Wednesday, June 25, 2014

trickster’s sonnet (coyote only tricks)

coyote only tricks itself

matter is a nuclear mirage

pull a rabbit from this headlessness!

being lies behind cloud nine

in moonlight, coyote howls its who

no mind, there’s no horatio

curiouser kills the curiouser

being doesn’t need an einstein

coyote dawns it’s not coyote

forgetting is the morning mantra

what a concept: not a concept

consciousness is that divine

coyote rests on this thirteenth line

Friday, June 20, 2014

isologue 1 – the big awareness dream machine

you can't improve the world through politics—the world is politics

if you can't laugh, cry—either way, it’s a fresh breath

just a self-usurping mechanism in the big awareness dream machine—the judge knot

not standing in the happenstance—the impossibility of personal being

concepts that negate concepts are unbelievable—no knowledge is the point of all knowledge

nothing is material but being—truth is easiest to be but impossible to know

you know what you like but you are what you love—self-awareness is just a matter of time

god is a concept by which we measure concepts—god is a concept by which concepts measure concepts

every event is spontaneous and all events are predestined—no event exists

seeing thought as thought is the final revolution—up against the gateless gate

in time awareness of being becomes awareness of awareness in no time—thou art tao

the emperor has no close—inquire within

Thursday, June 12, 2014

ps4 - wormwhole

lost in space-time

self-inquiry is the wormhole of awareness

deconstruct ‘yourself’ before you’re lost in its rubble

imagination doesn’t harm 'you'—imagination creates 'you'—being lost in imagination is what hurts

time games

a person is the past—always striving to reach the present—sometime in the future

a person could simply reach the present—by dropping the past—but then there’s no more person

the original fraud of any person is—there appears to be no present—but the gift of the present is—there is no person

opening ceremony

knock three times—first is mechanical happenstance of thought—second is loving coincidence of intent—third is foundational significance of being

i want to tell you there's no you

but who can tell you there's no you

if there's no one there to be a who


insisting on a particular definition is the definition of a person

there’s neither right definition nor wrong definition, neither high definition nor low definition—there’s only no definition

…and even no definition isn't definite

artificial turf

those who cannot recognize the false are condemned to believe they’re it

identification with thought is the original imbalance—anything considered from that position is unbalanced—such is the world’s viewpoint

all the world’s knowledge is a darkened distorted contorted backwards reflection of original wisdom—more at eleven


we are all bubbles being burst

own it and then lose it

leaves of becoming

song of absolute i

we're lost in the beginning of the ending

this wave of fourteen billion years is crashing

in all the tumult you’ve forgotten who you are

you are the only who you always are—

lately i can’t scare myself to death

even nothing isn’t really nothing

what there is—is all within this eye

i am the i that i is being i—

how do you react to things you do which you aren’t doing?

how do you forget i’m who you know i am is doing?

why does the cherry blossom—who am i?

i sing in seeing i am that i am is i

end game

you will never find what you’re looking for outside—until you see there’s nothing outside yourself

when you see there’s nothing outside yourself—you see there’s nobody outside yourself—and compassion happens for every one of them

the greatest tool in seeing through the person is just paying attention to what you take personally

the illusion doesn’t see—what-is sees through the illusion