Tuesday, October 31, 2017

EOM: Burning the Sage

Consciousness is indiscrete,
but in reflexive self-awareness
one comes to oneself
through this one discretely
evolutionary individual—
there is no other, there are no others.

Self-awareness is not a social movement.
In fact, the sage advice to seek inside
implies the downright opposite.
And as it's my head going headless,
I thank the sage by burning the sage,
and take my own spirited counsel further.

Monday, October 30, 2017

EOM: Politicians and Mystics

All politicians live in the belly of the beast—
most are digested within
acids of intrigue and enzymes of wealth—
becoming waste of empire.

In duality, there are two basic domains.
Politicians live in the various states of two.
Mystics travel on the interstate of one.

Division always leads to more division.
Wholeness is received in absolution.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Haiku Plus One

Reincarnation in this consciousness is such a seamless event,

I never know what hit me, says Basho.

Maple tar spots on dull red leaves says William Carlos Williams.

I die a little death with every single breath as long as memory isn't one with our desire, Jacqueline.


Footnotes and Quotes to One Delight

Once upon a time, I named my web log, Dropping a Paradigm.

I know Maurice Frydman tries his best and I'm forever grateful.

But every now and then, Jesus gets real.

This is procedure for the evolutionary but reflexive process of self-awareness,

this so-called firmament of pain, suffering, and search for meaning.

String theory is what happens when the divided mind attempts to understand nonduality.

Inspiration is forever in this world—but revelation is out of this world.

In other words, love is in the world but not of the world. Say it again.

Naturally, as mind is the definition of knowledge, mind misunderstands that great unknown.

“Love is all you need. Nothing you can know that isn't known.”

The mind is like Coyote—as it crosses I-40 outside Sky City—strolling thru the passing lane—and I am flooring it to pass the car I’m passing—

and as I instantaneously crash, burn. and die, here I am, not skipping one single heartbeat. The river knows it’s only a river and never believes it’s not a river.

“It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced.”

One comes to Nirvana by way of Samsara, namaste.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Sonnet on Consciousness for Delightful One

The modern meta-paradigm that consciousness is just a product of the body-mind—drop it. And there one is. Consciousness dreams hard.

And parenthetically, wisdom doesn't say I’m nothing. That's the mind's translation for 'not mind.'

To be born of the spirit is just another way of saying one awakens to this experiential fact of consciousness only, born again to the unborn.

This world has never been material but more like temporarily unenlightened of one's immaterial lightness,

I manifest my way to re-enlighten: the school of hard knocks, tough love, and dream interpretation.

And the Newtonian Universe had been disproven, yet I hesitated in accepting that ancient, perennial and quantum truth.

Only love reminds the mind of its own secondary place, as consciousness is whispering to consciousness this sweet holistic message.

Love is what the mind calls it, as consciousness talks to consciousness. Thus it's said that love is everything because consciousness only. 

So, as the mind is busy deconstructing mind, and 'no mind' to the mind is mistakenly believed to be a nihilistic nothing,

it’s beneficial to hold on to Love, Compassion, I Am, Being, or in other words, myself as consciousness only.

Otherwise, let the mind games begin again. Do not pass direct path. Do not go back to jail.

So, as consciousness is the only view, there are no other views. This is called no view on views. I Am is only. There is no modifier.

It follows that the world is of consciousness, by consciousness, for consciousness, and in consciousness, to go our Abraham one further.

Yes, it's difficult to hear that I create my own Samsara, but if I listen, suddenly Nirvana.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Quote Unquote: there's no other, Pip

As above, so it is below. And as the world at war, so there is a person.

But as memory makes the person, suddenly is realization never forgotten!

Headless and universally with heart, this godly ghost I am—

I'm hallowing with bloodless words upon this late October half-moon night.

Darwin read the right directions but survival of the one is in reality the game.

There is no one but myself throughout this echoing so-called Big Bang, but understanding this

self-evident truth is like a Waterloo of relativity for societal conditioning.

Quote unquote: it's not the loss of ego that's important, it's the understanding there's no other.

Like thinking being good is something you can do when being only ever does you good.

Like writing to the world when every secondary character is merely in my headless head. This is called allusion—

I like the sea that's being boundless now within this clarity

as if the rockbound silvery Mount Desert Ocean is openly eroding thoughts of me.

Quote unquote the footnote: reference Pip is what Ishmael is experiencing while speaking of that one white whale

—"the intense concentration of self in the middle of such a heartless immensity, my god! who can tell it?"—

tells the universe collapsing into Self-Awareness is the Loomings, Epilogue, and Story of Reality,

is telling Herman to his woman lovingly, 

with an immensity of heart—

this is dedicated 

to the one

I love.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Nondual Couplets for Kerouac

Kerouac is like the Bodhidharma of America from French-Canadian Catholicism bringing mystic Jesus Buddha love to desolation landscapes.

Stories speak of good and bad and what each wants but what about this need for story?

I went to Big Sur to see where Jack was crucified upon those cold indifferent and uncaring rocks of Robinson Jeffers.

Don't forget the world is hard and full of want, and stories are soft like blood and guts, but only dreaming is what I need to be.

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by scientific materialism until dementia settled in, or was it worst minds?

Quote unquote, it's not easy seeing through oneself when one has faith in nothing and forgets I am.

I'm not much but I pass through the eye of a needle. To say there are no words is just a waste of words. I am the word.

God, the world itself desires cancer, all about continued growth. The spiritless are like demented zombies, William Blake.

Death is as experientially unproven as any unidentified flying object so why do you believe in it?

Whatever way I take—direct, circuitous, or some other middle path—there is only self-awareness. Dream on, pure awareness, dream on.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Quote Unquote: Deconstructing Deconstruction

As long as one thinks there are others,
one is still learning to know oneself.
The lesson of a dream is not the story of the dream
but just the fact itself of dreaming.

there are four
of deconstruction.

First down is seeing through the other.
This is called comedy.
Second down is seeing through myself.
This is called spirituality.

Third down is seeing through manifestation.
This is called luminous dreaming.
Fourth down is seeing through the light of consciousness.
This is called nirvana or the kingdom of heaven.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

EOM: dominion

As if one can take a side
while being whole—
the world is never at or in war;
the world is ever of war.

To deconstruct this house of cards
and all its kings and queens and jokers
is an endless pointless game;
to deconstruct myself is seeing through it.

I as consciousness is all there really is.
Belief alone has manifested all the world
to be this stage of self-awareness—
believe it and not.

If I don’t question my dominion
in the dreams of night,
why should I yield the issue
in this one of day?

There are secondary characters galore
who try to steal my thunder—
priests and scientists, politicians and insurgents.
Let them taste my lightning!

So is all within myself
or do I project myself as all?
Never mind; this self-awareness is
one view without a view.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Is Desire a Dirty Word?

The word is not absurd because it rhymes. I don't need a laugh track to know which way the world sucks. So do not ask for whom the world wakes.

Laughter is the best Indian. The emperor has no clothes, Dogen has no body-mind, I haven't got a clue. Non-duality is easy. Nothing is hard. As nature is all about the kill, consciousness is all.

I pause for a word from my sponsor: aumdada. The Beatles are bigger than Buddha in my book. If desire is the fire, love is the light. It is telling what I see. It's just imagination getting what I need.

Jigsaw solid Dali listen lover Venus serendipity tomato mattress salamander deconstruction tractor Rome meander wonderland will be the very next fad.

Love informs desire, emptiness is unforgettable. Desire is not a dirty word but pure as night. Politics divide and sex unites, love. Just thinking is overthinking it. Imagine her, Arjuna.

On the interstate of possibility, each exit is imagination following desire. Dropping body-mind is seeing through the politics of sex and every fucking other oblivious belief.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Without a Net

Friday the 13th dropped by and asked to say a word beyond postmodernism but before the revelation. Here lies the moon without a man, and earth without a woman.

Science is the god of relativity, and pragmatism is the god of fundamentalism. So here belief is either yin or yang without the tempering of unbelievable Tao.

It’s such a nice try, but I am seeing through belief by seeing through myself. What better way to know without a doubt, in faith, the world is therapeutically fallacious, than by imagining my own?

This is called the highest deconstruction. It’s also called the deepest deconstruction. Unraveling another way, one can also call it neti neti without a net.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

EOM: the only known

all appears in consciousness—
no wave, no particle.

that I am
is the only view;
that I am That
is no view on views.

intent, imagination, and attention. amen.
seed, stalk, flower. svaha!

(dream lucidly—
as in construction is
the greatest deconstruction.)

that the unknown intends
to be known
is of an intensity so substantial

although unborn, I am—
this is not some scientific
myth of universal origin.

consciousness is the only known and yet
who superstitiously assumes this is
a product of some hard material head
without a dash of evidence?

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Quote Unquote: Consciousness

Listen! The turning point—consciousness is not a product of the brain but vice-versa. This is the actual understanding of the spiritual. Consciousness only. 

But science assumes it will unearth the truth in time. The spiritual knows I am the truth now.

This turning from belief to apperception is like awaking from the dreaming state of mind to now. This turning to the spiritual, this awakening to apperception, is, beyond all hype and expectations, enlightenment. 

The rest is simply further. Yet never underestimate this turning in the modern world. Because of it, almost no one knows where you're coming from.

In other words, consciousness is unbelievable. There is no argument to be made. This is why transmission is the thing in original Zen. The teacher is being only and the student is being only.

Words are being too. Words are the sounds of light belief is writing on the wall. First light, best sound.

Returning to the swamp of unity is not Miami. Everything appears in consciousness so no view on views, but here's a myth for you. 

The harvest moon will shine upon a midnight river. Pure awareness being self-aware. I know it's never two. 

I'd say it's one but it isn't said. Let's call it three, says Tao. There's nothing wrong with the world that disbelieving it can't cure. 

It's all about the crickets, electricity, and love. Who listens when the eye is crying? Even evil is not to be believed. 

Everything is love deflected. Past, present, and future, like consciousness cubed, deconstruction is penultimate.