Saturday, August 31, 2013

pseutra 1 - balance

the only response in this world about this world is a balanced laugh/cry

religions create an imaginary world in which they establish their absolute power over those who wish to follow them there

i am is a practicing istn't-ist

the natural state (the stateless state) is all there is; by resting (or standing) in (as) what you are, what isn't isn't

there are no words for the unknown made known and yet you know

Friday, August 30, 2013

koem 3: Mountain and River

This world, this thought-induced
hallucination, this—
divisive, selfish, non-
existent mountainous minus—
but all the words in all
the world will never do
—just rest within what is—
the river of no words…

KENA UPANISHAD 4:7 {Secret Knowledge}

The Secret Knowledge welcomes by speaking accordingly; uttered to you is The Secret Knowledge of the Absolute; just You, The Secret Knowledge, is speaking therefore.

upanishadam bho bruhity ukta ta upanishad brahmim vava ta upanishadam abrumiti

Note: Sometimes it is fortunate to be ignorant, and I am extremely ignorant when it comes to Sanskrit. The Vedantic translators wish to make this sloka out to be a communication between a teacher and a disciple, and so they split the sloka into different speakers. Even Aurobindo translates as such: “Thou hast said "Speak to me Upanishad"; spoken to thee is Upanishad. Of the Eternal verily is the Upanishad that we have spoken.” Prabhavananda / Manchester are more the playwrights: “A Disciple: Sir, teach me more of the knowledge of Brahman. The Master: I have told you the secret knowledge.” But, again, I do not feel this split, originating from Shankara or before. Rather, I intuit as such: the wisdom is speaking, the wisdom is the speech, and you are the wisdom speaking. There is no splitting Upanishad.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

KENA UPANISHAD 4:6 {That Bower}

That wisdom is That Bower named That Bower, by which attended, it forwards to This its real knowledge, reaching by such a manner here, where all beings are then united.

tadd ha tadvanam naama tadvanam iti upaasitavyam sa ya etad evam vedaabhi hainang sarvaani bhutaani samvaanchanti.

Note: the most difficult decision here is in the translation of tadvanam, which appears to literally mean That Forest, and has usually been kept verbatim, untranslated, although Aurobindo goes out on a limb, as he is the only one wont to do, and translates as That Delight. However, I wish to keep the connotation of forest with a sheltering undertone, and so have chosen That Bower, which feels nicely esoteric in an ancient way, yet still firmly rooted in definition. And I have to say, I’m not adverse to the little bow it gives to That.

TOKEN PROPHECY 16 [ex marks]

—any spin you put on what is, is just more what isn't——without a view about a view——you will never remember what you are——an ex marks the spot where nothing is——when ice melts, you are the water; so is it with you and the world——belightenment!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

KENA UPANISHAD 4:5 [movement of the mind]

Then in that which is the self, there is this movement of the mind, resulting in its thinking, remembering its perpetual intention.

atha adhyatmam yadetat gacchativa cha manah anena chaitad upasmaraty abheekshnam sankalpah

Note: this sloka is tied intimately to the previous one. The movement in the mind originates in the lightning of That resulting in the remembrance of what it is.

Monday, August 26, 2013

KENA UPANISHAD 4:4 [a flash of lightning]

By that foregoing message in which That, the lightning, lights completely in fact, and in a flash closes completely, thus is the divinity of nature.

tasyaisha aadesho yad etad vidyuto vyadyutadaa itiin nyamiimishadaa iti adhidaivatam

Note: This is another one of those slokas in which Shankara dominates the translations. It appears to me that he used the analogy of the winking of an eye to illustrate the actual analogy given in the sloka itself of a flash of lightning lit and then closed. But almost all translations incorporate Shankara’s illustration into the text itself. I can’t see it that way. What I do see is the importance of this understanding: That is seen in a flash of lightning; That is the flash of lightning; That lights the flash of lightning; and the flash of lightning is the sudden nature of enlightenment.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

koem 2: Leaf Belief

The leaves of trees are me
in ways more intelligent than one.
As mind, they are its own
illusions concocted by senses and spells.
As consciousness, they are part
and parcel of one universal body—
as is this hand now writing.

As pure awareness, it is mere
that nameless indefinable subject—
of which some display, at less
than the speed of light, is discerning
itself objects, being one
as borrowed subject—the other be leaf.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

koem 1: My Story

Call it dreaming, although
as soon as anything is named,
it’s something other than
the actual experience.

The leaves of a tree become
a stereotypical two-dimensional
representation on naming
a living mystery “leaves of a tree.”

If the nature of dreaming
is naming, then what is naming the dreaming?
What knows the dream in a dream?
Follow that question down this whole

and catch an intuition
by its tale: I’m not my story.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Krishnamurti’s ‘The First and Last Freedom" in 1086 Words or 6417 Characters

Chapter 1: Introduction
Until I, in my relationship to you, understand myself I am the cause of chaos, misery, destruction, fear, brutality.

Chapter 2: What Are We Seeking
Only when the mind is tranquil - through self-knowledge and not through imposed self-discipline - only then, in that tranquillity, in that silence, can reality come into being.

Chapter 3: Individual And Society
So one of the fundamental causes of the disintegration of society is imitation, and one of the disintegrating factors is the leader, whose very essence is imitation.

Chapter 4: Self-Knowledge
If we can understand ourselves as we are from moment to moment without the process of accumulation, then we shall see how there comes a tranquillity that is not a product of the mind, a tranquillity that is neither imagined nor cultivated; & only in that state of tranquillity can there be creativeness.

Chapter 5: Action And Idea
When there is love - which is not mentation, which is not ideation, which is not memory, which is not the outcome of an experience, then that very love is action. That is the only thing that frees.

Chapter 6: Belief
A mind that would be in a state in which the new can take place... must surely cease to acquire..., it must put aside all knowledge. A mind burdened with knowledge cannot possibly understand, surely, that which is real, which is not measurable.

Chapter 7: Effort
Therefore action as we know it is really reaction, it is a ceaseless becoming, which is the denial, the avoidance of what is; but when there is awareness of emptiness without choice, without condemnation or justification, then in that understanding of what is there is action, and this action is creative being.

Chapter 8: Contradiction
Contradiction arises only when the mind has a fixed point of desire; ...when the mind does not regard all desire as moving, transient, but seizes upon one desire & makes that into a permanency - only then, when other desires arise, is there contradiction.

Chapter 9: What Is The Self
Whatever the mind creates is in a circle, within the field of the self. When the mind is non-creating there is creation... Reality, truth, is not to be recognized. For truth to come, belief, knowledge, experiencing, the pursuit of virtue-all this must go.

Chapter 10: Fear
Fear exists so long as there is accumulation of the known, which creates the fear of losing. Therefore fear of the unknown is really fear of losing the accumulated known.

Chapter 11: Simplicity
only when a mind is really sensitive, alert, aware of all its own happenings, responses, thoughts, when it is no longer becoming is no longer shaping itself to be something - only then is it capable of receiving that which is truth.

Chapter 12: Awareness
Reality is not a thing which is knowable by the mind, because the mind is the result of the known, of the past; ..therefore the mind must understand itself and its functioning, its truth, & only then is it possible for the unknown to be

Chapter 13: Desire
Beyond the physical needs, any form of desire ... becomes a psychological process by which the mind builds the idea of the `me..' When u see this process...w/o opposition,..u will discover..that the new is never a sensation; therefore it can never be recognized [nor] re-experienced. It is a state of being in which creativeness comes without invitation, without memory; and that is reality.

Chapter 14: Relationship And Isolation
This identification with something greater - the party, the country, the race, the religion, God - is the search for power. Because you in yourself are empty, dull, weak, you like to identify yourself with something greater.

Chapter 15: The Thinker And The Thought
What is important is to see that the maker of effort and the object towards which he is making effort are the same. That requires enormously great understanding, watchfulness, to see how the mind divides itself into the high and the low.

Chapter 16: Can Thinking Solve Our Problems
There must be a quiet, tranquil mind. Such a mind is not a result...of a practice, of meditation, of control. It comes into being through no form of discipline or compulsion or sublimation, without any effort of the `me', of thought; it comes into being when I understand the..process of thinking..In that state of tranquillity of a mind that is..still, there is love.

Chapter 17: The Function Of The Mind
Only when we know how to love each other..can [there] be intelligent functioning,.. [and not] through intellect..imitation..idolatry. Only when you discard completely, through understanding, the whole structure of the self, can that..eternal..come into being. You cannot go to it; it comes to you.

Chapter 18: Self-Deception
Truth is not something to be gained. Love cannot come to those who have a desire to hold on to it,.. to become identified with it. Surely such things come when the mind does not seek,.. is completely quiet, no longer creating..beliefs upon which it can depend. It is only when the mind understands this..process of desire that it can be still, ..not in movement to be or not to be.

Chapter 19: Self-Centred Activity
So long as the mind uses consciousness as self-activity, time comes into being with all its miseries,..conflicts,..deceptions; and it is only when the mind, understanding this total process, ceases, that love can be.

Chapter 20: Time And Transformation
Regeneration is..only possible in the present. A man who relies on time as a means [to] realize in..conflict. A man who sees that time is not the way out of our difficulty and who is therefore free from the false..has the intention to understand. Therefore his mind is quiet spontaneously, without compulsion, without practice.

Chapter 21: Power And Realization
When the mind realizes that any speculation any verbalization, any form of thought only gives strength to the ‘me’, then it is watchful, everlastingly aware of how it is separating itself from experience, asserting itself, seeking power. In that awareness, if the mind pursues it... without seeking an end... there comes a state in which the thinker & the thought are one. In that state there is no effort, desire to change; ...the ‘me’ is not, for there is a transformation which is not of the mind. ...that the state of creative emptiness is not a thing to be cultivated - it is there, it comes darkly, without any invitation; only in that state is there a possibility of renewal, newness, revolution.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

TOKEN PROPHECY 15 [the speed of light]

—matter at the speed of light is light——for the shadow to question the inscrutable ways of light is darkly humorous——light at the speed of light is pure awareness——the conceptual shadow doesn't have a say, as light is being taught by light in all its different ways——this, at anything less than the speed of light, is conceptual——the light of consciousness tells itself, it is the light of consciousness, and no longer does the light mistake its shadow for itself——simply said, follow the light—

KENA UPANISHAD 4:2-3 [first to understand]

Consequently, these gods are higher than all other spirits, in order: Fire, Air, Sky. They indeed of all of This came close in contact, and, of This, were first to understand the Absolute accordingly.

Consequently, Sky is highest than all other spirits. It indeed of all of This came close in contact, and, of This, was first to understand the Absolute accordingly.

tasmad va ete deva atitaram ivanyan devan yad agnir vayur indras tena hy enan nedishtham pasprishus te hy etat prathamo vidam cakara brahmeti

tasmad va indro 'titaram ivanyan devan sa hy enan nedishtham pasparsha sa hy enat prathamo vidam cakara brahmeti

Notes; I now realize this translation is the first draft towards a more readable transcreation, which will follow. Accordingly, it is most important at this juncture to remain as faithful as possible to the order of the wording in the Kena, as well as the strict definition of This and That, which guides the logical consistency towards its ultimate destruction in the paradox. In this, these gods, these spirits, are representatives of This, the manifestation, and this must not be overlooked.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

TOKEN PROPHECY 14 [cosmic sun source]

—thirsting at the stagnant puddles of the world while you yourself are the energetic wellspring of the cosmic sea——(fire can't burn it, air can't move it, sky can't see it)——the affairs of the world fade like so much dreamy dew in the awesome universal cosmic sun source of simple Self——(one can only be it)——one nanosecond of self-awareness is infinitely greater than a lifetime of this dream state—

KENA UPANISHAD 4:1 [great perception]

She, of the Absolute, said, it is through the Absolute This triumphs with great perception. Thus, accordingly, from That alone, it was made to understand the Absolute.

sa brahmeti hovaca brahmano va etad-vijaye mahiyadhvam iti tato haiva vidam cakara brahmeti

Notes: In most translations, if not all, this first sloka of the fourth section, marks the beginning of understanding. It usually is stated simply: through Brahman’s power, the gods have become victorious. And via that statement, Indra now knows Brahman. But there’s an intuition here that what is being said is much more subtle than that, and infinitely greater. Sky (Indra) is told by Light (Uma) that it is through Brahman that Sky and all the others, including Fire and Air, have triumphed with their great perception. And through that sudden understanding that Brahman is the source of its perception, Sky perceives Brahman!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

KENA UPANISHAD 3:11-12 [graced in a light]

Then, they, to sky, spoke: highest one, discover what this great spirit is. Thus it was so. That was approached by it and thus that disappeared.

It, in that same sky, came upon a woman graced in a light from the highest peaks. To her alone, it said, what is this great spirit therefore?

athendram abruvan maghavann etad vijanihi kim etad yaksham iti. tatheti tad abhyadravat tasmat tirodadadhe.

sa tasminn eva aakaashe striyam aajagaama bahu shobhamaanaam umaam haimavatiim tam ha uvaacha kim etad yaksham iti. 

Note: I've tried to stay away from using the names of gods, and rather stay with the natural component: fire for Agni, air for Vayu, and here, sky for Indra; and for Uma, light.

TOKEN PROPHECY 13 [the last judgment]

—judgment divides good and bad; inquiry sees through false to truth——(after accepting what is, there's no further need for accepting)——the last judgment comes that moment when all judgment is seen through——(mistaking maps for treasure, debating directions to where you already are)——judge not, for upon such judging, you are the one divided—

Monday, August 19, 2013

TOKEN PROPHECY 12 [play it again]

—one that is awake is more in the wild while sitting in a living room than the sleeping one walking in the wilderness——ego is just consciousness identified with thoughts; there's nothing wrong with it; just false and unbalanced——play it again i-am——ego divides; there's nothing wrong with it; just an inevitable environment that's divisive, violent, and a world of war and suffering——lighten up——judging truth with the intellect is a waste of your intelligence and a hindrance to your feeling it——you already are the truth; there's no need to argue it—

Friday, August 16, 2013

TOKEN PROPHECY 11 [only one way]

—headless, i am my surroundings, white walls like brain cells and this window like a synapse opening into green dendrites and skylight matter——it takes a tremendous leap of faith to believe that all is not one——i have yet to see anyone prove their separation——operating under false assumptions will get you time in this state——you must nothing——in order to describe myself, i create new words but never use them——there's only one way and it's your way; all other ways are one ways in another direction——the absolute unborn unending unity, the wisdom flash and spark of pure awareness, the fiery light and perceiving love of consciousness, aum—

Thursday, August 15, 2013

KENA UPANISHAD 3:7-10 [take just that]

Then, they, to air, spoke: weaver of this, discover what this great spirit is. Thus it was so.

That was approached by it, but it was asked: who is this? Air indeed, I am this, it said: mother of all, indeed, I am this.

In you who are such, what power is there? Surely this, everything, I can overtake, all that’s on the earth, indeed!

In front of it, a piece of straw was placed. This was asked to take just that. That, it approached, and with all its power, that it was unable to take. Overcome, from that, it returned. Not this, it was unable to know what this great spirit is therefore.

atha vayum abruvan vayav etad vijanihi kim etad yaksham iti tatheti.

tad abhyadravat tam abhyavadat ko 'siti vayur va aham asmity abravin matarishva va aham asmiti.

tasmims tvayi kim viryam ity apidam sarvam adadiya yad idam prithivyam iti.

tasmai trinam nidadhav etad adatsveti tad upa preyaya sarva-javena tan na shashakadatum sa tata eva nivavrite naitad ashakam vijnatum yad etad yaksham iti.

Notes: for the most part, this is word for word as slokas 3-6, but for the substitution of air rather than fire. I have chose ‘overtake’ in sloka 9, very much liking its connotations of speed and dominance, while contrasting the simple (and impossible) request to ‘take’ in sloka 10.

TOKEN PROPHECY 10 [perform its function]

—the water boils and the bubbles rise, breaking into the light. but while they rise, oh the stories they have to tell——the dream world usurps the real and calls itself the real world, but the real is never overthrown; silly world——consciousness is teacher in form: guru, tutor, child, or book; in sacrifice of thought, student is consciousness to which it speaks——the language of science is a good language for deconstructing the person, but it's useless otherwise; speak love——not that human life is of any greater value but the aspect of that one life which is human is responsible for its function: self-realization——that responsibility is met by the person by dropping that so-called person and resting in one life pure being, which will perform its function——drop ego for guru, drop body for being, drop mind for realization—

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

TOKEN PROPHECY 9 [love makes]

—the "moral" aspect of the universe is consciousness itself; the so-called immoral is consciousness identified with thought——there are no reasons why consciousness identifies with thought; reasons are immoral——love makes the world and love unmakes the world, and that's all ye need to know—

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TOKEN PROPHECY 8 [speak to love]

—love is an aspect of truth most are familiar with; they just don't know what to make of it because it's indescribable——one that doesn't speak to love only speaks to concepts——many may know what isn't; only one will know what is——the masculine fears it; the feminine desires it; love is neither——one is love, i am; what is is absolutely That—

Monday, August 12, 2013

TOKEN PROPHECY 7 [your inner nobody]

—applying the process of thought to what you are is the foundation of all this lunacy——thought works with thought, a closed loop whirlpool——plucking the petals of a dandelion with undeniable love——what the universe wants the universe is——the person emerges from the original thought of 'i am not'——to untie this knot, just not the not——the bliss of Self-fulfilling potential——rest in your inner nobody——burn yourself away within your one unchecked original sun——shine on, sweet nothing, shine on—

Sunday, August 11, 2013

TOKEN PROPHECY 6 [love is the third]

—this world appears to be an either-or place, but viewed in true light, it's actually both-and——thought supplies two ways but love is the third——as an old branch veers off into gravity's diversion, a new branch arises through the triple sun of love, continuing the flight of life——the dance of creation indeed is a dervish sweet waltz—

Thursday, August 8, 2013

KENA UPANISHAD 3:5-6 [burn just that]

In you who are such, what power is there? Surely this, everything, I can burn, all that’s on the earth, indeed!

In front of it, a piece of straw was placed. This was asked to burn just that. That, it approached, and with all its power, that it was unable to burn. Overcome, from that, it returned. Not this, it was unable to know what this great spirit is therefore.

tasmims tvayi kim viryam ity apidam+ sarvam daheyam yad idam prithivyam iti

tasmai trinam nidadhav etad daheti tad upa preyaya sarva-javena tan na shashaka dagdhum sa tata eva nivavrite naitad ashakam vijnatum yad etad yaksham iti

Notes: a conversation begins between that and this (fire). In the sixth sloka, the word ‘that’ and ‘this’ are carefully chosen.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


—i come from the sea and walk among this alien plant life in moving isolation——how strange they appear as if they breathe a different air——i shall devour their stillness like plankton——and i thought it good——sea?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

KENA UPANISHAD 3:4 [who is this?]

That was approached by it, but it was asked: who is this? Fire indeed, I am this, it said: all-knowing, indeed, I am this.

tad abhyadravat tam abhyavadat ko 'sity agnir va aham asmity abravij jata-veda va aham asmiti.

Note: here begins the all-important inquiry, and thus it is important to emphasize the 'roles' of That and this, as well as to note, despite its (this) approach, That initiates the inquiry. Also note the self-contained response.

Monday, August 5, 2013

TOKEN PROPHECY 4 [just the shadow]

—many people go lost when deconstructing the person——they wind up in some angry embittered zone resenting someone for the perpetration of this phantom farce——false gods, false gurus, false self——instead of letting go that thorn, they keep on picking at some tender spot, out out damned spot out out, instead of dropping it and going in——but a person will grab onto anything not to disappear, even if it's just the shadow of oneself——you will know them by an angry spirit or sarcastic ghost always passing for some empty space of wisdom where love otherwise resides——as if any one is a player in this play! even they—

Sunday, August 4, 2013

KENA UPANISHAD 3:3 [to discover]

They, to fire, spoke: all-knowing of this, discover what this great spirit is. Thus it was so.

te 'gnim abruvan jata-veda etad vijanihi kim etad yaksham iti tatheti

Note: I’ve attempted to leave out all the unsaid ‘saids’ or quotes and make as literal as possible. Compare to Sri Aurobindo’s (who appears to be the most literal among the orthodox): “They said to Agni, "O thou that knowest all things born, learn of this thing, what may be this mighty Daemon," and he said, "So be it." But I find no indication of fire saying anything here. As the gods request, thus it is so. But I am unsure whether fire should be capitalized. No for now.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

KENA UPANISHAD 3:2 [becomes observable]

That, about them, surely perceives. Before these, indeed, it becomes observable. But they do not recognize what this great spirit is.

tad dhaisham vijajnau tebhyo ha pradurbabhuva ta na vyajanata kim idam yaksham iti

Note: I utilized very generic language here, as does the upanishad itself, although it is in direct relationship to the story of the gods in the previous (and succeeding) slokas. Also, I could not help but hear a later echo from the new testament.

Friday, August 2, 2013

TOKEN PROPHECY 3 [transformative balance]

—the law of three implies the hidden force and the law of seven reveals its discontinuous point——forgiveness, sacrifice, and paradox are the third eyes of the three eyes of the third eye——forgiveness is the transformative balance of energetic bliss, resting between the positive pole of love and the negative pole of compassion——my child, a great guru, and my service to her, a great spiritual initiation——there's no explaining paradox—

Kena Upanishad 3:1 Glorious Manifestation

The Absolute, once, in its divinity, becomes triumphant, and in that Absolute triumph, the gods are made glorious. They perceive as their own, this triumph, as their own, this glory.

brahma ha devebhyo vijigye tasya ha brahmano vijaye deva amahiyanta.
ta aikshantasmakam evayam vijayo 'smakam evayam mahimeti.

Notes: My intent here was to exhibit the Absolute becoming triumphant in the glory of its manifestation, and the gods perceiving this glory as themselves, as I feel the language is actually reflecting. It differs in form from the orthodox reading that Brahman wins a victory for the gods who in turn see it as their own, but differs not in spirit.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

TOKEN PROPHECY 2 - a predetermined play

—in a universe where all motion has been set in play and all effects could be predicted if one could know all the causes, free will is to laugh——thought is nothing but subtle forms of motion and their trajectories are as predetermined as pool balls pushed by god into its own pockets——these words were set into play more than thirteen billion years ago and there's nothing to be done about them except to watch them strike——to knowingly act in a predetermined play as if there's free will is the ultimate performance. bravos to all! roses! kisses! love!——encore: even those points when we veer off-script are scripted——review: as the earth orbits the sun in pure love, one orbits the light of the Self and sees that all is That—