind is the root of suffering, take the deconstruction one. this is the buddha encapsulated.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Sonnet Number Nine

Poetry is consciousness talking to consciousness. I said that.

I live on a tidal river. I love that crazy Merrimack. And I can’t even see the sea.

This afternoon, the river grass is full November silver feathers in the sun and I suddenly remember why I live here.

The boats are almost put away.

The wilderness returns to say

I had never gone away.

That’s when we saw the harrier hawk on a newly-turned bare branch laying claim to this section of the river.

Harrier hawks are strictly territorial. They love their walls. But who doesn’t love a wall? Something there is.

I live in a brick hut surrounded by million dollar homes. But just upriver is Indian Creek—

where once I witnessed an aerial dogfight between an old bald eagle and an osprey no more than thirty feet above my head.

The osprey expertly outmaneuvered the eagle and flew away with the fish.

But I was just about to say when Truth broke in—

projection is the name of the dream; don’t wear it out.

A sonnet is like an epic koan.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Self-awareness and the Proper Use of Tools

A tool is never a problem. Misusing a tool may be an issue. And identifying with a tool will lead to a world of hurt. So get a grip on yourself.

Without the mind, there is no realization, self-awareness, or reflexive universe. Give it some love.

The mind is just the mirror. It’s the steam of consciousness mistaking ones identity obscuring things.

The last refuge of that misidentity called ego is in minimizing mind and thereby halting neti-neti deconstruction.

Consciousness is talking to consciousness. This is why there’s something called mind training and the proper use of hand tools.

As consciousness is the expression of the absolute noumenon, and divine imagination is the expression of consciousness, evolutionary sudden self-awareness is the expression of divine imagination.


The mind is a tool to be used with love. Love is the hand of being. Being is the heart of self-awareness. Self-awareness is a feature of absolute awareness.

The mind is like a shiny car.

Consciousness identifying with the mirror. Been there.

Sleep blames the dream.

Like Zen and the art of looking in a mirror.

The self of awareness + the mirror of divine imagination = self-awareness.