Saturday, September 7, 2019

symphony eight. nondual manifest. for elizabeth.

Birth and rebirth is biological and goes back all the way to the immaculate conception or what big science calls the big bang. In other words, consciousness is unborn and is in fact the nondual manifestation of the absolute unknown.

Appearances arise in consciousness and not vice-versa. This is called the final turning or understanding I am that I-am. Once seen the sign is not unseen. Although conditioning appears to take like a decade to drop away when in reality spontaneity and synchronicity are one in revelation.

If universal consciousness is the expression of the absolute and the absolute unknown is the inspiration of consciousness, which breath came first? Beauty or Truth. Authenticity is in the eye of the witness. Self-awareness is a hyphenated word.

That consciousness and the absolute is nondual doesn't indicate that one precedes the other, despite what sages say in the morning as to afternoon, but such division into some subsequential order is the big joke, great paradox, and the very first myth.

triple distilled
1. as the absolute unknown is the nondual unmanifest of universal consciousness by these words.
2. remember mind is the loving tool of the immaculate heart of absolute self-awareness
3. between wisdom and love moves the mystery
4. being is easy, no thought is being—unless no thought is a thought, but that is another story.
there’s knowledge. call this i am. there’s the unknown. call this that.
remember. self-awareness is the buddha of awareness as being is the christ of self-awareness and love is the hand of rumi's masnavi as the kena upanishad is a tool of love.
between the love of this known and the wisdom of that unknown is now
comedy kills and koan deconstruct. ishmael only is left to tell about it.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

symphony seven. tell it paradoxical. for molly.

Without consciousness, the mind is just gray matter. And as the mind is the source of a black-and-white world and consciousness is source of dividing mind, pure awareness is the sourceless source.

Self-awareness is the electric intent of this star-crossed medium played by the loving hands of heart in Absolute Mary. As matter is nothing but everything matters, mind is an all-important hyphen.

If self-awareness is the child and pure awareness is the parent, then the holy ghost is being. For the machine is in the ghost and not vice versa. The antichrist called social conditioning possesses all ignorance, child.

So tell the truth but tell it paradoxical. Not only doesn't the mind become enlightened, there's no enlightenment without the mind. And nonduality is just the point behind this fine print.

Monday, September 2, 2019

symphony six. making myth. for gladys.

Believing myth is the origin of every religion. Denying myth is dying for someone else's dream. Making myth is the point behind lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is dreaming while awake.

The world is a myth divided. So the world can't put the world together again. For politics is the definition of divided. And consciousness only is a nondual manifestation.

Self-awareness is an omnipotent feature of absolute awareness and being is the heart of intentional self-awareness. Love is the hand of being and myth is the tool of love.

In the name of the potentiality of light, binding quantum force, identity of atomic attachments, the combine and awakening, growing, going further, and this dominion of consciousness, pure awareness is self-aware.